Monday, July 31, 2017

December 31, part 5

Seot crawled towards me, his body rippling enticingly as he came, his eyes dark with intent. That gaze, always steady, always knowing, held mine. As if he could read to the very depths of my soul. Yet it was a lover’s gaze too, one that delved for secrets because he cared that nothing should be amiss when it came to the happiness of his woman. How I loved him in that moment! Not that I hadn’t loved him before; I was just more aware of it right that second than was usual. It was tangible, not just a feeling but the whole of me. I can’t explain it any better than that.

He knelt before me. His arms cradled beneath my ass, lifting me up, bringing me to him. His gaze never wavered, drinking in my face.

“My Matara,” he breathed. “I could call you that a thousand times, and I’m not sure I’d quite believe it. How is it I have been so fortunate with all of my clanmates?”

“I’m the fortunate one,” I said, believing it to my bones. “With all my mistakes, you’re here anyway. Do it, my Dramok. Let me feel you so I know it’s not just a dream.”

“Gladly,” he said. Lifting me higher with one arm, he gripped both his cocks in his fist. He positioned them and me, settling me atop the tips. Carefully, with Larten and Cifa’s help, he lowered me.

My pussy easily accepted the first inch or so of his primary cock. Then the smaller secondary nudged against my sex, questing for entrance too. I shivered as my nether lips spread for Seot, yielding to the dual invasion. I was indeed swollen from our earlier play, and accommodating my Dramok’s generous girth was soon an effort.

“Slowly,” Seot reminded the other two men. “A little at a time. She needs to adjust.”

His breathing was rapid. I kissed his strained face. “Are you all right?”

“Oh, remarkable,” he laughed with a sort of gasping sound. “You feel so good around me, my Matara. So soft and tight all at once. It’s too good, in fact. I don’t know how I’m supposed to last.”

“I love how you feel inside me too,” I whispered.

I was full to the point where the slow, incremental pressure against my hotspot was sending quakes through me. The tapered span of Seot’s cocks grew thicker as he pressed in, making even the slightest motion unbearably exciting. I felt I teetered on the verge of orgasm. I resisted, wanting to wait for the men. But it was so very, very difficult to do so. I swear I could feel Seot’s pulse thundering through the veins in his cocks. We panted in tandem, kissing as we joined, murmuring support to each other as we fought to remain in control.

It was an eternity later that at last the base of him met my flesh. We went still, reveling and suffering in our complete joining. I’ve never been so aware of anyone in my life. Not just the incredible fullness of possessing both Seot’s cocks, but also where our abdomens met and moved as we breathed, of his solid chest against my malleable breasts, of his lips brushing against mine. Of his deep blue-purple eyes, the gaze of which never left my face.

After a few moments of us sitting like that, gathering our strength for the next step, Seot asked, “Are you ready, my Matara?”

“I think so.” I looked up at the other two men. “Handle with care, boys.”

Cifa chuckled. “Always.”

He was the one who settled behind me. Seot and I adjusted our position to give our Imdiko access. I felt the careful touch of his primary cock nudging my rear entrance open. Slick and ready, Cifa pressed into me, moving as cautiously to unite our bodies as Seot had.

Had I felt full before? Good grief, it was nothing compared to how I felt as my Imdiko journeyed within. The pressure on all the good parts far outweighed the building ache. As a matter of fact, the little bit of hurt I felt only added to the excitement. As my body fired hotter than ever, I kept having to moan to Cifa to wait a bit. I was so close to going over. It wouldn’t take much. It would be mind over pussy for damned sure if I was to last.

Cifa managed to embed himself in me. Now there were three of us heaving for breath, hanging on by a thread. Larten started laughing at us.

“For fuck’s sake, it’s exciting as hell to see you all like this, but the way you’re all huffing and puffing – it’s hilarious too,” he said.

“Give me a mouthful, and I’ll have you wheezing for your life too, my Nobek,” I warned. “Oh hell, how are we supposed to do this? One stroke, and we’re done for.”

“No,” Seot snarled, determination lighting in his eyes. “I will not lose control so quickly. Not this first time with my new Matara. I’m stronger than this.”

He should have been a military general instead of just a man trying to motivate us all to not orgasm right away. Our spines stiffened, and we all took on an attitude of might and concentration.

Larten was right. We were funny as hell in our determination to win our right to fuck for more than a few seconds. But at that moment, it was all business in the pursuit of successful sex. No one was laughing anymore.

Larten stood on the bed, putting his cocks at the level of my mouth. The wild, musky-spicy scent of his arousal made my pussy spasm. Seot groaned. “Easy, my Matara.”

“Tell him to stop smelling so yummy,” I said.

Cifa jerked a little inside me. “He does smell good,” he moaned, burying his face against my hair.

“I taste twice as nice,” Larten teased, earning himself smacks on his corded thighs from the rest of us. We were all just barely hanging on.

I thought the whole damned clan should suffer…no one, least of all Larten, should be spared. I didn’t give him a warning before I captured his primary in my mouth and slid as much as him in as the gag reflex would allow me.

His sudden intake of breath would have been reward enough, but the cinnamon-y tang of his lubricant was better still. I breathed and swallowed my Nobek. All my senses were delighted. The sight of him staring down at me in wide-eyed lust, every trace of humor swamped by hunger. The sound of his throaty moan as I moved my head back and forth on him. The feeling of smooth, silky skin against my tongue and his cock twitching in response to my tasting. I absorbed every bit of the experience as I could, submerging myself in my Nobek.

He gripped my head, his fingers tangling in my hair. His hips swayed. Now it was him taking me rather than me taking him. I relished Larten’s control over me, claiming what he wanted. What he needed. Sweetish-salty pre-cum danced on my tongue, an overture to the ultimate end.

When Seot and Cifa began to move, I was still ardent for lovemaking, but no longer on the edge of shattering. Concentrating on Larten’s pleasure, on stroking his length with my tongue as it moved in and out of my mouth, had brought me some measure of self-control again. I could lose myself in giving as well as receiving.

But the receiving – wow. Feeling the triple thicknesses of my Dramok and Imdiko moving within me sent my senses reeling. They didn’t move quickly or hard, because there was no need. I was tight around them, making them gasp with pleasure as they thrust carefully. As one pressed in, the other slid outward, creating a constant, toe-tingling friction that made my body flush with heat.

It was not a maddened rush to completion by any means. We luxuriated in our joining, taking time to note every little nuance of our awareness of each other. Seot and Cifa exclaimed to feel each other through the thin wall that separated them. Larten delighted in seeing his cock disappearing and re-emerging from my mouth. And of course, I was in paradise to be the center of the beautiful connection we made, the focus of the clan’s physical union.

We made good on Seot’s insistence that our first time as a completed clan be enjoyed to its utmost. Though arousal was intense, we moved slowly, gently, letting it heighten towards climax with gradual buildup. More than the mere sharing of bodies, it was a sharing of love, of binding ourselves to one another. The men whispered vows of devotion, love, and everlasting adoration.

I felt a security I’d never known before. I’d come close to the feeling with Betra and Oses, the two men I’d been able to trust with everything. Yet because we’d always known our union was only temporary, that refuge had never been complete. This one was. I was safe and loved and would be kept so for the rest of my life.

Our climb to the pinnacle of pleasure was almost at its apex. The chorus of moans grew louder. Our bodies slid to and fro, against and within, working with no less care but with intensified demand. The men began to feel a part of me, and I pulled on them as if to absorb them into me forever, so that I might never be without them. Hotter and hotter we burned, higher and higher we rose, a single exuberant being seeking to forge itself together eternally…or incinerate and destruct in the attempt.

The flames of rapture that had licking me from within burst into conflagration. My pussy clutched around Seot, pulling at him with desperate need. I blazed with agonized ecstasy as the men plunged deep, the final fraught exertions as passion roared through us, forcing us into its tight, intractable grasp.

Cifa cried out and ground against my ass as he succumbed first. Then Seot, shuddering as he thrust one last time before his cocks throbbed violently. Finally, Larten screamed an animal’s victory, flooding my mouth with his offering.

Feeling them surrender to me, giving themselves over, I let go of the last vestige of control I’d maintained. Orgasm rushed through me, an inferno of heaving, sweltering, jubilant euphoria that shook me from head to toe. I disappeared into its consuming bliss, letting it take me beyond thought.

Later, I basked in the glory of entwined limbs, of the scents and remembered sensations of sex, of warm and heavy bodies sheltering mine. I floated on the calm sense of knowing I’d found love, security, and my place in a puzzle I hadn’t known I was a piece of. I belonged to something bigger and far grander than myself, and was made bigger and grander than anything I could have been on my own.

I’m clanned. I’m Matara Shalia of Clan Seot. I couldn’t be happier right now.

Author’s Note

Here it is at last, Shalia’s happily-ever-after. Yet the story isn’t done yet. There are still loose ends to be tied up, questions to be answered. Shalia has a couple more adventures left. Stay tuned for further developments after a brief hiatus. How brief?

Shalia's Diary Book 11

Book Release: August 11
Blog Resumes: August 21


  1. Thank you so very much, both for the wonderful story so far, and for the rest to come. For some reason I thought I had seen that Shalia's Diary was coming to an end...must have been a bad dream. :-)

    1. It will end after book 12. Two more stories!

  2. Love your writing, can't wait.

  3. Aarrgghh...the Kalquor Withdrawal begins..... I *do* have the last two books in The Netherworld series to read, but if I do THAT, then I will be completely out of Tracy St.John reading material! I hope you're taking what passes for a vacation (not that Moms really have those, IME).