Thursday, July 27, 2017

December 31, part 4

The house staff made themselves scarce, giving us the opportunity to be alone as clanmates for our first night. My Nobek didn’t waste time; as soon as we entered the home, he put me over his shoulder and marched to the sleeping room, leaving Seot and Cifa to chase after us, laughing as they followed.

With such a primal beginning, I was sure I was to be ravished with unbridled passion. Instead, Larten set me gently on my feet on a soft, woven rug at the foot of the great sleeping mat. The men gathered around me, and wonder joined the fierce joy they’d shown all day.

“You’re really ours,” Cifa whispered. “Really and truly. Someone tell me I’m not dreaming.”

“If we are, let’s not wake up,” Seot said. He cupped my face. “Shalia, we are going to make you so happy. I swear it on the names of every last one of my ancestors.”

“I will keep you safe forever,” Larten vowed in turn. “No one is ever going to hurt you again.”

“Stop,” I laughed, though their words filled me with happiness. “You’re making my head spin.”

“My Matara,” Seot said, bending to kiss me.

His lips were soft on mine, moving in an exquisite dance to make me dizzy for real. I fell against him, my wise, commanding Dramok. His tongue slid against my mouth, and I yielded, letting him taste me.

All my concerns, all my reluctance fled before that kiss. His tongue captured mine, twining about it, gently claiming as he’d claimed me. In that moment, I knew I was his. I was theirs. I had been for so long, but I’d been too blind to see it and then too terrified to admit it. I was still scared, no two ways about it, but I was in it now. At that moment, I was ecstatic to be caught in their clan, unable to extricate myself from them.

Cifa and Larten joined in, pulling carefully at the gown I’d worn to commemorate the day. Its soft folds fell from me, leaving me in just as painstakingly chosen underclothes. For the moment, they left me in my lacy lavender bra and panties, their hands and mouths doting on bared skin. I was reminded of how exciting non-sexual flesh could be when kissed and caressed the right way. The nape of my neck, the hollow of my throat. The bend of my elbow. My wrists. The line of my spine. The cup of my navel. The backs of my knees. They left nothing unsavored, claiming every inch of nakedness for true.

I stood in the midst of them, these amazing men I had chosen to spend my life with. My fingers trailed over their clothed bodies, drifting in the sweetness of being at the center of their attention. Even through the fabric of shirts and trousers, I could feel the cut of their muscles, the solidity of their bodies. Just as I was theirs, they were mine. The realization was heady, almost enough to make me feel faint.

This was my forever. Seot, Cifa, and Larten. My always. How had I gotten so lucky? Besides getting out of my own way, of course.

They tasted and touched me as if for the first time. I kissed and touched back in the same way…discovering these men who I’d taken for my own. My lovers for all my life.

In the growing heat of the moment, my fears fled for the moment. I could be honest in my hopes for our future. I could indulge myself in loving and being loved.

Their passion heated, making their caresses more demanding. My pretty lingerie peeled from me, exposing all to their burning strokes of fingers and tongues. They lifted me, setting me on my knees in the middle of the sleeping mat and crowding around me.

“Hold our Matara for me, my clanmates,” Seot breathed, kneeling before me. “Hold her so that I might enjoy our new lifemate.”

Cifa gripped the back of my neck while Larten held my wrists behind my back. Seot pushed my knees apart, opening me for exploration. I trembled as I awaited my Dramok’s will.

“My love,” he said, his tone full of feeling. For an instant, the strong man looked overwhelmed. To see him like that over me – me! – brought tears to my eyes. If I’d entertained the slightest doubt of Seot’s love, it was decimated by that gaze.

He stroked my breast, his fingers lingering over the tip, making my nipple hard and tight. If felt like sparks flew between us at the point of contact. A jolt shot straight to my clit, making me arch and moan.

“That’s my girl,” Seot whispered. He cupped my pussy. Slid his finger inside. Felt around until he found the spot that made me melt with liquid fire throughout. “No, don’t move. Stay still, Shalia. Stay very, very still.”

“My Dramok,” I whimpered. “Please.”

“You will come,” he assured me. “For me. For Larten. For Cifa. Yes, my sweet little Shalia, you will be made to climax for your clan.” He moved his finger to send surges of sensation through me. “Many, many times.”

I trembled to hear him say that. And shook even hard as he stroked in and out, even as Larten dipped his fingers in the wetness flowing from my pussy. A few moments later, he pressed them into my ass, scissoring to open me.

As Dramok and Nobek concentrated their erotic attack on points below, Cifa cupped a breast. He bent his mouth to it, kissing with ardor. The other breast was treated with the same worship. Back and forth he switched, sometimes rising to kiss my whimpering lips as well.

I felt lovingly mauled, held helpless so the men could be assured that I would have to accept all they wished to give me. Seot’s thumb scraped over my clit as he finger-fucked me, rewarding my surrender with lightning bursts of passion. Larten’s grip on my neck held tight, supporting and controlling all at once. Cifa alternated tender kisses with careful nips, knowing what served my needs best at any given moment.

“I think you’re ready for more,” Seot said. His touch left me, and I whimpered, bereft. Seot gave me a consoling kiss before leaving the bed to open the drawer containing the many toys the clan kept in the room.

As he did so, the other two distracted me from wondering what he was up to by continuing to arouse me. Cifa moved his attentions to my now-empty pussy. His tongue lapped at me with lingering licks, making me feel every nuance of his rough-silk flesh. I gasped at the thrills cascading through me, my body awakening so that every cell felt alert. I cried out when Cifa suckled on my clit, drawing it tenderly into his mouth and rubbing his tongue over it.

I could have sobbed from loss when Seot returned and Cifa retreated from the gorgeous play he’d delighted me with. “Easy, my Matara,” Seot chuckled at my despairing moans. “There is plenty of pleasuring to come.

I quieted, having no choice but to accept his word on the matter. My optimism grew as he handed Cifa black leather cuffs with clips.

“Wrists to ankles?” Cifa asked.

“Yes, that would do nicely,” Larten agreed. “What of a spreader bar, to keep her open?”

“Excellent suggestion, my Nobek,” Seot approved.

Larten’s fingers slipped from my ass, leaving me more empty than before. But I had their assurances that I would not be left wanting, so I bit back the whimpers that wanted to be voiced. Larten left us as Cifa and Seot cuffed my wrists and ankles, clipping them the way Cifa had suggested.

Larten returned with a solid metal bar that he attached to my ankles, holding them apart. I was in my favorite place to be with lovers: defenseless. My breath caught as Seot showed me the vibrator with the rectangular pussy and clit pad attachment. “Let’s see how fast we can make you fall apart.”

Cifa and Larten fell on me like ravening beasts, kissing and licking and biting. I sank into sweet acceptance as they tasted my lips and breasts and belly. The sound of the vibrator switching on, its eyewatering hum insistent, had me trembling as I waited to be destroyed. Or would Seot only tease until I screamed entreaties for release?

I wasn’t given much time to worry. The thrumming pad settled against my clit and pussy. It pressed hard against me, demanding my descent into sexual oblivion. With my legs held wide, my body bound so I couldn’t resist, I had no escape. Brute lust tore into me, clawing at my insides, driving me into torrid exaltation.

The rise to rapture was fast as Larten’s grip switched to my throat, holding me still as his face loomed over mine. He watched me like a gloating tormentor might, his eyes wide and dark as I screamed with helpless need. My pussy clenched as Seot bore down harder and Cifa squeezed my breasts hard.

“Nowhere to go,” Larten gloated. “You have no choice but to come for us.”

The orgasm began, a heightening of acute bliss that ballooned larger and larger. Then a pinpoint of extreme pleasure hit, blooming wide all at once. Another flex from my cunt, and climax crashed through me, snapping my head back with the force of its joy. My hips jerked, but Seot kept the vibrator shoved tight against my crotch, keeping nirvana at its peak.

“More, little love,” Seot crooned, and a fresh spasm took me, sending ragged cries spilling from my throat.

They kept at me that way until tears streamed down my cheeks and I begged for mercy. Only then did Seot withdraw the vibrator from my throbbing pussy. I would have collapsed if not for Larten’s hold on my throat.

“What a good little pussy to come for us so hard for so long,” Cifa murmured as he licked and nipped my breasts.

“Now it’s swollen and hot,” Seot said. He stroked my trembling sex with fingers, and I cried out at the fresh jolt of excitement. “And quite tender. Let us celebrate our new Matara with the ultimate taking, my clan.”

The excitement in their faces enhanced my still-present excitement. Tutlito tolp, the ultimate taking. I’d had it with others, but never with this clan. My forever clan.

They rose and stripped themselves naked. Larten, with muscles so carved and cut that I could have traced the veins crisscrossing them with my tongue. Cifa, strong without too much bulk, simply delicious and beautiful. Seot, chiseled to glorious perfection by creation itself. All of them, so unabashedly masculine, breathtakingly stunning to behold. I could scarcely believe they were mine to love for all of eternity. But there they were, ready to join with me for the first time as my clanmates. A joining we would repeat untold times in our hopefully long, long future.


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