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December 23, part 2

When night came, we were all primed for an extra sexy time. I’d made sure of that by whispering naughty things to the guys during and after dinner. By the time Anrel was asleep, the men were more than ready to have their vengeance on my teasing. I was pretty ready myself. The flirting I’d done had gotten my motor running as much as theirs.

“Get undressed, you naughty girl,” Seot said, pulling a small chair out of a closet in the room. It looked and functioned similar to a recliner in that the padded backrest could be lowered. But the arms of it were padded rails rather than solid, and there was no footrest. It didn’t look all that comfortable, and when I’d first seen it several days ago, I’d decided it would probably never get use from any of us.

Wrong. So very wrong.

Seot set it in the middle of the room. “Come over here. After all the provoking you’ve done tonight, you’re going to reap the rewards.” He grinned with dark intent.

I stepped over, having shed my clothing at his command. “I wondered why such a stupid-looking chair was kept in storage,” I laughed. “I should have known it was used for ulterior motives. One of these days, I won’t be so naïve.”

“I think your moments of innocence are adorable,” said Cifa, the king of cute. “It’s fun to introduce you to something you haven’t done yet.”

“Have a seat, little lady,” Seot chuckled. “We’ll cure you of your inexperience with the fuck chair.”

“Nice, romantic name. I’m melting from the sentimental aura that went into branding it,” I pretended to complain, but I was giggling. And wet. Who wouldn’t want to learn about something called a fuck chair under the tutelage of Clan Seot?

I sat down to their laughter. The backrest was lowered slightly, so that I didn’t lie flat down. Again, much like a recliner in that I was mostly upright but comfortable. Since it gave no head support, the men slid me down until my ass was half off the seat…but at least my head had a place to relax.

Larten and Seot stood on either side of me. The Nobek handed his clan leader a tether. “Getting more interesting,” I encouraged them.

“We can’t have you nodding off to sleep on us,” Seot joked. He grasped my ankle and bent my leg up, placing my foot at the end of the armrest. He used the strap to bind my ankle to it. Larten did the same on his side.

“Not too tight?” the Nobek asked, checking to make sure he could easily slide a finger between my ankle and strap.

“Feels fine,” I answered, viewing how I was open to them. Fuck chair, indeed. They had me spread wide.

“Now for the wrists,” Seot said. He and Larten secured my arms to the rests too, just above my ankles.

Cifa had been rummaging around in a bin while they tied me down. A lot of toys had come from that bin during our trip. They’d packed for serious fun. I could only imagine what Cifa would choose to start with.

He came over with a bridle gag. “I loved all the dirty talk you did tonight, but I hated getting aroused in front of my brother and his clan. You know how that bunch is. I made myself very uncomfortable hiding all the excitement you caused, naughty girl. So you have to wear this for punishment.”

“She was quite rude,” Larten agreed. His smile said he’d appreciated it.

I opened my mouth for the gag. The soft rubber ‘bit’ held my tongue down as I clenched my teeth around it. Cifa strapped it around my head.

“Lovely,” Seot said. “This is an excellent position for making you suffer the consequences for all the teasing. Now you’ll have to endure a little teasing yourself.”

Uh oh. I could see a world of torment in my immediate future.

Seot rubbed my pussy. “Ah, good and wet.” He pushed a finger inside me. “Let’s see what we need to teach you the error of your ways, Shalia. You’re already bound and helpless for whatever discipline we see fit. The question is, should there be pain?”

My sex spasmed at the thought of the many things they could do to me as I lay there defenseless. How they could control me, how I wouldn’t be able to stop them.

Seot nodded. “Yes, I feel you agreeing that you deserve discomfort for being so mischievous. Now, it won’t be from actual wounding, because I don’t do that. No marks beyond a little reddening. But as to the levels of pain…much can be achieved without doing damage. So what shall it be? Light pain?” He watched me, his finger still in my pussy. “No real reaction. Heavier pain then. Moderate at least. Perhaps more.”

My sheath contracted at the idea. I like hurt in a sexual setting because of what it does to me. Again, it was more about being under their power, that they could do such things, that excited me.

“Yes, I feel your pussy flexing. You’re getting extremely wet for me too.” He grinned at the other two men standing over me. “We have a great deal of latitude for the night’s festivities.”

“Excellent,” Larten growled. “I love that she’s so willing to explore.”

“As am I. What else? Oh, I know the best punishment for Shalia. Orgasm denial.”

Oh no. Did he mean the whole night or just making me delay climax? But at the same time, what a demonstration of their control over me. I made a worried noise, but my fiendish pussy clenched hard around Seot’s finger. My responses were better than a lie detector test, damn it all.

He chuckled. “Pain and denial it is, naughty girl. I do hope this will teach you a lesson.”

All three men stepped away from me, crowding around the sex toy bin. Leaving me alone to wait for them to make me suffer. I trembled from equal parts anticipation and dread. I had a feeling it was going to be a long night.

Cifa returned with a jar, which he opened. He scooped out transparent goo that smelled like wildflowers. “This is a sensitizing gel,” he told me. “You will feel everything quite acutely, whether it be pain or pleasure.”

He used the whole damned jar on me, rubbing the ointment all over my breasts, belly, inner thighs, and pussy. He paid particular attention to that until the slightest brush against my clit galvanized my whole body.

“There now,” he said happily as he tossed the empty jar into a nearby recycling bin. “Just a minute or two to let that soak in and bring your nerve endings to full strength. Then we’ll start having our fun.” He went back to the bin.

Full strength? In a minute or two? I was already becoming incredibly aware of the air currents in the room. Holy smokes, it was going to get more intense than that?

I was terrified and enthralled at the same time. I didn’t know if I could survive what they had planned for me. But even if I could have run or spoken against it, I wouldn’t have. No, I wanted to be destroyed at their hands.

Seot came to me with a thick butt plug, lubing it from a small tube. I took one look at that thing and was glad Cifa hadn’t elected to use the gel on my rear. I was doubly glad about that when Seot slid the plug inside, making the muscles around my entrance strain to accept it. But oh, how deliciously full it made me feel once it was seated all the way.

Once he had my ass stuffed, Seot leaned down and kissed my clit. I tried to fly right the hell off the fuck chair, a cry squeaking out around the gag. I was abruptly so aroused that my whole damned pussy hurt. Seot laughed and gripped my hips, forcing them down. He held them pinned while he gave my clit another kiss.

Fuck. I swear I felt every crease in his lips, every single hair of his trimmed mustache and beard where they touched me. I squalled as my girl parts throbbed in awakened desperation. I creamed so hard that I gushed.

“That’s good. Naughty girl is ready to be taught her lesson,” Seot crooned. “Poor little pussy, so needy with no hope of relief. I’m going to enjoy tormenting it so much.”

Tears were already slipping out of my eyes. They weren’t going to let me come. They were going to make me eager with pain and pleasure, but I wasn’t going to be allowed climax. The knowledge had the awful effect of making me more aroused than ever. Yeah, I’m that twisted.

Seot moved away, smiling and humming a happy tune as he joined Cifa at the bin. It was Larten’s turn to come to me with his contribution to my eager misery.

I shook my head frantically when I saw the nipple coils. Larten had jeweled weights to hang from them too. Fuck, Cifa had rubbed a generous amount of the sensitizing gel on my breasts. Weighted nipple coils were intense enough without that.

Larten paused. “Are you unwilling to accept my discipline, naughty girl?” he asked.

Ah, the wonderful beast. He was making sure that I all right with this level of play before going ahead with it. I couldn’t speak with the bridle gag between my teeth and my tongue trapped below it.

I ceased shaking my head. I whimpered, knowing what I was in for, but trusting Larten to give me the kind of pain we’d both enjoy. I lowered my eyes in an expression of submissive compliance, but I was already wincing in anticipation of the agony to come.

“Good. I will punish you as you so rightly deserve,” came his approval.

I watched in anguish as his thumb approached my nipple. He rubbed the already pointed bud, making it harder and tighter. I jerked in my bonds, moaning loudly as a bolt of pure elation zipped from the contact to my throbbing pussy. Larten captured my nipple between his fingers, rubbing it to send quake after quake through me. I swear I could remember his fingerprints if I had to, just from the feel.

“Now, naughty girl,” he said in a low, excited voice. “You’ve had the pleasure. It’s time for the pain.”

I whimpered to see the coil, a ring of gold with a tiny lever and a tinier hoop at the outside, coming at my engorged nipple. Larten’s pressure on the lever opened the coil, making it wide enough to slip over the tip. He released it, letting it tighten enough to stay put.

The sear of fiery pain was excruciating. I thought it wouldn’t have hurt half as much if he’d sliced my damned nipple off. Instinct took over, and I fought to escape the chair and the Nobek. The straps were strong, however. I wasn’t going anywhere. I had no choice but to remain there, trapped in the torment.

The reality of my predicament made my pussy pulse with renewed excitement. I was theirs to play with. My wants didn’t matter. In that wash of pure pain and lust, I forgot that Larten had asked permission before he’d clamped my breast. As far as I was concerned, I was only a toy to them, to be tortured for their amusement. And I liked it.

Then, in the midst of my battle with distress, incredible vibrations buzzed my sex. I screamed against the gag. Through hazed vision, I saw Seot pressing a vibrator with a wide pad against my pussy and clit. The urge to orgasm was immediate, and I would have come if he’d kept the vibe on me for another half second.

Instead, Seot took it away, leaving me with my breast shrieking in agony and my pussy almost as tortured. Fuck, fuck, FUCK.

They watched me as I writhed in equal parts arousal and hurt. Little by little, the worst of both ebbed enough that I could think again. Once more, I became aware of having put myself at their mercy. My pussy spasmed in reaction, and I moaned. Damn, I was already dying for release.

Larten held up the jeweled weights, lovely amethysts hanging from tiny chains of gold. I whimpered. The pain in my nipple was just then down to a manageable level. It was about to get intense again.

He attached it to the tiny loop at the bottom of the coil. Though I was slightly reclined, I was upright enough that much of the weight hung down free. The pain was a brilliant shock that I swear lifted the hair off my head. I tried to chew through the bit in my mouth in reaction, a high-pitched wail escaping my throat.

Seot put the vibrator to me again, blasting me straight to the cusp of orgasm…and then leaving me to let the bright agony of my breast add to the excitement. My mind began to swirl in that telltale way that it did when endorphins were starting to do their work.

“Nowhere to go, naughty girl,” Seot told me, his voice seeping through the pounding of my pulse. “You’re going to sit there for every last moment we decide you need.”

Oh yes. It was torment, but the kind I liked. The kind I craved.

Larten moved to the other breast. He worked to make the nipple swell and harden more than it already was, driving me crazy with want, all the while knowing the torment coming. Then came the blaze of agony as he clamped the coil on me. Next, Seot sent me right to the pinnacle of excitement with a half-second’s contact of the vibrating pad. The weights and hurt were added. The vibrator and near-ecstasy that was torture in itself returned.

If I’d been able to think straight, I’d have blessed the soundproof walls and door to Anrel’s room. My cries filled the air as Nobek and Dramok tormented me. I got louder still when Cifa joined them, carrying objects that increased my arousal and dread: a penis-shaped vibrator and a thin switch.

“I wonder if she’s more delighted or regretful of her wicked behavior this evening,” he mused, looking me over as I twisted desperately on the chair.

“I’m guessing a mixture of both,” Larten grinned. He gave one of the weights a tug, and I yelled as fresh pain blossomed in my breast. “How wet is she, my Dramok?”

“Soaked. Her pussy lips are so swollen and hot. Sinking my cocks in her is going to be marvelous.” Seot eyed my splayed sex with greedy pleasure.

They all gazed at me in silence for a few moments, as if to drink in the vision of my helplessness. I squirmed despite every movement shifting the weights on my breasts, delivering renewed hurt. A small sense of peace had stolen over me, a gift of the endorphins. However, my skin was so sensitized by the gel Cifa had rubbed into it, I couldn’t escape wholly into the gentle inner space where persistent pain usually sent me.

There was so much more to come. Cifa handed off the dildo to Seot. The Imdiko took up a position beside me, still holding the switch. He gave me an experimental tap just beneath my breasts. And when I say tap, I mean the barest of flicks. It didn’t even make a sound, it was so light. Nevertheless, a trail of fire lit from the contact, and I jerked against my binds with what would have been a yelp if not for the gag.

“Nice reaction,” Larten said. “For once, that delicate touch of yours has a use.”

“Turn around and drop your pants. I’ll show you how hard I can hit.”

“Maybe later, when I need gentle caresses to lull me to sleep.” Larten grabbed my breasts and squeezed. I felt mauled and screamed.

My cry broke off when Seot slid the cock-shaped dildo along the crevice of my pussy. Electric fire sizzled there, and my hips came off the chair as I eagerly sought more contact. Now what had been a vicious ache from Larten’s handling became forceful longing, adding to my excitement.

I didn’t have to beg for penetration. Seot slid the vibrator inside me, filling me to the brim since the plug still sat in my ass. My eyes rolled back in ecstasy as he pumped it in and out, fucking me with a steady but insistent pace. He turned it on, and I strained all over, my body caught in a spasm of bliss.

Cifa tapped me with the switch again, this time on my inner thigh. Heat spread, moving straight to my cunt. When Larten squeezed my breasts that time, the pain added to the frenzied rapture. Then he pinched my nipples, and heady pain eclipsed all sense. A maelstrom of sensations descended on me as Seot fucked me with the humming vibrator, as Larten squeezed and slapped and pinched my breasts, as Cifa carefully patted my belly and inner thighs with the switch. An occasional lick on my clit from Seot would send me close to climax, close enough to think release was on its way, before passion was defeated yet again.

How long did they torment me that way? It might have been an hour or more. I was out of my skull, and it seemed to last forever. It lasted long enough for each of them to reach orgasm. One by one, as excitement over having me under their control heightened, they shot their seed over my body, where it ran in scalding trails. And then the satisfied man would continue my punishment, growing erect again as I suffered for them all.

The true torture was not from the pain they dealt, but from the pleasure. I was gnawed by the need to come, and they would not allow it. I think I would prefer to be beaten black and blue rather than endure such denial again. My pussy, brutalized by violent arousal, could not find relief because Seot knew just how to take me to the verge without sending me over. His frequent refrain of, “No, naughty girl,” just before refusing me yet again was awful and enthralling to hear.

Even when the switching ended and Seot tossed the dildo and plug away to replace them with his cocks, I was granted no relief. He fucked me slowly, luxuriously, his thumb circling my clit to drive me insane with hunger. “I’m fucking my pussy, naughty girl. I’m fucking my pet’s ass. They are mine, and I’m going to enjoy them. And you? You get to lie there and pray I’ll let you climax. I probably won’t.”

He did fuck me for a long, long time. Getting off earlier had given Seot better control over himself, and he used it to his advantage. While he stroked quick and hard or slow and easy, he and the other two continued to play with me. The sensitizing gel’s worst effects began to ebb, but slowly. I continued to feel the effects for some time. The coils were removed from my nipples, and Cifa and Larten pleasured and pained my breasts in turn. Lovingly licking one second, bringing down the switch on them the next, they kept me in constant turmoil as Seot thrust over and over. He came inside me, his main cock jerking as he filled my pussy with his passion…but he did not let me go with him.

“Naughty girl,” he moaned as his cock gave a last twitch. A moment later, he slipped away. Larten took his place.

The Nobek was forceful, thudding hard against me until I approached that long-denied orgasm. Then he went still, grinning like a wolf as I shuddered beneath him, feeling climax inch away yet again. I wept. I pleaded around the gag for release, knowing there would be none. Still they played with me, keeping me aroused, keeping me desperate, keeping me from coming.

Larten took every bit as long to come as Seot had. He told me over and over how good I felt, how much he enjoyed having me tied and open to use at his whim. “I could keep you like this forever,” he snarled, his thrusts battering me ever closer to another denial. “I love the idea of you tied down in a room with nothing to do but wait for me to fuck you.”

His dark fantasy fed mine. I imagined myself left on the chair, ready always for the sexual attentions of these men, existing only for their satisfaction. If only I could have satisfaction of my own!

It was not to be, not with Larten. He too took his pleasure, mingling his seed with Seot’s inside me. I was left quaking with unrequited need. They really were going to keep me from climax. I sobbed without shame, wanting and hurting with no end in sight.

Cifa sheathed himself in me with a happy sigh. “That’s good. That’s just right,” he moaned, rocking slowly back and forth. “Little Shalia is so warm. Look at that poor swollen clit. How you must be suffering, poor, naughty girl.”

“Is it torture? Is it heaven? Or is it both?” Seot whispered in my ear. I jerked a nod at the last option. “I thought so,” he chuckled. “You are so perfect, Shalia. I’ve known it from the moment I first saw you on the vid, introducing yourself. Somehow, I knew.”

His words wove through my head as Cifa took his time enjoying me. I was in knots on the inside, only able to concentrate on the excruciating demands of my sex. They had kept me on the threshold of climax for ages. Would I ever be allowed to orgasm? Sweet prophets, I needed to so badly.

Cifa’s dreamy-eyed pleasure intensified, and his pace quickened. My position allowed me an excellent view of his cocks moving in and out of me. The veins stood out in livid relief. Soon he would come. And then what? Would it be Seot again? Would they continued to take turns taking their fill of bliss while denying me the same? Or would they just amuse themselves all night with more teasing until I lost all sanity?

A low hum clicked on. My gaze moved from watching my pussy and ass get fucked to Seot. He held the pad-ended vibrator again. He stared at Cifa. “Let me know when you’re close.”

“Getting…there. Almost. Almost. Just…just a few more seconds…”

“All right.” The Dramok’s attention turned to me. “Naughty girl, your penance has been paid. Thank you for letting us enjoy you. But be warned,” he said with a cruel grin, “if you ever do truly misbehave, I now know exactly how to punish you.”

Before I could unravel his words, he lowered the vibrator to my mound, letting it settle against my clit. This time, he didn’t take it away.

I detonated in an instant. The climax was huge, blasting through me with a force that left me unaware of anything else. It wasn’t done when I crested again, another monstrous explosion. And again. And again.

My pussy seized with ceaseless orgasm. I don’t know if my body had decided to obtain every last climax it had been denied or if it was racing to get through as many as possible before it wasn’t allowed to have any again. All I remember was that they piled on top of each other until I forgot how to breathe.

I don’t know how much time passed before I felt a glass press to my lips. “Drink, Shalia,” Cifa’s voice encouraged me. “Come on, sweet girl. Take some water.”

I swallowed and felt how thirsty I was. I gulped water in a hurry then, my senses slowly coming back online as I did so. I blinked to discover I was in bed with the three men, Cifa and Seot curled against me and Larten hovering at my blanketed feet. The Nobek held another glass of water in his hand and gave it to Cifa as soon as I’d drained the first. I got halfway through the second one before I came up for air.

“Welcome back,” Seot said. “Are you all right?”

My pussy ached in the best possible way. I felt warm and lazy and oh-so-satisfied. My grin must have answered for me, because the men burst into laughter.

“Now that was a ride,” I said. “When do we go again?”

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