Thursday, May 25, 2017

December 18 (part 2)

My dress was tugged off. My underthings followed right behind. Now those strong touches were stronger still, calloused and smooth, all over my naked skin, setting every inch of me on fire.

Mouths followed, kissing and nipping and tasting. I could barely draw a decent breath as every point of contact drew a gasp from me. I’d somehow ended up flat on my back, and the men were all over me, devouring and claiming.

Seot paused. “Enalee,” he called.

The attendant appeared above us. “Yes, Dramok?”

“Soft binds. Enhancing lotions. Stimulating toys. A variety of whatever you’ve got. Surprise me.”

“Excellent, Dramok. I will have all brought immediately.”

Enalee disappeared. Seot resumed his sensual attack on me once more.

I was deep under the influence of Seot’s intoxicating venom. Anything I saw has disappeared into a kind of haze, like some long-ago and nearly forgotten memory. Meanwhile, the sounds of ecstasy seemed amplified, as did every touch. Oh my heavens, did I ever feel everything done to me. Each sensation was immediate and acute, robbing me of the ability to think clearly. Even Enalee’s return didn’t affect me, though by that time Larten was fucking me with his fingers, Cifa was sucking on my breast, and Seot was playing with my clit. I have some vague image of the attendant setting a bin down near us as his gaze raked over my body.

I rode waves of consuming enchantment, the men spinning an arousing spell over me. I was oblivious to anything but the pleasure rampaging through me. Pleasure that grew more intense after some sort of cream was smeared on my nipples and a gel spread over my clit and labia. For my breasts, Cifa’s mouth brought searing heat. The absence of his touch blasted icy chill. As for whatever had been put on my pussy, it produced a ferocious tingling. It also doubled the sensation of every touch, until the slightest brush against my clit brought me right to the edge of orgasm.

I was so intent on the increasingly violent feelings that I have no idea who bound my wrists, or even what I had been tied to in order to keep my arms pinned over my head. But as Cifa continued to ravish my breasts, Seot and Larten each grasped one of my legs and held me open as the Dramok lowered a buzzing vibrator to my exposed sex.

I came on contact. I tried to flail as climax brutalized me, but I was held still. The toy pressed hard against my clit, which felt like it was exploding. Hell, it felt like everything was exploding, over and over again. The ecstasy was close to agonizing.

When I thought I had to pass out or die from pure rapture, Seot took that brutal toy off my clit and sank it into my pussy. He fucked me with it slowly. I was dizzy from the strength of the orgasms I’d had, but I could feel I was on the verge of still another. Holy shit, I was a wreck…and we’d only gotten started.

Larten bent to lick my engorged clit. This time, the climax was a bit gentler, rippling through me like the first waves before a storm. I groaned as the Nobek continued to kiss the throbbing bud, forcing the spasms to continue as the vibrator moved in and out of my helpless body.

I sobbed as Cifa added to the din of sensation by nipping my tormented breasts. I couldn’t form words to beg them to let me rest for a moment, to pull my blasted awareness back together.

I was given a slight reprieve when Seot pulled the dildo from my clutching pussy. He gently guided it into my ass and resumed fucking me with it.

Meanwhile, Larten and Cifa continued their attentions to breasts and clit. Tension continued to sing through my body, but at least the vicious paroxysms of orgasm had eased. Little by little my crumbled senses began to knit themselves whole.

“Fuck,” I groaned. “I think you almost killed me.”

“I certainly hope not,” Seot said. “But you did seem to enjoy it a great deal. Shall we continue?”

Though no longer crushed under the demands of arousal, I still had Seot’s venom in me. Climax hadn’t burned it all away, as it sometimes could. I was still sexually excited, enough that I felt eager for more action.

The men around me, who had at some point removed their clothing, were too gorgeous to deny myself. Looking at those brown, carved bodies surrounding me made it as if I hadn’t just gotten off hard and several times. I forgot my complaint that they’d come close to murder by orgasm.

“Give me what you’ve got,” I purred. “And make it quick.”

“My, my,” Seot said, a gleam in his eye. “So demanding, young lady. That mouth should be muffled. But by what?”

“I have a suggestion…or two,” Cifa chuckled, looking down at his eager groin.

“My Imdiko, I saw something that might fit the situation.” Seot twisted about so he could rummage in the bin of goodies Enalee had brought us. He took out a mouth brace. A surge of delight stabbed through my core.

“Perfect. Now where shall I put her?” Cifa mused.

“If I may, Imdiko?” Enalee was back…if he’d ever left. “We have a most useful apparatus that might fit your needs. Let us fetch it for you.”

The apparatus must have been close by, because I heard a lot of movement in our alcove only seconds later. The fellows left off their delicious torment (boo!) to look at what was brought in. I looked too.

It looked like something out of Clan Aslada’s naughty playroom. A dull black metal platform with what I took to be ankle straps supported two sturdy bars. Between them was another thick bar, and on it was a cushioned platform sporting tethers on either side. Enalee adjusted the cushioned top, making it drop down on either side so that the ends curved towards the floor. I saw I could be easily draped over the rounded cushion and tied helpless.

“Yes, that will do perfectly,” Cifa breathed. Smiling, Emalee and the other two attendants bowed and stepped out of our nook once more.

My wrists were freed, and the men picked me up. Instead of laying me facedown over the curved top of the apparatus, however, they put me on my back. Face up, I realized my mouth was at the perfect level to serve Cifa as he obviously desired.

The straps on the floor platform were affixed to my ankles, drawing my legs wide apart and opening my aching, wet pussy for whatever use the clan deemed. The tethers on the cushion I rested on were strapped across my ribcage and just below my elbows, holding my arms open to the side so I couldn’t resist or cover myself. My body curved in such a way so that my breasts pointed towards the ceiling.

Lastly, Cifa showed me the clear plastic mouth guard. “Open, pretty girl. Let me have the pleasure of your lips, tongue and throat.”

My body raging to be filled in whatever way possible, I didn’t hesitate to obey. The guard fitted over my teeth comfortably, the moldable material locking my jaw open.

“Ancestors,” Larten moaned. “We have to get one of these props for home use, Seot.”

The Dramok chuckled. “She is stunning stretched over it, isn’t she? Go ahead, you two. I want to watch my beautiful clanmates and intended Matara while they enjoy each other.”

Answering growls quickened my heartrate. My vision filled with Cifa’s avid penises as he advanced on me. He lifted his primary cock out of the way and slid his smaller one into my mouth.

“Slowly, Cifa,” Seot sighed. “Fuck her pretty mouth slow. That’s it. Shalia, it is exciting beyond words to watch my Imdiko’s cock moving in and out of your lips, to see you stretched out like that and made to take him. Ah, good idea, Larten. She is open and helpless to you. Take advantage of that.”

A loud hum announced a vibrator – apparently a more powerful one than what had been used before – had been switched on. I jerked as something soft quivered against my clit, but I had nowhere to go, no way to protect myself. It pushed harder, settling on my trembling flesh, filling me with agonized elation. I cried out against the cock pushing into my throat.

“That’s it,” Seot crooned. “Make the pretty girl moan for you. Enjoy her the way she was meant to be enjoyed. Her mouth and pussy and ass belong to you, for your pleasure.”

I strained against the tethers binding me, but there was no give. No escape. Larten and Cifa had me at their mercy. Seot egged them on, sometimes directing the action.

“Go on, Cifa. Give her your primary cock now. I want to see her swallow you. Fill her pussy and ass, Larten. Fuck that gorgeous body the way I know you crave. She’s yours. Take her.”

His clanmates obeyed their Dramok. My mouth was stuffed with Cifa’s larger cock, coated with his spicy-sweet natural lubricant, tipped with a saltier drop of pre-cum. The hot, hard length ran in and out of my mouth, and Cifa gasped as his steady pace grew quicker.

“I know what my Imdiko would enjoy at this point. Emalee, I’d like a good, firm switch.”

“Yes, Dramok.”

A few moments later, I heard the whistle and light raps of a switch hitting flesh. Cifa’s cock jerked against my tongue, and he groaned, “Yes. Yes.”

Meanwhile, Larten had eased into me, possessing me as he continued to tease my clit with the vibrator. He fucked me steadily, then hard, then slower, and then with a relentless pace once more. My pussy clenched around his larger cock, the spasms always warning him when I neared climax by their strength. He kept me at the verge of orgasm without letting me tip over until I was sure the heat of my need would set the tent on fire. I shook violently the whole while, my body rioting with rapture. I strained against my tethers and against the men, desperate to come.

“Fuck her, my clanmates. Fuck her.” Seot was relentless as he egged them on. The sound of the switching he gave Cifa went faster and faster, a blurring of sound.

“My Dramok!” Cifa’s desperate cry was high-pitched.

“Yes. Come in her mouth. Let her taste you now.”

Two more thrusts, and he obeyed, spurting his seed against my tongue and down my throat. Cifa’s cock jolted as it emptied, and he shouted with every burst.

“Now you, my Nobek. Give her and yourself the pleasure you are both due.”

“Yes, my Dramok,” Larten groaned. His groin pounded mine, sending me into the sweetest of agonies, especially when he pressed the vibrator hard against my clit.

I ignited, my cries muffled since Cifa still had his cock in my mouth. A second later, Larten yelled and surged so that he buried himself to the hilt in me.

The air filled with our moans and gasps of completion. My ebbing spasms hadn’t quite ended when the men unstrapped my body and lifted me from the apparatus.

I hadn’t done a bit of the work, but I was as weak as a newborn kitten. Though the intoxicant had no doubt burned away by that time, I still drifted in a dreamlike state. Water and food was pressed on me, and I groggily accepted it. Then someone – Cifa, I think – fed me a stim tab. Energy and alertness seeped back in, and I blinked at my grinning companions.

“Whee,” I said, my voice still weak. “That was quite the ride.”

“You were incredible,” Cifa sighed. “I’m trying to remember when I’ve had so much fun, but I’m not coming up with anything.”

Larten sighed, his face showing contentment. “I was serious when I said I wanted one of those contraptions, Seot.”

The Dramok chuckled. “I’ll make a note of it.”

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