Monday, May 22, 2017

December 18 (Part 1)

Today was an incredible repeat of yesterday. Sun and fun was the rule on Nacabri, and we experienced all we could stand. Our group even made it to the semi-finals in the day’s low-impact kurble tournament. It was fun to watch, if a bit violent. I’ve heard that people can die and there is actual poison in the kurble balls in the professional version. I’m glad the worst we saw was a few broken bones and bloody noses, all quickly healed. None of our guys suffered more than some bumps and bruises, thank the prophets.

The rest of the day was spent in tamer pursuits. The night – now that was a different story.

I came out of the shower and into the greeting room in my dressing gown to discover Joelle there snuggling with Anrel. Seot, Cifa, and Larten sat around on the loungers laughing with her. Bright eyes turned in my direction.

Seot stood. “Matara Joelle will stay with Anrel if you’d like to go out tonight,” he said.

“How nice. You really don’t mind?” I asked her.

“Of course not. What else am I going to do?”

“Relax? Have a few drinks, sit in the whirlpool, walk on the beach?” She’d spent a lot of time with us, and I thought maybe she’d like a few hours to herself.

“Are you kidding? I wuv dis widdle girl,” Joelle said in a silly voice. She rubbed noses with the baby, making her laugh.

“You promised she and her clan would get a cruise when my dads get home,” I reminded Cifa. “She deserves more than being the resident babysitter.”

As Joelle spluttered in dismay that I would think she wasn’t having the time of her life, Cifa grinned. “I’m sending her and her clan on a cruise once a year. Especially since she’s not bought herself the first nice thing since we got here.”

“Now that’s just too much,” she insisted. “My clan and I will take the one ‘welcome home’ cruise with many heartfelt thanks, but I’m not taking advantage of our relationship to Shalia like that.”

“Sounds like she wants to go out twice a year,” Larten said, his eyes twinkling with deviltry.

“Now just a darned minute—”

“Shall we make it quarterly?” Cifa asked, his brow raised. I had to smother a laugh.

Joelle jumped up and stomped her foot. “That’s enough. I mean it.”

Seot chuckled and leaned over to kiss the back of her hand. “We are grateful to you for giving us the occasional freedom to spend one-on-one time with Shalia. Accept our gifts as a poor compensation for that. Please, Joelle, get yourself something nice to remember this trip with us. I beg you.”

She scowled and waved them off. “Shalia, get ready for your night out and get these loons away from me. They’re as impossible as my own clan.”

I grinned. “You are worth more than your weight in gold, you know. Speaking of night out, what am I wearing?”

The three men looked at each other. “You brought that little pink dress you can slip in and out of, didn’t you? The one that looks so easy for you to take off in a hurry?” Cifa suggested with a snicker.

“I’m taking Anrel to my quarters,” Joelle said, turning red but giggling like a schoolgirl. “Have a good night, all. We’ll see you in the morning.” She grabbed Anrel’s overnight bag and shot out of our room.

“What shenanigans are on tap tonight?” I asked.

“Can we surprise you?” Seot said.

It’s a good thing I love surprises. That it looked to be a sexy surprise had me bubbling in anticipation. I had the dress on (yes, easy on, easy off) in a matter of seconds. It was a cute but casual piece, softly molding to my curves. My hair and makeup took a little longer, but I wanted to look nice for whatever adventure we were about to embark on.

The guys rewarded my efforts with looks of appreciation. Seot nudged Larten. “Are you ready for any fools who might try to lure this gorgeous woman away from us?”

“She won’t want them after I crater their faces,” the Nobek affirmed.

“Please,” I snorted, linking arms with Seot and Cifa. “As if I would look at other men. Have you seen yourselves?”

We went out, trading compliments that got more and more outrageous by the second. By the time we stepped out of the chauffeured shuttle that the concierge had summoned for us, I had been told I was gorgeous enough to break the universe in half. In return, I assured the guys that they were so masculine, they could impregnate a planet just by looking at it. I was laughing hard as I looked around the beach we’d been left on. The white sand was lit by moons, stars, and a path of glowballs bobbing on the ends of their tethers.

I peered at the pavilion at the end of the path. “Have we been to this beach before?”

“No. It’s the one that Joelle said she didn’t care to view,” Cifa snickered.

“Oh, the one designated ‘clothing optional’? What’s with the big tent?”

“That’s the surprise,” Seot said, taking my hand. “Come on. Even we’re not sure what to expect.”

We strolled down the light-lined trail, ending at the bright red-and-gold pavilion. A man wearing loose green pants, an Imdiko from the look of him, bowed to us and pushed a flap open. “Come in. Enjoy the delights we have prepared for you.”

“Thank you,” Seot answered for us.

I didn’t have long to wonder what ‘delights’ awaited us. “Holy Hannah,” I blurted, looking around. My companions were wide-eyed, grins slowly spreading over their faces.

At first glance, it looked like an orgy. Or what I’d always imagined an orgy to look like. Groups of men and a few women – Kalquorian and Plasian – writhed in knots on the rug-covered ground, on mats, on loungers, anywhere there was a flat surface. Others stood over these clusters, mostly wearing the big loose-fitting pants the greeter outside had, doing any number of things to the lovers. I saw one attendant misting a group of six men with oils that made them slide over each other with sinuous ease. Some attendants flicked switches on writhing asses as their owners humped other asses or vaginas. There was a line of more employees (or whatever they were) on their knees either having their mouths filled with eager cocks or waiting to be used that way. Another lineup was bent over padded benches, their naked asses beckoning (if not already in use).

And still more doing all sorts of things, in every position imaginable. A few people stood around and watched, touching themselves or companions.

Little by little, the seeming chaos resolved itself into better order as I took everything in. No grouping was larger than eight or nine people. The attendants seemed to be assigned, two or more looking after each little party. Even those guests who looked as if they had come in alone were watched by attendants who hurried to confer if the patron made a signal he or she needed something. Food and drink were delivered as needed. It took me several seconds to realize there was a trio of musicians playing tunes in one corner because I could barely hear any songs over the moans and sighs and enthralled cries.

It was like a pleasure club, but not as violent as the Nobek-filled one on the Pussy ‘Porter. The switches and paddles were applied lightly, as accompaniment to the activities underway. It was pure sensuality and sexuality, with a dreamlike quality that made me question if it were truly real.

Three Imdikos in their harem-type pants approached us. “May we serve your needs?” one asked.

“That depends on the needs you’re offering to service,” Seot said. The way he looked at me made me feel warm all over. “We’re quite protective of our lovely companion.”

“Of course, Dramok. We will ask before fulfilling any requirement we sense has arisen. If we haven’t foreseen a need, you and your group have only to ask.” The man, about the same age as Cifa but nowhere near as cute – but then, who is? – gestured to the rest of the room. “You see some of what we offer. You are welcome to watch for a little while, if you wish. Or you can move straight to the pleasure.”

The guys looked at each other, then me. “What do you think, Shalia?” Seot asked.

“Goodness, don’t say this is all up to me. I’m overwhelmed…wonderfully overwhelmed, but I’m reeling just the same.”

They chuckled, as did the attendants. Their spokesperson suggested, “Perhaps we can show you to an empty alcove. You can have drinks, soak in the atmosphere, and see where your mood takes you.”

“I like that idea,” Seot agreed. He looked to me.

“Perfect,” was my relieved response. Cifa and Larten nodded their approval.

The pavilion was larger than it had appeared from our vantage as we’d approached it. As he led us, our main host introduced himself as Imdiko Enalee. “My priority is your pleasure, so do not hesitate to inform me of anything that will guarantee success.”

He and the other three took us to a quiet alcove. It was recessed behind a couple of columns that flanked its entrance. “Is this area to your liking? I chose it for being slightly more private. My admittedly slight knowledge of Earthers says the Matara might prefer it.”

Larten’s eyes glittered avariciously as he looked at me. “It will be a good place to start, though our brave Shalia might not mind a little more exposure later.”

The darned man knew me well already. “Yes, it’s better if I’m eased into the more public displays,” I admitted in a low, embarrassed voice. “But if Erom shows up, you’d better erect a wall between him and me.”

Cifa arched a brow. “Do I need to punch my little brother’s teeth out next time he mentions the treasure hunt?”

“I’ll get back to you on that.”

Seot, Cifa, and Larten chuckled as we entered the alcove. A couch and floor cushions along with small tables were set up within. Softball-sized glow balls floating against the ceiling emitted soft illumination that enhanced the dreamlike atmosphere. It felt comfortable and inviting despite the shenanigans going on in the main area of the pavilion.

Enalee gestured for us to make ourselves comfortable. “Drinks? We have all the favorites available, including a particularly fine vintage of leshella.”

“I’ll take a glass of that,” I said.

Seot settled on the couch. “I’ll start with a glass of bohut, but only dlas after that.” Cifa and Larten echoed his order. One of the other attendants hurried off, apparently to collect our drinks.

“And food? We have a fine selection of meats, cheeses, and pastries from Kalquor, Earth colonies, Plasius, and other worlds.”

“A tray of a selection would be appreciated.”

The other unnamed attendant hurried off. Meanwhile, I sank onto a cushion at Seot’s feet. For some reason, I had the urge to lean against his leg and rest my head against his knee. He stroked my head as I did so. Larten and Cifa also sat on the floor, staying close. If not for Enalee’s presence, I would have felt entirely comfortable.

However, the Imdiko had more in the way of introduction before stepping out of the immediate area. “Should you desire to engage in play, we have a wide assortment of toys, binds, and lotions for your use on each other or us…or if you prefer, we can use them on you. In the meantime, please enjoy watching our other patrons and assistants. I will be near, ready to fulfill your needs when you call.”

“Thank you, Enalee,” Seot said. The attendant bowed and stepped out of the alcove. He stood with his back to us, moving aside enough that we could view what everyone else was doing.

“What do you think, Shalia?” Cifa asked with a naughty smile.

“I think I’m in sex heaven,” I laughed as I watched the writhing tangles of lovers. There was plenty to see, what with mouths, pussies, and asses being filled with cocks, both real and artificial. I even saw a Kalquorian woman sporting a dildo strapped to her groin and using it on a man. Another group contained a Plasian male gagged with a mouthpiece that included a dildo. His partner rode it with abandoned while a third member of their party thrust into his ass. Wow.

My wide-eyed viewing was interrupted by the arrival of food and drink. The delicacies were bite-size, but the tray held enough food to feed an army…or Larten.

I ate a fruit-filled pastry as I sipped leshella and continued to watch. I envied the Plasian and Kalquorian women’s flexibility. The positions they got into! I consider myself pretty bendy, but I don’t think curling up and locking my ankles behind my head is going to happen in this lifetime.

While I watched, Seot continued to stroke my head. I had the feeling that if I dared to look up at him, I’d find that he wasn’t watching anyone but me. It made me feel as if nothing I said or did got past him. It made me extremely conscious of how I reacted to all I saw…because I was sure he was studying those reactions.

I was so intent on the sexcapades going on and the sensation that Seot scrutinized me that I was startled when I tried to drink my leshella and discovered I’d already finished it off. That stuff always did go down easily. I’d have to be more careful, or I’d end up sloppy drunk.

When I felt a warm breath on my neck, I thought Seot was about to whisper something about pacing myself. Instead he nuzzled my neck. I sighed and stretched to one side to give him more room to add to the thrills chasing from his lips to my spine.

He kissed…and then he bit.

I almost yipped as bright pain shot through my senses. However, the hurt of his fangs sliding into my skin was over before it was properly begun, as the anesthetic in Seot’s saliva did its work.

I was already turning mellow thanks to the leshella. I watched with bemusement as Cifa and Larten drew closer than before, their expressions rapt as they watched Seot put me under his influence. The sounds of pleasuring were a sweet song in my ears. The scent of their growing interest perfumed the air. Warm euphoria took hold of me, Seot pouring his hypnotizing venom into my blood.

The men caressed my body, and I closed my eyes to feel them better. Lust crashed through me with furious force as hands, rough and gentle, rubbed and petted and caressed. I awoke with brilliant need, my body all at once burning with eagerness.

Seot released the bite. I opened my eyes to stare into his face. He regarded me with a knowing smile.

“Shall we play, Shalia?”

“Oh yes,” I whispered, my heart galloping. “Most definitely.”

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