Monday, May 15, 2017

December 16

We are underway again, trading our unspoiled island paradise for the high seas. I think Cifa and I got some really great footage for the promotional vid. I’m eager to see how I can put it together, so I was delighted to learn he’d brought along a small but topnotch editing program. I was ready to try it out as soon as I saw it, but he protested.

“No, no, only if there’s nothing else to do!” he insisted. “Sure, we can mess with the project a little during the cruise, but I want you to enjoy yourself too. Come on, the crew just finished setting up a little dance club in the main deck’s cabin. They used the description you gave me of the transport’s club.”

“Really?” I hesitated, delighted with the idea of a dance club but really wanting to check out the editing program’s specs. In the end, I caved in and opted to cavort with everyone else…after all, if the crew had gone to that kind of trouble, I wasn’t going to scorn their efforts.

It was still no reason to put on a fancy gown or anything special. Our uniforms for the cruise so far had been soaksuits, sarongs, light tops, and shorts. In my halter top and shorts, I was prepared to be escorted by scantily soaksuited Cifa to the party. (Good night, doesn’t he look scrumptious in those tight little shorts!)

Even before we got to the door of the ‘dance club’, I could hear the throb of a rhythmic beat. I squealed with delight, glad Cifa had talked me out of playing with the edit suite. He laughed at my eagerness, his face bright with anticipation.

I stepped in to see everyone already having fun. The room wasn’t exactly what we’d had on the Pussy ‘Porter – and I hadn’t expected it to be – but the crew had captured the vibe pretty well. The lighting was lower than usual and strobing different colors in time to the thumping beat. The window vids that were usually set to display the seascape around the ship had been configured into mirrors. It made the room look bigger and allowed for everyone to be seen from every angle.

The tables and blue seating cushions that usually took up the floor had been moved against the walls, leaving plenty of room for us few women who wanted to strut for the guys. The music was right too, a steady pulse that wasn’t too fast nor too slow. It had a bit of the same flavor of the Zelt band’s music, which I was beginning to associate with tropical surroundings. It was bright and happy and demanded we move to it. Even with their strict manly code of not dancing, the guys were bobbing their heads and twitching in time to the beat.

Crewmembers were serving drinks, mostly to the men. The women were dancing about. Joelle had Anrel and swooped her around to my little girl’s crowing delight. Ila and Bazi were watching Candy and trying to copy her sexy moves, which we’d learned during our stop at the Adraf station. Stidmun’s eyes were dark as he watched his sweetie sway suggestively, her eyes riveted on his face as she danced for him.

“Did we get it right?” Cifa asked me, talking loud to be heard over the music.


Seot sidled close to me. His wide eyes were on Candy. “I thought Earthers were too repressed to move like that. It’s like seduction to music. It’s like how Plasians dance.”

I laughed and gave him a quick kiss. “You Kalquorians showed us the error of our ways when it comes to missing out on sex. Here, let me demonstrate a few of my moves before your stare pisses off Stidmun.”

I began to dance for them, happy to discover that the long break from shaking my stuff hadn’t resulted in me forgetting how to do it. Seot seemed to forget all about Candy as I swayed hips, shoulders, and everything in between. I discovered something pretty amazing…my training had made me quite a bit more limber than before. I moved muscles I hadn’t known I had. The effect on Seot, Cifa, and Larten was spectacular. They crowded close, mouths hanging open. Their obvious excitement (thank you tiny, tight shorts!) made me feel especially sexy, and the more sensual they made me feel, the more erotically I moved.

“Yeah,” I said with a naughty smile. “I think this little dance club will do. Get yourselves some drinks, guys. I might be in here for a while.”

“Maybe,” Larten growled as he watched my hips shimmy about. “Maybe not.”

“Silly Nobek. Don’t you know the benefits of delayed gratification?”

If he didn’t then, he does now. Even the more innocent turns I took from time to time to dance with my sweet little Anrel didn’t discourage Clan Seot’s ardor. I danced until my legs trembled. Then the men took me back to our quarters to make all of me tremble.

The dance club idea was a huge success. Cifa, Ila, and Erom have confirmed they will make it part of the ship’s regular activities, as well as incorporate it on the rest of their fleet.

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