Monday, May 1, 2017

December 13 (later) Part 5

At last the seizures wracking my guts eased, and I roused to discover I’d been rolled onto my back to gaze into the crushed-velvet midnight sky. Cifa scooped his arm beneath my back and pulled me up to sitting so Seot could tilt a water pouch against my lips. I drank, and the cold, refreshing liquid helped me recover my scattered thoughts.

I blinked at the prone, glassy-eyed Larten stretched beside me. “Was I as good as Cifa told you?”

His only answer was a drawn-out groan, much to Cifa and Seot’s amusement. They laughed at their fallen warrior, and Cifa taunted, “I told you so.”

“Shut up, okay? I’m replaying the best time of my life, and you’re interrupting.”

Seot was already naked and he looked ready to joust. Damn it, I felt like I was made of rubber though. I knew the cure for my weakness, thank goodness. “Stim tab. Now.”

Cifa had shown up prepared. He held the pick-me-up in front of my lips. I stuck my tongue out and felt it dissolve. “One minute,” I told the patiently waiting Dramok.

“Take your time,” he said, though his eyes were dark. Even in the low light, I could see the pulse pounding through the veins standing out on his cocks.

A wash of vitality chased the loose-limbed feeling from my body. I ached from the tremendous climaxes I’d enjoyed, but I’d waited far too long to get my pussy on this particular man. I was going to have him if it killed me.

He watched me, his slight smile growing larger at whatever he saw on my face. He nudged Larten with his foot and signaled Cifa with a jerk of his head. “Make room, clanmates. I’ve been the gentleman letting you two go ahead of me, but my manners are suddenly in short supply.”

Larten obeyed by rolling to the end of the mat. Cifa chuckled and stood. He went to the side of the platform walled in by the ship’s hull. I noticed how he glanced at the monitor to check on the peacefully-slumbering baby.

Meanwhile, Seot stretched out on the bed where Larten had been. With his arms thrown up over his head, he extended the length of it. His cocks stood up at perfect right angles to his body, gleaming in the light of three moons. He looked as if he offered himself as sacrifice, except for the wicked gleam in his eyes.

“Ooh. Is this all for me?” I asked. Though I’m not often a fan of being on top, I felt my inner cowgirl take notice. Riding this stallion had definite appeal. “And I get to control you?”

He arched a brow. “Do I look like you could control me?” he asked.

Um. That would be an emphatic ‘no’. Seot is a muscled god, the likes of which statues would be modeled on. Mighty, muscled, and definitely the king of control.

He grinned at me. “Good. I see that you understand. Mount me, you gorgeous woman.”

“If you insist,” I teased, but my heart was going into overdrive to know I was finally getting to love him. Completely.

Kalquorians, even with their trim waists, are larger than Earther men. Straddling Seot meant my thighs were spread wide. I had to support a lot of my weight on my arms. I found I did a lot better squatting rather than trying to kneel over him.

He grasped his cocks to center them on my entrances. “Lower yourself. Fuck me,” he told me.

His tone was mild, but as always with Seot, that note of gentle command could not be missed. Or disobeyed. I settled onto him, shivering as his primary nudged through my folds.

“Slowly. I want to feel every moment of you surrounding me,” he said, his voice going husky.

I sank down, enclosing him in my flesh. Having been well-fucked already, Seot went in easily. I actually had to hold back to avoid enveloping him too fast.

I’d taken no more than two inches and his rear cock was only starting to burrow into my ass when his breath caught. “That’s – that’s good. Ancestors yes, that’s good.” His eyes rolled a little.

“Told you,” Cifa snickered in a low voice.

I kept sinking down, sheathing him little by little. He gripped my hips, making me stop from time to time so he could relish the sensations. “Amazing,” he whispered at one point. “Softer than our women, and yet still tight. Shalia, if you only knew how you feel to me.”

I couldn’t imagine, but I knew Seot felt pretty astounding by my standards. The slow pace he made me consume him meant I sensed every nuance. I was incredibly aware of how his girth filled me, of the toe-curling chafing of his shaft against my inner walls. Of his eyes on me, hazy and yet still in command. His hands on my hips, directing my progress. I might have been on top, but I don’t know that I’ve ever felt more conquered than at that moment.

I opened to him, welcoming him like a long-lost friend. At last I sat upon him, his entirety inside me. With my weight on him, he was in as deep as he could go. It was heady stuff, having him so deep. We were still for nearly a minute, I think, simply indulging in the sensation of being so utterly joined.

Then he lifted me up, sliding outward and moving so wondrously against all the good stuff. We chorused groans as our flesh slipped against each other. It felt perfect, like we’d been made to interlock and work together. I’ve never known a more delicious sensation.

Seot brought me back down, shoving his hips up as he did so. We met with a loud slapping sound. Shocks of pleasure rippled from the epicenter of our contact, flowing from my pussy up to my head, fingertips, and toes.

Up and down, he made me bob like a cork over him. With each stroke, the waves of pleasure increased in power until sensation fairly heaved through me. We made crude but exciting sounds, grunting like animals with each meaty smack of our bodies meeting in powerful collision. The pace was steady, making enthrallment hum along within me at a continuous pleasurable hum with rhythmic shocks of more intense sensation.

I could have ridden that man all night. He felt so good, I didn’t even need orgasm. I didn’t try to chase the end, enjoying the unvarying bliss of sharing myself with him, of giving him joy. I thought I could feel him in every cell of my body. It seemed that right to me.

Through it all, Seot’s eyes shone in the moonlight, his gaze riveted on my face as if to gauge every little emotion. Sometimes when we were locked tight against each other, he’d move his hips in a circle, grinding so that his groin rubbed delectably against my clit. The bolts of sheer ecstasy made me cry out in a high voice, singing my pleasure to the stars above us.

He suddenly rose up to sitting. His arms circled me and then we were twisting, moving, making the world swirl. All at once, I was on my back once more, with Seot looming more godlike than ever over me.

“You are too beautiful,” he gasped before his mouth descended on mine.

He kissed me with such a burning passion that I thought I might die from the fierceness of it. It was overwhelming to be kissed like that, like it was the last kiss we might ever share. I can’t even describe it; it was that tremendous.

When the kiss ended, Seot propped one of my calves against his shoulder. Then he rose and fell over me, again and again, as I held on and desire took hold of me with an eager grasp. His calloused thumb traced my lips, my nipples, and then my clit. Though I’d enjoyed a calm arousal when I’d been on top, all that serene pleasure, a warm ember of bliss, exploded into an engulfing inferno in a moment.

How many times did he make me come as he took me with demanding adoration? I don’t know. I can’t even hazard an estimate. I only know that my pussy seemed to swell with light, as if filled with the sun, then it would explode. There would be shockwaves and release, and then the pressure would begin again, until once more detonation.

All the while, Seot watched me, his face growing more strained with each renewal of my glad cries. Even as he at last succumbed and climaxed, his hips jerking frantically, he stared at me. I might have been the only thing that existed to him. He was that focused.

We rested for about an hour afterward on our naughty deck, the four of us curled together as we looked at the stars and watched the Earthlike moon Lobam set. The night turned cool enough to send us back inside in the end. In our shared bed, we were as content as a litter of kittens with cream as we cuddled in a gratified knot.

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