Monday, April 3, 2017

December 8 (later), part 2

We took up space in the outdoor dining area for a couple of hours until it was time to put Anrel to bed. The guys insisted on being taught how to get her settled for the night…even Larten. Cifa already knew a lot on such things. Seot and Larten were cheerfully awkward as they tried to put her in a sleeping gown, giving me and Cifa a lot of entertainment. Who knew a kicking and waving baby could come so close to defeating two massive hulks? They were determined to win the battle, however. They pounded each other’s backs like victorious fighters when it was over and Anrel was yawning in her crib. I don’t think I’ve seen Oses celebrate like that after fighting Tragooms. Of course, Cifa and I had to cheer our dauntless bedtime champions. We’re all lunatics.

We went out to my greeting room to relax while the baby drifted off. I waved Seot and Larten to the lounger while Cifa and I relaxed on seating cushions. I was glad the guys were sticking around. We cracked open another bottle of bohut. I’d only had the one glass at dinner, determined to not get sloshed in front of my kid…and I wanted a clear head to enjoy my companions.

Cifa noticed the gifts from Clan Aslada. I’d put away the jewelry, terrified that someone might decide to kill me in my sleep as they burgled the gems. But the gown boxes were half-open, and his gaze fell on a particular rich red, velvety frock that peeked out. “Wow. Is that yours? Can I see?”

He took out each gown in turn, commenting in admiration. “These are gorgeous, and you’d look astounding in them. Bring at least two on the cruise.”

“On a semi-private ship? Cifa, I’m not that fancy a girl to be flouncing around in gowns all the time. I know it’s normal for your women, but it’s too much for me.”

“No, not all the time,” he reassured me. “And not on the ship. We’ll stop in some ports, however, and these will be perfect for a couple of the eateries we could visit.”

“Okay, I don’t mind dressing up for dinner once in a while,” I said in relief. “I just can’t pull off that everyday glamor thing. If that’s what your sister is into, I’m going to look lowbrow in comparison.”

Cifa chuckled. “She only dresses that way in the office or for public. Otherwise, she’s in a soaksuit and sarong. She’s as addicted to sea life as I am.”

“Pick the gowns you think best. I’m not used to that stuff. I can’t even fix my hair right.” I sighed over my lack of style.

Seot winked at me. “Don’t worry about it, Shalia. Kalquorian women’s fashion is more about boosting their clanmates’ egos than personal comfort.”

“How’s that?”

“The thinking, as my mother explained it to me, goes that the costlier the fabric and the more intricately designed, the better it reflects on how a woman’s clanmates are able to support her. A pricey wardrobe is the public display of that.”

I was delighted with this insight. “So that’s why Clan Aslada was always trying to get me to dress all out? To show they could give me the best possible life?”

“That’s the usual thinking. Clans will spend a small fortune on their female mate’s wardrobe to prove to others that they are worthy of her.”

Now those many unwanted gowns…and that overwhelming jewelry…made sense to me. It wasn’t Clan Aslada trying to push me to conform to their standards so much as to establish their value as clanmates. Having me run about in comfy blouses and skirts could give off the wrong impression: that they either didn’t care or that they couldn’t keep me as well as another clan might.

I sighed, thinking how much I did not want to play princess on a daily basis. Guessing my worries, Seot shook his head at me. “I don’t care how you dress, so long as you’re happy. Seeing you wear a smile is the only confirmation I need that I’m doing right by you.”

“If any wanted to challenge that, they can talk to me,” Larten added, flexing his fists.

“I’m glad I don’t embarrass you with my grubby self,” I laughed. “Now how about a little more intel on the cruise itself?”

Cifa went over some of the itinerary for our trip. We discussed some of the footage we would vid for the promotional push of the new ship. I lost myself in planning, impressed with his clear vision of how the latest acquisition of his family’s line should be presented. Cifa likes a balance between showcasing luxury along with the warmth of spending time with family and clan.

“This ship is perfect for the young clanmates just starting out, an established family looking to reconnect, or an older clan rediscovering each other after many years of being together,” he enthused. “I’m really into the whole Earther idea of the honeymoon, but for everyone.”

“Romance on the high seas,” I agreed. I thought back to my goodbye tour with Betra and Oses. “Instead of being distracted with too much entertainment, focus on activities and excursions that bring people closer.”

“Exactly. We’re not just selling a product; we’re offering an experience. One that will live in their memories forever.”

Larten seemed a little bored with the conversation, but his gaze on us was warm. He didn’t act discontented. Seot watched the two of us with a satisfied smile.

At length, he told Cifa, “I hope you don’t plan to work this whole time. We are supposed to be having fun and getting to know Shalia as intimately as possible.”

I grinned. “Making vids is fun for me. Just the same, I intend to be known by your clan quite well before it’s all said and done.”

On that note, Larten stood up. “I’ll check to see if Anrel’s asleep,” he said.

I almost protested that I could do it, but on second thought, who moves quieter than a Nobek? Definitely not me. I let Larten practice his daddy skills.

He returned with a noncommittal look on his face. “Shalia, I think you should come here,” he said, standing next to the lounger.

I was up like a shot. “Is something wrong? Is Anrel okay?” I was on the move, not waiting for him to clarify the situation. I could hear Cifa getting to his feet and Seot stood too.

I was almost past the Nobek when he swept me into the air with a low laugh and tossed me onto the lounger. I landed on my back, looking up, startled.

“She’s fine, fast asleep. I just wanted you like this,” Larten said as he covered my body with his and began kissing my jaw and throat.

I didn’t have to protest the trick. Cifa pummeled his clanmate’s back in revenge. “You scared me!” he said in a low but intense tone. “Don’t do shit like that.”

There was a thud and Larten’s black hair spilled over my face. I thought Seot had smacked him on the back of his head. “That goes double for me,” he said in his lord-and-Dramok tone.

“Sorry,” Larten mumbled against my skin. For all the abuse he was taking, he hadn’t paused for a second as his lips caressed me. “Ow,” he muttered as Seot hit him again.

“You’ll say a lot more than ‘ow’ if you pull a stunt like that again, Nobek.”

I could have added my own displeasure, but it was quickly disappearing. With concern over Anrel’s well-being mitigated, it was hard to stay mad as Larten ran capable hands over my body. Chest, ribs, stomach, and back up so he cupped my breasts, his thumbs sweeping over the tips to make me squirm.

“Oh, you awful jerk,” I sighed as thrills coursed through me. “I should make you go stand in the corner and watch while I give your clanmates everything they want.”

“I beg your forgiveness,” he said before his lips sealed to mine. His tongue glided into my mouth to twine a salacious dance. My body lit as his kiss went deep and scorching, burning every thought from my brain.

My legs wrapped around his hips and my arms wound about his wide shoulders, pulling him in tight. So much for sending him away as a punishment. Feeling the swollen iron of him against my pussy, I was determined he wasn’t going anywhere.

In response to me caging him, he rubbed his groin against mine. Oh my stars. He moved right against my clit, setting off star-spangled fireworks. I moaned into his mouth and clutched him even tighter. He chuckled evilly in response. Such a wicked, wicked man.

He kissed me until I was woozy from arousal and a lack of oxygen. He released my lips and continued to mouth my jaw. I tugged at his shirt.

“Get this off,” I gasped. “I want to feel you against me.”

“Do you? Do you want to feel my hot flesh against yours, Shalia? Our skin, naked as we slide against each other?”

“Yes, damn it. Pull these stupid clothes out of my way.”

His snicker was my first clue things weren’t going to go exactly as I wanted. He moved to whisper in my ear. “You are making a lot of demands, my lovely lady. Are you challenging me for dominance?”

“For heaven’s sake, you crazy Nobek. I want you. Give me what I want. End of story.”

He pulled back to gaze down at me, a calculating smirk pulling at his lips. “Oh, I don’t think so. I think we need a little lesson on who is in control here. First hint: it’s not you.”

“I like where this is going,” Seot muttered.

“It gets even better,” Larten assured him. He fussed with something on his belt, rising a little off me to do so. I took advantage and grabbed his collar, pulling at it to open the front seam of his shirt. Before it could part more than an inch, his motions became a blur. He put on his supernatural Kalquorian quickness. An instant later, my hands were not only no longer on him, but pinned by hovercuffs on either side of my head. Well, damn.

“No fair and no fun,” I pouted. “What’s so terrible about me wanting to ravish you?”

He grinned, the delight bright in his dark face. “Not a thing. But me ravishing you is so much more satisfying.” He bent low and kissed me again. A slow, searching kiss that made it feel like we were doing something far more intimate. I grew dizzy again.

My vision was hazy when Larten lifted away again. He laughed at the expression on my face. “Such a compliment to have you glassy-eyed when we’re just getting started. My Dramok, I humbly request the use of this entire lounger.”

“No problem.” Seot rose and took a step away, keeping close to watch. Cifa came to his side, his eyes wide and expression fascinated. Both men were obviously aroused.

“Thank you,” Larten said. He moved me so that my full length lay stretched, with my arms extended slightly over my head. “Now, let’s do a little review here, Shalia. When sex is involved, you’ve always been clear that you like the men in control. Has that changed?”

“No,” I grouched, wiggling with impatience. “I just want us both naked.”

“But what you think you want is never the issue, is it? My priority is what you need. And what you need is for me to assert what I want.”

I huffed a breath. He was right, but why couldn’t he just take some clothes off? Why was it such a big deal?

He smiled, looking like a patient dad about to render some tough love. “You know it’s true. Be a good girl and apologize for not behaving.”

“I’m sorry.” I had no problem giving him what he wanted to hear if it was going to end with us getting naughty in a hurry.

“That was fast,” Cifa snickered.

“A little too fast.” Larten’s eyes narrowed. “I’m not certain it was sincere.”

“Oh, come on,” I whined. “You wanted an apology and I gave it to you. What more do you want? Should I take out an advertisement too?”

Seot and Cifa laughed. Larten grinned, but he wasn’t placated by any means. “No, you don’t have to go that far. I do think we’ll work on this until I feel you’re in earnest, however.”

I had no idea what to make of his statement. It sounded alarmingly like a threat, though. Deciding silence was the better part of valor, I said nothing.

Larten wasn’t waiting for a response anyway. He tugged at my blouse, pulling it up and over my head and stripping it free of my arms. “I’ll grant half of your request. You can be naked, but only because it’s what I want. Your wishes play no part in this.” He tossed the shirt aside.

My bra followed quickly after, along with skirt and panties. The room had felt cool earlier, but the hot gazes raking over me had brought the temperature up by several degrees. I was close to sweating.

Larten grinned at the other two men. “Feel free to join me in getting a real apology out of our wayward girl.”

They didn’t need a second invitation. I was covered in men at a moment’s notice.

Seot’s mouth covered mine, working as if to make me forget Larten’s breathtaking kisses. His hand worked one breast, alternating between caressing, squeezing, and pinching so that pleasure and pain chased endlessly after each other. Cifa’s mouth did the same to the other breast: he kissed, licked, sucked, and nipped until I didn’t know bliss from hurt.

But it was Larten who truly took me to task. His mouth seized my clit, sucking it in to be pummeled by his talented tongue. At the same time, he plunged two fingers into my pussy and searched for the inner hotspot. He found it with the unerring instincts of a hunter and rubbed delicious friction against it.

I writhed under the sensual assault, yelling into Seot’s mouth. The men weren’t having it. They held me down, keeping me from doing anything more than the barest squirming. I had no choice but to lie there as they forced intense arousal on me.

Intense, it was. I was swamped by a gnawing craving so immense that I strained for climax within seconds. Need roared through my body, flaring brightest where the men touched me. The moment my pussy clenched, however, Larten’s fingers went still and he released my clit. I trembled violently, my whole body tensed with reaction. I tried to kick as I was walloped with frustration, but the Nobek had positioned his body over my spread legs, pinning me down. The only protest I could make was the wail that Seot’s kiss muffled.

Little by little, my body quieted from frenzied desire to throbbing arousal. It wasn’t much of an improvement for me, especially since Seot and Cifa’s mouths and hands kept my motor revving. My breasts stung from the more powerful attentions they gave them, but everything the men did made me burn with want. Seot’s kiss wasn’t merely a token of affection either. He claimed my mouth with demand, proclaiming his ownership with every flick of his tongue. He sought to conquer me with his kiss, forcing me to surrender to its demands.

When my pussy had ceased to clutch desperately at Larten’s fingers for a couple of minutes, he drove hard into me again. Once more, his mouth and tongue took my clit prisoner. It was as if a clap of thunder had gone off inside my womanhood, and I yanked desperately at the hovercuffs that held my wrists prisoner. As if I could escape. As if I could force my will on the men. It was laughable, but I struggled anyway as my senses were blasted by nuclear passion. Meanwhile, my sex raced toward the explosive sensation, ready to deliver me to sweet annihilation.

An annihilation that didn’t come. As soon as Larten felt me closing in on climax, he stopped again. I was left on the verge of orgasmic obliteration, forced to watch as it grew dimmer and disappeared.

I squalled. I know there are far worse things than a missed climax, but that doesn’t change the fact that it sucks. Especially when it was one that would have been as good as the one Larten denied me.

“Someone’s getting her feelings hurt.” Somehow I heard Cifa’s teasing voice over the roar in my ears.

“She’ll learn. I am a professional trainer with a one hundred percent success rate,” Larten snickered. “And most of my students are far less intelligent than our smart little girl here.”

Cifa didn’t respond. He was sucking on my breast again, scraping his teeth over the nipple to deliver excruciating pleasure.

Once more, Larten waited for me to quiet before latching onto my clit again. I felt my body rising to the siren call of sensual destruction with a sense of doom. I couldn’t deny the gorgeous rapture that hurried me towards orgasm even though I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to have it. I was a damned soul, given a glimpse into paradise but never allowed to enter the gates.

I was so close to detonation that for one sweet moment, I thought Larten couldn’t possibly stop me this time. But he did, allowing only the first quivers of obliteration before denying me.

How many times did I endure being taken to the pinnacle only to be turned away? I lost count. My cries, muffled by Seot’s endless kiss, grew louder with each refusal to let me come. My pussy ached, not just pulsing with need, but pounding in time with my heartbeat. I felt like one huge agony of desperation.

Larten’s voice at last came from far away. “Shalia, I’m going to ask Seot to let you speak now. Remember that Anrel is asleep in the other room.”

Seot drew back. His smiling lips were puffy from our long kiss. All three men looked at me, their different facial structures somehow identical from the single expression they wore. They’d tormented me beyond belief, but all I saw was adoration. Even fierce Larten looked openly devoted.

It shook me deep inside. I realized their many declarations that they felt I was the only woman for them had not been flattery. They meant it. For a millisecond, I was seized with terror.

Not knowing I was having a revelation, Larten remained focused on our current situation. “You must offer your apology quietly but with sincerity. If I believe you this time, you will be allowed to come. If not—” a cruel grin spread across his face “—then what we’ve been doing will seem like only a tease.”

As he spoke, he stroked my clit and pussy with a light touch. I was so wound up that it felt fiery profound. I gasp and strained as arousal surged yet again.

I couldn’t even remember what it was I was supposed to be apologizing for. But if it would get me off, I’d proclaim my guilt for all of Armageddon, for every evil that had befallen the universe since the beginning of time.

In a ragged, desperate whisper, I said, “I am so sorry. I really, really am; I swear I’ll never do it again. I promise on my immortal soul I’ll be good.”

Seot shot Larten an amused smile. “That sounded authentic to me.”

“I agree. All right, my clan, she’s earned her reward.”

They were on me again before I could quite register my apology had been accepted. Another penetrating kiss to devour me. Hands and a mouth on my breasts and belly to claim me. Friction against the hotspot within my desperate pussy. Wet warmth stroking my clit.

The vicious craving returned, a brutal demand that made me want to scream. It grew monstrous and huge faster than before, eclipsing all sense, all sanity. I fell before it, blinded by its shadow as it fell upon me.

It tore through me, shredding and consuming in great, violent seizures. I felt myself rent from the inside out, engulfed by a rapacious appetite that would not stop feeding until every bit of me had been swallowed down. I was shattered and razed in a seething maelstrom of furious glory.

Have I mentioned what a lucky girl I am?

I came out of the storm wrecked beyond redemption. The men chuckled breathlessly, the crotches of their pants darkened. It was a good thing the guys didn’t need my attention, because I was the most useless thing in creation.

“Are you still holding back the full sex party?” I asked later as we crowded on my cramped sleeping mat.

“Only because we’ve agreed we want our first time – the first time we make actual love – to be in a romantic setting,” Seot said, snuggling me against his chest. “I promise that the first night on Cifa’s ship will be the end of the waiting.”

“The best possible way to christen the maiden voyage,” Cifa mumbled sleepily in my ear. The Imdiko spooned against my back. Larten was behind him, and both men had their arms and legs slung over me. I felt ridiculously well cuddled.

“Talk about your bon voyages,” I sighed. “I can’t wait to cast off.”

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