Thursday, April 27, 2017

December 13 (later) Part 4

Seot helped the sheepishly grinning Cifa away, since he seemed a little weak-kneed at the moment. I was impatient. What was with all the talk? I needed that Nobek and his big, hard dicks. Pronto.

“Come here!” I yelled and lunged up to wrap my arms around his neck and jerk him down on me.

“Oh, here’s another one who wants it rough. My pleasure, lovely girl,” he snarled, going feral in an instant.

We tussled for a brief instant. I’m in no way claiming I could take out a fierce fighter like Larten…not for one second do I think I’d ever come out on top against him. Since I wanted to fuck and not fight, he had me helpless in less than a second. I was unceremoniously tossed in the air to land on my front on the bed.

“Ah, there’s that gorgeous ass,” Larten exulted as he straddled me, resting enough of his weight on my thighs to keep me pinned. “Now to figure out exactly what I want to do with it.”

“Fuck it,” I moaned, desire growing unbearable under the influence of Cifa’s bite. “Fuck me before I lose my mind.”

“I’ll get to that soon enough,” the big man said. “In the meanwhile, it needs to be worshipped. It is too beautiful to merely fuck.”

I whined and kicked. I felt empty and bereft now that Cifa had moved out of me. Only Larten could make that desolate sensation end.

“Now, now, none of that.” Larten’s enormous rough hands cupped my buttocks and rubbed, massaging them with harsh strength.

His touch heightened my need. I moaned and wriggled desperately. Being pushy and begging hadn’t gotten me anywhere. What did I have left?

“Correct me if I’m wrong,” Larten said in a breezy voice. “But I do believe you are the wonderful kind of woman who appreciates a little – zest – with her pleasure? A bit of intense sensation?”

As if things weren’t intense enough. My enhanced libido was screaming for relief, and Larten was only making things only worth by keeping me vulnerable and kneading my ass. “Please, Larten,” I groaned.

“Of course, lovely. Intensity it is.”

His hands left my ass. The loss sent me into confusion. Having my butt fondled had driven me nuts with want, but the feeling of emptiness was compounded by no longer feeling his touch. Ugh! I didn’t know what made me more miserable.

Then the spanking began. I discovered how heavy and hard that Nobek’s hands could be, which was big time fierce. It was then that I remembered how harsh a trainer of other Nobeks had to be. This guy was used to letting people have the full force of discipline. Now he was disciplining me.

My ass was flaming hell in short order. I twisted and slammed my hands over and over onto the mat’s surface in agony as Larten showed me his version of ‘intense’. I yelled in counterpoint to the meaty smacks he delivered. He had me down though, and there wasn’t a damned thing I could do about the punishment.

However, I had a couple things in my corner as that man tormented me. One, I was still full of Kalquorian venom, which made every fucking touch an erotic experience. Second, I am Shalia Monroe, which means I’m a kinky bitch who loves that shit even without the intoxicant. Larten had me pegged, all right.

I could have called a halt to it at any moment, and I know Larten would have stopped. I was also certain Seot and Cifa watched to make sure I didn’t let myself go too far. I was safe to indulge in my inclination for a little pain and a lot of helplessness. So Larten swatted, and I enjoyed my little slice of benign agony.

True to form, passion grew by the second as the hurt increased. I writhed now in equal parts delight and distress. Then the endorphin rush hit, and my brain went bye-bye.

Sweet serenity descended, taking me out of my head. I couldn’t think. I felt, but the spanking no longer seemed painful. Desire rolled through me in sweet, undemanding surges. I no longer felt desperate to climax. I didn’t have the instinctive need to escape the spanking. I could have stayed there forever, riding that smooth wave of euphoria where all was peaceful arousal, my body as bright as the sun on a cloudless day.

I had animal awareness that my pained cries were now moans of bliss. Warmth from the discipline filled me with balmy pleasure. “Yes,” I sighed to my wonderful warden. “More.”

I later realized my groans of encouragement had pushed Larten to the breaking point. The punishment suddenly ended. Those amazing, harsh hands gripped my hips and hauled them up, angling me for abrupt invasion.

Even the forceful way my body was made to accept him, larger cock shoving determinedly in my ass and smaller spearing my pussy, was a gorgeous sensation, deepening the enchanted state of my mind. I heard the word yes chanted over and over, like a call to prayer. It took some time before I realized it was me urging my lover on.

Larten needed no urging. His groin battered my superheated ass as he drove against me. He yanked my hips back and forth, making me take his powerful thrusts deep and fast. Sensation ballooned within me, fighting to break free. It grew more profound, more desperate, shoving aside the peaceful desire I’d wallowed in.

My pussy lurched under the assault, turning lust ferocious. Every inch of my body lit with almost painful craving. I turned into a rabid animal, still unthinking but now thrashing as climax stampeded towards me, overtook me, trampled me.

It did not end. Every thrust of Larten’s cocks set off another rush of maddened ecstasy, a new convulsion. I was obliterated time and again until at last his howl rang in my ears and he went still, straining as his cock jolted in my ass, expelling passion.

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