Thursday, April 20, 2017

December 13 (later) Part 2

The sea breeze was cool, but not uncomfortably so. It ruffled against my scalp and the bare areas of my body: face, neck, arms, and legs. It was like being covered in kisses from the air. It smelled of the freedom I associated with vacation: soft brine and warm skin. I inhaled deeply, all the strange trepidations floating away like nonsense vapor.

I looked at the endless heavens. I floated on Cifa’s arm to the rail and stared all about me. I compared the crushed velvet sky to the glossy mirror of black that made up the sea. Its reflective surface was interrupted by the luminous wake that sprang from the ship’s bow, rills springing away from the deep cut of the arrow tip of our vessel.

There was no sound but that of the breeze whispering through our hair and the cymbal shimmer of the waves. Clan Seot and I might have been the only people alive in this dark, mysterious world of sky and sea. It took my breath away.

“It’s like looking at eternity, isn’t it?” Cifa said in a hushed tone.

I looked at him, enthralled by the awed expression he wore. He’d gone on so many cruises he couldn’t give me a count. Who knew how many times he’d seen this view? And yet he seemed stunned by it still, as reverential as a pilgrim first entering a holy place and viewing relics. How wonderful that he’d not grown jaded to this astonishing world.

I looked over my shoulder to see how the other two felt about our surroundings. Larten wasn’t checking out the scenery at all. He was tapping on a panel on the side of the ship. A vid appeared against the silver surface. It was the baby monitor, just as Cifa said. Anrel was curled in her crib, sleeping like an angel. Sweet baby. Larten went still and looked at her, seemingly mesmerized. Aw.

I glanced at Seot, our steady and strong leader. He wasn’t looking at either the seascape or Anrel. He looked at me with warm eyes and a soft smile. It made my heart beat fast, him gazing at me like that. I went all gooey warm inside. Had a man ever stared at me that way before? Well, Betra and Oses had been devoted lovers, so I’m sure they had…but looking in Seot’s face, I couldn’t remember it. I couldn’t remember anything as we gazed at each other from across the little balcony.

He held out his arms to me. I drifted away from Cifa’s side, scarcely feeling the release of his hand or my feet on the soft flooring. I floated to the stunning Dramok who summoned me without speaking a word. His power was benevolent but absolute. There was no question of my obedience.

I drew near enough to feel his warmth. His arms wrapped around me and pulled me up against him so I could feel the hard planes of his chest and abdomen, the swollen desire he had for me. I went pliant all over as his kiss descended on my lips, his tongue sweeping in to taste me. I felt I could have melted in his arms right then. I was boneless, my body weak with desire. Though I hadn’t felt battered or hurt in any way, it was still as if I’d found welcome shelter in a raging storm. That was how good it was to be held and kissed by Seot, as if we hadn’t done this numerable times before.

Ah, but tonight was not going to be a tease. Tonight was the consummation of all those episodes of innuendo, of cuddling, of climax without penetration.

His tongue stroked mine, making love already. I gathered the little strength I had left to wrap my arms around his corded neck, my fingers twining in his long, black hair. I pulled at him to bring him closer, though we were already as close as we could get with our clothes still on. I couldn’t get enough. My body yearned to absorb his, to make him a permanent part of me.

Seot pushed me gently away, breaking the kiss. “If you’re not too cold, I’m going to undress you,” he said.

“I’m not cold,” I gasped, my vision hazy. I was flushed and feverish from head to toe. Hell, I was on fire.

Seot tugged at my tank top, which was tucked into my skirt. He tossed it at the opening in the floor, sending it down the stairs to the room below. “No worrying about your clothes blowing out to sea,” he chuckled.

“Thanks. I’d hate to see a rizpah wearing my skirt,” I teased.

Said skirt went the way of my top, as did my bra and panties. I’d taken my shoes off earlier in the day. I suppose they were still on the main deck…not that I spared much thought for those poor abandoned slippers when I was naked before Seot.

It crossed my mind that perhaps another boat might pass us by, or perhaps our shipmates would have their own temporary decks suddenly appear out the side of the ship. I was extremely exposed out there. However, it didn’t register on my Worry Meter one bit. All my attention was on Seot, as if he’d collared and leashed it. Whatever he wanted, including having me out and about in my birthday suit, was my only consideration at the moment. Under his regard, I don’t think I’d have noticed a parade marching by. My awareness centered on him.

“Pretty girl,” he crooned to me, his burning gaze sweeping over my body. “Stand there and let me touch you.”

His fingers traced over my face, trailing down my throat in a path that shouldn’t have been as erotic as it was. Somehow, every inch of my skin seemed to have a direct connection to my clit, zapping sensation straight to my core. I could barely breathe as his touch moved lower.

He brushed over my nipples, which were already tightening to sharp points. While he did that, he stared into my eyes. I trembled all over, as helpless as I would have been in cuffs or chains. His thumbs rasped over the tips to make me shake all the harder.

“Stay nice and still for me,” he whispered before bending down. He took a breast in his mouth, sucking it in deep. I thought my knees would liquefy right then and there, especially when his rough tongue ran over the flesh he’d captured.

He kissed his way over to the other breast and mouthed it too. I moaned and swayed, losing myself to the sensations.

“Now, now,” Seot chastised, rising up and shaking his head at me. “I said stay still, didn’t I? Be good, Shalia. Misbehavior means trouble.”

My insides were tumbling madly just from the little bit he’d done. Remaining motionless was becoming an impossible prospect. My pussy ached for me to rub my thighs together, to grant it some friction for pleasure’s sake. Especially in the wake of Seot’s warning…my imagination desperately wanted to address what kind of trouble misbehavior might get me.

I fought not to envision punishment at the hands of Seot. If I allowed myself to contemplate such things, it would be impossible for me to stay quiet and obedient.

Instead, I clenched my fists at my sides and stiffened my knees, willing myself to remain tranquil. I knew how unlikely success was to be my ally. I could only stare up at Seot’s knowing smile, supplicating for mercy with my eyes.

Instead, he went back to petting me. My stomach clenched at his light stroke over it, moving down, down, down. A billion butterflies took flight, fluttering wildly within. A tremor ran down the length of my spine.

His smile deepened, but he didn’t halt. He fondled my pussy, his hand diving between my legs to find me damp. I couldn’t keep my hips from jerking to feel his warm palm against me.

“Shalia, you’re not minding me,” Seot said, his tone mild. “Didn’t I say you were to keep still?”

“Yes, Dramok,” I moaned. I’d gone immobile again, but it took all I had to not rub wantonly against the hand cupping my sex.

He delivered a sudden, sharp slap to my slit. I yelped, the burst of pain exhilarating and making me hotter than before.

“Do as you’re told,” Seot said in that same benign voice. “But first, you may spread your legs a bit wider. Hands on top of your head, too. Now remain that way, or I’ll have to correct you again.”

His fingers slipped through my folds, making soft wet sounds as they investigated every nook and cranny. Oh sweet prophets, I flooded his hand as brilliant heat flamed bright within my gut.

“Mmm,” he smiled with appreciation. “So wet. So ready to be loved. What an incredible pussy you have, Shalia.”

I fought the desperate urge to grind against his touch. Oh dear heavens, I wanted to move, to turn the bright sparks of passion into lightning bolts of climax. Involuntary pulses tried to make me misbehave, shocks that I battled against even as Seot’s play goaded me to disobey.

He slid two fingers inside me, reaching deep within. I sucked in a harsh breath as I was invaded. A fervent spasm made my pussy clutch hard around Seot’s fingers. He chuckled and worked in and out, fucking me with his fingers.

This wasn’t the first time he’d pleasured me in such a way, and he was well aware of where to apply the most pressure. I shuddered as he directed overwhelming friction to the sensitive spot within my pussy. My legs quaked as violent rapture rippled through me.

As he thrust into me over and over, Seot squeezed my breasts in turn. Whether he was rough or gentle, I couldn’t tell. My senses were amped up, and every touch was profound. I stood before him, balanced between agony and ecstasy as he pushed me closer and closer to where I felt I must react.

Which I did when his thumb dragged slowly across my clit. Sheer rapture stabbed bright and shattering inside me, and my hips bucked hard.

Seot immediately pulled free and slapped my pussy. The pain was as incredible as the pleasure, and I damned near came on the spot even as my hips jerked away. Heat flared.

Seot stood over me, watching me fight to get myself back under control. His expression was as pleasant as always, patient like a parent correcting a child. I finally settled, panting and trembling, to his satisfaction. He tsked me.

“I hope you’ll try to do better,” he sighed. “You are such a lovely girl, but you don’t follow directions well.”

I didn’t have a chance to respond. He slid his fingers inside and pumped with greater enthusiasm than before. I stood there, taking it without complaint, without movement beyond the shuddering I could no more stop than I could stop the tide. At least he didn’t punish me for that.

But when his thumb stroked my clit again, I once more lost control. Another swat to my pussy, another near orgasm. Three more times, Seot did that to me. He never lost that tolerant, caring expression on his face, which really messed with my head.

After the last time, I was a whimpering wreck, begging him for mercy. As please after please tumbled from my lips, Seot gave me the kind of sympathetic look reserved for pitiful, abandoned puppies. He pulled me into his arms and kissed the entirety of my face.

“It’s all right, sweet girl. Hush now. I’m going to make it all better. Hush.”

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