Monday, April 10, 2017

December 12

Whew! I’m taking a break from packing. Again! At this rate, I’ll never grow roots. And of course I left it to the last minute, so now I’m in a panic.

I blame Seot, Cifa, and Larten for the procrastination.  They’ve taken the last few days off work to get ready for the trip. Because I can’t seem to refuse an invitation to hang out with them, I’ve gotten none of my own packing done until today. And we launch tomorrow.

Stidmun made it in time to leave with us. He arrived yesterday. Candy is beside herself with delight. When I ran into her and the big stud during breakfast this morning, it turned out she hadn’t packed at all either…she’s been too busy celebrating lover boy’s arrival.

I’d forgotten to take my com with me, so I found a message waiting when I got back to my quarters. It was from Joelle. “Hi Shalia,” she said. “I finally got my documentation and registrations done. It’s so lonely here on my own that I thought about heading your way to spend a couple of hours with you and Anrel before you left, but I’ve decided against it. I’m sure you’re busy. So, have a wonderful trip and I’ll see you two when you get back.”

She sounded so forlorn. Without my dads there and probably no Earthers close by either, she must be feeling incredibly isolated. Then it hit me. I made a quick com to Cifa, then I commed Joelle back.

“Join me in my frenzy,” I told her. “Get packed right now. Cifa’s booking you a shuttle and will send a service to pick you up to get on it. You’re going on the cruise. Whatever you don’t have that you need, we’ll find a way to get it.”

“What? Are you serious?” Joelle was fairly screaming in her excitement. “Oh my goodness, Shalia, thank you!”

“Don’t thank me, kick me,” I laughed. “I should have thought of this before today. But if a luxury vacation doesn’t win me points with my stepmom, nothing will.”

“As if you needed to do any such thing. I’m so thrilled! Wait until I tell your fathers. Oh! I’ve got an alert coming in now that the shuttle will be here first thing in the morning. And here’s an itinerary from Cifa saying where we’re going and what I might like to bring. Isn’t he a sweetheart!”

“No argument from me,” I said.

We didn’t spend much more time on the line. Both of us had too much to do. I’m so glad she’s going with us. After months of messaging and coms, it’s high time I meet the woman who charmed Nayun, Bitev, and Rak.

And I will not – I repeat, I WILL NOT – visit Clan Seot today unless I get all my packing done first. This is my vow, and I have it in writing, so I will stick to it.

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