Thursday, April 27, 2017

December 13 (later) Part 4

Seot helped the sheepishly grinning Cifa away, since he seemed a little weak-kneed at the moment. I was impatient. What was with all the talk? I needed that Nobek and his big, hard dicks. Pronto.

“Come here!” I yelled and lunged up to wrap my arms around his neck and jerk him down on me.

“Oh, here’s another one who wants it rough. My pleasure, lovely girl,” he snarled, going feral in an instant.

We tussled for a brief instant. I’m in no way claiming I could take out a fierce fighter like Larten…not for one second do I think I’d ever come out on top against him. Since I wanted to fuck and not fight, he had me helpless in less than a second. I was unceremoniously tossed in the air to land on my front on the bed.

“Ah, there’s that gorgeous ass,” Larten exulted as he straddled me, resting enough of his weight on my thighs to keep me pinned. “Now to figure out exactly what I want to do with it.”

“Fuck it,” I moaned, desire growing unbearable under the influence of Cifa’s bite. “Fuck me before I lose my mind.”

“I’ll get to that soon enough,” the big man said. “In the meanwhile, it needs to be worshipped. It is too beautiful to merely fuck.”

I whined and kicked. I felt empty and bereft now that Cifa had moved out of me. Only Larten could make that desolate sensation end.

“Now, now, none of that.” Larten’s enormous rough hands cupped my buttocks and rubbed, massaging them with harsh strength.

His touch heightened my need. I moaned and wriggled desperately. Being pushy and begging hadn’t gotten me anywhere. What did I have left?

“Correct me if I’m wrong,” Larten said in a breezy voice. “But I do believe you are the wonderful kind of woman who appreciates a little – zest – with her pleasure? A bit of intense sensation?”

As if things weren’t intense enough. My enhanced libido was screaming for relief, and Larten was only making things only worth by keeping me vulnerable and kneading my ass. “Please, Larten,” I groaned.

“Of course, lovely. Intensity it is.”

His hands left my ass. The loss sent me into confusion. Having my butt fondled had driven me nuts with want, but the feeling of emptiness was compounded by no longer feeling his touch. Ugh! I didn’t know what made me more miserable.

Then the spanking began. I discovered how heavy and hard that Nobek’s hands could be, which was big time fierce. It was then that I remembered how harsh a trainer of other Nobeks had to be. This guy was used to letting people have the full force of discipline. Now he was disciplining me.

My ass was flaming hell in short order. I twisted and slammed my hands over and over onto the mat’s surface in agony as Larten showed me his version of ‘intense’. I yelled in counterpoint to the meaty smacks he delivered. He had me down though, and there wasn’t a damned thing I could do about the punishment.

However, I had a couple things in my corner as that man tormented me. One, I was still full of Kalquorian venom, which made every fucking touch an erotic experience. Second, I am Shalia Monroe, which means I’m a kinky bitch who loves that shit even without the intoxicant. Larten had me pegged, all right.

I could have called a halt to it at any moment, and I know Larten would have stopped. I was also certain Seot and Cifa watched to make sure I didn’t let myself go too far. I was safe to indulge in my inclination for a little pain and a lot of helplessness. So Larten swatted, and I enjoyed my little slice of benign agony.

True to form, passion grew by the second as the hurt increased. I writhed now in equal parts delight and distress. Then the endorphin rush hit, and my brain went bye-bye.

Sweet serenity descended, taking me out of my head. I couldn’t think. I felt, but the spanking no longer seemed painful. Desire rolled through me in sweet, undemanding surges. I no longer felt desperate to climax. I didn’t have the instinctive need to escape the spanking. I could have stayed there forever, riding that smooth wave of euphoria where all was peaceful arousal, my body as bright as the sun on a cloudless day.

I had animal awareness that my pained cries were now moans of bliss. Warmth from the discipline filled me with balmy pleasure. “Yes,” I sighed to my wonderful warden. “More.”

I later realized my groans of encouragement had pushed Larten to the breaking point. The punishment suddenly ended. Those amazing, harsh hands gripped my hips and hauled them up, angling me for abrupt invasion.

Even the forceful way my body was made to accept him, larger cock shoving determinedly in my ass and smaller spearing my pussy, was a gorgeous sensation, deepening the enchanted state of my mind. I heard the word yes chanted over and over, like a call to prayer. It took some time before I realized it was me urging my lover on.

Larten needed no urging. His groin battered my superheated ass as he drove against me. He yanked my hips back and forth, making me take his powerful thrusts deep and fast. Sensation ballooned within me, fighting to break free. It grew more profound, more desperate, shoving aside the peaceful desire I’d wallowed in.

My pussy lurched under the assault, turning lust ferocious. Every inch of my body lit with almost painful craving. I turned into a rabid animal, still unthinking but now thrashing as climax stampeded towards me, overtook me, trampled me.

It did not end. Every thrust of Larten’s cocks set off another rush of maddened ecstasy, a new convulsion. I was obliterated time and again until at last his howl rang in my ears and he went still, straining as his cock jolted in my ass, expelling passion.

Monday, April 24, 2017

December 13 (later) Part 3

Seot lifted me up and placed me carefully on the sleeping mat. “Attend to her,” he called as he moved down so that his torso was framed by my bent thighs.

A moment later, Cifa and Larten were there. Cifa’s adorable face eclipsed the star-scattered sky overhead. His kisses were gentle on my lips. Larten’s were more demanding but every bit as sweet as he mouthed my breasts and belly.

It was the feeling of Seot’s mouth on my womanhood that lit me up, however. The ache there doubled, then tripled as his tongue dove in. He feasted as if he’d never tasted a woman before, leaving me squalling into Cifa’s mouth. Champagne fizz bubbled in my core, passion growing by leaps and bounds until I writhed against the men. Impending climax tickled at my eager flesh, goaded on by the Dramok’s devouring enthusiasm.

The sensations grew in intensity, coalescing into one bright point. All I needed was one final push, and I would ignite. I trembled at the verge, waiting for that one provocation.

Seot’s rough tongue dragged from my entrance, rasping over the engorged petals of my pussy. Up and up...heading for my throbbing clit. I was so primed for it that the climax began a bare moment before he swept up the side, over the top, and down the other side.

The sea we rode upon was as calm as could be imagined, but my body was storm-swept by the tide of orgasm. It rolled over me in a mighty swell, drowning me in sweet obliteration. It heaved to and fro, tossing me not in darkness, but in a blinding white void.

When I began to finally drag myself out of the pounding surges of elation, I discovered Seot gently fucking my ass with a smallish plug. No wonder the orgasm had lasted so long…my rear entry is sensitive to play. Feeling the toy moving in and out caused another new surge of excitement, leaving me gasping.

“Having a good night?” Cifa asked when I calmed down again.

I laughed breathlessly and gave him a shove. “No, it’s absolutely awful. I’m thinking of swimming back home right now.”

Larten gave his Imdiko a wink. “Change her mind, clanmate.”

Cifa laughed and stood up next to the mat. He stripped off his outfit, which consisted only of shorts. His cocks, long and thick and utterly divine, saluted me.

I couldn’t quite reach, but I wiggled fingers in his direction anyway. “Want! Gimme, gimme, gimme.”

“What are you going to do with them?” he wanted to know, pretending anxiety.

“Lick ‘em like lollipops, you walking piece of candy.”

Larten and Seot erupted in laughter. Cifa, however, zipped back onto the mat and knelt over me so his shafts waved before my face. I happily put my mouth and hands to work on him, filling my senses with his sweetish-spicy flavor. Yum.

I heard Larten say, “She smells delicious, my Dramok. Is there any chance you would swap places with me?”

“By all means, my Nobek. I apologize for being selfish.”

“Not at all. I wouldn’t volunteer to move my face from between her legs either.”

More laughter. Those guys have too much fun.

The plug was seated securely in my ass, stretching me for use. A mouth tugged at first one breast then the other. A tongue ran deliciously over my pussy. All hilarity disappeared, replaced by re-awakened arousal.

I drew hungrily on Cifa’s smaller cock while moving my hand up and down his primary. He moaned a little, his hips swaying in time to my rhythm, feeding me his length. He took control a little at a time, moving to make me suck the front cock for a little while, then the smaller again. His movements grew stronger with each switch. At last he was fucking my mouth with the larger of the two shafts, sending little spurts of sweet-salty pre-cum against my tongue.

Meanwhile, Seot began by kissing my breasts gently, then suckling on the tips as he squeezed the mounds. Growing gradually demanding as Cifa had, he progressed on to pinching so that I squirmed at the delightful hurt. As Cifa thrust with increasing demand, Seot clapped heavy smacks against the sides of my breasts, turning them hot under his torment.

Then there was Larten. He lapped at my pussy while slowly stroking my clit between two fingers, forcing wetness from me for his enjoyment. When I began to kick the mat from growing arousal, he pinned my thighs to his shoulders. My feet pawed helplessly at the night as he fed and fed and fed, driving me crazier by the second.

The three men had fooled me with tenderness to start with, lulling me into my wonderfully vulnerable position. Now they worked at me with a will, driving me until I moaned and strained beneath their weight. I had no escape, and they played mercilessly until my body once more begged for release.

Cifa finally moved away with a groan. “I have to stop now if I’m going to come in her pussy.”

Seot chuckled and landed a couple of smacks on the Imdiko’s ass. “I thought you were getting a little loud. Move back, Larten. It’s time Shalia received that long-awaited fucking we promised her.”

Larten slid back, releasing my legs from the prison of his grip. He sidled close to lie next to me as Cifa came around to take his place. Seot reclined on my other side.

Cifa eased the plug out of my backside. Then he crawled up to crouch over me. He and the other two kissed and caressed me for a few moments, probably to help the Imdiko calm down a little.

At last, the moment came when I was to be joined at last with a member of Clan Seot. Staring into my eyes, Cifa gripped his cocks and lowered his groin to mine. I opened to him.

He sank into me, hard and hot, and found me soft and welcoming. I moaned as he filled me front and back. Yet another big guy, big enough to make me ache gloriously. Big enough that the friction of his entry hit all the good places right. We were both wet, and despite the snug confines of my body, he slipped in easily. Our bodies met, and he hit something inside me that made my pussy flex hard in reaction. My back bowed, and I emitted a high-pitched cry.

Cifa’s sigh turned into a groan. “Oh, ancestors. Oh, Mother of All. Oh, Shalia’s prophets.”

Seot and Larten reacted with identical surprise. “Is she that good?” the Nobek asked.

“Oh. Oh, wait until you feel her.” Cifa’s head reared back and he called to the stars. “Thank you, Mother of All, for getting us on the lottery so I could have this moment.”

I was similarly delighted to be joined to him at long last, but I had to laugh at Cifa’s show of spiritual reverence over having sex with me. “Haven’t you ever had a woman before?”

“Not an Earther. This is amazing. You have no idea. I wish you could feel what I’m feeling.”

“I’d like the opportunity sometime tonight, so get moving,” Seot said, smacking his Imdiko’s ass as he had earlier. For a moment, his usually patient tone contained a low growl.

“Ow, ow, okay.” Cifa took his time however, pulling out of me slowly, his eyes rolling as he enjoyed the sensations.

I’m pretty sure my eyes were rolling too. He was rubbing my hotspot in such a way that my pussy continued to spasm as heat roiled my insides. “Fuck,” I moaned. “Oh fuck, that’s good.”

“Fuck,” Cifa echoed as my sheath clutched hard at his retreating length. He paused before he could slip out entirely. He started to pant. “Damn, this is going to be over way too soon.”

“Not for me,” Larten growled. His face had gone dark and feral.

“Go jump in the ocean and cool off then,” Cifa snarled. He showed his fangs to Larten. The Nobek went still and regarded him with amazement. Seot snorted in disbelief. Apparently, they rarely gave the Imdiko a reason to get mad and weren’t used to seeing him react like that.

Neither said another word. Smart guys…I’ve learned Imdikos are nothing to fuck with when they get pissed off.

Still showing fangs, Cifa slipped all the way inside me again, his flesh moving against all those good places to make me writhe beneath him. He ground against me, rubbing hard against my clitoris. His eyes darkened as I cried out in bliss. Sweet prophets, it was my turn to gasp for air. I clutched his back, feeling the astounding way his muscles moved as he fucked me with a deliberate pace.

He moved faster as passion drove him, taking me with more force, rubbing my clit when our bodies met. The pleasure was overwhelming and I clawed at his back, needing to express the furious arousal ripping into me.

My nails scratching his skin drove him wilder than ever. His face burrowed against my neck, and I felt the exquisite agony of fangs stabbing into my flesh.

The pain was over in an instant. I waiting for the euphoria that would come from the intoxicating venom of Cifa’s fangs as he pounded against me, driving me, making me take him. My body was a riot of elation, and I couldn’t imagine what he was doing feeling any better. Yet the curls of bliss were already invading my head, enslaving me to pleasure and heightening my senses.

My whole body exulted as Cifa released the bite. He licked the wounds languorously, but he growled all the while and his cocks beat a relentless tattoo within me. I shrieked as a thunderclap of jubilation overcame me, sending me into paroxysms of ecstasy.

After that first orgasm, I heard him snarling in my ear. “Did you think I couldn’t be savage, little girl? Did you think I wouldn’t fuck you senseless? Is that what you believed, my precious Shalia?”

His animal thrusts and wicked growls were equally enthralling to me. I rode on his threatening words straight into another mind-blowing climax.

I was a believer, all right.

Spasm after spasm tore through me. I couldn’t stop the explosions that had me screaming Cifa’s name over and over. I was barely aware that his rhythm was growing erratic, that his body had gone rigid over mine. A cry ripped from his throat and then his cock jolted in my pussy. He was coming, filling me with his seed, making himself a part of me.

It was paradise. Sheer paradise.

Yet it was not enough. Cifa had bitten me, and I still rode the wave of bliss and arousal. When Larten nudged the Imdiko…cautiously and with playful humor after Cifa’s show of temper…I was more than ready to have a helping of Nobek. Fortunately for Larten, Cifa was in a much better mood, post-coitus.

He turned red as he stepped aside. “I’m sorry I got nasty, my Nobek. I guess I lost my head. You’ll understand when you join with her.”

“Which better be soon,” I insisted, the toxin-enhanced arousal riding me hard.

Larten chuckled, and he winked at Cifa. “I wouldn’t mind seeing a little of that temper next time we fight for dominance, my Imdiko. You’re hot when you’re horny and angry.”