Thursday, March 16, 2017

December 5

The discussion about me going back to the Matara Complex until Clan Aslada’s leave went quite well. It helped that I only had to face Aslada and Meyso with my decision. Jaon ran off on a sudden assignment, tracking down a man accused of trying to kidnap a couple of Earther women. There’s no telling how long he’ll be gone.

The moment I brought the subject up last night, Aslada and Meyso were in complete agreement with me leaving. They even looked relieved, which I teased them about. “I see I’ve worn out my welcome,” I said.

“Don’t you dare joke about that,” Aslada said with a severe look that warned I was in danger of a spanking. “You need much more attention than you’ve been getting. Don’t think I haven’t realized that. It’s been driving me crazy with frustration.”

“By the time we get our next leave, the social season will be in full swing,” Meyso added. “We can introduce you to those Mataras we’ve wanted you to meet. Plus, a couple of clans we’re associated with have come up on the lottery recently. They may have fellow Earther women for you to socialize with.”

“You do need a wider community to enjoy,” Aslada said. “Another excellent reason to have a Matara Complex in this region.”

“I’ll add it to our list of motives for the vid,” I said. “I’m glad you understand why I need to take a brief break.”

“I’m glad you plan for it to be brief.” Aslada gathered me in his arms, as if we weren’t sitting close enough on the common room’s lounger. He gave me a kiss that curled my toes. “I am going to miss coming home to you and Anrel, Shalia.”

“Even if you’re already asleep when I come dragging in at night,” Meyso agreed with a sheepish grin. He sat on the other side of me, opposite to Aslada. He leaned against me, snuggling like the universe’s biggest, sweetest puppy. “It’s still good to have you here.”

“Some people say I’m at my best when I’m unconscious,” I joked.

“Some people need their butts worn out when they insist on putting themselves down,” Aslada said. His tone was clipped, but the warmth in his eyes told me he was only looking for an opportunity to do what he and I wanted him to do.

“I’m a girl who needs many reminders,” I sighed as Meyso lifted my skirt and tugged my panties off.

“I will repeat as often as you need me to,” Aslada chuckled, pulling me across his lap. He and Meyso rubbed my bare, vulnerable ass.

The first few swats from his hand were lighter than the usual, the stings just enough to put me at a slow simmer. At first I thought it was only going to be a playful, token spanking. However, it kept going, the heat and pain building until I squirmed over Aslada’s muscled thighs.

“Naughty girl,” he sing-songed, the pattering blows raining down without pause. “Bad little girl, saying mean things about herself. Every time you sit down for the next few days, you’ll remember to do better.”

The tiny, biting stings had become jolts of hurt, accompanied by throbbing heat. I gasped and whimpered with every stroke. I don’t think he was hitting any harder than at the beginning, for they weren’t any louder. I sure felt the punishment as if he did. It was building under his relentless attention, each slap more painful than the one before. Tears blurred my vision of the floor. Yet my pussy was wet, basking in the warmth of my ass’s penalty and the knowledge that Meyso was watching my bare ass redden.

I couldn’t help but writhe as the chastisement continued without any sign of stopping. Glory, it hurt like hell. But strangely enough, I felt calm and secure lying across Aslada’s lap, taking his correction like the naughty girl he told me I was. Well, calm and secure if I didn’t count the rising excitement in my belly and the wetness oozing from between my thighs.

I was a mess of warring emotions as the spanking went on and on. Crazy-aroused, yet serene. Safe, yet paying harsh penance. Wanting to escape, yet delighted to remain under Aslada’s hand forever. The idea that I would lie there and accept whatever the Dramok deemed I required, no matter how long or painful his correction turned out to be, only intensified all those feelings. I was his, a creature of utter surrender to his will. Nothing mattered but what he required of me.

Only when my cries became a mixture of sobs and eager moans did he relent. He massaged my suffering ass, increasing the delicious pain and my excitement. I had fistfuls of his trouser leg, twisting the fabric as he tormented me.

“There, little girl,” he said. “That’s going to ache for a good, long time. I like the idea of watching you flinch every time you sit down. And the instant you don’t cringe the moment your ass settles on a seat, the moment I realize your reminder has worn off, I’d remedy that situation with another long, hard spanking.”

“Too bad she’s leaving us,” Meyso sighed. “I’d enjoy seeing that. But perhaps when she gets back?”

“Count on it. On her first day, as soon as our sweet baby Anrel is in bed, we will make this gorgeous ass red and sore and keep it that way. What do you think of that, precious Shalia?”

The idea made my pussy spasm. “Yes sir. Please, sir.”

“Excellent. Now we will go to the playroom to continue enjoying you.”

He slung me over his shoulder, a relief since I didn’t think my shaking legs would hold me up. The ache of the recent punishment and imagining a constant reminder of such made me weak with arousal. If Aslada had asked me that moment to clan, I might not have been able to say no.

He carried me through the massive house with its endless halls and rooms to the clan’s wing, where the immense playroom waited. Aslada set me down on a thick seating cushion in one corner of the crowded room and ordered me to kneel at his feet. I did so, my skirt spread in a wide circle around me, hiding the fact that I held my throbbing ass off my calves.

He knew what I was doing anyway. “Down, girl. All your weight on that delectable rear you’re trying so hard to protect.”

I whimpered but did as I was told. A hiss escaped between my teeth as fiery pain blasted my nether regions. Sitting was going to be pure, wonderful torment for a while.

As Meyso went to a set of drawers that held small tools and toys and searched through those items, Aslada stripped my blouse and bra away. I was allowed to rise off my poor butt long enough for him to take my skirt off too. Then I had to kneel once more, my ass resting painfully on my heels with my knees spread wide to display my pussy. I clasped my hands behind my back, putting my shoulders back to exhibit my breasts to my masters. I cast my gaze down to the floor, waiting to see what they would do to me next.

Being fully on show while wondering what new torments and delights were to come made it hard to sit still. Just as hard as my spanked backside did. But sit still I did, because who knew what kind of punishment I would invite if I didn’t, punishment I wouldn’t enjoy as much? I knew the difference between being spanked for a trumped-up reason like jokingly putting myself down and actual discipline for real misbehavior. Aslada wouldn’t hesitate to make me regret disobedience to his wishes, even the ones he hadn’t specifically stated.

He wanted me to sit on my throbbing ass. Therefore, I would sit uncomplaining and unmoving on my throbbing ass. That’s all there was to it.

Meyso came over and knelt in front of me. He stroked my breasts with appreciation in turn with one hand. The other hand was cupped around something I couldn’t see. “These are beautiful as always, precious girl. I have something very special for them.”

He leaned down and captured one mound in his warm, wet mouth. I groaned without embarrassment as pleasure slid from his mouth down to my clit, as if there was a direct line of communication to it from my breast. His roughened tongue slid against the already hard point of my nipple, increasing the thrill. He sucked, sending a cascade of shivers through me. Meyso’s mouth worked my flesh hard, making it swell.

He leaned back and eyed the engorged nipple with appreciation. “Always so sensitive. It makes you all the more fun to play with.”

He revealed what he held in his hand. Two identical items, which I had never seen before. They looked like tiny padlocks: each a rectangular metal block from which a silvery U-shaped wire connected on either side. In the middle of the upper curve of the wire, it looped into a circle. I guessed my nipple would fit within that loop. It was a kind of nipple clamp then.

“Now hold absolutely still,” Meyso instructed me. He squeezed the wire, opening up the loop enough to slip it over my nipple, just as I’d figured. He released and it gripped my flesh, sending a silver of ardent torment into my breast. I gasped but didn’t move. I knew the pain would recede in a little while. For the moment, the weight of the small metal block made it more intense than the clips that had been used on me before.

Meyso watched me carefully, a half-smile teasing his lips. “How is it?” he asked.

“Hurts a bit,” I confessed, though the pain was already starting to ebb.

He gave that breast an open-handed smack on one side, not hard at all. More a love tap than an actual slap. Yet as the flesh jiggled, a lance of anguish seared through it. I yelped. It took a moment for me to realize the clip had tightened for the time my boob had been in motion. I panted, staring at Meyso with wide eyes.

He nodded confirmation. “Motion-sensitive. Any movement makes the clamp tighten, increasing the pressure. Now for the other one.”

His mouth closed on the opposite breast, kissing, licking, and sucking to make the nipple engorge and jut. I whimpered as he placed a clamp on that one as well.

“Let’s see if it works right,” he grinned. He gave that breast the same light tap he’d bestowed on the first. Hurt flashed through me, making me yell. “That would be a yes.”

He wasn’t done with me though. He attached extra weights to each clip, metal teardrop-shaped objects hanging by short, silvery chains. The clamps tightened as he did so, making me groan between clenched teeth. I endured the torment as best I could as he played with the weights, making them sway. The clamps stayed tight until the heavy dangles finally went still.

Heat pulsed through my tits. I concentrated on making myself stay as motionless as possible. I was certain Meyso and Aslada would not allow me to play statue for very long.

I was right. Aslada grinned brightly down from his over-six-foot height. “You may go to the horizontal bar,” he told me, pointing to an apparatus several feet away, not quite in the middle of the room.

I started to get to my feet, trying to keep the weights from moving too much. Aslada immediately grabbed me by the back of my neck. “I love how your breasts sway when you crawl,” he said with a dark chuckle. “That’s what I want you to do.”

I started to shudder and twin stabs of hurt reminded me extra movement was not my friend. Crap. Crawling meant there was no way those dangles wouldn’t swing. My obedience was about to get one hell of a test.

I sank down on my hands and knees. “Keep up with me,” Aslada said, squelching any hope of moving slowly enough to keep the rocking of the weights at a minimum.

He didn’t walk fast, but those long legs covered a lot of ground with a single stride. I scrambled after him on the padded floor, my breaths coming in loud sobs as the dangles swung like frantic pendulums. The weight alone would have been enough to hurt. With the added squeezing, I suffered double.

Usually, going up to one of the contraptions in this room of sensual torments gives me anxiety. I was relieved to reach the horizontal bar, one of the least fearsome devices present. It gave me hope my poor boobs would get a chance to recover.

“Up and over,” Aslada told me in a merry tone that suggested he was having the time of his life. A peek at the straining crotch of his well-cut black trousers also hinted that if he wasn’t having fun now, he definitely looked forward to it.

I stood up, flinching as I went because those damned dangles wouldn’t stay still. I faced the horizontal bar, which was a well-padded adjustable rod suspended between two steel poles. It was at my waist level. Up and over, Aslada had said. I bent over the bar, wincing as the weights jiggled and the clamps squeezed. Because the tiny vises didn’t keep the same tension, I wasn’t able to adjust to the pain level. Fresh daggers continued to bolt into my flesh.

For all the torment, my emotions leaned towards pleasure. Sweet prophets, I loved giving myself to strong men who pushed me to submit. I loved their strength. That they would take the power I gave to them so willingly. It made me happy at my deepest levels.

Aslada and Meyso took hold of my ankles, pulling them apart so that they could bind them to the upright poles with soft fabric cuffs. Once my feet were secured, they grabbed my wrists, tugging them towards the tethers located just above the ankle cuffs. I noted they could have been moved higher than where they were, but with me, it wasn’t necessary to shift them.

“Limber lady,” Meyso chuckled to find how easily I bent double. “I guess stretching is part of your training?”

He and Aslada were purposely fumbling at the wrist restraints, making my breasts jiggle wildly by shaking me as they tied me down. My voice came out high and strained as pain coursed. “I always stretch after my sessions.”

“Excellent. I love seeing you bent in half like this, ready to be fucked.”

From the position I was in, I realized I was going to get a hell of a view of the action that was promised. Even though my tits were being stretched by the weights and tormented by the clamps because the dangles refused to still, a wave of intense arousal swept over me. Holy cats, this was going to be amazing.

The men had me secured. They stood up, and all I could see were their legs and distended crotches. Noting their excitement fed mine. We all loved me being open and vulnerable for their use. No one was the slightest bit unhappy with my position right now.

Aslada pulled his trousers open. I moaned at the sight of his straining cocks, wet and eager for me. He moved to stand behind me. I felt his larger member slide against the lowest part of my spine. The other nudged at my ass. It pressed in, forcing my tighter entrance to yield.

Pushing against me, Aslada made the dangles depending from my nipples sway. The sudden onslaught of piercing pain distracted me from the slight ache of taking him. Even with their crowded schedules, the clan had not been remiss in giving me sex on a regular basis, even if it meant waking me up for it. They took me as if it was their right to do so. As long as Anrel was not in attendance and it was convenient, I was to accept that they would fuck me when the mood struck them. I wasn’t so sure I would always be willing to go along with unasked-for availability, but for now, it was amazing to be theirs in that way. Since they wanted me often, my body had acclimated well to being doubly impaled.

Even now, my ass was only slightly grudging in its acceptance of Aslada’s secondary cock. I opened to him readily enough that he was soon seated within, all the way to the base. A burning sensation everywhere on my buttocks where his groin shoved tight reminded me of the spanking that had started the festivities.

There was to be no relief from the nipple clamps. Aslada’s pace as he drove in and out kept the weights swinging enthusiastically. Pain stabbed even as pleasure billowed through my core. My cries were equal parts of mingled delight and suffering. He pounded into me, the slapping of his groin against my spanked butt adding to the maelstrom.

“Do you like Master fucking your ass hard, little precious?” Aslada said. “Is it good to be tied up and made to take a good, hard fucking?”

I made a wordless noise that might have been agreement or denial…it was hard to tell which even for me. Not that it mattered. I was his to do as he wished, helpless to refuse anything he wanted.

“This tight ass needs my main cock in it. Your sweet little pussy can have the secondary. Ah, I forgot the cleansing wipes, my Imdiko.”

“I have them right here.”

“You always take care of me. I have the best Imdiko on all of Kalquor, precious girl. Never doubt that.”

He pulled free of me. From my bent position, I could see him swabbing off the smaller cock, cleaning himself in preparation to fill me both ways. I trembled, both nervous and excited. Aslada’s lovemaking wasn’t gentle, but he was thorough. There was never any doubt I’d been utterly fucked when he’d had me.

I watched his legs move between mine again. From my topsy-turvy position, I saw him grip both thick cocks, getting them in position. He closed in. The hot tip of his larger member burrowed against my ass, pushing its wider girth into me. I had an astounding view of the smaller cock aiming for my pussy. It crept between the folds, finding its way in. My sex spasmed, reacting to the elating feeling of being penetrated, owned, fucked.

Aslada thrust in all the way, making me take everything at once. His body shoved against my aching ass. The weights swung from the nipple clamps, sending a cataclysm of pain through my breasts. I screamed. My pussy seized as white-hot ecstasy flashed like lightning through my being. I came hard.

Convulsion after convulsion seized me as Aslada pounded within. I swear that my pussy seemed determined to rip his smaller cock right off him. It clutched and grabbed, battling to draw it deeper than his body would allow. Too powerful for my weak sex, he rode me like a merciless jackhammer, making me damn near turn myself inside out with climax.

I was still spasming when he pulled loose. He remained hard, having not yet come. My respite was not to last long. Meyso took his place. He battered me with his cocks just as hard as Aslada had, sending me into the stratosphere once more within a few seconds. When I started to ease down, he reached down to rub my clit, sending me off yet again.

I was like a limp dishrag when the men switched off again. Aslada was a beast, fucking me as strenuously as before. This time he had a clit vibrator in his hand, which he pressed to my overly sensitive nubbin.

“Wake up, precious,” he sang as I shrieked anew.

I lost count of how many times they swapped places. I couldn’t tell how many orgasms I’d had since one led into the next. In the end, it became downright painful to come. It was a relief when at last Aslada’s cock pulsed in my ass. A few minutes later, Meyso added his passion.

I thought nothing could ever make me move on my own again. I was limp spaghetti as they unstrapped and lifted me from the bar. I found out I could move plenty quick when they took those nipple clamps off me though. I damned near shot straight up to the ceiling as fiery pain engulfed first one breast, and then the other. Aslada and Meyso cooed over me, soothing me with kisses and pets before giving me water to drink. They put me to bed and fed me snacks they ordered from the kitchen.

It made me have second thoughts about going back to the Matara Complex. The incredible sex. The doting attention. Was I insane to be leaving this, even though it was just temporarily? Even though I was dying of boredom and loneliness most of the time?


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