Monday, February 6, 2017

November 20, part 2

When my breath had slowed and I made happy sighing sounds, he gently pushed me off. I felt empty with him gone. My glad noises became pouty ones, and he laughed. “You still have two other men to enjoy,” he reminded me.

Oh yeah. Happy sounds recommenced as a grinning and gloriously naked Jaon crawled forward. Then cut off with a startled yip as he moved me faster than I could think. All at once I was flat on my back on the pillowy comforter.

The big Nobek wasn’t finished with putting me in the position he wanted. One veined hand reached beneath the log behind my head, the one Aslada had leaned against as we’d loved. The log rolled slightly, showing the metal anchor attached to it, and the chain attached to the anchor. And at the end of the chain, a manacle. Quicker than quick, my wrist was circled by the cuff, and the other arm followed suit. I was shackled to the log.

Humming a tune too merry to go with the dangerous expression on his face, Jaon grabbed my ankles and pulled me down the comforter until my arms stretched over my head. Then he manacled my ankles to the other log, imprisoning me so that my legs were spread wide apart. That done, he knelt and leered at my vulnerable body.

I struggled a little against the bonds, the Nobek’s calculating stare making me nervous. I felt safe with him, but when a man as ferocious-looking as Jaon has you at his mercy and stares at you like he’d as soon eat as ravish you, it gets the heart racing. I couldn’t help but squirm under that feral regard.

“Why so anxious?” he asked, his voice low and knowing. “What could a girl in your position fear from a man like me? Or is it more excitement than fear?”

He cupped my pussy, massaging the tender flesh insistently. I drew a loud breath, and my hips jerked in response. With an evil laugh, he rubbed the folds and clit. Warm arousal cascaded through me, my body awakening to his touch. It was almost too much sensation after sex with Aslada, but I had no way of denying Jaon anything.

“Where is it?” he asked softly, concentrating his efforts on my clit. It was swelling again, eager to show off to him. “Come out, come out, little bit.” His singsong should have been ridiculous from a man like him, but Jaon made it sound deliciously threatening.

He trapped the nub between his thumbs, much as Aslada had done. With the slightest of pressure, he pushed the hood back, exposing the most tender part of me.

When he bent low over my pussy, his lips parted, I had to resist. I jerked in the shackles, my breathless cries of, “No, no, don’t, please, I can’t,” tumbling all over each other. But there was no help for me.

First his breath, hot and exquisite, wafted against my clit. The hair rose on my body at the profound sensation. Then the tip of his tongue descended towards the bared nub. Stretched. Touched with the slightest of pressure.

Searing pleasure knifed through me, turning my surroundings bright white for an instant. I’d never been so close to coming without actually doing so. My shriek echoed, reminding me we were in a closed room rather than the hilltop that the vids fooled my eyes with.

I stared into the Nobek’s primitive face. He looked damned pleased with himself. “What an eager pussy you have,” he said. “So willing to welcome my cock. I do not dare disappoint it.”

He crawled over me, his carved body eclipsing the pretend sky over us. I quaked to be shadowed by him, this colossus of muscle and will. He would have me. If the thought had occurred to stop him, I’d have no chance of doing so.

Jaon positioned himself between my legs, finding me open for his use. He speared my pussy and ass, gliding inside with ease. I contracted around the invaders, my body seeking to pull them in even deeper, devouring the big man as if starved.

“That’s right,” he groaned, his eyes closing as he enjoyed my reaction. “You like being restrained for me. Cuffed so that your body is open. I can lick that pussy all day long if I want to. I can spank it, and you can’t stop me. I can fuck it over and over, making you come until your throat is raw from screaming my name.”

Everything he said made me more aware than ever of my wonderful helplessness, of his cocks filling me, of his weight on top of me. Had I ever felt a man more than at that moment? I couldn’t remember.

His gaze was on me again, pinning me as surely as the cuffs on my wrists and ankles. “You’re like the slickest satin around my cocks. Pulling on me, but so very gently. Your body begs me to fuck you.”

He rubbed my breasts with one rough hand, pausing to pinch so I writhed beneath him. “That’s it, little girl. Mine to play with. Mine to enjoy. All this is mine, not yours. Your tits, your pussy, your clit, your tight little ass. Mine.”

He reached between us to tease my clit, making my heart thunder. I squirmed, wanting desperately to climax. Little surges made me convulse around his shafts, begging him for mercy. I feared it too, thinking I must shatter into pieces too small to be fit back together.

“Wait,” I whimpered. “I can’t.”

“You will,” he growled back, animal lust sparking in his eyes. “I will make you, and you cannot stop me.”

He began thrusting. One moment hard and fast, demanding my surrender until I was on the point of dissolving. Then slower, taking me from that breathless moment that came just before the final fall into exaltation. He shifted in minute but targeted ways, now pushing right against that inside bit that made me melt, now grinding against my throbbing clit. He mauled my breasts all the while, caressing and rubbing and swatting and pinching. My body was a maelstrom of sensations, unable to catalog any single exciting feeling. It all ran together in a hailstorm of maddening rapture.

He left off my breasts, giving sanity a momentary reprieve. But only a moment. He reached between us. His fingers found my clit, dancing right over it.

The blast detonated from that point, making me strain against the shackles that held me. My screams pealed one after the other, in perfect time with the explosions rocketing through my body. My pussy felt as if it was heaving inside, pulling on Jaon’s primary cock, demanding he join me in the cataclysm.

After a few more strokes, he did. His bellow joined my cries, the sound that of mingled victory and surrender. We throbbed in tandem until it felt we orgasmed as one being. We strained together, our bodies refusing to ease until the last pulse of passion had passed. Then we crumpled, though Jaon did manage to keep most of his weight on his arms so as not to crush me beneath him.

Whew. What a ride.

I was as sad to feel Jaon go as I had been for Aslada. I felt so empty. Happily, I still had another ready and willing playmate. Fortunately for my well-being, the doctor was in.

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