Thursday, February 2, 2017

November 20, part 1

A sad morning followed by an amazing afternoon. Ah well, that’s life, isn’t it? Bad to make the good that much sweeter.

Saying goodbye to Betra’s parents was hard. I hadn’t fully realized until this morning how much I’d come to rely on Elwa running interference between me and Mom. I admit to feeling terrified to have to cope without her advice and strength to bolster me.

She did leave me with one last nugget of wisdom before boarding the shuttle that would take her back home. Pulling me aside as she snuggled Anrel goodbye, Elwa said, “You’ve been strong before. You’ll be strong now. Both with your mother and Clan Aslada.”

I looked at her in surprise. “Is there something about the boys you don’t like?”

She chuckled. “No, they are wonderful men. They deserve any chance you can give them to prove themselves. In fact, I believe they have proved themselves in many ways already. And you care for them.”

I nodded. “I do. I can picture a future with them as my mates and Anrel’s fathers.”

“They would do well by you. But don’t get swept up in the moment or what they can offer you and this gorgeous child. You don’t have to compromise yourself, so don’t.”

I gazed over at the men, talking and laughing with Elwa’s clanmates. A rush of affection and desire warmed me. “I don’t think it’s come to that at any time.”

“Good. Nothing is worse than losing yourself or your values to make something happen that shouldn’t.” Her eyes twinkled. “But remember not to discount them immediately when trouble arises either. Those three have strong personalities, as do you. You will be at odds from time to time. If you use those challenging moments to grow as a clan and not tear each other apart, it will work out fine.”

She kissed Anrel and me goodbye. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have to wipe a few tears away as the shuttle disappeared into the distance.

A check on Mom’s schedule showed she was in physical rehab, so we went back to Clan Aslada’s hill mansion. The men seemed to pick up on my blue mood. They decided to shake me out of it.

Aslada summoned Snoy to take Anrel to the nursery, where a new shipment of toys had just been unpacked. They are spoiling my kid to the extreme with the goodies. I don’t think a child has ever had so many things to play with. I’m not even sure Anrel can spend more than five minutes with each toy and get to them all before she’s a teenager. It’s crazy how much the guys dote on my little girl.

And me. As soon as Anrel was whisked away, Jaon slung me over his shoulder. Over my admittedly weak and not-heartfelt protests, we were off to the playroom.

I know I’ve mentioned the room was vast. I’m not sure I’ve seen everything in it yet. During the previous visit, I had noticed the strange setup of a thick, pillowy square of fabric, much like a comforter, with two smooth logs at either end. This was in a kind of raised alcove, with three undecorated walls making it almost a separate room apart from the larger play area. I’d wondered about the bizarre tableau, particularly the logs. What place did they have in the playroom? I’d been kept too distracted to ask about it before.

This was where Jaon carried me. He set me down so I lounged in the middle of the comforter.

“Computer, vid a hilltop view,” Aslada said as he and Meyso joined us.

I gasped as the three walls and ceiling disappeared, replaced by scenery that must have been from the peak of one of the hills the mansion resided in. Blue skies with a few clouds scudding overhead stretched as far as the eye could see. Beyond the comforter was a stretch of lush grass. A massive tree loomed nearby, casting its shadow to one side. The only thing missing was the breeze I saw making the sapphire-blue leaves flutter.

The men sank down around me, settling on the comforter. “Wow,” I said, looking all around us. “This is certainly different. And amazing.”

Aslada sat back, using one log as support to lean against. He motioned me over. I crawled to him, happy to nestle between his legs, my back against his chest, my head pillowed on his shoulder. I sighed and relaxed, enjoying this delightful oasis in the middle of the somewhat dungeon-like playroom.

Aslada shifted me a little before letting his hot hand burrow beneath my blouse. It slipped up my abdomen and tugged my bra up, freeing my breasts so he could cup their naked weight in his palm. As if given a signal, my nipples stiffened into eager points. My pussy went wet for him and the other two men watching us. I’m so damned easy. With Aslada, Meyso, and Jaon, I don’t care. I’ll be easy for them anytime, anywhere.

His other hand slid against the crotch of my slacks, claiming his right to touch wherever he pleased. I trembled, my legs falling slightly apart in surrender to his unspoken demand.

“So much of our time together has been filled with stress,” Aslada said in a careful tone. “We’ve managed a few precious hours here and there, but not nearly enough. Now the territory government is about to go back into session, and I will be spending long hours at work. Meyso has patients he must treat, and Jaon must also return to his job.”

I tensed, wondering if we weren’t going to pursue our clanning potential after all. I looked up at him. He shook his head with a gentle smile.

“I am not blaming you for how our relationship has gone so far. I hope you don’t blame us either. Can we try this again? When your mother is better and we can spend real time with you and Anrel? My schedule runs by quarters, so if you don’t mind delaying judgment on our compatibility until we can have a real holiday, say in about ten weeks?”

I relaxed again. Well, as much as his busy hands and my wakening libido would allow me to relax. Far from giving me up as a decent Matara, Aslada was asking me to give his clan a second round, when we could concentrate on each other exclusively.

I beamed, adoring him for thinking me worth the effort. “Of course I want to give this another try. You three have been wonderful through all of this. I can’t begin to express my gratitude.”

There were relieved smiles all around. Meyso sighed, “Thank the ancestors you’re not evaluating us on so little time spent together alone. It’s been a real concern to us.”

“It shouldn’t be. I think you’re an amazing bunch of men. I can’t believe you’re not ready to pitch me out.”

Jaon’s eyes widened. “Not for one second, lovely.”

Aslada rubbed my breasts, making exciting tingles race through my body. “Then it’s settled. We return to our duties in another week. You and Anrel will remain here for the duration of Matara Eve’s recovery. We’ll spend what little time we can carve out for ourselves until the end of the quarter break, at which time we will immerse ourselves in discovering all we can about each other.”

“Do you think Mom will be far enough along by then?” I asked Meyso.

“Given her change in attitude these last couple of days, I think it is likely. Her physical therapist reports she could be moved to a residence that is dedicated solely to rehabilitation. There is one nearby that also offers continued psychological counseling. It’s more of a resort feel and less like a medical facility. It’s got all sorts of luxurious amenities. I think she’ll love it. We were planning to discuss it with her tomorrow.”

I was delighted to hear she was improved to the point of moving out of the clinic. “That’s great news, Meyso. Mom will be thrilled to get out of a hospital-type atmosphere.”

“I suggest we celebrate this wonderful news.” Aslada’s voice rumbled in my ear, making things below go tight.

His pinch to one of my nipples made things clench harder still. He moved to the other one and pinched more insistently. I was jolted as pain and delight zapped right to my clit. I moaned and thrust my chest up, silently begging for more.

Aslada’s chuckle trembled my bones. Good night, the man’s every move had my nerves alert. He rubbed my pussy to make me writhe against him. His erections pressed hard against my lower spine.

“Does my pretty little Earther want to play?” he murmured before his teeth nipped my earlobe. I made another helpless sound, wondering at how even the least touch made my insides churn with need. Aslada could damned near play me like a violin at this stage.

And he had thought I was ready to bolt on them? The man had no idea how enthralling he and his clanmates were.

With practiced ease, he pulled at the re-sealable crotch seam of my pants. They purred open, displaying the lace of pristine white panties. Aslada ignored their prim appearance, shoving his hand in so that his fingers slid through the folds of my pussy. I arched into the contact, my body crackling with anticipation.

“So wet for me,” he breathed, rubbing back and forth a couple of times before pushing a finger inside.

I melted, going boneless for an instant until he pinched my nipple hard. The warring sensations of hurt and delight made me hyperaware. I could feel every throb of my pulse in my clit, avid from the contact with Aslada’s palm. I was succumbing to bliss, my will shattering against the unperturbable strength of the Dramok.

He pawed my breasts, delivering enjoyment and torment in equal measure. He pumped my sex a few times before his finger pulled out, rubbing moisture over my petals and clit. I cried out at the lightning strike of elation to be touched on that most sensitive place.

Aslada’s finger and thumb closed over the swollen nub, seizing it with an implacable grip. He rubbed it up and down, then swept his thumb over the tip. Then more friction on either side before another goading swipe. I had a death grip on his thighs, holding on as climax announced its nearness with billowing exhilaration. My whole body shook, readying for explosion. As it was about to crest, his fingers stilled. Stopped.

I quaked in his embrace, feeling orgasm retreat with regret. I knew he wouldn’t let me have release so easily. No, Aslada enjoyed demonstrating the dominance I handed over when we were intimate. That usually meant a lot of teasing, a lot of near-climaxes, and a lot of proving I was his to enjoy. In the grand scheme of things, I adored these encounters. I liked how he pushed me to utterly submit to him, even when my body begged for release. The testing itself drove me out of my skull with frustration, but I knew in the end, if I was sweet and submissive, he would reward me. He always did.

So I didn’t protest his abrupt stopping or my missed orgasm. I lay between his legs and against his chest, suffering from the need gnawing at my belly. When he started to play with me again, as I knew he would, I let him drive me back to that peak where I could feel the nearness of sensual rapture. Again, he stopped before I could realize what I moaned for, refusing me.

All was to be done in Aslada’s time, at his command. Over and over, he tormented me with pleasure that wasn’t to be fully finished. My pussy and clit and tits became the focus of my attention, the places where he tortured me. I wasn’t aware of anything but those parts, reduced to a trembling, needful mass of desire.

At last he asked, “Do you want me, sweet girl?”

My usual snarky well duh response was nowhere to be found. I moaned with all the feeling in the world, “Yes, Dramok. Please.”

“Then you may get on top of me.”

This was a surprise. Aslada was not one to hand over any sort of control, even the illusion of it. But I was dying for him. I wasted no time turning around to face him.

“Clothes off first,” he said, opening his trousers. His cocks damned near leapt out, heavy and glistening with desire. For me.

My clothes went flying with enough enthusiasm that I heard Meyso and Jaon chuckle behind me. Aslada didn’t laugh, however. His dark gaze riveted on me, watching with enough smolder to light a forest fire.

Naked, I crawled towards him, ending by straddling his hips, my pussy and ass hovering over his shafts. I ached to impale myself with him, but I waited instead, needing permission. I was on top, but he was still in command.

A smile drifted over his too-kissable lips as he reached beneath me to position himself. “At my pace, precious little pretty. Take me into you, slowly.”

I obeyed, easing down on him. His primary nudged through my folds, our combined wetness letting him slip within effortlessly. My pussy convulsed, and my breath caught.

More of that knowing smile possessed his face. At the same time, the sense of his power grew. “That’s right. You’ll take my cocks with that hungry little pussy and ass. Keep going, precious. Good girl.”

His smaller cock nudged its target, insisting on having its place too. I relaxed into how it stretched me, opening for Aslada. Filling me, inch by inch, both lengths forged into my yielding body until I sat on his groin, my legs trembling at the feeling of Aslada stuffed inside me. He was not a small man by any means.

“Lovely,” he breathed, his eyes sliding closed as he exulted in the moment. “So very good.”

His lids lifted so he could pierce me with that unwavering stare again. He slid his hands up my thighs, not stopping until they framed my pussy. He rubbed either side of my clit with his thumbs, and I spasmed around him. Sweet prophets, even the lightest touch felt like a force of nature. I realized I was holding onto his shoulders, my nails digging into his skin.

I jerked my hands away. “I’m sorry, Dramok.”

“No, hold on all you like. As hard as you like. Feeling your passion for me is exhilarating.”

Thank goodness, because I needed to hold onto something. My body throbbed to have him inside me, to have him stroking my clit with that soft, lazy touch that was so profound.

“You may fuck me,” he said, his voice languorous with satisfaction. “Slowly, to start with.”

I eased upwards, crying out at the delicious friction that made my guts coil tight. Damn, it was exquisite to have Aslada moving inside.

I rose up until I was in danger of losing him. I settled back down, reveling in my own sensitivity. He rubbed all the right parts inside and out, what with those busy thumbs. Up again. And down. Rising and falling in slow motion, giving him the leisurely fuck he desired though I was burning to take him like a jackhammer.

His scent surrounded me, that marvelous spicy cinnamon scent of the aroused Kalquorian male, as well as the clean musk of his skin. I breathed it deep into my lungs, wanting to absorb everything about him. Even his aroma made my insides clench. He was too amazing.

“A little faster now,” he said. His tone was lazy, offhand even, but again the thread of command could not be missed. I was more than happy to obey. Riding him a little quicker, with a little more power, brought my libido to an eager simmer.

He continued to lie still beneath me, but for his thumbs stroking the sides of my clit, which made me cross-eyed with arousal. He watched our joining, his cocks relinquished and re-absorbed by my body. His easy smile began to show tension, his jaw tightening. I was getting to him at last. He was beginning to suffer as much as me.

“More. A little more.” When the order came, it was voiced in a slightly breathless tone.

Passion roiled. Had Aslada brushed over the tip of my clit with one of those maddening thumbs, I would have detonated. But even as his face clenched with effort and tendons began to stand out, he kept the play careful, not letting me come.

“Fast. Hard, little girl,” he finally muttered between clenched teeth. “Fuck me.”

He didn’t have to say it twice. I took him with all I had, my breasts bouncing violently with the effort I made. I was boiling now, so close to climax. I could feel orgasm’s claws skimming over me, not quite able to dig in. I was desperate for it now, begging Aslada to help me come in a voice that got louder and more frantic with each plunge I took.

He groaned at long last. His thumb swiped over my engorged clit, and I froze in mid-thrust. Then I was flying, pistoning over him as at last orgasm burst the barriers, overflowing in a constant expulsion of sensation. During the tide of rapture, Aslada bellowed. His hips came up off the floor, bearing my weight upward as he let go.

We rocked and moaned together as pleasure had its way with us. I collapsed over him, my body quivering with the relief of release. His cocks continued to jerk inside me in the aftermath while he stroked my back and ass and kissed me back into sense.

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