Friday, February 24, 2017

Shalia’s Diary News

Releasing as a book March 3…Shalia’s Diary Book 10! The free diary will resume March 13.

With Clan Aslada returning to their usual lives and her mother out of the picture, Shalia decides it’s time to give Clan Seot a whirl. And what better way to get to know the seemingly perfect clan than on a vacation cruise on a Kalquorian luxury liner, surrounded by family and friends?

Yet everything doesn’t feel as flawless as the sunny skies, tropical paradises, and gorgeous men would suggest. Even in a utopian setting, trouble follows Shalia. She knows she should be having the time of her life, but old hurts return, threatening to destroy her chance at happily-ever-after.

* * * *

It is also time to make another announcement regarding Shalia’s Diary. After almost five years, we are nearing the end of her tale. Shalia’s Diary Book 12 will conclude the story at long last. As much fun as I’ve had sharing her adventures with you, there are several reasons for this. For one thing (and probably the biggest reason of all), Shalia herself has said ‘enough’. We’ve taken her about as far as she’s willing to go. After all she’s been through, who can blame her?

Three more books and the free blog will close shop. I hope you’ll enjoy the end of the adventure as much as what’s happened up to this point. Thank you so much for coming along for the ride. It’s been a privilege to write Shalia for you.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

November 27, part 2

From the restaurant, we flew to the mountains where a luxury getaway nestled within a cave system. “A retreat frequented by those who are well-known within the Empire,” Aslada informed me. “The staff is discreet, having signed non-disclosure contracts about the patrons. This place is a private playground for those who need it most.”

Manny Snoy awaited us there to take Anrel to a tiny grotto to play in a little baby-sized pool of warm spring water. Aslada, Meyso, and Jaon led me into a private cavern where a waterfall splashed into a much larger clan-sized pool of fluorescent turquoise water. Nearby, a huge tent had been set up, its flaps closed so that I couldn’t see inside.

Naughty naked play ensued in the pool, as it was meant to. We splashed and laughed during a game that resembled tag, except whoever was ‘It’ was required to grab intimate parts. The guys always insisted on chasing me, and grabs were supplemented with fondling before I was sent to tag someone else. By the time Aslada called the game off, I was wet from more than the pool, and the guys looked like they could have knocked down the walls of our cavern with their dicks. Aroused? You betcha.

They led me into the tent, our bodies dripping and ready for love. I knew the inside of the tent…a pavilion really, from the size of the thing…would be sumptuous. Clan Aslada does nothing on the cheap. I was still flabbergasted at the thick piling of rugs that made the floor more mattress than firm footing. At the embroidered draperies hanging from the supports. At the massive sleeping mat in one corner, covered in luxurious fabrics. Most impressive were the three chairs in the middle of the space. Chairs? Try thrones, intricately carved from marble with plush upholstery on the seat and back. Seats made for kings.

Aslada rubbed his astounding body with one of the towels hanging on a gold metal rack near the entrance after tossing Meyso and Jaon theirs. I gave him a pretend insulted look. “Hellooo. Wet woman here too.”

“I know.” He grinned as he looked me up and down. “And she looks divine when she’s all wet and shiny.”

“Don’t blame me then when I drip all over your nice carpeting and ruin it,” I smarted, though I twisted this way and that to let him appreciate all of me.

“No worrying about that,” the Dramok said, tying his towel off around his waist. He snagged a dry swatch from the metal bar and stalked over to me. He wiped me down thoroughly, getting all but the warm honey seeping from between my legs. “Better?”

“Great,” I said, heated all over from the buffing.

“Good. Come over to the chairs.” He tossed the towel he’d used on me to the side.

I strode over to the massive thrones at his side, again marveling at how soft the rugs were underfoot. Considering it was all stone beneath us, the padding had been laid on pretty thick to be so comfortable. I was soon to appreciate that.

Aslada sprawled in the centermost chair of the semi-circle the seating formed. He waved a negligent hand at me as the other two men took the thrones on either side, towels tied about their waists. “Kneel, slave.”

Ooh, I liked where this was going. I sank down on my knees by his bare feet and tried not to wiggle like an excited puppy. It was then that I noticed the thick, golden chain hanging from the arm of Aslada’s throne.

“You see that, do you? I like to keep my pets fettered close by.” Aslada’s eyes glittered as he pulled the chain up, showing off the thick metal collar at the end of it. “As our property, with which we can do as we please, you will remain silent unless asked a direct question. Your answers will be phrased as, ‘no, my lord’ or ‘yes, my lord.’ You will do all that is commanded of you without hesitation or suffer punishment.”

Holy shit.

The three men chuckled as my eyes went wide. On my left, Jaon inhaled deeply. My face warmed as I realized he was scenting my arousal. No use in pretending this little game didn’t get me hotter than hell.

Aslada opened the golden band so that he could fit it around my throat. It clicked closed, shackling me to his chair. Damn, it was heavy. I got that scary, exciting helpless feeling that playing with this clan always brought. I lowered my head, afraid to meet Aslada’s fierce gaze and see the danger lurking there.

“Good girl,” he approved. “Move so that you are facing the tent entrance. Kneel with your legs wide apart, your head bowed, and fingers laced behind your neck. Such a lovely creature should be on full display.”

It was much the same pose Oses had preferred me to take when he had me wait for his pleasure. The pose was as comfortable as it was familiar. Aslada stroked my head in praise for assuming it so quickly, despite the weight of collar and chain.

I could hear appreciation in Meyso’s voice as he said, “Wonderful. I could look at her all day. Shall we have refreshments now, my clanmates?”

“Please,” Jaon growled on my left. “All that play has made me hungry.”

I was hungry myself, having eaten little at lunch. Mom’s leaving had made it hard to eat, but I was recovering my appetite. I was delighted to play, but getting something in my stomach was worth delaying for.

There was a soft chiming sound. A moment later, the tent’s flap opened up, and several men bearing trays marched in.

I froze. I was naked. My arms were wide apart, thrusting my breasts forward. My thighs were splayed, showing off my pussy to all those men. They could see everything, and they were certainly looking.

I went into motion, hunching my body, moving my hands to cover myself, and shuffling back to hide behind Aslada’s throne. His hand was still on my head, and his fingers dove in, clutching my hair to stop me.

“Slave, did I give you permission to move?” he asked in a cold voice.

I rolled my eyes up to dart a look at his face. When my gaze found his angry visage, all the air went out of my lungs. I had no voice, so I could only mouth, No, my lord.

“Get back in position before I give everyone the entertainment of seeing you across my lap, getting that pretty but insolent ass spanked,” he snarled.

Shit, shit, shit. I hadn’t bet on being a display piece for the servants to ogle. Yet as I glanced at the men setting out the trays on small but ornate tables before each of the clan, I realized I recognized none of them. They weren’t employees of Aslada, Meyso, and Jaon, but workers for the retreat. Men who had been sworn to secrecy, as I’d been told when we got here.

These weren’t people I’d face every day. I have a weakness for being on display when I feel I’m safe from being identified. I went from horrified to a puddle of need in an instant.

Feeling those stranger’s eyes on me, I again laced my fingers behind my neck, lifting my chest. There was no way anyone could miss how tight my nipples were, pointed with excitement. And surely they saw how wet my pussy was when I spread my legs wide, opening myself for their inspection.

“That’s right,” Aslada rumbled after I’d gotten back into the subservient position. “I want everyone to see the prize we’ve won. Every last delectable inch of you.”

So there I knelt as half a dozen strangers set up small tables and trays of food and drink, blatant with nudity and need. My face was hot but so was my gut. I kept my gaze down, but I swear I could feel the burn of others looking at me, chained to Aslada’s throne. A slave for their desires, waiting to be taken at their whim. It was terrible and exciting at once.

At last the servants left, handsomely tipped for their work judging by the thrilled tenor of their murmured thanks. Aslada gave my chain a slight tug.

“Crawl to the middle in front of us, so we may enjoy looking at you as we eat. Remain within our reach.”

I did as I was told, truly grateful for the softness of the rugs beneath me. I resumed the pose I’d held by the Dramok’s chair, displaying myself for my three ‘kings’. And trying not to inhale too much of the tasty aromas coming from their trays.

Meyso’s smile was easy as he leaned forward, a morsel of food between finger and thumb. He fed me the bit, which turned out to be the sweetest, flakiest pilchok I’d ever had the pleasure of eating. I’d have thought him quite the sweetheart if not for the intent in his eyes. He was being nice now, but he would enjoy his ‘slave’ in a manner I could only guess at. My stomach fluttered as much from nerves as hunger.

For the next half hour, as best as I can estimate, the men sat in their chairs, eating and feeding me and talking amongst themselves in their own language. I didn’t know how much of it they intended me to pick up. They spoke in the fast cadence of natural speech, which they know is difficult for me to follow. However, my Kalquorian was good enough to pick up their conversation centered on me, on praising my various attributes, on voicing concerns about how I would cope with Mom’s leaving, on more concerns about having to return to their work before getting the chance to prove themselves as good clanmates.

At last, Jaon sighed and set his small table and tray aside. Still talking in his native language he told the other two something along the lines of, “She said we could try again in a few weeks. Let’s content ourselves with that and enjoy what we have right now. Looking at her waiting for us like a good little slave, I need to fuck her.”

Aslada chuckled and said in English, “She is yours for the taking, my Nobek.”

Jaon unhooked the chain shackling me to Aslada’s throne. He tugged me forward. “Come here, girl.”

I crawled over to him, my stomach twisting from arousal. My breathing got faster as Jaon pulled the towel tied about his hips open. His eager cocks bobbed free, standing at attention. He gazed at me with an air of ownership. The look was so very barbarian warlord. I had the urge to fling myself on him and shove those cocks inside my ass and pussy.

He was in command however, and his command was, “Suck.”

My face was in his lap so fast, he must have thought I was part Kalquorian. I gripped those cock bases in my fists and drove my mouth down on one and then the other in quick succession. I heard Jaon heave a startled breath. His hips came up off the chair. Snickers came from Meyso and Aslada as I slurped with way too much enthusiasm to be ladylike.

Fuck that. I wanted those dicks.

Jaon’s ragged breaths grew steadier as he forced himself to regain control. While he concentrated on that, I concentrated on devouring all I could get. I had a thing for being watched by others, all right. It had driven me crazy with arousal when Aslada had put me on full display. I would have to warn the guys to keep such shenanigans purely anonymous. I didn’t think I’d feel so excited if I was shown off to people I had to deal with daily. I needed to feel I had my acquaintances and friends’ respect. That they wouldn’t be thinking, I’ve seen her naked, when I wanted to be taken seriously.

But all that was for future consideration. Right now, I had men to fuck.

Jaon’s skin was so smooth and silky, an amazing contrast to the rigid steel of his erections. I loved the excited throbbing of his pulse against my tongue as I bobbed over him, tasting him with eagerness. The taste of him was a spicy bite mixed with something wild. The sweet-salt of his pre-cum was delicious.

“Damn, she’s amazing,” Meyso said. “I think I need a closer look at this.”

“Much closer,” Aslada agreed.

I sensed them draw near, one on either side. They were close enough that I could feel their breath on my cheeks. The scrutiny as I sucked Jaon’s cocks was as thrilling as having strange men look at me naked. Something about being watched as I surrendered for men’s pleasure stimulated me like nothing else.

“Do you enjoy sucking your Nobek master’s cocks, Shalia?” Aslada whispered silkily in my ear. “Do you like knowing he will fill your mouth with his cum? That you will swallow every drop he gives you?”

Oh dear prophets. I’d thought I couldn’t be more enthralled with what was happening. Aslada’s dirty talk made my pussy clench at the thought of Jaon doing that very thing.

“At the same time, Aslada and I will be shooting our seed into your ass and pussy,” Meyso added. “Our little slave will have all her sweet holes fucked and filled.”

I grew dizzy at the idea. My whimper was the only answer I could give.

“That’s right,” Aslada said. “I’m going to claim this tight ass.” A touch brushed my anus, and I lost my rhythm for an instant as I continued to pleasure Jaon. Aslada’s fingers were slick as they traced around the rim. I guessed that he’d wet them in his own lubricant. “I’m going to shove my cock deep inside you right here, all the way in. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

“And I’m going to be using your hot, wet pussy,” Meyso growled. He stroked said pussy. I know I flooded his hand as everything below went on high alert. A thrill shot up my body, lighting my body on its way to my skull. I quaked from head to toe as they fondled me.

“Our little slave will not fight. She will not beg for mercy. We own her. Her body is ours to command. To fuck. It all belongs to us.”

Demonstrating Aslada’s declaration, he pushed a finger into me. I mewled around the thick shaft in my mouth as he slid back and forth. Claiming. Taking.

Meyso did the same with my pussy, except he plunged two fingers inside. At the same time, his thumb drew wet circles around my clit. Wild hunger exploded within me, making me wriggle desperately to gain more contact.

A hard, heavy hand smacked my ass, freezing me in place. “Attempts to escape will be dealt with harshly,” Aslada snarled. “I grant you this one reprieve since you have only just been collected, but there will be no more. This is your last warning, slave.”

I hadn’t been trying to escape. I’d been trying for more contact. But we were all playing a part, indulging in an erotic fantasy. In this illusion, I was their reluctant slave, captured for their sexual enjoyment. Since the punishment for disobedience might be real, I forced my desperate gyrations to still. I played the part of helpless hostage, doing what I must to survive in enemy hands.

Oh, how I adored those ‘enemy’ hands.

My ass stinging, I resumed sucking enthusiastically on Jaon’s cocks to avoid further correction. Aslada and Meyso continued to play with their prize, commenting on my tight but yielding flesh, on how warm I was inside, on how good it would feel to plunge their shafts in me. Aslada pushed a second finger in my ass, stretching me for the coming invasion. Meyso continued to fingerfuck me while teasing my clit with his thumb. He circled and circled the swollen, straining nub. I wanted him to touch me there, to relieve the growing pressure for release. I thought I might go insane from the need that built heavily in my belly.

Only when my whimpers were coming with each breath did Jaon grip the sides of my head. He stood, holding me so that his primary cock remained in my mouth. He stepped to one side, turning my head with his movements, allowing Meyso to kneel before me.

The Nobek’s hips rocked, letting him fuck my mouth as they found their positions. Aslada went to his knees behind me, picking me up so that I straddled Meyso’s thighs. The Imdiko gripped both his cocks, bringing them together. Heaven help me, his secondary was thick enough to satisfy any woman. His front shaft was even bigger. Together in my pussy…let’s just say Aslada lowered me very slowly onto him. Even then, I felt stretched to my limits and then some. I should get a prize for how flexible I am.

The men deserve a prize for how carefully they handled me. Jaon pulled free to join the rest of us on the floor. He and Meyso kept asking me if I was all right, if it was too much. The slightest twinge, and they would caution Aslada to stop and allow me to adjust. The fantasy of conquerors and slave was suspended until I rested on Meyso’s thighs, his cocks embedded as far as they could go.

Good heavens, I was full. As muscles eased and grew familiar with all that girth, I sighed to feel the ache subside. With the slight throb abating, I grew aware of how Meyso pressed hard against the front of my sex. He was right against the place where the least amount of friction would light me up like fireworks. The slight movement of his breath created a simmering bliss.

“Oh geez,” I whispered. “I’m not going to last long like this.”

The men chuckled to hear that. “I’d like you to come hard and often,” Aslada encouraged. “No permission required this time.”

“Good. I’d never finish punishment if I had to wait for the okay.”

More laughter. “Let’s see if you can handle tutlito tolp with both of Meyso’s cocks involved,” Aslada said, his tone taking on that threatening sensuality that gives me goosebumps.

Tutlito tolp. The ultimate taking, if my translating skills weren’t totally off. Ultimate indeed, with someone as well-endowed as Meyso is. I felt full, but there was a lot more Kalquorian cock to deal with. I wasn’t sure I could take it, but I was willing to try.

Again the Imdiko and Jaon kept an eye on me as Aslada pressed his primary cock into my rear. I hung onto Meyso’s shoulders as my body yielded bit by bit to this new invasion. Aslada slid in by increments, possessing me with caution. I relaxed as best I could, giving myself over to my lovers.

It was heady stuff, being taken that way. It required a level of trust I don’t easily give. With the men encouraging me and keeping such control over their own desires, I found it a simple matter to surrender. They wouldn’t harm me. I knew it deep in my bones.

Feeling safe and secure, I was able to give myself over to the thrill of their complete possession. Passion grew as Aslada joined with me. At last I was filled to bursting with two men, gloriously trapped between their hard, delicious bodies. I hovered on the cusp of orgasm. It would take only the slightest movement from Meyso to send me over the edge.

“I want to feel her screaming around my cock,” Jaon said. He stood up next to us and gripped my head again. I opened my mouth and he slid inside.

All three of them at once. With both of Meyso’s cocks. The knowledge had every sense alert. Orgasm was so close, ready to uncoil and spring over me.

Aslada moved first. He slipped outward, not only providing amazing friction, but also shifting the pressure of Meyso’s double impalement. Rapture inched forward, trembling on the edge of my awareness.

All three men moved. Aslada pushed in. Jaon and Meyso rocked back. There was a moment where I hung suspended, the flashpoint on the verge of igniting. Then there was a blinding flare, and my world tore apart.

I screamed, barely aware of each man reversing his course. Another blast. And again. Orgasm was a ravenous beast, roaring through me over and over. It was relentless as it shredded me.

And when the heaving storm started to settle? No, the men weren’t having any of that. Aslada groped and pinched my breasts, reminding me of my helpless state. Meyso reached between us to grasp my clit. A new firestorm swept over me, taking me away once more.

Only when my body went limp, only when the last spasm had passed, only when I’d voiced my last whimper did my lovers allow their own release. Groans and cries filled the tent as the men filled me with their passion. I was able to stroke Jaon’s straining length with my tongue as he let go, the only motion I had the strength to make.

Gloriously devastated, I smiled as the men cleaned me up and tended to me with doting care. They carried me to the massive bed in the corner, curling around me, cuddling me, making me feel that even though Mom had left, I wasn’t alone. Not abandoned, not unloved. Not by a longshot.

Shalia's Diary will return March 13. Check back here tomorrow for an announcement regarding the release of Book 10 and other Shalia news.