Monday, January 30, 2017

November 19

I guess things are getting better. Mom has been calm since her crying jag. She’s pleasant to all, her jabs at even Kini downright friendly rather than verbal attacks. Again, fairly typical behavior from her after a depressive episode. The one thing that’s different is how much quieter she tends to be. She’s thinking hard about things. What specific things, I can’t imagine. Or maybe I can and just don’t want to.

It feels as if fate is holding its breath before unleashing its next storm on our heads. I know I’m being paranoid, but hey, I’m Shalia Monroe. I think I’ve earned the right to be paranoid when things quiet down.

I still regret having her undergo the surgery. I’ve toyed with the idea of having Meyso remove the regulator in her brain. If Mom isn’t going to change and if she feels worse because she no longer recognizes herself, what’s the point of this at all? Yet Kini is ecstatic over what he feels has been a major breakthrough, and I know he’ll argue vehemently against making her Eve one-point-oh again. He may even resort to legal means to prevent it from happening. I figure if we give it a few weeks and she doesn’t improve, I’ll have more of a case for undoing the wrong. So now it’s wait and see.

More not-so-great news came today. Elwa and her clan are going home to the capital city tomorrow.

“It’s time,” she told me when I saw her at the clinic today. “Eve has turned a corner. I think the worst is behind you all. And you desperately need more time with Clan Aslada without extra people looking over your shoulder. Theirs is a worthy clan. You four along with Anrel need the opportunity to explore all facets of your relationship.”

“I don’t think I would have survived these last few weeks without you,” I said, not exaggerating in the least. “I’m going to miss having you around.”

“I’m as close as your com,” Elwa insisted, hugging me to her side. “When you return to the Matara Complex, we’ll practically be neighbors. That standing date to have dinner every other week still applies when you get back, by the way. No excuses, young lady.”

Clan Aslada showed their gratitude for all Elwa had done by giving her and her clan a grand dinner celebration tonight. The great cavernous dining hall was dressed to the nines, with fine tableware and festive decorations. Each dish served was exquisite, made by some celebrity chef from the other continent. I don’t think any king in a palace filled with lords and ladies ever had a more sumptuous and rich banquet. It was over the top, but the room was filled with laughter and stories. I was able to forget the distress connected to Mom’s recovery in those hours during which we toasted each other and made Anrel giggle as she was passed around from one adoring fan to the next.

I hate to see Clan Serndi leave, but they have their own lives to lead. That they came at all means a lot to me. And it turns out, they weren’t just there so Elwa could lend support to me and Mom. Quiet asides with Serndi, Hilon, and Alfra revealed they’d been keeping an eye on how I was treated by Clan Aslada.

Dramok Serndi summed up their appraisal best. “A worthy clan, Shalia. You have a few issues to work out with them, as any woman embarking on a new relationship would. We don’t feel there is anything that can’t be overcome with patience and understanding and time. If love should spark in your heart for these men, then you should answer its call and join Aslada’s clan. They’ll do right by you and Anrel.”

A resounding endorsement, and one I trust. Once I can settle my mind about Mom, I’m going to do my best to concentrate on discovering if I do have a future with Clan Aslada.

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