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November 14

Thank the prophets for Clan Aslada. They deserve to be sainted for being the wonderful men they are.

Mom continues to be belligerent with me. Yet she insists on me being around a lot of the time. Elwa is no longer enough for her. Not a surprise, since Mom won’t act ugly with her. Nope, the all the abuse is to be heaped on me. Elwa runs interference as much as she can and everyone insists I limit interactions with Mom since she gets so tuned up when I’m around. I’m still exhausted from dealing with her. My stress levels are off the charts. It doesn’t take the least little thing to make my raw nerves go off.

After I returned to the clan’s home after doing my daughterly duty today, I was in a pretty foul mood. When Aslada suggested a romantic dinner tonight and told me which gown he’d bought for me to wear, what jewelry would go well with it, and how to speak to people at this hoighty-toighty place where we were eating, I blew up. I went on a full rant, focused on him. Then I turned on all three of the men since Jaon and Meyso had offered unwanted suggestions for my appearance and conduct as well.

“That’s just great. Why don’t you tell me how to wear my hair? Why don’t you cut up my food for me? Chew it for me? Heaven knows, I can’t be trusted to make my own decisions or present myself to decent people. Any other tips so I don’t embarrass you in public? Should I not speak at all for fear of displaying my stupidity in fine company?”

In my defense, Mom has been insulting me almost nonstop when I’m around her. She’s vicious what with the pain and exhaustion of physical rehab. I’m drained from dealing with her. My fuse ignited, and I took it out on the most convenient people I could.

To make things worse, I didn’t stick around to continue the conversation. I stormed off to my suite, locked myself in, and refused to talk to anyone for the next half hour. It took that long for me to calm down, process the trials of the day, realize I’d yelled at the wrong guys, and be horrified with my behavior.

It was a contrite Shalia who emerged from my rooms and searched out the men. I found them in their common room, hanging out and quietly talking. They all stood when I came in.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “You didn’t deserve the tantrum I threw. I have no excuse for my behavior. I hope you can forgive me.”

Aslada hurried up to me right away, gathering me in his arms and holding me tight. “Shalia, you have nothing to apologize for. Why you haven’t gotten upset before today, we can’t imagine.”

Meyso stroked my hair. “No one is angry with you, lovely girl. We only hope we were right to give you time to yourself instead of smothering you.”

Jaon grimaced. “It was hard not to chase after you and try to somehow make things right when you went to your rooms. Though I have no idea how we could have fixed the situation.” He sighed and raked his fingers through his hair. “I can’t be angry with Matara Eve, because she is suffering. But watching you being abused and finding myself unable to stop it is driving me crazy.”

I couldn’t believe they weren’t royally pissed after my outburst. I’d acted like a vicious brat, but they seemed to see me as the victim.

“Don’t be nice,” I begged. “I don’t deserve it after acting the way I did. After everything you’ve done, I had no right to be an ungrateful bitch. I was horrible, and I should be kissing your feet.”

“Stop it,” Aslada insisted. “You are a wonderful woman. Anyone who sees how you cope with Matara Eve’s difficulties knows how amazing you are. If you need to vent the pressure, we can take it.”

Meyso’s eyes twinkled. “I can recommend some therapy to help you work off some of the tension. We haven’t had a real opportunity to introduce you to the playroom yet. Clan Serndi is not here, so we have no need to make up excuses.”

The men exchanged grins, their expressions lighting with dangerous meaning. My libido woke up in an instant until I remembered my schedule.

“I’m due back at the clinic this afternoon,” I said, my delight deflating.

“As a doctor, I think it would be in your best interests to take the rest of the day off,” Meyso opined. “In fact, I order you to. Matara Eve will survive without you until tomorrow morning.”

I felt guilty about not checking on Mom after her afternoon rehab session. Yet I realized I had reached my limit where she was concerned. I was not in a good place emotionally after weathering day after day of her storms. Maybe it was selfish to reach for excuses, but I thought I wasn’t going to be any good to anyone, including her, if I didn’t take a break.

I still wish it had taken more arm-twisting from Clan Aslada to make my decision. I am not that noble a creature, however. I threw in the towel with what felt like unseemly haste.

“If you think it would be for the best—”

“Most definitely,” Aslada said with his most commanding Dramok demeanor. He then swung me up in his arms and strode through the halls of the huge home, Jaon and Meyso snickering as they followed us. My weak protests to be put down were ignored.

Talk about being swept off your feet. I’m not complaining.

Aslada carried me into the wing where the clan’s sleeping room and suites were located. I thought I’d seen all of that area, and I hadn’t come across anything I would have labeled a playroom. However, I was wrong. So very wrong.

Jaon moved ahead of us, stopping in front of a wall with a mirror set into its paneled surface. He gave me a smirk and said in Kalquorian, “Open.” The wall responded by sliding forward and then shifting to one side. A secret door.

Jeez, like the house wasn’t big enough. It had to have secret chambers too.

With Jaon in front and Meyso behind, Aslada bore me into a small hallway that led to one open doorway. Wall panels lit as we went forward, but I smelled the pleasure room before we entered it.

Leather. The ghostly aroma of past spicy Kalquorian male arousal. It was the scent of sex. I was wet in an instant as my body responded.

I gaped as Aslada carried me into the room. In here, there was no space for lighted wall panels since most of the wall space was taken up by mirrors and manacles. One wall had long, padded rectangles set into its surface, arranged in a kind of like a six-pointed star. There were restraints set into those upholstered lengths. I imagined myself strapped to it, my arms and legs stretched wide open. Facing the wall or the room, I would be helpless for any games the men wished to play with me. Spankings, strappings, switchings, or sex – they could have me in so many different ways.

A table with a padded top looked familiar to me. I’d seen something similar in the Pussy ‘Porter’s pleasure club. I thought its height was adjustable. One could be laid on it or bent over it. There was also a huge wedge-shaped cushion on the floor, and I could imagine all sorts of uses for that. I puzzled over a strange contraption I’d never seen before. Two metal poles rose vertically from the floor. A pair of soft cuffs were attached at the bottom of each. Suspended between them horizontally was another pole, but it was cushioned.

There were more things, a lot more things. The room was huge, and I couldn’t take it all in. I thought a clan could play in here every day for six months and not use the same apparatus twice. It boggled the mind.

Aslada chuckled softly. It was only then that I realized I was wriggling in his arms, imagining myself being used in so many sexy ways that I couldn’t stay still.

“What do you like, little Shalia?” he asked. His voice sounded deeper than usual.

I shook my head, overwhelmed by it all. I’d seen a pleasure club, and it certainly had possessed more mind-boggling fixtures. Knowing this was the personal playroom of a single clan was astounding, however. A private playground, just for us.

Aslada set me on my feet but kept me held tight, my back to his front. He tugged my blouse off, leaving my shoulder bare so he could brush his lips over it. His tongue drew a wet line from there and up the side of my neck. He lapped at my ear. I shivered at the touch, though it was far more innocent than what I was sure was to come.

He nipped his way back to my shoulder, his teeth firm but careful as he did so. He bit a little more intensely into the rounded muscle of my shoulder, hard enough that I thought he might mark me. I grew wetter at the show of force. He kissed and nibbled his way back up my neck. His fist knotted in my hair, pulling my head back. He bit into my neck the way he had my shoulder, and a small cry escaped me. He licked the hurt away, humming much the way a contented cat might purr. I shuddered all over, feeling his power over me.

Again, he turned demanding, ripping my bra apart in front and flinging it to the floor. My breasts were exposed to him, the nipples already tightened into points. I was still pinned against him with his hand buried in my hair. My gaze rose to meet his, this dark, brooding Dramok.

Our eyes locked. A calloused hand cupped my breast, held it in his fiery grip. Want flashed in a stomach-clenching blast, making me come up on my tiptoes. I grabbed his forearm.

“That’s a nice reaction,” he rumbled in an approving tone. “But you will keep your arms by your sides while I play with your breasts. Now, Shalia,” he said in a warning tone when I didn’t immediately release my hold. “Or we will explore the punishment side of our relationship before I play with you tonight.”

I crumbled with both eagerness and fear before the intensity in his voice. I heard the menace he put in the word punishment and thought perhaps I didn’t want to try Aslada in that way. At least, not this time.

I was sure there would be other opportunities for me to capitalize on.

I let go of his arm, lowering my hands to tremble next to my thighs. I surrendered to him, letting him have his will with my body.

His lips curled in a satisfied smile. He squeezed first one breast and then the other, bringing the slightest hint of an ache before releasing them. Then he circled each nipple with his thumb, gauging the stiffened peaks with a connoisseur’s touch. Around their circumferences, over and over, back and forth, the attention exacting. I became hyperaware of his touch, sure I could feel each whorl of his thumbprint as sensitivity grew. I was up and down on my toes, responding to Aslada’s leisurely enjoyment as he played with me.

Jaon and Meyso stood in front of us, watching the show. The air was heavy with spicy arousal, no longer the scented remnants of years of using the room. Their eyes grew darker as they stared at Aslada pinching my nipples in turn, each squeeze harder than the last until I moaned and quaked under the onslaught of arousing pain. My peaks burned with hurt, making me moan, but it only fed the need growing with every moment. They swelled with the Dramok’s harsh encouragement.

He cupped one breast, lifting it in an offering towards his clanmates. Jaon came forward so quickly, it was as if he leapt. He bent to me. His hot, wet mouth enclosed my nipple, and his tongue swirled all around it.

The scratchy surface of his tongue had me up on my toes again, and I cried out as a lightning bolt of sensation shot straight to my clit. Jaon sucked, drawing on my flesh. My body jerked, along with my head. The painful pull on my scalp reminded me of the hold Aslada still had on me, keeping me prisoner for his Nobek’s attentions.

Jaon’s cautious bite on the tip of my nipple made me forget everything else. A sharp cry erupted from my throat. My back bowed without my controlling it, as if my body offered itself for more. Jaon obeyed the unspoken request, delivering an identical nip to my other nipple.

My hands flew up to grab his shoulders, yanking him closer to me. His head came up, predator’s eyes flashing. “You were told to keep your arms down,” he said.

His voice was soft, but there was no mistaking the sharp displeasure in his tone. I let go in an instant and cringed back against Aslada. I’d misbehaved. What would he do to me?

Meyso stepped forward to gaze down on me. His face was as kind as ever, but there was a firm set to his jaw. “She will have to be restrained since she cannot control herself.”

“As well as punished for disobedience.” While Aslada’s censure stung, I also heard a thread of anticipation in his voice. I’d find out what being a naughty girl was going to get me after all.

I wasn’t sure if I was more excited or anxious about that. Excitement took the lead as the men pulled the rest of my clothes off faster than I could react.

Aslada lifted me off the floor and was at the thin table in a few strides. It was just wide enough for me to lie full-length on its top, but instead, the Dramok bent me over it. My head and arms hung over one side, and my legs the other. Before I could react, straps criss-crossed over my back, binding me to the cushioned surface.

Jaon moved as quickly, tethering my wrists to the table in soft cuffs. I assumed it was Meyso securing my thighs above my knees the same way, spreading my legs wide. Because I’m me, I pulled at my ties. I was bound nice and tight, with no way to pull free.

Bare. Open. Helpless.

“This is your first infraction with us, little girl,” Aslada said, his voice coming from above and behind me. His big, hot hands grabbed my ass cheeks and rubbed them, making the flesh…and parts inside me…heat with anticipation. “Therefore, I will go easy on you this time. A spanking from my hand on your lovely naked ass should do for now. If you take your punishment properly, by thanking me with sincere appreciation for the correction after each smack, we will move on to play afterward.”

“Your response to discipline is, ‘thank you, Dramok’,” Jaon said. “Spoken with the utmost gratitude.”

I knew this game, one of my favorites. I didn’t hesitate before answering, “Yes, Nobek. I am thankful to receive correction, to teach me to behave better.”

“Excellent.” Aslada’s voice was rough with excitement. “I will spank you until I am sure you have learned the lesson.”

“Thank you, Dramok.” I thought my pussy must be dripping on the floor from the arousal melting my insides.

“You are very welcome, my darling.”

His hands left my bottom where they’d been massaging. All went quiet around me. I lay there, waiting for my punishment to begin. The seconds stretched out, growing long and nerve-wracking. I knew it was a head game Aslada played with me, making me anticipate the severity of the penalty. Expectation is as much a chastisement as the actual sentence, and I felt each moment of it keenly.

By the time Aslada landed the first swat, I was wiggling all over, unable to keep still as I awaited discipline. The loud smack was a shock, coming out of nowhere after waiting for it so long. The blast of pain to my left ass cheek was twice as devastating. It felt like fire had been set to my skin. I yelled, jerking with violence as I forgot I couldn’t escape.

The eruption of pain settled into a hot, delicious pulse that sank deep into my flesh. I groaned and then remembered what I was supposed to do. With as much gratitude as my stinging butt would allow, I managed to say, “Thank you, Dramok.”

“You’re welcome. You will be quicker with the appreciation, little girl.”

He gave it to the other side of my rump. Oh sweet prophets. My ass was an inferno. This was going easy on me? Jeez, I’m glad I hadn’t really pissed him off, and I wasted no time in doing what was expected of me. “Thank you, Dramok.”

“Better, little darling.”

Aslada was thorough. He did not miss an inch when it came to roasting my rump. By the fourth swat, I was fighting my bonds in earnest, the primitive part of me unable to resist trying to escape. By the sixth, tears were dripping from my eyes. I sobbed all those breathless thank yous nonstop, desperate to placate the man wearing my ass out.

Things got confused and twisted in my head. On one hand, I wanted the spanking to stop. It hurt like hell. Yet the heat from it had penetrated deep in my core, increasing the need that had my pussy throbbing. I was excited that I was at the mercy of not just the man correcting my behavior, but the other two watching as well, who could decide at any moment to add their penalties. I was theirs, all theirs, to care for, to reward, to rebuke. I wanted to prove myself to them, that I deserved their care whether it be tender or exacting.

That desire consumed me. It made me insensible to anything but devoting myself to the pleasure of Clan Aslada. I became aware that the spanking had ended and that the men were stroking my hair, my back, and my thighs as they murmured comforting words. I was still saying, “Thank you, Dramok,” in a constant, wavering drone.

I yelped when something cold and damp was smeared on my stinging ass. “Easy, sweetheart,” Meyso soothed. “It’s a lotion to take the pain away. Good girl.”

I sighed. The cream he used on me ended the ache of the spanking in an instant. My butt no longer throbbed, but my naughty bits did. Good night, I was horny after discipline, but that was nothing new. I do love it when my lovers put me in my place, whether it’s on my back or with my ass in the air.

While Meyso treated my aft area, Jaon brought me water, holding it for me as I sipped. That meant the hands rubbing my back and shoulders belonged to Aslada. The very hands responsible for making me squeal in pain now had me sighing with delight. He massaged with such experience that I was a gooey mess in a matter of minutes. Sweet prophets, that man gives good rub.

I finished the water and Jaon knelt before me, putting his face level with mine. He gazed into my eyes. For once, his feral expression had eased, softening into something calmer. I wouldn’t say the Nobek looked gentle, because he’s not made for such an appearance. But he watched me with enough tenderness that something in my chest tensed.

He moved in, his lips closing over mine. His kiss was languorous and searching, as if he had all of eternity to explore the myriad ways he could meld his mouth to mine. I lost myself in his kiss, my whole being centered on the sensation and flavor of his quiet passion.

While Jaon charmed me that way, Aslada kissed and licked his way down my spine, leaving a warm, wet trail towards my buttocks where Meyso was finishing tending to me. The Imdiko’s hand ran down from one buttock to cup my pussy, easily accessible since my legs were strapped wide apart. He stroked down one inner thigh, smearing wetness over the skin. His palm reversed course, bringing his touch to my womanhood once more.

One careful finger traced the slick folds, the touch light and yet profound. I whimpered into Jaon’s mouth as Meyso explored, drifting over every nook and cranny my secret flesh possessed. He drew a tight circle around my clit, but didn’t touch it. That part of me strained to make contact, and my hips struggled to move as my body demanded more. I couldn’t budge, however.

Adding to the madness, Aslada’s wandering mouth had made it to the cleft of my buttocks. The flesh he had so recently punished was now treated to kisses and tender caresses. His finger joined Meyso’s for a brief moment to wet in my flowing honey. He painted my anus with my slickness so he could ease his finger inside me. My muscles clenched to feel him there.

Jaon continued to kiss me, one moment gentle, the next almost violent with passion. My lips felt wonderfully bruised from his attentions. I couldn’t get enough.

Meyso teased my pussy, fondling everything but my clit. That small bit of flesh didn’t feel so small. It felt swollen huge, blood pulsing in excruciating throbs that left me as breathless as Jaon’s kisses. I was desperate for the Imdiko to stroke me there. My entire body strained.

Then he brushed it. It was the lightest of barely-there caresses and gone in an instant, but with me so eager for it, the sensation was profound. I cried out into Jaon’s mouth, galvanized by the contact. My legs kicked against the restraints, but were kept in place.

Wet, coarse warmth moved delicately along one side of my clit: the tip of Meyso’s tongue. I shivered with delight. He licked the other side too. And then, right over the top to make me fight my bonds again and yell as heat billowed through me.

As Aslada pressed a second finger into my back entrance, Meyso slipped one into my pussy. He continued to lick me as he slid it back and forth through my engorged sleeve. I was so swept up in the maelstrom of excitement that I hardly noticed Jaon releasing my moaning mouth and standing up before me.

Meyso’s tongue stroked my clit with the right amount of pressure to make the hair on my body stand up. His and Aslada’s fingers pumped in and out, driving me wild with need. My sheaths contracted, pulling on them with demand.

Fingers curled into my hair, pulling my head back. Two glistening cocks, rigid and ready for pleasure, stood before my face. The cinnamon-spice scent of Kalquorian male filled my nostrils. I could even taste it in the air before Jaon’s primary slipped into my open, waiting mouth.

His secondary slid beneath my chin, leaving a wet trail. I concentrated on what he gave me, swallowing to take him deep. He was firm and hot against my tongue, his pulse throbbing fast and hard. His hips swung slow and careful as he fed me his hunger.

Aslada and Meyso stopped finger-fucking me at the same time, as if they’d choreographed it. There was a lot of shifting behind me. The table creaked, and the slight pressure of someone not quite putting their entire weight on me settled over my ass. A pair of arms braced themselves on either side of my peripheral vision, grabbing hold of the edge of the table. I recognized it was Aslada crouched over me. More shifting, the weight lifting, and the fevered tip of a cock probed my ass. With a drawn-out groan, the Dramok slid his secondary inside me, seating himself in one thrust. His larger cock slid along the crevice, snuggling into the cleft of my buttocks. He twisted to one side, moving so he was more beside me than on top.

Another questing touch, this time against my pussy. Then Meyso speared me from the opposite side, thrusting in not as deep as he usually did. I think Aslada’s position restricted him somewhat, but from my position, I couldn’t be sure. It didn’t matter. The Imdiko moved against all the right places, particularly his fingers on my clit, taking over for his tongue. His secondary rubbed against me there as well, making my eyes roll back as a stab of ecstasy shot through me.

I wish I could have seen what we looked like at that moment, the three men possessing my helpless body all at once. I would have asked for a still, or better yet, a vid. However, my mouth was full of Jaon’s cock at the time. Not that I’m complaining. No sir.

They fucked me liked that, each man enjoying his portion with grunts, groans, and growls. They took me gently at first, moving like silk through water. Little by little, their thrusts grew more powerful. Aslada somehow balanced himself without using his hands as supports. He pushed my ass cheeks together, creating a snug channel for his primary cock to move within.

Jaon’s cock offered small spurts of a saltier flavor as he rocked between my lips. I rubbed my tongue along the throbbing underside of his length to hear him moan and feel his grip on my head tighten.

Meyso’s thickness channeled into me, his and Aslada’s cocks creating pressure within that lit my insides like a bonfire. The Imdiko toyed relentlessly with my clit until I was possessed by frantic need. Each stroke stoked the flames higher, driving me into a frenzy. I was a knot of sheer craving, my every cell screaming for release. I fought my tethers, trying to find some avenue that would allow me to find the end. I couldn’t move. I was suspended there, on the knife tip of desire, unable to claim what hovered mockingly close.

Then Meyso’s teasing flickers against my clit stopped. He grasped it and rubbed, then pinched.

The demanding desire erupted, ripping through me in violent blasts. My body went stiff all over, my mouth opening wide around Jaon’s cock to scream as streamers of brutal rapture exploded. Again and again I convulsed as the men pounded against my body and Meyso stroked spasm after spasm from me.

The waves were at last receding when Jaon poured his climax into my mouth with a strained bellow. Another thunderclap of pleasure resounded within me as I accepted his bliss. Then Aslada and Meyso added their cries of completion to the din. Warmth jetted over my ass and back as Aslada came, and Meyso’s cock throbbed hugely inside me.

When we stopped quaking, the men unstrapped me. They cleaned me up and rubbed me all over, easing twinging muscles before taking me to the bathing facility connected to the playroom.

Why we bothered with showering, I’ll never know. We ended up aroused all over again. More of the playroom was explored. In fact, we didn’t leave until Aslada’s manservant discreetly commed him to tell him dinner was ready. So much for going out to eat. No one complained.

We ate and spent time playing with Anrel. I was the most relaxed I’d been in days. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel guilty that I didn’t hang around Mom for more of her abuse, but for now, I have to say that a fuckathon was the right prescription for all my ills. In fact, it was what the doctor ordered, pun intended.

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