Thursday, December 22, 2016

October 30, part 2

I stepped out to find myself in a paradisiacal setting. We were in a lush, wooded setting below large granite outcroppings. Nearby was a pool of water, fed by a waterfall. It was stunning with the jewel-colored leaves trembling in a slight breeze and water skipping down the rock face to splash the pool.

At first I thought it must be a popular spot to visit until I realized the men moving about the edge of the pond all belonged to Clan Aslada’s staff. They were setting out seating cushions, small tables, and food. Nomol was there at a small bar that had been set out, mixing drinks and pouring.

Snoy hurried over to see to Anrel. He held his arms out to her, and she went to him with a crow of recognition. He swept her away to a small table with a sun cover, where three of the kitchen staff swarmed with her food and formula.

The clan’s shuttle took off, leaving us to our little Eden and a couple dozen of the household’s workforce. Aslada and Meyso took my arms and led me to another table. The head chef of the clan’s household was directing his staff as they set out the meal. Nomol brought over our drinks.

You’d think I would have gotten used to the idea of the clan’s opulent lifestyle by now. Betra’s parent clan had done something not so different with their beach party a few weeks ago. But no, I was overwhelmed yet again.  The way rich people picnic was so far beyond me. Nice, but weird too.

We ate and drank. Dishes disappeared and appeared as the efficient staff presented five courses. Nomol kept our drinks fresh. Anrel was fed, and Snoy left with her in a small shuttle, heading to Clan Aslada’s home to put her down for her nap. Meanwhile, my beaus kept up an easy flow of conversation. The subjects were all pleasant. Nothing stressful was spoken of. If I started to veer into anything worrisome, someone, usually Aslada, changed the topic. They weren’t kidding about me taking a break.

When we’d finished eating, the staff cleared all evidence of our meal with a speed that stunned. Two shuttles touched down minutes later, taking the workers, dishes, and furniture with them. I was left alone with the clan. In paradise. The possibilities could not be denied.

Fortunately, Aslada, Meyso, and Jaon agreed. As soon as the shuttles disappeared, our clothes went flying off. We dashed for the pool of water.

Well, the guys dashed, at least. Surefooted as goats, they hurried over the wet rocks surrounding the water and jumped in. Mindful of the slippery surface, I made my way to the edge of one monstrous boulder and waited for the trio to surface and clear their eyes. As soon as they did, I cannonballed in the middle of them. I was filled with childish delight.

I kicked my way up to air in time to hear the last of their splutters. I laughed gleefully at my trick, and they answered with laughter of their own.

With the exception of Oses, Clan Aslada are the most serious men I’ve been with. Yet they’ve had their lighthearted moments, and it was good to see them let go of responsibility again. Even Jaon loosened up his Nobek dignity to frolic a bit. We dove and chased each other, dunking and splashing like a bunch of kids. I forgot I had a sick mother for a little while. The guys forgot they were high-ranking, ridiculously rich Kalquorians with reputations to uphold. We lived in the moment, relieved of obligations if only for a short time.

The waterfall, splashing from on high and creating dozens of smaller cascades as it made its treacherous way down the granite face of a craggy cliff, caught my attention after a while. I swam over to the rocks that sat almost level with the pool to sit and let the spray wash over me.

Three pairs of purple eyes riveted on me, naked with water streaming over my body. I was not on that rock alone for long. In a flash, the men surrounded me. Mouths closed over my skin, and tongues lapped the spray playing over my flesh.

Jaon cradled me in his arms, lifting me from the hard boulder that would have proven uncomfortable to play upon within a few minutes. Strong brown hands added to the fondling that wasted no time in being demanding. They squeezed my breasts, pinched my nipples, and occasionally spanked the eager flesh. Fingers dove inside me, drumming inside and stretching. Lightning zapped, making my gut broil with want.

Lust burned in their eyes. Even calm, cool Meyso’s face was filled with brutal craving as he eagerly mauled me. I could barely breathe for how much their sensual assault excited me. My head swam as they made my body burn with desire for them.

They weren’t cruel, but they weren’t gentle either. They were exacting, their demands on me making me wet and desperate to be filled. Jaon and Aslada held me still as Meyso massaged my clit with slow, careful strokes until I pleaded with them to finish me. Only when my begging had reached desperate cries did they lift me up. I was made to sit on Jaon’s lap, my back to his chest, his primary cock spearing my ass.

He held my thighs apart, opening my pussy for Aslada’s larger shaft. Standing on a rock beneath the water’s surface, the Dramok shoved in deep, forcing me to take him. I squalled at the delicious fullness that was torture and bliss.

 Meyso stood over us, his cocks jutting. He cupped my chin in his palm, lifting my face so that I could accept his need. His thick length drove into my mouth, stopping just short of choking.

Jaon held still as my mouth and pussy were fucked by the other two men. His cock in my ass made Aslada’s thrusts all the more intense, the friction overloading my senses. Meyso’s shaft spurted pre-cum continuously as he plunged against my tongue. I swallowed, feeding on the natural lubricant he exuded and the spicier teases of seed.

I was awash in the decadent ecstasy that came from their demanding use. I felt carnal, a base creature made to rut with the strongest of males, the only males who could claim me. I was theirs to fuck until they were sated, existing for their pleasure.

I came the first time that way, being pounded into rapture. My channels flexed, goading Jaon and Aslada to join me in my elation. They resisted, but they groaned to feel me climaxing around them.

The second time I orgasmed was when Meyso jetted into my mouth. By that time, he’d gone from holding my chin to gripping me by a fistful of hair. I swallowed his seed as my lower body spasmed, each convulsion stronger than the last, as if fed by the Imdiko’s passion.

The third explosion came the instant I felt Aslada’s cocks jerking inside me. He let go, his magnificent body straining as he emptied his lust into me. Our cries mingled. His were loud enough that he startled what looked like winged lizards out of the nearby trees and into flight.

Meyso took the Dramok’s place in front of me, holding me so that Jaon could at last pound his rigid length in my ass. He didn’t take long, but I achieved one last climax just the same.

Their excitement fed mine. It was as if each drop of desire increased my craving for them, igniting me into an inferno with each spark. They fed me, but I only responded by becoming more ravenous.

“Ancestors,” Aslada gasped, trying to pull himself together. “You may be too much woman for one clan, Shalia.”

We took our time recovering, letting the waterfall cool our heated bodies. Once we’d gotten dressed and made sure we were all quite presentable, Aslada called his pilot to bring the shuttle and pick us up.

I went back to Mom refreshed. She took one look at my smug smile and rolled her eyes.

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