Thursday, December 1, 2016

October 21, part one

If I’ve cried once, I’ve cried a gazillion times today. This is so awful.

They let Mom wake up today. Except she didn’t, not really. Oh, her eyes are open. But I can’t tell that Eve Monroe is home in there.

She stares at nothing while her head twists this way and that. Her body jerks in spasms. She’s not talking. She lies there on the bed, twitching and sometimes writhing. Her mouth moves, but she makes no sound. There is no sign of recognition when her gaze slides past my face. I can’t see my mother in that body anywhere.

Meyso keeps reassuring me that she only needs time. “Her brain is taking time to re-start properly,” he says. “This happens sometimes. She was in full stasis for quite a while, and the signals are firing randomly in many cases. Give her a couple of days. She’ll settle down and begin to come around.”

He seems sure, though he’s upset that I’m upset. How can I not be, though? I never expected this. I’m the one who told him to go in her head and fuck around with her brain. I worried about a lot of things, but never that she wouldn’t come back as some semblance of her old self. If she doesn’t come out of whatever this re-boot process is, it will be all my fault.

I won’t let Snoy bring Anrel in. She does not need to see this. I don’t want to see it, but I spent the first three hours sitting there, talking to Mom, telling her she was going to be all right, telling her I was sorry for what she was going through, telling her I love her. If she hears me, there’s no sign. And all I could think was, dear God, what have I done?

I had started crying again when Aslada came to my chair, where I sat next to Mom’s bed. Without a word, he picked me up and followed Meyso out of the room, Jaon at his side.

“Where are we going?” I blubbered as we made our way through the central area of the clinic’s ward. Members of the staff gave me gentle, encouraging smiles as I was borne past them, murmuring things like, “It’s all right, Matara.”

“In here,” Meyso said. I was carried into another patient room. It was unoccupied, the bed made up and neat as a pin. As soon as I and the clan were inside, Meyso said, “Door, lock.”

Aslada sat me on the bed. Through tear-filled eyes I looked up at the men surrounding me. Even Jaon wore an expression of compassion.

“I’m sorry,” I choked out. “I know you say to give her time, that it will get better—”

“It will,” Meyso assured me. “But I understand why you’re upset.”

“I would be too, if that was my mother acting that way,” Jaon said. “I’d probably be slamming Meyso up against the wall, demanding an explanation.”

Meyso chuckled at his clanmate’s claim, then sobered again as he returned his attention to me. “I wish I could have warned you about what to expect, but everyone comes out of long-term stasis differently.”

“So you’ve never seen anyone act like she is?” I said, fresh terror blooming in my heart.

“I’ve seen it a few times. And though recovery in those cases took longer than expected, each of those people came through fine in the end.”

Meyso’s quiet confidence reassured me. Mom was having a slow start. She had a long road to travel to regain her health. But she would make it. I had to believe that.

Aslada cupped my face and smiled at me. “Your mother is getting the best possible care on all of Kalquor. You can trust Meyso, Shalia. I swear it.”

“I do,” I whispered, taking the Imdiko’s hand and talking to him. “I haven’t blamed you for one second for any of my fears. I know you’ve done all that you can. It’s me I’ve been kicking for Mom’s condition, not you.”

“There is no reason to feel bad,” Meyso insisted. “You did what any loving child would do for her parent. You’re giving her a chance to live a full life, one she can enjoy.”

“It’s hard to watch her right now,” Aslada said. His warm breath wafted over my face as he drew close. “Even I feel it, and I don’t know her. It’s all right to feel fragile, even when you know she’ll be all right.”

“It’s breaking my heart,” I confessed. “Don’t think badly of me for falling apart, okay?”

Aslada’s huff of laughter sounded disbelieving. “Are you kidding? Most people I know would be screaming at Meyso to do something right now.”

Jaon gripped my shoulder and squeezed. “You can relax that phenomenal strength of yours, Shalia. You don’t have to be tough if you don’t feel like it. We’re here for you and her. We will be strong for you and not lose any respect for an instant.”

Again, I was struck by how lucky I was to have this clan wanting me to be a part of their lives. Their kindness soothed the ragged edges of my emotions.

It felt natural when Aslada kissed me, soft and reassuring. I sank into the rightness of the contact, letting him comfort me as a lover would.

The kiss deepened, becoming more than an expression of support. For a moment, I thought about stopping even though a ticklish pleasure licked within me. Surely it had to be wrong to hide from my fears by engaging in the heavy petting that Clan Aslada liked to tease me with. I shouldn’t allow myself this escape from anxiety.

Yet Jaon’s words echoed in my head. We will be strong for you. An invitation to let others take the reins, if only for a few minutes. Was it wrong to rely on them when they might very well be the men I would spend my life with?

When Aslada gave my lower lip a playful nip, encouraging me, I opened to him. My few inhibitions fled, knowing how skillful his knowledgeable kisses were. When his tongue filled my mouth, I thought of him filling other places. Excitement surged, and I grabbed hold of his shoulders to keep from flying off the bed.

Meyso reached between us to stroke my breast. Jaon’s fingers traced up my thigh beneath my skirt. So what if they only teased as they’d been doing since my arrival? I was being taken out of my head, far from the terror of waiting for Mom to either return or not. Hot kisses and touches erased the last of my guilty conscience, letting me dive into sweet, uncomplicated lust.

Aslada kissed me until I had his hips trapped within the cage of my legs and I held his hair in fistfuls. When he released that burning tasting, I was breathless with want.

His eyes were dark with knowing, but I detected regret as well. He glanced over at Meyso, who still stroked my breast. “I’d hoped for a far more romantic setting, but I think she needs this.”

The Imdiko nodded. “I agree. We will make it up to her as soon as possible.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“This,” Aslada whispered, pushing his body against mine so that I was forced down on the bed. “You need us to take you away from your cares. You need to be made love to, right here, right now.”

Oh sweet prophets. With those words, my pulse fluttered and desire rippled through my body. All thoughts of waiting, of taking things slow, burned away in that moment. Even though Clan Aslada had seen to it that all their teasing ended with my satisfaction, I’d still been left feverish for the real deal. No matter how many times I’d climaxed in a day, I’d felt somehow unfinished by our play. No doubt it was what they’d planned, much as Clan Seot had sent me off with the promise of so much more when I came back to them.

Days-long foreplay had stripped me of any hope of putting sex off now that they’d announced their intentions to go through with it. I had no inclination to refuse such an offer.

The three men eased me all the way onto the hospital bed. “No resistance?” Aslada asked, his dark eyes riveting on my face. “How sweet a girl you are. But I think it would be delightful to have you in partial stasis, unable to move.” He clasped my wrists and pinned them above the pillow under my head. “At our mercy.” His gaze flicked to Jaon, who grinned and grabbed my ankles, pulling my legs open. “Defenseless as we take all we want.”

They’d learned plenty about me during our little encounters. My love for surrendering, in particular. Fortunately, they were as controlling as the other Kalquorian men I’d gotten to know, so there were no worries about incompatibility there. I do love this domineering race.

Meyso muttered commands to the bed’s computer controls as Aslada and Jaon held me down. All at once, I couldn’t move an inch. A rush of heat burst through my body as I found myself vulnerable to the three men.

They undressed me with slow care, kissing the flesh they uncovered. They left my panties on. The three men took turns toying with my breasts, nuzzling and playing with them to make my nipples tighten into hard, aching points. They watched my face throughout, making me feel even more naked than I was. Nothing makes me feel more vulnerable than eye contact. Electric excitement buzzed through me, turning every squeeze, pinch, and lick into something more profound. I would have squirmed, but I couldn’t move. That made each sensation a headier jolt than before.

It was Aslada who sucked as much of a breast into his mouth as he could. Wet. Warm. Tendrils of fire lapped through me, making me groan with need. The sound was loud enough to startle me. The men chuckled to hear it.

The Dramok released my tit gradually, sucking hard as he went, stretching the flesh. “Delicious,” he pronounced me. He went for the other breast, suctioning in as much of that one as he could.

This time when he let go, he let his teeth drag over the mound. Painful pleasure scored my skin, making my pussy clench. Sweet prophets, I couldn’t think as my body burned with want. I swear I could hear my brain short-circuiting.

My nipples were livid points. Aslada considered them and then chose one. He bit delicately, and then harder. Sharp agony lanced through me for an instant and then settled into a sweet throb. He licked to soothe the hurt before doing the same to the other nipple. My breath came in whimpering pants.

Aslada leaned back. He, Meyso, and Jaon looked me over, their gazes sweeping down my helpless body. Their stares settled on my lace-covered pussy.

“How pretty,” Jaon observed in a casual tone. “I suggest we buy her a large collection of these lovely little bits so I can do this each and every time I have her.” With that, he grabbed my underwear and proceeded to shred it, yanking it forcibly from my body and flinging the tatters across the room.

Excitement shot through my body at the primitive display. My legs were wide open, showing everything to their eager eyes. I was exposed with no way to hide myself. Momentary terror spiked. Not because I didn’t trust them enough for this, but because instinctual defense took hold. “Wait,” I begged.

Meyso’s fingers explored my pussy, discovering the wetness that betrayed how I felt. “This doesn’t feel like it wants to wait,” he smirked. “It feels like it wants to be fucked.”

He stroked all over the trembling petals and circled my clit. I could only lie there and take it as he traced the same exciting path over and over. My clit plumped, pulsing harder with each teasing orbit his finger made around it. I wanted him to go faster. I wanted him to rub right over that hungry ache that begged for more.

“Pretty little Shalia,” Meyso crooned. “Your pussy needs a cock in it. Your ass, too. Maybe your mouth.”

Aslada grinned. “She does require a thorough fucking. Look at her face, how much she wants it. Tell us, my little lovely. Tell us you must have us all, right here, right now.”

“Yes,” I moaned, excited beyond endurance. “Yes, please, fuck me.”

Meyso’s fingers slid down to my back entrance. The invasion was abrupt, demanding. My gasp rang out in the room as my muscles stretched to take what I had no choice but to accept.

Aslada took up with my pussy where Meyso had left off. He shoved a finger inside and moved with merciless rhythm, pumping me hard and fast. My body lit, clenching hard inside as my mind reeled. I filled with pressure at the double invasion.

Jaon added to the maelstrom by mauling my breasts with hands and mouth. The three men had brought me to orgasm before, but not with such brutal intensity. My pussy spasmed, as if trying to relieve the growing stress with mini-orgasms. My hips fought against the stasis field, seeking to bounce off the bed. I quivered and strained all over, unable to escape my unyielding prison. The days of foreplay had me primed quickly.

Aslada’s thumb brushed over the top of my clit. With each push inside me, he did it again. My insides spiraled taut, readying for explosion. I wailed against the luscious torture that had only one end, and that end was coming swiftly upon me.

I’d reached the breaking point when Aslada barked a command and all three men pulled away. I lay there gasping, my body groping for explosion that didn’t come. A long, despairing cry unraveled from my throat.

“Good girl. You’ve earned your fuck.” Aslada’s voice came from a million miles away.

I stared up at him and his clanmates with dazed eyes as they undressed. Sweet prophets, have mercy on my soul. They were a triple threat of masculine beauty, too gorgeous to be believed.

Dark, brooding Aslada pulled his satiny black shirt off, the front seam of it purring softly as it opened. He shrugged it off to display smooth brown skin. He was the slightest Kalquorian I’d seen, but he was by no means lacking in any way. His muscles were streamlined and graceful, as dignified as the man himself. Toned rather than bulky, he might have been a dark, dangerous angel. All he needed were wings…but not white-feathered ones. No, Aslada should have sported raven wings, as glossy black as his hair. When his pants came off, I was treated to the sight of long, supple thighs. His glistening cocks rose from his groin, as lovely and long as the rest of him. The man was an artwork.

Meyso was the bulkiest, his muscles thick. He looked like a block of granite next to Aslada. Gorgeous granite. His shoulders and biceps bulged. His pectorals were squared chunks of muscle. His legs were carved tree trunks. I didn’t think I’d ever seen thicker cocks and the thought of where they would end up in my body made my breath stop.

Jaon might not have possessed as much mass as his Imdiko, but what he had was chiseled beyond belief. Every last inch of him was defined. Veins stood out on his arms, chest, and thighs. Fat would take one look at him and run for cover. He was pure beef, no blubber need apply. His cocks curved upward, as if flexing to show off their strength too.

It was a good thing they’d not let me see them completely naked before. My serious lack of self-control would have turned into an aggressive demanding to ride the lot of them like broncos at the rodeo.

It was sleek Aslada who made the first move. He slunk up onto the bed, crawling up like a panther stalking prey. My heart pounded to see him coming for me, his eyes dark and dangerous. My insides trembled.

“Shalia,” he whispered as he crouched over me, his breath caressing my face. “I have looked forward to this moment for far too long.”

I couldn’t make a sound. I laid pinned by the stasis field, trapped beneath the man who looked me over with heart-stopping appetite.

He didn’t claim me right away. Aslada wore the attitude of a man ready to make this first encounter worth every moment of the days-long foreplay we’d enjoyed. He kissed every inch of my face and torso, his mouth warm and wet all over me. He mouthed my pussy with lingering attention, making me whimper from want. His tongue explored and probed and demanded until my core throbbed with desperation.

“Please,” I said, the word coming out in a sob.

“No need to beg, sweet girl,” Aslada said, though I had the feeling that had been what he wanted. “You’ll get your fuck.”

He slid up my body, making me feel each inch of his firm flesh as he traveled up. His kiss fed me my own flavor, and a stab of pure want speared me. I needed this man. I needed him in me.

His primary cock bumped my entrance. It settled against me and coaxed its way inside, slow and sweet. My body yielded easily, eager for him. When his smaller cock found the tighter passage, it burrowed in, easing me open.

I cried out into Aslada’s kiss. Finally. Finally! All the teasing was over. I was being filled as I’d needed to be.

The Dramok took his time claiming me. The penetration was slow, the pace deliberate. It was as if Aslada wanted me to note each separate sensation of our joining. I felt all of it, all right. Every hair on my body stood at attention with the wild sensations of his measured taking.

At long last, he had me. Staked. Claimed. Aslada was still as we as he looked down on me, our bodies fused in the most intimate way possible. His breaths came as shakily as mine.

“So this is how an Earther feels,” he said. “Astounding. Absolutely astounding. By the ancestors, I’ve never known your like.”

My sheaths were clenching around him, too happy at his presence to remain still. I was going to go full-on fireworks the moment he moved again. I was sure of it. “So good,” I groaned.

“Show me,” he encouraged. “I want to see how good I feel to you.”

His hips rocked slowly, pushing and pulling, dragging all that sweet friction through me. He was gentle enough at the start that I didn’t get those light-the-sky fireworks right away. Instead, it started with firecrackers and sparklers, little bursts of bright pleasure that drove tiny cries from my throat. Not being able to move, being forced to focus on my pleasure alone because I couldn’t reciprocate, made me feel each exquisite motion Aslada made. Each pump and every grind, no matter how carefully dealt, was profound. With his intent gaze gauging my reactions, I felt my vulnerability more keenly.

Aslada increased the pace of his lovemaking. His kisses were as penetrating as his cocks. He enjoyed my breasts as he took me, sometimes gently caressing and sometimes gripping strongly. A small part of me knew he was cataloguing what I responded best to, filing it away to use against me later.

He grew stronger, driving me towards explosion. His body thudded into mine, demanding my capitulation. I had no defense against his insistence that I succumb to pleasure. Climax seized me in its teeth and shook me from head to toe.

“Again,” Aslada commanded me, reaching between us to pinch my clit. Like a good little girl, I obeyed. Orgasm thundered, and my cries were muffled by Aslada’s eager kiss. He groaned as he pulsed heat deep within me, filling me with his ecstasy.

We lay gasping as bliss washed over us in gradually receding waves. I was warm and glowing, forgetting for a little while all the uncertainties facing me.

Aslada pulled away with a kiss and a smile. “Thank you,” he whispered.

I smiled back, grateful to have been taken away from the real world for this brief time. “That was just what the doctor ordered.”

“So happy you liked my prescription,” Meyso chuckled.

I glanced over to see him sitting in a chair, watching with desire-filled eyes. He stroked his cocks lazily.

Oh yeah. Two more hotties were there to deliver additional doses of feel-good medicine. My core heated to realize things weren’t quite over yet.

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