Monday, August 1, 2016

September 25

This morning, Betra and Oses took off early to spend time with Betra’s parents again. I elected to sleep in. I hoped no one took it personally. All the leshella yesterday pretty much zonked me out. When I realized Oses and Betra weren’t drinking much and Anrel would be taken care of, I indulged. Fortunately, leshella doesn’t lead to hangovers, but I wasn’t keen on getting up and going first thing this morning either.

I lay in bed, letting myself slowly wake with the aid of the coffee Betra brought me before he and Oses left. Anrel chewed on a toy and her toes as I took my time.

Once I got up, I commed Candy to see what she was up to today. “Want me to come over?” she asked.

“If you don’t mind looking at me still in jammies and with crud in my eyes,” I yawned.

She laughed. “On my way.”

She showed up with a couple of pastries she’d snagged from the dining room and a cup of their coffee, which was better than what comes out of my dispenser. What a pal.

She wanted to know what I’d been up to “besides sex” as she put it. I caught her up on all things Shalia and Anrel. She was fascinated to hear about Betra’s parents and our beach party.

“What about you?” I asked once I’d finished.

“Oh, I’ve been setting up dates,” she said vaguely. “I’m supposed to have my first one later this week.”

I crooked a brow at her bland tone. “Try to curb your enthusiasm. So much excitement is unseemly.”

She gave me a defensive look. “I’ll be excited in seven days.”

“What’s happening in seven days?”

“Stidmun will be here. He’s got some leave due and he’s taking it to come see me.”

I blinked. She was getting together with Commander Stud Man? The gorgeous unclanned Nobek?

I spoke carefully. “I wasn’t aware you were still in contact with him.”

“Yeah, well, we get along. And we want to see each other.”

Silence stretched between us for a few moments. I thought about it. She was supposed to be vetting candidates for clanship, not banging single Nobeks. But who was I to say anything? I was spending time with Oses and Betra.

The trouble was, Stidmun was stationed not too far from Kalquor. If Candy was half as infatuated as I suspected she was, she might choose to carry on with him for some time. Time she could be looking for her happily-ever-after.

I debated on whether or not to point that out. In the end I had to admit it was none of my business unless the affair did some sort of harm to her. She was a grown woman, perfectly capable of living her own life without my input. She’d not asked for my opinion. Therefore, it was not my place to offer it.

“It’s nice he’s got the time off to spend with you then,” I finally said.

She beamed at me like a teacher with a particularly intelligent student. “I think so too. He’s talking about us going to the mountains to do some hiking.”

“Sounds great. I hope you two have a blast.”

I got around to putting on clothes after a while. Candy and I visited the childcare facility, which was staffed by Imdikos. I came away feeling good about the group, but they freely admitted they hadn’t cared for a child as young as Anrel before. Most of the children they’d cared for were over two years old. I’ve been asked to conduct a class to train them with infants as at least two women at the complex were expecting. Imdiko Nosdu, second in seniority at the complex and expecting father, happened to come in as we were talking. He asked to attend the class as well.

After that, Candy and I decided to work out while Anrel napped on a blanket on the training floor. I told her about Oses’s suggested trainers, and we agreed to find out if they’d take her on too.

Today gave me a glimpse into how a typical day might roll once I was settled into a daily routine. But daily routine is not going to happen too soon, as I found at after Betra and Oses returned.

“Okay, so we’ve got our orders. We have 16 days until we report for duty,” Betra said right after greeting me. “We’re going to take you on a tour of our favorite places starting tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” I said, dazed by the suddenness. But why was I surprised? Our time was limited, so we had to take full advantage.

Oses nodded. “Get your things together, pet. Everything you and the baby need for our trip.”

So much for being unpacked.


  1. lol it's so cool they have 14 good days to say their "see you laters" I won't sat goodbyes because, well Betra and Oses have walked to the gates of hell with Shalia if her clan can't be friends with her ship mates then maybe they shouldn't be her clan

  2. I agree. They will always be family. So good.

  3. I agree. They will always be family. So good.