Thursday, August 11, 2016

October 3

Every time I think I have a new favorite spot on Kalquor, I find something new to fall head over heels for. The tropical island of Erem is my latest infatuation.

At high tide, it’s not even an island. It ceases to exist as the ocean covers it for several hours. But since the water isn’t very deep and the buildings are made for this situation, it’s perfectly okay. However, it can only be accessed by boat since you can’t very well have a shuttle landing pad under the sea.

This is one of the few places on Kalquor where free-standing structures are allowed. Most of them are tiny homes and tourist suites, lined up like a string of pearls along this itty-bitty stretch of sometimes-an-island. Shops and things like medical facilities are on the larger nearby island of Arethu.

The place we’re staying in is typical for Erem, but I find it too exotic to be believed. The bottom floor is the main sleeping room, its walls made up of transparent glass-like material. At high tide, this room is completely underwater, surrounding the occupants with clear green water and fantastic aquatic creatures who tend to be attracted when the lights are on. At night, it is the fish – or whatever you call the things swimming around – that light up. They glow in the dark, and it is the most amazing display anyone can imagine. The first night I could hardly sleep for wanting to watch them swim around us. I know there were such creatures in the deepest parts of Earth’s oceans, but I never got to see them.

Most of the upper floor is open to the air. There is a floor and a roof, but beyond support columns, no walls for the living area and kitchen. I suppose I wouldn’t want to be here during a storm, but right now the skies are a perfect blue, the water is clear, and the spit of powdery sand around the suite is almost as white as snow.

Anrel has all the makings of a beach baby. She squeals with delight at the fish swimming about her when she’s in the sleeping room. She adores picking up handfuls of sand and throwing them at us. She loves splashing in the water even more. She even moves her arms and legs as if trying to swim when we take her deeper. She yells at us when we make her come into the living area for meals and diaper changes, as if to protest taking her out of her preferred habitat.

She sleeps soundly and all night here though. For that matter, so do I once I’m too tired to stare at the glowing fish. Hearing the ocean all around me is soothing.

Not so soothing are the gorgeous men I’m with. Watching those nearly-naked bodies swim around with their wet muscles gleaming has me at a constant state of arousal. Betra and Oses are ridiculously sexy, their already brown skin taking on a deeper hue from being in the sun so much. I guess they like what they see too. Under the water, their hands are all over me, reaching inside my swimsuit. When Betra is holding Anrel, letting her practice her kicks and strokes, Oses clutches me tight to his body, his fingers seeking my pussy and anus, as if to keep me ready to be taken at any moment. The reverse is true when Oses plays with the baby; Betra plays with me. They love driving me out of my skull that way.

I’m all too happy to show them how much I enjoy seeing so much of them. Last night after Anrel fell asleep, we relaxed with drinks on the upper part of the suite. The three of us lounged on a monstrous hammock. It was stretched out where a wall would have been if the room had them, with Betra on one side, me in the middle, and Oses on the indoor side. He had one foot on the floor, making us swing from side to side. I lay looking up at the thatched ceiling one moment, and then the star-splattered sky the next. Back and forth, back and forth. The breeze played over my nude body, still damp from the quick dip I’d taken minutes before. It cooled me except for where Betra and Oses’s warm bodies touched me on either side. Their fingers stroked my inner thighs, and I knew I was growing wetter in one place rather than drier.


Oses switched his glass of bohut from one hand to the other. He brought the fingers that had clutched his icy drink to my breast, rubbing the cold over a nipple. I squealed but didn’t fight the profound sensation that made the peak go taut. He chuckled at the reaction.

“There is only one way to finish off this perfect day,” he rumbled.

With that, he pushed the hammock so it swung far out over the edge of the room. At the same time, he reached over me and shoved Betra off. The Imdiko’s startled yell was broken by the splash of him hitting the water.

“He’s not going to be too happy with you for that,” I laughed as Oses jumped off his side of the hammock and made it go still.

His teeth flashed white in the night. “I’ll make it up to him. Maybe.”

As he took my half-finished drink away, more splashes told us Betra had surfaced. “What the hell, you asshole?” his indignant voice demanded.

Oses just laughed and pulled me roughly off the hammock. He set me on my feet and then turned me towards the suspended stretch of fabric. “Bend,” he ordered. When I didn’t move fast enough to suit him, his hand gripped the back of my neck and bore me down.

A few adjustments, and I was facedown on the hammock, my rear end hanging off the edge. He pushed my legs apart with ruthless demand. His fingers searched through my pussy folds. “Mmm, good and wet for me,” he said. “And since the day has been one long stretch of foreplay, I will be taking you without further preparation.”

I was delighted to hear him say that. I’d been debating on whether or not to insist on quick and dirty when Oses had gotten rid of Betra.

He pressed against my ass and pussy. He shoved in with strength, driving the air out of my lungs. I fisted the hammock in my hands, my mouth gaping wide from the force of his abrupt taking. I wasn’t quite over the surprise when he started a hard, demanding rhythm.

He used the hammock to his advantage, making it swing back towards him as his hips thrust forward. I grunted with each pounding shove, my feet kicking weakly as they hovered over the floor. The friction was relentless, it was harsh, and it was wonderful. A raging fire broke out inside me. I couldn’t do anything about being taken the way he wanted. It was delicious to be handled that way.

Sensation rolled through me, just like a wave in the vast ocean surrounding us. I clenched around his lengths, feeling my sleeves engorging, tightening. My whole body quivered in reaction.

One hand gripped my hip. The other slipped beneath me, going straight to my mound. His fingers brushed my clit, sending a tidal wave of need through me. I made a choking sound, my legs kicking straight out behind me. It was too much. The feeling was overwhelming, more than I could handle. I struggled to move, but he settled his weight on me, holding me in place. His fingers kept stroking over my clit, sending stomach-clenching sensation to drive me right out of my skull. I couldn’t get away.

He moved again, taking his weight off me and pushing the hammock away so that he very nearly emptied me of himself. Then he yanked the hammock back, jerking his hips forward to impale me onto his full length. His fingers worked my clit hard, bringing me right up to the cusp of release, only to pull back again. He speared me again and stimulated my clit, to the brink once more. Another brutal thrust. Another. Another. And in between, toying with my clit until my every breath came out in little screams.

Then he took me hard and fast, his fingers rubbing my clit hard to force me over. I blew apart in monumental climax, my senses shattered. My pussy milked him as he continued to take me until he spent himself in hard jerks.

When he was done, he muttered something in a low voice. I couldn’t hear him over the continued wild pounding of my pulse in my ears. I didn’t have the strength to ask him to repeat it.

He pulled free, leaving my ass and still flexing pussy empty. I wanted to complain, but I was abruptly filled again.

I knew without looking that it was Betra, and not because he was still dripping from his impromptu swim. I was too well acquainted with his body – particularly his cocks – to not tell him from Oses.

Being tossed into the ocean hadn’t dampened his ardor any. His thrusts were as powerful as the Nobek’s, shoving into my engorged sheaths. A new surge of desire stampeded through me as my body responded to the invasion. I was on the verge of coming again.

He reached for and found my clit, just as Oses had. He pinched hard and held the sensitive nub in a vise-like grip. Again, I had no escape. Again, climax roared through me, throttling me from within. Betra kept slamming against me, his hold on my clit not relenting. Another orgasm swelled up and broke over me. I wailed.

He released my clit, and circulation returned in a blinding rush, bringing violent sensation. He shoved his cocks in deep, and I was off again. My body jerked as if struck by lightning.

On and on, he fucked me. He positioned me where he wanted, took my body as it bucked helplessly beneath him. Orgasms brutalized me until he’d taken everything I could give. Only when I lay completely spent, unable to even twitch did he let go, his seed joining Oses’s within me.

After a while, we lay on the hammock again, drinks in hand, our pulses gentling as Oses rocked us once more. A perfect end to a perfect day.


  1. Oses throwing Betra overboard.

  2. Hammock now on my Christmas wish list! ;-)