Monday, August 22, 2016

October 10

Dinner with Betra’s parents was outstanding. Their home is in the topmost two floors of one of the cliff complexes. Spectacular views of the ocean were ours as we ate dinner from the garden that tops the cliff. The meal made by their private chef was beyond belief.

But better than the food and view were the people. I was treated like family, as was Oses. In fact, Betra’s parents made me promise to come to dinner regularly. “At least every other week,” Elwa insisted. “I’ll send Hilon after you if I think you’re avoiding us.”

I gave her wide eyes. “Why would I do that?”

“Because that’s what younger people do when it comes to older people meddling in their lives.”

I laughed with the rest. Elwa is blunt and says what’s on her mind. I really like her.

I showed them vid snippets of our trip. They seemed to enjoy seeing the places we’d gone. Dramok Serndi smiled at his son.

“Second trip for you to all of them?”

“Third to Erem Island. I love that place.”

Elwa smiled at me. “I told you he was an explorer. There probably isn’t a place in the Empire he hasn’t visited.”

“And beyond with many more places to go,” Betra said, a soft smile playing about his lips. There was a lover’s light in his eyes as he talked about traveling. In an instant I saw how right Elwa had been about his wanderlust. It made me think that even had he been open to having men as lovers, he might not have made a good clanmate to a woman or a father to children. The hurt in Elwa’s eyes when she’d talked of her Dramok father’s absences had been a warning to me. She was saying, Betra cannot stay. If you cannot go with him, don’t get attached.

Famous last words.

Still, it was an enjoyable dinner and visit. As always, Anrel was doted on. I think she’s adopted another set of honorary grandparents.

The night ended earlier than I think Betra’s parents preferred, but their expressions were knowing as we said our goodbyes. No doubt I was beet red. I had a moment where I thought about announcing that yes, we were going back to my place to have farewell sex. Jeez, why is it everyone always knows my private business?

Anrel fell asleep on the way back to the complex. We loaded her in her crib. The men stood looking at her for several minutes. I watched them.

I wasn’t sure what Oses was thinking. His expression was as impassive as ever, the strong Nobek who didn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve. I knew him well enough to understand that when he was his most stoic was also when Oses felt more than he was comfortable with. Whatever he was thinking, it was intense.

Emotions flitted across Betra’s face in quick succession. I saw pride, love, worry, and regret. Did he know he was like his grandfather, a restless wanderer who would never be happy staying in one place? He’d talked of wanting a family before, but he’d also said he wanted to remain with the fleet and see everything possible. I wasn’t sure he knew how willing he might be to give up one for the other.

I looked at them, loving them both and readying myself to let go.

No one said anything when we left Anrel asleep in her room. We simply filed out and went to the greeting room. We also didn’t speak before everyone took off their clothes.

The three of us stood naked in the middle of the greeting room floor. Then the men came over to me, their arms wrapping around me in an embrace. I closed my eyes and felt them with me, those warm, strong bodies who had sheltered me, loved me, kept me sane. We were like that for a little while, just standing and holding each other.

After a bit, the men began to kiss me. Gently at first, soft pressure on my temples, my cheeks, my forehead, my lips. Their hands stroked over my body, the touches as light as angel wings. I touched back, as if I hadn’t already memorized them from head to toe.

Oses gave in to his Nobek nature, the demand that he be strong and powerful. His hand tangled in my hair, fisting to control me. He tugged my head back to claim my mouth. The kiss was almost harsh with its need, and I surrendered to it. Then he eased back, his lips barely touching mine. “I love you, my Matara.”

His words filled me with warmth. I should have been bawling from hearing him say that just as he was ready to leave me, but instead I was bursting with joy. I was loved by my hero. It was all that mattered in that moment.

I smiled at him, gazing into those burning purple eyes. “I love you too, my Nobek. Thank you for all of it.”

He smiled back. “I think I was never truly a Nobek – never truly a warrior – until I had you to protect. Thank you.”

I thought I heard a little sniffle from Betra, but I didn’t get a chance to check on him. Oses seized me for another rough kiss, his mouth taking mine. My brain fizzled to a stop, consumed by brute passion.

Their hands were no longer so gentle. One rough, calloused paw cupped my left breast. A softer but still-strong palm cupped the other. Thumbs teased my nipples to iron points, making me gasp as my pussy clenched. I was theirs, all theirs for this last night. I made myself go pliant in body and mind, my final gift of submission to them.

“That’s it,” Betra whispered, his voice choked as he sensed my surrender. “Give yourself over to us. There is nothing else to do but as we wish. Let us take our pleasure and give you yours.”

“You will not stop us. You cannot,” Oses rumbled in my ear. He pinched my nipple to make me gasp.

“I do as my masters wish,” I moaned.

They continued to kiss me, to whisper loving things, lurid things, exciting things in my ears. I got lost in the sensations. When my eyes were open, my vision was hazy from desire. I wasn’t sure which man’s fingers slid over my pussy first to find me slick and wanting. When one thrust inside me, I jerked in their supportive arms. A thumb rubbed over the top of my clit, setting off an avalanche of elation. My hips jerked urgently, pleading for more.

They held me between them, keeping me on my feet though my legs shook violently. Playing with me while watching my every reaction with intent eyes. Enjoying my helpless, eager body.

I hung onto them, my hands gripping muscled shoulders though I felt weak as a baby. They were the ones supporting my weight, and that was okay. They didn’t mind being strong for me. They never had. It had always been their delight to hold me up, to keep me going when I couldn’t have done it on my own.

They continued to fondle me, delivering hurt and delight to my body the way I liked. Fingers tugged on my nipples and clit. They plunged into my sex and ass. Teeth nipped flesh to cause darts of pain that tongues and lips instantly soothed. My brain had overloaded and ceased to think consciously. I was nothing but feeling, a being of sensation. I rode their every attention, existing only for whatever pleasure or punishment they saw fit to deliver.

I floated down to the floor. They came with me, their dark faces hanging over mine. One was a cross between bestial and caring. The other was filled with demanding love. My masters. My lovers. For probably the last time.

Oses took me first, his cocks entering me with that undeniable Nobek fierceness he wielded so well. I cried out to feel him inside, hard and thick. Wanting me with an intensity like no other man.

He thrust hard, his body slapping like thunderclaps against mine. One hand grabbed my shoulder, the other my hip, to drive me onto him as he shoved deep inside. My body shook uncontrollably as I moved towards orgasm. His every plunge into my pussy and ass sent my senses soaring higher. I couldn’t deny him my pleasure. He tore it from me.

His lunges came faster, bringing a burning friction that lit me from within. I felt the first bright mote fire in my belly. I clenched around him.

“That’s right. You will come for me,” he gasped, his body working mine, the tendons standing out all over his magnificent, scarred flesh. “Over and over, I will hear your cries of pleasure, pet.”

Another, stronger burst of rapture detonated inside me. My sheath rippled around his driving length, telling him he was bringing me closer. His groin slapped against my clit, adding darts of the purest elation to the growing spasms.

I was nearly there. My whole being reached for it, this ultimate sharing of myself. Closer … closer…

A blinding surge overtook me, blinding me of the beloved face inches from mine. I only knew the feeling of him inside me, bringing me in a heaving swell of ecstasy. His unrelenting tempo fed more waves, making pleasure crash through me time and again.

He let go, gifting me with his release, filling me with his passion. Feeling him jerk deep inside brought me anew. My pussy flexed, pulling every drop he had from him. He collapsed over me, his big body a welcome blanket as the rumbles of bliss eased.

Betra’s voice was soft but strained. “My Nobek, if you’re done for now?”

Oses groaned. “I wouldn’t move for anyone but you.”

He slowly drew out of me, and I felt every millimeter of his flesh dragging through mine. My body was sensitized yet, and my toes curled at the friction of him pulling out. My hair stood on end.

Oses dragged himself a couple of feet away and sank onto the floor with a sigh. He looked quite happy, which made me happy.

Betra crawled over me and gave my hip an affectionate pat. “Turn over, lover,” he said.

I did so, noting how rigid his cocks were, how I thought I could see them pulsing with need. No wonder he’d sounded close to begging Oses for his turn.

His fingers traced through my wet folds. He made a happy sighing sound and his legs squeezed between mine, opening me. The tapered tip of his primary cock, slick and hot, bumped against my tighter entrance. I expelled all the breath in my lungs, making myself relax for him.

He pushed inside, spreading me open. He thickened quickly, his girth easing the muscles apart. His secondary shaft found my pussy and began to journey in there. My pussy was swollen from fucking Oses, and the snug passage clenched in excitement as Betra rubbed all the right places. Adding to the growing heat, his fingertips danced over my clit. Something inside me lurched. He groaned. “I felt that.”

He shoved all the way in. Prophets, he felt huge. Almost uncomfortably big, but that made it exciting as well. Every movement he made electrified me. I was panting and moaning almost nonstop.

Still twiddling my clit with his fingers, he grabbed me by the back of my neck with the other hand. He started with quick, short strokes. The pace made me drum my feet against the floor as thrills coursed through my stomach.

Little by little, he increased the length of his thrusts, still working me fast and hard. I moved back against him, meeting each shove to take him deep. His groin thudded rhythmically against my ass, a steady beat of lust.

His fingers stopped tickling over my clit. He captured the engorged nub between his fingers, rubbing hard. I damned near jumped out of my skin. My yelp was high-pitched. He made a growling sound.

“That’s right. You like that.”

He’d thrown me off rhythm. My senses were confused as he kept massaging my eager flesh, making it impossible to think. His hand on the back of my neck tightened, and he held me still to make me take what he wanted to give.

I was back to only feeling, back to being a creature of pure sensation. There was nothing but Betra’s cocks rocking in and out of me, his fingers sliding wetly over the fiercely burning clit, the billowing need filling my belly. Heat broke out over my body. I was closing in on another climax.

His fingers stilled on my clit, denying me even as he continued to hammer into me. I whimpered, wordlessly pleading for more. He granted it, but not before I’d eased down to where I wasn’t on the brink of orgasm any longer. Then he put me right back on the brink only to deny me yet again. Everything inside me was tight, all wound up.

He buried himself inside me over and over, playing my clit all the while like a sadistic maestro. I lost my capacity for thought. I shook and burned and twisted tauter than ever. I sobbed with need, need he wouldn’t fulfill.

“Beautiful pet,” he crooned, his tone loving despite the merciless way he drew out the agony. He pinched my clit hard. “You may come.”

Vicious pleasure barreled through me from clit to the top of my skull and back again. At last climax broke over me, filling me with quaking release that went on and on. My body collapsed beneath his, unable to bear up under the onslaught. Betra went down with me, keeping contact, continuing to jackhammer without pause. Both hands closed over my hips, yanking me back onto him, fucking me hard until he gasped and his cocks spasmed. His climax brought me again, and I felt my cunt pulling on him, entreating him for each precious drop. We came down slowly, his twitches and my trembles ending at the same time.

Rest and refreshment followed. Then the three of us made love again. A round of stim tabs gave us the energy to keep going, making our final night together last as long as it could. Of course it still wasn’t long enough, but we had known it wouldn’t be. We did the best with what we had until Anrel’s waking giggles. The first of morning’s light stealing in from the window vid told us it was time for the inevitable goodbye.


  1. OMG, I'm dying. Cried through most of this's so hard the say goodbye to Betra and Oses.After going through so much with them I feel like they owe me goodbye sex as well!

  2. I'm with you Suzanne I started sniffling while Oses and Betra watched Anrel sleeping. I was full out crying by the time Oses call Shalia his Matara. I calmed down a little until Betra called Oses HIS Nobek and Oses again he would only move for him.
    I turned into a waterfall. I'll be okay by Thursday and then do it all over again.

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