Thursday, July 21, 2016

September 22, late

Dinner at the place Seot had reserved for us was indeed an extravagant affair. There were six courses, each paired with a beverage – usually alcoholic in nature. I sipped cautiously since we had Anrel with us. I still hadn’t gotten around to evaluating the babysitting service at the complex, so she got to go with us … much to our Imdiko waiter’s delight. I don’t know if the exemplary service was the usual or because he was so enraptured with the restaurant’s littlest patron. At any rate, no one ever had to wait for dishes to be cleared or glasses refilled.

Oses looked noble in his dress uniform, his coarse hair braided down his back. I thought him absolutely riveting. I don’t know if Betra took Cifa up on his offer to borrow an outfit, but I didn’t recognize the silky white shirt that glowed against his dark skin, its deep vee collar showing off his chest to advantage. The black trousers were familiar. I’d always appreciated the way they clung so lovingly to his delicious ass. He’d brushed his straight black hair until it shone like a sheet of ebony down his back.

Anrel was adorable in a little green-and-yellow striped dress with a matching bow in her hair. I wore a green dress of a deeper shade than what was on her outfit. Candy had been nice enough to style my hair so I didn’t feel too out of place in the ritzy restaurant. Not that anyone else would have noticed me when they all wanted to stare in amazement at my baby, who was her usual happy self.

The food was marvelous. The company was better. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, though I hate to think of the amount of the tab … but all the main dishes were served with several courses and drinks. It’s the way the place operated. I’m sure Seot knew what he was in for when he put the meal on his account, but I still felt a little guilty about it.

Pleasantly full and pleased with our night, we strolled back to the complex to put Anrel to bed. She was yawning her head off, but she didn’t start fussing until we were halfway home. She was slumbering contentedly in Betra’s arms by the time we entered my quarters.

Once she was in bed, I went to the kitchenette. “Drinks?” I offered, pleased my purchases had arrived earlier that day.

“Just kloq, please,” Betra requested. “I’m not much for heavy drinking, and I’ve had more than usual tonight.”

“You’re on vacation,” I said, but I handed him a bottle and a glass. “No rationing for two weeks.”

He shrugged. “I still want my wits about me. I have more important things to indulge in.” He wiggled his brows at me suggestively.

I laughed. “Oses?”

“Just a small glass of bohut. I’m not that interested in drinking either.”

I’d gotten myself a small bottle of shel to celebrate their vacation. With our libations of choice in hand, we settled in the greeting room.

It was nice to sit between my guys, relaxing with a drink in my hand. I felt a lot better than I had last night when sleep wouldn’t come. Being on Kalquor and facing my uncertain future wasn’t quite so daunting at the moment.

We didn’t need to talk. We sat there, quiet and content to be together. I felt the strong, warm bodies on either side of me and smiled into my glass of shel. Even the thought of them leaving in a couple of weeks couldn’t intrude on my sense of well-being. I was too happy to have them with me right then.

I finished my drink and looked from one to the other. “You are spending the night, right?”

Oses looked at me. “Why? Do we get anything special if we do? Like breakfast in the morning? That would be nice.” He gave me an expression that I think was supposed to be wistful.

Betra snorted surprised laughter. Sheesh, first a playful threat to kill anyone who found out Oses might be a romantic at heart and now this. Vacation Oses has a sense of humor. Alert the media.

“I think you know what you’ll get if you stay,” I said in a chastising tone. “Though if you’d rather go elsewhere and sleep all alone—”

“Clothes off,” he interrupted. Well, that was more like it.

“You forgot to say please,” I smarted off, but I rose to my feet. A disciplinary smack to my rear made me yelp and hurry to the middle of the room.

I faced my sweethearts and pulled my dress and underwear off. I stood naked before them, enjoying the admiring gazes they gave me.

“Kneel,” came Oses’ next command. I sank to my knees.

“Legs wider,” Betra joined in. “You know we want to see that pretty pussy open for us.”

What he didn’t know was that I’d purposely knelt just so I could be ordered to spread my legs. I love hearing such things from the two men. It excited me.

They glanced at each other. A look passed between them, nothing more. It was all that they needed, however, because they stood up at the same time and came over to stand before me. Their avid crotches were right in front of my face, and I could smell their arousal. I wondered if I would get a taste as well.

They stooped down, each man getting on one knee before me. “Hands behind your back,” Oses said in a soft rumble. I did as I was told.

His head leaned in, capturing my nipple in his mouth. He sucked it, his tongue sliding over the tip until it had turned hard and pointed.

Meanwhile, Betra’s fingers slipped through the wetness of my pussy, electrifying me with his touch. I shivered under the luscious assault.

Oses drew back and pulled something out of his uniform pocket. I swallowed to see the nipple clamp with a silver ball weight attached to it. He watched my face as he affixed it to sensitive flesh. I managed not to moan though pain stabbed through my breast.

Betra rubbed my clit, taking some of my attention from the hurt. Two different kinds of throbbing had woken in me; they met in the middle of my body in a confusing stew. Oses sucked on my other breast until he could put the second clamp on as well. This time I couldn’t stop a hiss from escaping between my teeth.

Betra pushed two fingers inside me. He worked them in and out, making moist sounds that heightened the excitement. I kept my position, but I shook all over. My breasts and pussy pulsed as Oses tugged on the heavy weights dragging at my nipples. Now I wasn’t sure if it was pain or searing pleasure that swept through me. It was all extreme, making me hyperaware of every touch.

“I have something for you now,” Betra said. “Turn around and bend over so that your head is on the floor. Ass up in the air.”

I did so, but I was having a bratty turn for some reason. Instead of resting my forehead on the carpet as ordered, I looked over my shoulder to see what he was doing.

A low rumble came from Oses just before his hand wrapped around the back of my skull. He put me in position pretty quick. My insides turned gooey from the domination.

Something pressed against my sex. Slippery with desire, my pussy easily granted entrance to the item, about half the girth of a cock. It pumped into me a couple of times, making me clench with want. Then it was gone, only to stab between my butt cheeks a moment later.

“Spread,” Betra said.

I grabbed each mound and made my tight hole available to him. I relaxed against the invasion, letting him settle the plug inside me where it remained. It set new nerves alight and added to the swirl of desire curling through me.

“Sit up.”

I did so, feeling the thick presence of the plug filling me. I was terribly aware of it and the weights still burning my nipples. Oses slid his fingers against my pussy and found me soaking.

“Face us, pet.”

I turned around, every movement jiggling the breast clamps and making the plug shift. My body hadn’t quite gotten over its confusion yet as to which sensations were bliss and which were torment. But it all translated as powerful, and I was held in a thrall.

Oses dug something else out of his pocket, something with straps and a molded triangle. I couldn’t figure it out until he got it on me. Then I knew I was in for some fun … or maybe it was trouble. Probably both.

The straps wound around my waist and upper thighs. The triangle sat squarely on my clit. Oses tightened the straps to make it fit snugly. I knew before he told me that the thing would vibrate.

“Keep those hands behind your back,” Betra said, settling back on a seating cushion to watch the show. “Misbehave, and you’ll spend all night aroused with no chance of an orgasm.”

Oses also settled back, lounging comfortably on another cushion. He held something in his hand, something he pressed a button on.

The vibrator buzzed to life, sending enthralling tremors through me. My jaw dropped open as I gasped. My eyes went unfocused as my pussy felt as if it tried to draw itself up to the juddering pad. I felt things inside clenching tight, making me more aware of the plug in the tighter passage. Even the burning of my nipples was pleasurable now, adding to the heat sweeping through me. I was going to come. I could feel it happening, that delicious unraveling inside, making me tense in readiness.

It stopped. The vibrator went silent and still, leaving me suspended on the verge of release. A groan rippled up from my relaxing abdomen. I eased back from the edge.

I knelt with my head down, taking deep breaths as I struggled to calm myself. I had no idea how long they’d choose to play with me. It might be a long time. A lot depended on how demanding their own urges became before they decided to take me.

I wasn’t in the mood to play the brat anymore. I was a good little girl, their sweet pet. I would do my best to obey their whims.

I still nearly jumped to my feet when Betra tugged on one of the weights making my breast ache. Fresh pain bloomed, and I squeezed my eyes shut against it. He tugged on the other one, and I bit my lips together. A whimper still escaped.

“Tough little lady,” Betra said in appreciation. “She endures a lot for us.”

“She does. I enjoy seeing how far I can push her before she starts to crumble,” Oses agreed.

The vibrator shuddered to life again. My clit trembled under its power, rushing headlong towards orgasm once more. The hurt from my nipples became a delightful heat, sinking into my gut to join with the demanding sensations there. Arousal leapt high, fed as much by the men’s control as actual feeling. It licked through me, devouring, consuming, taking me ever closer to the explosive end.

Oses turned it off again. I panted, little noises of strain bleeding through my throat with every breath. My pulse roared through my ears.

This time it was Oses who played with the clamps. It wasn’t pain making me want to squirm as he did so; there was only riotous rapture to be felt now. Even so, the desperate urge for immediate climax receded.

Just as I’d managed to settle into an aching simmer, he turned the vibrator on again. I hurried towards orgasm, reaching the brink when he denied me again.

Over and over until my entire universe was nothing but pulsing need and painful denial. I don’t know how long they kept me like that. My whole body jittered with desperate desire, needing to come and not able to. I felt like one huge unrequited throb.

Oh please…

I’m not sure if I said it out loud. I think I must have. All I know was that Betra and Oses lifted me from my knees, turning me over so that I lay on my back on one of the seating cushions. Their expressions were caring. Loving. I knew I had pleased them and I warmed with joy despite the agony of denied orgasm.

They removed the nipple clamps. The rush of renewed circulation made me groan and writhe as they kissed the hurt from the swollen tips. Then they took the vibrator away, exposing my engorged clit. The feeling of the butt plug leaving my body made me arch as a thunderclap of profound need echoed through me.

The two men hurriedly stripped, exposing four extremely livid, extremely hard cocks. At least it wasn’t just me who was crazed with want.

They turned me over again. Betra knelt before me, his eager lengths in front of my face. Oses knelt behind me, his cocks pressing against my mound. He moved a little, letting the front shaft drag against my clit. I bit back the cry that wanted to escape, mindful of Anrel sleeping in her room.

Betra rubbed the tip of his larger cock over my lips, painting them with his juices. I licked the end of him, feeling how hot and ready he was for pleasure. He pressed and I opened, delighting in the velvet steel of his invasion.

Oses raised my hips with his calloused grip, readying me for his penetration. He was as slick as Betra. He slid into me in a long, single stroke that brought me right up to the edge of climax again.

I moaned frantically around Betra’s shaft, which he was making me take in short, fast thrusts. The silk of his flesh ran over my tongue, his pulse drumming hard. Oses drove into me hard again, and I lost myself in heaving pleasure as long-denied orgasm ripped through me. The rending delight burst anew with every determined thrust that ended with the Nobek’s groin clapping against my ass.

I was beginning to calm as Oses took shallower strokes. Pleasure hummed low and sweet, a far saner ride as we slowed down. The men were panting hard as they matched rhythm, one fucking my mouth and the other my pussy and ass. I could feel their shafts twitching, a sure sign that they were on the verge of their releases.

Oses shifted, angling himself so that he found different pressure points in my burning sleeves. His next stroke found the interior part of me that always made me feel as if a volcano was erupting. I went stiff all over as I raced towards the peak again.

Tightening, tightening, my focus narrowing to the pinpoint of a laser beam. Pleasure constricted into an impossibly dense spot as they took me, controlled me, made me know I belonged to them. Betra held my hair in one fist as he drove into my mouth while his other hand enjoyed squeezing a breast. Oses rode me with increasing power, his cocks filling me full, pressing with exacting friction on the most sensitive parts. His hand crept down my belly, over my mound, fingers reaching for my clit…

My pussy clutched hard on him. My stomach seized. Then his finger and thumb closed on my clit, pinching hard and forcing climax on me. I boiled over, my body seething as it succumbed to my masters’ demands.

They rewarded me by erupting. Betra’s seed shot over my tongue and down my throat, filling me with his warmth. Oses froze moments later, his cocks jerking hard as they emptied him of passion. The men grunted and strained to gift me with all they had.

We sagged to the cushions strewn on the floor, gasping in the aftermath. Snuggling within the warmth of their bodies, our limbs tangled, I knew I would sleep well.

A lot of people had welcomed me to Kalquor. I finally felt properly received.

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