Monday, July 4, 2016

September 21, part 3

Our things arrived just as Anrel started to blink sleepily. Betra took charge of the crib right away, setting it up in her room. It was cramped in there, but it fit. Minutes later she was sleeping in her own room, in her new home.

Betra and I went back into the greeting room. I surveyed my bins with no small amount of chagrin. “I am not looking forward to unpacking this mess.”

He said, “It will help you settle in to have your belongings around. I’ll help.”

We worked with the best of intentions to make me feel more at home. Silly me; I hadn’t labeled the bins with what was in them. The first one we opened had clothes for both me and Anrel. Useful and a lucky find.

The second bin wasn’t quite as helpful. I think it was the last one I’d packed, which meant it had a bunch of miscellaneous things that weren’t terribly practical for my first night off the transport. The crystal flowers from Clan Seot were in there along with the two vid recorders they’d bought for me. A couple of Anrel’s toys. A vid picture display I hadn’t loaded with any photos yet. The sparkly owl mask I’d worn as a disguise to the pleasure club with Betra and Oses.

The Imdiko’s eyes gleamed when he saw the mask. “Now that’s a souvenir,” he smirked.

I rolled my eyes though a wicked smile spread over my face. I set the bin aside. “I’ll unpack this one later. I need other things sooner.”

What was in the next bin we opened wasn’t really a need … but it got and kept our attention nonetheless.

“Oh, this is the naughty bin,” Betra chortled, though he kept his voice down to keep from waking Anrel in the next room.

He was right. The dildo Katrina had given me along with a few toys the guys had brought and then left behind in my quarters when we’d had playtime … I’d stashed it all in this one bin that Betra was now digging through.

He took a satiny blindfold out and twirled it around his finger. “Quite a few goodies in here. I didn’t realize what a sex toy hoarder you were.”

I gave him an aloof attitude. “I couldn’t very well leave it in the quarters for the cleaning crew to find, could I? I wasn’t going to trot through the ship with this stuff either just to return it to you two fiends.”

“You could have told us to collect our things.”

“You were busy trying to finish up your duties so you could go on leave. I figured you could reclaim whatever you wanted later. Like you said, we still have two weeks together.”

“That’s true. Starting now.” He held out the blindfold.

I thought about Anrel in the next room. We’d have to be quiet … not an impossibility, but not the easiest thing in the universe either. “I tossed a gag in there too, didn’t I?”

“The one with the tooth guard? Yeah, it’s in there. I’ll dig it out in a moment after I score a few kisses.”

I stepped up to him. Two weeks. We had to get in all the playtime we could.

He slid the blindfold over my eyes, plunging me into darkness. I waited with excitement bubbling in my stomach. His fingers buried in my hair, fisting tight to bring a little bit of hurt and a lot of thrills. He pulled at my scalp, making my head tilt back for his kiss.

His lips came down on mine, the flesh soft but the kiss demanding. I gave in to his power, letting lust wash over my senses. Being tasted to his satisfaction made my body flush with arousal.

When he was done with that, his hand slid around to carefully close over my throat. My heartbeat pounded against his palm. Without sight, my other senses heightened. I could smell that sweetish-spicy scent of his growing eagerness. I felt the heat of his body so close but not quite touching mine. I moaned with want.

“Making noise already, huh?” he whispered. “Let’s take care of that.”

His touch left me. The aroma of aroused Kalquorian faded. I heard rustling as he searched through my bin full of naughty bits. Then his step warned me he was coming back.

“Open,” he said. My jaw dropped wide with immediate obedience.

The mouth guard of the gag slid in, covering my front teeth to the canines. Pliable, it was made for someone to bite into as she fought to not scream. It was my favorite gag as it never strained my jaw.

The strap fixing it to my head pulled snugly around the back of my skull. Betra tested it to make sure it wasn’t too tight. “All right?”

I nodded.


There was a tug at the front of my blouse. A soft purring sound. Betra opened the front seam. It parted open, and he shoved it down my arms so that it fell away. My bra was tugged off next, leaving me naked from the waist up. Half-naked, blindfolded, and gagged. I had no defenses.

I heard him rummaging in the bin again. I tried to think of all the things I’d put in there. The dildo. Nipple clamps. What else? My mind drew a blank.

Something soft wrapped around each of my wrists and tightened. Oh yeah. I had fabric binds that could be hooked to each other or a set of straps that had also been tossed in the bin. I was curious to discover where Betra planned to go with this.

He attached the binds together in front of my waist. He kept a hand between my wrists, right where they were joined. Gripping the link. Controlling me.

I had no warning before his tongue dragged over one nipple. My breath caught as I melted inside. My hands splayed wide and jerked against Betra’s grip. There was no give. I couldn’t budge against his hold on me. A hot flush crept over my skin.

At the same time, a shiver ran down my spine. Electric prickles danced all over me, especially when he licked the other nipple. He sucked on that one, drawing hard on it. I moaned against the gag.

“That’s right,” Betra whispered. A hot palm caressed and covered a breast. He squeezed. It felt as if he embedded his handprint on my flesh, branding me as his.

He played back and forth, making my nipples tight and swollen. Squeezing, licking, sucking to make me squirm. Not being able to see made my sense of feeling acute. My breasts felt as if they were burning.

He left off to pull my skirt and panties off. I was naked now. I quivered in expectation.

“Lay down on the floor,” he said. He helped to guide me down, letting me settle on the soft carpeting. He placed my bound arms over my head.

“Wherever I put you is where you stay.”

His hands gripped my ankles and pulled them wide apart. There was a pause and then a satisfied sigh. Then a long, drawn-out silence during which I sprawled on the floor, feeling his gaze crawl over me. I imagined how I looked; my arms stretched over my head, my chest rising and falling with quick breathing, my nipples engorged, legs splayed to show my wet pussy pleading to be stroked.

His finger started at the arch of my foot, tickling so that I was challenged to remain still for him. I was glad that he moved quickly up my ankle, along the side of my calf, and thigh. Then he was there, his finger parting the folds of my labia. He used my wetness to slicken the sides of my clit. The jolt of sensation made me whine as my teeth clenched down on the gag.

He stopped touching me, making me wait in silence again. After several seconds of that I had to fight the urge to squirm. Not being able to see him, being left in the mute darkness behind my blindfold was getting to me.

Light pressure returned, drawing alongside my clit again. I jerked in reaction. Then he trapped the nub between finger and thumb, rubbing with a friction that curled my toes. He kept at me until my stomach clenched, drawing tight as climax readied to take me.

He let go. Forgetting I was to remain still, my hips lifted in an effort to keep contact. A sharp smack against my thigh reminded me … and sent heat swirling brighter in my gut.

I made my butt sink back to the floor. I had to endure another stretch of time … maybe a whole minute … of waiting in silence again. But when he came for me again, boy, did he ever come for me again.

The raspy warmth of his tongue stroked over my clit. He kept licking it like it was ice cream, and I felt like I was melting more with every lap. Melting, hell. I was boiling. My legs jittered uncontrollably on either side of his body as fevered need grew.

The strokes of his tongue were slow, but I climbed steadily towards climax. I neared nirvana and my body burned with intensity. Just a little more…

Betra stopped. My throbbing clit strained, feeling engorged. My pulse pounded through it. A whimper broke from my throat, emerging as a choked sound through my teeth clenched around the gag.

The whispery feeling of his fingertips stroking the insides of my thighs went straight to my clit. I quaked all over, unable to stop myself from doing so. I wanted to make him make me come. My hands were tied, however – literally. If I tried to force anything to happen, he would put me in a world of hurt. The kind of hurt I didn’t want.

I groaned, knowing I had no control here. My heels thumped in a weak protest against the floor.

Something shoved hard into my pussy. It was only a finger, but with the stress I was under, it didn’t matter. It was like being jolted by a blast of lightning straight into my sex. I jerked hard and fought the scream that wanted to escape. Even with the gag, I could be loud enough to wake Anrel. That would definitely put the kibosh on sexy time.

No doubt Betra knew that. That’s probably why he set out to drive me completely up the wall. He alternated between licking my enflamed clit and pumping his finger inside me, knowing I dared not to make as much noise as I needed to. Fighting the howls that wanted to escape while he tortured me with resounding pleasure put me in a condition of chaos. If I hadn’t been so intent on remaining quiet, I would have let go into orgasm. Betra used my own arousal against me, keeping me on the verge of climax though I couldn’t relax enough to have it.

Heat. Excitement. Desire. He played me with a master’s touch, driving me into quaking need. It built higher and higher, leaving me with only one thought to hang onto with all the grim strength I could find. Be quiet.

There finally came the moment that even hanging onto a rational thought could no longer deny what my body craved. Betra’s wicked mouth enclosed my clit, sucking on it while his tongue rubbed over its tip. At the same time, he plunged another finger inside me, fucking me hard and fast.

Even as I clamped down on the shriek that wanted to be voiced, pleasure burst through my pussy. It sent me into the stratosphere, a streak of a white comet that eclipsed the dark of the blindfold. Bursts of completion streamed through me over and over. My ass bounced on the floor as he pulled one blast after another from my straining body.

He kept going, tearing every last mote of bliss from me until I lay shivering and boneless. I couldn’t move any muscle voluntarily. I’d somehow kept from yelling my head off though. Yay me.

“Lovely,” Betra whispered in my ear. “I love making you climax hard. I love seeing you fall apart for me.”

I managed a moan. It was all that I had left.

“Now it’s time I fucked that hot, wet pussy. It’s swollen for me. You’re going to be so tight when I shove my cock in.”

I heard the sound of his uniform opening. The scent of his arousal washed over me, filling my nostrils with almost physical thickness. Then he was there, the tip of his shaft teasing its way into me.

He drove in with demand, his smaller cock burrowing into my rear entrance. He hadn’t prepared me there, though I’d had him the night before. The tight muscle ring spread, pushed open by his growing girth. There was an edge of discomfort as he made me take him.

Yet I was still sensitive from arousal, and that slight ache insisted on being pleasurable too. My guts seized slightly, feeling how he filled me. My ears buzzed. Then there was a quiet crash of excitement as his groin pressed against my engorged clit.

He drew back. Thrust in. Drew back. Thrust in again. Each time was faster. Each time was harder. I thought he might be shoving me along the floor with each forceful surge, but I was too awash in the sensation of being fucked to know for sure.

He pinched my nipple, sending a burst of star-bright pain to join the twisting maelstrom of my guts. I was rising with desire again, my whole being chasing another round of sweet annihilation. I burned as if I hadn’t climaxed only minutes before, desperately reaching for release. The body on top of mine was solid and strong, working me with fervent demand.

“Do you want me to come in that hot little pussy?” His words were a low growl right in my ear. “Do you want me to fill it full? Because I’m going to.”

Oh yes. Please, please, please.

“You want it.” His hand reached between us, finding my soft petals and rubbing. “You want that pussy full of my cum.” He shoved in deep. “Now, Shalia.” He gripped my clit and squeezed.

My teeth crushed down on the gag, holding in the screams once more as my body lit. As I dissolved into ecstasy yet again, he grabbed my shoulders. Shoving me onto his cocks as he pounded deep, he took me with barbaric ferocity until his breathless grunts of release joined mine. We jerked against each other until the last spasms ebbed.

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