Monday, June 13, 2016

September 14, part 3

My head reeled. Where had the last few days melted off to? How had we gotten so close to the end of the journey so soon?

It was the idea of someone other than Oses training me in offensive tactics that had my heart pounding and my brain whirling. Someone else would be my first line of defense. Oh no. Oh God no.

I hardly remember leaving my quarters. I certainly didn’t remember grabbing Anrel’s diaper bag, but when Candy opened her door at my frantic summons, I thrust it at her.

“Can you watch the baby? Please? I have to see Oses!”

“Sure, Shalia,” my friend said, her eyes as wide as dinner plates as she took the bag and Anrel from me. “Is something wrong?”

“Yes. I mean, no! No it’s okay, it’s just we’re almost to Kalquor and ... and I need to see Oses!”

Okay, I was a raving lunatic. I know that. But my heart hurt with the coming separation, having been caught by a sudden sense of loss. Apparently the grieving process was in full swing.

Candy, bless her, gave me a look of understanding sympathy. “Go. Anrel will be here when you get back.”

I barely heard the last few words as I was already running down the corridor to the in-ship transport.

I paced the elevator-like conveyance as it took me to the weapons commander’s work level. Tears threatened as I achieved enough sense to use my portable com. His voice brought them spilling down my cheeks as his voice rumbled from the device. “Yes, Shalia?”

“Can you see me in your office? Right now?”

He must have heard the state I was in from my voice. “I’m here, pet. Come as quick as you can.”

“I’m on your level now,” I said as the door opened. I clicked the com off and raced to him.

He was on his feet waiting in front of his desk when I burst in. I had enough presence to yell, “Door close and lock,” before I threw myself into his arms. Bawling my head off, I peppered his worried face with a million desperate kisses.

“We’re almost there,” I sobbed as I clung to him. “We’re going to be on Kalquor soon and this will be over!”

“Easy, pet,” he murmured, holding me easily in those strong, scarred arms. “Easy. I’m here now. I’ll be on shore leave for two weeks after we reach the home world. You’ll still be able to talk to me after I’ve gone. You’re not losing me, Shalia.”

I wasn’t going to be soothed, however. The loss I’d known was coming was nearly upon me. I’d had sad moments off and on as I’d braced myself for moving on after Oses and Betra. But sorrow had crashed full strength on me when I wasn’t ready for it. It hit me and it wrecked me.

As I continued to cry, Oses seemed to realize words weren’t going to make things right. Without an enemy he could dismember or kill, he had only one other recourse. So he laid me down on his desk and pulled my clothes off.

With me a hysterical wreck, he didn’t waste time on the niceties. He licked two fingers and pushed them inside my pussy, his thumb playing over my clit at the same time. His other hand rubbed over my breasts with rough demand, stopping only to tug on my nipples to make them tighten into hard nubs.

I don’t know how things work for other women. I don’t know if my reaction was normal or weird. What I do know was that my extreme emotional state fed right into my libido. Fierce arousal woke in me, making me wet and hot all over in an instant.

His fingers plunged with steady, unrelenting strokes. I was burning down there, need flaming hot under his care. Eager arousal tickled through me, making my sobs transform into gasps. My hands closed over his wrist; not to urge him on and certainly not to stop him. I needed something to hold onto as he took me higher and higher with each demanding thrust.

His thumb brushed my clit again, sending sparklers dancing over my flesh. My hips jerked against his prodding. I was already on the verge of climax, my overwrought emotions grasping for any good they could find.

“That’s it, pet,” Oses rumbled, his expression one of a man who knows exactly the power he’s wielding over his woman. “You will come for me soon. Just a little more...”

He gave each of my breasts a stunning slap. The sharp pain took my breath away. Then it drained down to pool in my gut, mixing easily with the rampaging arousal already in place.

Oses left off my breasts, reaching down between my curled legs. He gripped my engorging clit and stroked it twice before brushing the tip of the flesh emerging from its hood.

I detonated in one mighty expulsion of sensation. My ass left the desk as I uncontrollably bucked. Chaos reigned as I took leave of the world around me.

Oses’s fingers drummed inside me faster than ever, his other hand working my clit to pull seizure after seizure from my body. He made me come until my guts ached from the contractions.

“No ... no more,” I gasped, kicking weakly. “Please...”

His fingers dove in, curling so that they rubbed right over the hot spot inside me. I squalled as another wave of ecstasy barreled through me. “I think it’s best if I take everything you have,” he said. His fingers gave my clit another stroke. His thumb swept over the swollen flesh. My pussy flexed harder than ever. Then he did it again, determined to wrench every last spasm from my flesh.

“Oses,” I moaned, helpless to stop him.

His dark face gave me an evil smile as he pushed me over one more time. Then his fingers slid free, leaving me dazed and shivering.

“Pretty little pet,” he crooned, leaning his weight over me to deliver a slow, searching kiss. His crotch pressed against mine, and I felt wetness on the fabric of his formsuit. My pussy gave a last weak lurch.

“All better?” he asked me.

I nodded. The sudden anguish had departed, leaving only the light sadness I’d come to know lately. “Grieving sucks,” I sighed. “Do you have an extra uniform in here, or should I fetch one from your quarters for you?”

He smiled at my offer. “I have one in the closet over there. Thank you for asking.”

“Thank you for taking care of me.” My arms hooked around his neck. “How am I going to say goodbye when the time comes?”

“The same way I will. With sorrow, but knowing it’s what must happen.” He gazed deep into my eyes. “You will not lose me, pet. We cannot be clan, but as you said before, we are family. The only way I am not a part of your life is when death claims me.”

“Warm, fuzzy feelings,” I griped, but I did feel a lot better. No matter where in the universe Oses and Betra’s duties sent them, we were all a part of each other. Distance would not change that.

So I’m okay ... until the next round of angst shows its ugly face.


  1. why cant Oses and Betra find a Dramok :( :( :(

    1. We haven't heard anything of dram ok reason lately, maybe he's the guy?

  2. I'm feeling the loss along with Scalia, getting closer to kalquor just seems to feel like an end of gigantic proportions 😱😭