Thursday, June 2, 2016

September 13, part 2

We drifted through the trees, following the hover shuttle path that led back to the village of Haven. I was impressed with how Earth-like the planet was and said so.

“I think the governor said they started terraforming it with an eye to attracting Earthers before the war even ended,” Betra said. “His exact words were, ‘If we can’t get Earther women to come to Kalquor, maybe we can at least get them to move in next door.’”

I snickered. “I thought he looked like the devious type. No one who smiles like that should be trusted.”

Oses shrugged. “Ospar is a career politician. He’s been a member of the Royal Council and our ambassador to the Galactic Council. Those types always seem to have something going on behind the scenes.”

That made me think of Aslada. He was a territorial governor and had been for some time. Did he have any backroom dealings that I should worry about?

I was too tipsy to care. Besides, politician didn’t have to equal crook, right? One could always hope, especially in Aslada’s case with his brooding good looks.

We left the woods behind. The village wasn’t too far ahead, but I wasn’t in the mood to be with anyone but my sweethearts. “Let’s go that way,” I said, my arm waving about as I tried to point to the stretch of grass with tons of pretty flowers bobbing their pink-petaled heads at us.

“Which way?” Betra teased, his head wobbling from side to side as he followed my pointing finger.

“Yeah, yeah, I know I’ve had too much to drink,” I laughed. “Come on. I want to sit in the sun and enjoy it while I can.”

We wandered into the field, putting the path and woods behind us. The carpet of pink extended for a good five acres I estimated, with trees ringing three sides and a planted field on the other. I went to the middle of it and flopped down on the springy earth to sprawl on my back. I sighed at the glorious stretch of blue sky overhead.

“Wonderful,” I said. “I hate the thought of getting on that transport after being in all this open air.”

“It does seem claustrophobic now that I’m out here,” Betra remarked, sitting down next to me. “This trip had a lot less shore leave than we usually get. We were too busy rushing to get through the unprotected areas of our route. Not much chance of exploring.”

Oses crouched on the other side of me, his gaze looking over the expanse. “Being so ship-bound has worn on my men. The only reason there hasn’t been more fights breaking out was because the women helped them get rid of some of the – tension.” He smirked at me.

“Anything for a good cause,” I giggled. I picked a flower and brushed his nose with it. “Nothing like pussy to soothe the savage beasts.”

Betra threw his head back and laughed. Oses grinned as he batted my flower away. “I’ll take that cure every time.”

I propped myself up on my elbows and had a look around. “I don’t see anyone around. Want a treatment?”

What do you know; it turned out they did. Just call me Dr. Shalia.

The men stretched out on either side of me. Their hands smoothed over my dress, rumpling the skirt as they stroked my body. Happy as always to be the center of attention, I reached for them. Both men swatted my hands.

“Who said you could touch?” Oses demanded. He frowned.

I flushed. Oops. Someone didn’t like having his control contested, even if his pet was slightly drunk. Too drunk to have her wits completely about her. I should have been quaking to have him looking at me like that, but instead giggles began to bubble up. Oses tried to remain stern, but Betra’s snickers ruined his ‘lord and master’ vibe. The Nobek rolled his eyes and shook his head, one corner of his mouth trying to twitch in a smile.

“No more leshella for you,” he said. “And you can stop encouraging her,” he added to the chuckling Imdiko.

“Sorry,” Betra choked, not sounding apologetic at all. He’d had quite a few drinks too.

Sighing as if he’d been given quite the load to bear, Oses turned his attention from the Imdiko. His hand slid beneath my skull, cradling it. His face descended to mine.

Oses brushed his lips over mine, slowly moving his head from side to side so that his mouth caressed me. The motion teased my lips apart, and his tongue swept within to stroke with languorous attention. My body warmed in an instant, and not from the sun beaming down on us from overhead. Oses’ kiss was gentle, but there was command behind it, command that left me trembling. I was inebriated but not insensible to his power. Power that had me smoldering with desire.

I’d been warned about touching but with him leaning over me, kissing me so that the hairs on my head stood up at attention, I couldn’t resist. My fingertips skated over his shoulders and chest, drinking in the hard muscle under his uniform.

“Bad girl,” he whispered against my mouth. “I’m going to have to restrain you. Betra, hold her arms.”

“Yes sir,” the liaison said smartly. That got him a glower from Oses. Betra’s grin disappeared in an instant.

“Apologies,” he whispered, grabbing my hands and pinning them to the ground over my head. This time he sounded like he meant it.

“I’ll deal with you later,” the Nobek promised, a growl in his voice. Betra went pale but said nothing else.

Oses’ attention returned to me. He lifted up to kneel next to me. His hands grasped the skirt of my dress and pulled up, baring my body all the way up to my chest. A breeze wafted over my flushed skin, making me feel naked despite the lacy black bra and panties I wore. Looking me over, Oses made a sound between a grunt and a groan.

“Nice,” Betra said. “I like you in black lace.”

“As do I,” Oses agreed. “Almost as much as I like you out of it.”

With that, he pulled my panties down. The exposure, there in the great outdoors, was particularly profound. Wetness trickled from between my thighs.

Oses lifted one of my legs so my buttock cleared the ground. He delivered a sharp slap to it.

I yelped. “Hey! What was that for?”

“Because I felt like it,” he said in a mild tone.

That Oses could do such a thing brought me to acute awareness of my vulnerability to him and Betra. It made my insides quake and warm. With Betra holding me down, the Nobek could do any damned thing he wanted with me.

He took my bra off. My nipples tightened to feel the warm sun pouring on them. It was odd to have my dress bunched at my throat and my underclothes missing. I felt ravished.

I felt even more so when Oses placed one warm palm on my breast and another on my pussy. It was such a simple gesture, yet it was somehow profound. His hands were on me, as if claiming. Well, he had every right to do so. I’d given him that privilege more times than I could count.

“Spread your legs farther apart,” he said, looking down at me with calm eyes. If it wasn’t for that obvious spicy scent of arousal, he might have been discussing the weather.

My legs crept a little more apart. I was aware of how exposed I was out there in that field. Anyone could come by at any time. What had I been thinking?

Oses took his hand from my mound and licked off the wetness there. Then he smacked my thigh. I yelped at the sharp pain, then moaned as the heat of the strike went straight to my sex.

“Don’t make me tell you to spread your legs again,” Oses said, one brow lifting.

“Sorry Master,” I whimpered. I spread wide for him.

His hand returned to my pussy. He rubbed his thumb up and down my folds, his expression almost absentminded. The thumb of his other hand stroked over my nipple, perking it up to a point. I began to breathe faster.

Discerning my growing excitement, Oses plucked the nipple lightly, sending thrills of brightness through my body. He did it again and then repeated the action with its twin. Meanwhile his thumb continued to trace a slick path up and down my female slit.

He looked up at the sky and then at Betra. “It’s nice here. A lot of wide open empty places.”

Betra nodded. “I am enjoying it. I can’t see either of us settling down as farmers though.”

Oses laughed. “No, planting fields is certainly not an interest of mine.”

I wasn’t sure what to think. Here I was, mostly naked, one man holding me down and the other teasing all my girly parts ... and they were having a conversation about farming, of all things.

However, Oses was still giving me attention. His next pinch wasn’t as gentle as those that came before. He trapped my nipple in a firm grip and tightened until I moaned and writhed. The stab of hurt brought that strange sense of pleasure I always experienced when he was controlling like that. I arched, my body begging for more.

He released it instead and smiled down at the swollen bit. His thumb stroked my folds, heightening pleasure. I felt honey seeping from me, wetting his hand.

“She’s extremely excited, my Imdiko. Would you like a taste?” Oses smirked at Betra.

Irritation warred with eagerness. “From your hand, I suppose,” he said, his face darkening with embarrassment.

“Of course.”

Betra struggled as he always did when Oses offered something that meant a hint of intimacy and loss of control. Yet Oses’ offer held a taste of humiliation too, and that was Betra’s biggest weakness.

“Fine,” he said, his head lowering as he refused to look the Nobek in the face. “I want it.”

Oses’ hand left my pussy, my juices glistening on his dark flesh. He pushed his thumb and each wet finger in the Imdiko’s mouth to be sucked clean.

When he was done, Oses cupped my sex again, and his thumb began tracing once more. He played with my unpinched breast, making the nipple on that side hard and tight before pinching it too. He held it in his vise-like grip until I couldn’t stop myself from rubbing my twat against his other hand. Then he released my nipple and I cried out to feel the blood rushing into the engorged nub.

I was so aroused that I could feel my pulse beating away in my clit. I would have given anything for Oses to touch me there.

The Nobek watched me with heavy-lidded eyes. His strokes were languorous, as if he had all day to torment me. He was nowhere near my clit, where I wanted him most of all. My hips bucked helplessly, trying to find contact and failing.

Oses suddenly shoved a finger inside me. I gasped to be entered in such an abrupt way. My channel closed over the digit, greedy to be filled. He worked it in and out, watching me take him with lazy interest.

A second finger invaded. For an instant the rush of excitement made my thighs draw together. I got a warning look, Oses’ brows descending low over his eyes. Frightened by the stern expression, I spread wide again. I didn’t want him to stop, not when that sweet fluttering had begun in earnest in my gut.

Oses pressed against my sheath, searching. My body galvanized as he found the good place, the part that made my toes curl and my heels drum against the ground. A grin twisted up one side of Oses’ mouth.

“There it is. My pet’s favorite place to be stroked.”

His fingers drummed in and out of me, rubbing against that hot, eager place. Molten energy poured from his touch into my core, sparking higher with each thrust. My insides twisted and churned. My body broke out in a sweat as I strained towards fulfillment.

Then Oses pulled his fingers free, smiling as I wailed in bereavement. But not surprise. I’d expected him to push me like he always does.

This time Betra didn’t hesitate to lick me from the Nobek’s fingers. If he’d been a puppy, I think his tail would have wagged.

Oses went back to that wonderful-awful thumb stroke he’d used before fingerfucking me to near climax. He lay next to me so that he could kiss my breasts, his mouth wet, hot, and open. Between kisses he rumbled, “I like you this way, pet. Trembling. Gasping for breath. Your pussy wet and clenching, hoping I’ll shove my cock into it.”

I panted. My vision was blurred, most of my concentration on his mouth pleasuring my tits and his thumb playing over my folds. Oses was getting me to where I couldn’t think past the sensations. The calloused pad of his thumb came in occasional contact with my clit, setting off shivery jolts that raced up my spine and into my skull. He nipped the swollen tips of my breasts with hard teeth, adding to the bursts of sensation. I shuddered under the delicious assault.

I was dimly aware of puffs of breeze cooling my sweating skin, of making tendrils of my hair dance and sway. I knew Betra’s hands held me securely, keeping me pinned helpless to the ground. I heard the chirp of birds as they called to one another.

But those things entered my consciousness only a little. Most of me was concerned with Oses’s hands and mouth as he used them expertly on me.

Then his lips were gone, his intense gaze resting on my face. My sight filled with those purple eyes with their cat-slitted pupils. He watched me as two fingers again entered my pussy, the tips rubbing hard against the point of explosive pleasure as his thumb drew circles around my clit.

 My mouth opened, a blast of breath escaping from me in a rush as my cunt clutched hard around his driving fingers. I jerked on the ground, unable to stop myself from moving. I swear I could feel my clit swelling like a balloon in response to Oses’ fondling. A high-pitched whistling sound emitted from my throat.

“That’s it. Losing all thought now. All conscious control except to obey what I want of you.” Oses’ voice sounded distant but still powerful. His will was mine, and I had no choice but to bow to it.

Exquisite rapture built in my belly, driving me inch by inch into inevitable orgasm. I was trapped between wanting that beautiful cataclysm and needing to wait for my master’s permission. I swung from one extreme to the next, like a pendulum that couldn’t stop, couldn’t settle on one side.

“Sweet little pet,” Oses purred, his eyes still holding me with that penetrating stare. “Laying here under my power, unable to deny me the delight of doing as I wish with you.”

I moaned, a plaintive, pleading note. The Nobek’s answer was to shove a third finger inside me and thrust faster than ever. His thumb rubbed right over my clit, making my whole body draw tight.

“You may come for me,” Oses whispered.

Climax gathered me into its tight grip, coalescing all the brilliant points of pleasure in one blinding spot. I went stiff all over as sweeping sensation fused for a brief moment. Then it flung wide, filling every nerve, every cell, every mote of my being with a brutal rush of feeling. I blew apart in an ecstatic explosion.

It didn’t end in that one sweet detonation, however. Oses continued to drum into me, his thumb unmerciful as it swirled wetly over my clit. I went off again, and then a third time until I could no longer draw breath.

This time Oses licked his own fingers clean. “Delicious,” he told me. “Let me know when you’re ready for more.”

Was he kidding? I was only now finding the ability to think again, to find myself back on Haven. Tiny post-orgasm surges trembled the walls of my pussy still.

Maybe my disbelief showed on my face, because Oses chuckled. Then his thumb swept over my clit, sending fresh tremors of bliss into my stomach.

“Oh please,” I moaned, not sure if I asked for more or for him to stop. I was as weak as a kitten after that last triple-decker.

The Nobek chuckled again. He plunged two fingers back inside me, making the flush of arousal creep over my body yet again. However, he only stayed long enough to get the digits good and wet, making them slick so he could tease my tighter entrance open.

I relaxed, letting him stretch me without complaint. I was his and Betra’s, should Oses allow our Imdiko third to join in on the fun. He might not. With Oses, we never could tell what was going to happen.

As if sensing my thoughts, the Nobek’s gaze flicked up to take in Betra. “So patient, my Imdiko,” he said in an approving tone.

“It was thrilling to watch.” Betra’s voice sounded thick. His eyes burned purple fire as he looked at my prone, sweat-sheened body laid out like a sacrifice.

“Is watching enough of a reward? Or would you like her face in your lap, those pretty lips wrapped around your cocks until you spill down her throat?”

Betra gasped and his eyes widened. “Please, my Nobek.”

“Very well.” Oses withdrew his fingers from my tingling backside and gave my ass an authoritative slap. “Turn over and suck him, pet.”

I would have sworn seconds ago that I didn’t have the strength to move. I was still loose-limbed and slack, my arms and legs flopping sloppily as Betra released me and I rolled over onto my belly. The fragrant grass and flowers were soft beneath my bare skin. It took some effort but not too much to creep up between Betra’s legs towards the massive bulge in his trousers.

As I neared the promised land, the scent of the Imdiko’s arousal filled my nostrils. The man smelled luscious, that sweetish-cinnamon scent that mixed so nicely with the deeper aroma of male. My mouth watered in anticipation of tasting him.

His eyes had gone dark with desire. Whether from watching Oses make me come or the eager way I stalked a mouthful of his cocks, I didn’t know. Didn’t care. I zeroed in on him, my pace hurrying as he pulled the crotch seam of his trousers open.

His cocks lifted into view, hard and slick, the veins on the undersides thrumming with excitement. The heady aroma of his arousal filled my head. I fell on him, ready to devour like a starved wolverine.

His flavor was an explosion against my tongue. I took the long, hot length of his secondary cock in my mouth, feeling his frantic pulse against my tongue as he slid over it. I swallowed as much of him as I could.

Betra’s warm hands were reaching beneath me, grabbing at my breasts as I moved my head up and down over him. He groaned in appreciation as those big paws cupped my tits. I didn’t know if it was for my mouth or boobs. Either way, my ego was satisfied.

As I sucked hungrily on one cock and then the next, my hands working whichever one my mouth wasn’t pleasuring, Betra squeezed my breasts and toyed with my nipples. They swelled tight under his control, sending sparkling tingles straight down to my clit. He gave them pinches and tugs that added darts of exquisite pain to the growing excitement. Then he rolled them between fingers and thumbs, making them burn with friction.

All the while, I sucked his cocks, delighting in the smooth, supple skin that covered the harder iron of erect flesh. He tasted every bit as good as he smelled, better when a few drops of sweetish-salty-spicy pre-cum rewarded my efforts.

He patted my breasts with light slaps, the stings an exciting accompaniment to all the rest. I was so lost in the pleasure he offered and the pleasure I wanted to give that I completely forgot about Oses until I felt his mouth on the back of my thigh.

He gave me a wet, hot kiss, like he might have given my mouth ... or the eager pussy only inches away. Then another on the opposite thigh. He went back to the first, and this time I felt the scrape of his teeth as his mouth sucked gently on my skin. Then to the other thigh to deliver the same treatment.

Oses alternated back and forth, his attentions growing in intensity with each round. I received tiny nips up to where my legs creased at the edge of my sex. The little bits of pain accentuated my pussy’s growing ache of desire. I whimpered my distressed excitement around Betra’s cocks.

Then there was a stronger bite, one that really hurt. I wailed against my mouthful of prick as rapture blasted through my core. Then it was gone, leaving a throbbing so close to where I wanted that man’s mouth on me.

I tensed, waiting for him to do it again to my other thigh. I felt the heat of his breath as he approached, getting nearer. His lips closed over my skin. Then came the blunt strength of his teeth, closing over my flesh, tightening slowly, pinching like a clothespin. Pain blossomed and grew, but the heavy bliss weighting my cunt expanded as well. A harder bite, making elation soar. My mouth came off Betra as I arched and wailed.

Oses held the pressure for a moment more, showing his command over me, how he would yield only when he was ready to do so. Then he released the bite. His scratchy tongue ran over the pulsing flesh, each flick winding inward to come near my aching pussy. My sex quivered, needing him to touch it.

He did, but not with his tongue. Instead his hand cupped me, pressing hard against everything ... including my swollen clit. I moaned as desire clutched greedily at my needy flesh.

Oses’s voice held a slight note of reproving. “Did anyone tell you to stop sucking Betra?”

“I’m sorry, masters,” I gasped and immediately filled my mouth with delicious Imdiko. He sighed in response, his hand cupping the back of my head and pushing me down on himself.

After giving me a couple of seconds to re-establish a pleasing rhythm on our lover, Oses went back to tormenting me. His rough fingertip tapped my clit, sending quakes of pleasure through me. “Your mouth is mind to command, so you will continue to use it on Betra. This pussy is mine to command. Your ass is mine to fuck.”

His tone was stern, with no hint of compromise. I belonged to him. I had no claim on myself. I didn’t want it anyway. Why would I when his tongue chose that moment to deliver a long, slow lick over my pussy?

Fireworks sizzled through me. I’d have lost my pace if Betra didn’t direct it with a handful of my hair. Oh sweet prophets, I was under the control of both men. The thought as much as Oses laving me made pleasure surge like a tidal wave.

I shuddered as that wicked tongue flicked over my clit. And again. Oh merciful heavens. He kept delivering attention to the engorged nub, sometimes quick, sometimes lingering. My ass kept lifting in the air, entreating Oses for more.

He nipped the outer lip of my sex. The surprise jolt of pain took my breath away. Then another sweet, slow licking, this time his tongue curling all around my clit. My eyes rolled back in ecstasy. Another nip made me squeal, but it increased the heat in my belly. He was driving me insane.

His tongue shoved deep into my pussy. My feet drummed against the ground to feel him inside me. He withdrew. Nipped. Gave my clit a couple of quick flicks with the tip of his tongue.

I was vaguely aware that Betra was moving, getting to his knees so that he knelt rather than sat in front of me. His hands cupped the sides of my head, bringing my head up so I remained level with his groin. He held me like that, pushing his primary cock past my lips. His hips swung slowly back and forth, fucking my mouth.

Oses’s tongue made a slow path from my clit up my slit. Then he was gone, leaving me shaking with need. My hips thrust back, begging for more attention. Begging him to let me come.

When the Nobek returned, it was with a vengeance. I had just half a second to register slight pressure against my ass. He pressed in, shoving his primary cock in the tighter passage. As his bullet-shaped shaft widened, spreading me open, the secondary entered my pussy.

My senses clamored as he pushed in, taking me while Betra had my mouth. My eyes must have rolled to the back of my head. It felt like every inch of me throbbed, my whole body burning as the men had me at the same time. They were exactly where I needed them, making me a part of them, letting me link them.

I was swamped by it all. It was so intense I could hardly stand it. My insides pulsed and stormed and raged as they held me between themselves, their hips pumping as they enjoyed me. Possessed me. My consciousness swirled higher and higher, making me dizzy and euphoric all at once. They thrust with demand, the pleasure they gave exalting and tormenting. I tensed as my insides wound up tight, making it hard to breathe. I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t make it stop.

Rough hands reached beneath me, the calloused fingers searching between my legs. Oh no. He would kill me. As taut as I was, climax would blast me to pieces. I gurgled a plea around the cock driving in my mouth.

There was no mercy. Oses grabbed my clit, rubbing the hypersensitive bit as his groin slapped hard against my ass. I shattered. My world tore apart, vicious rapture wrenching through me.

The men kept riding me, and the Nobek kept stroking my clit. My body galvanized once more. My heartbeat thundered in my ears, drowning out the screams I knew poured from my throat. Elation pounded through me until I couldn’t tell where one convulsion started and another ended.

Somewhere in the maelstrom, Betra and Oses joined my thrill ride. I heard intermittent bellows. When climax settled into the aftershock phase, I tasted the Imdiko’s offering on my tongue.

I found my face cradled against Betra’s thighs, my shaking arms and legs folded beneath me. Oses was still inside me, his moans punctuating each jerking throb of his cocks as they pumped the last of his passion into me.

Later we three lay sprawled in our meadow, watching cotton ball clouds float across the powder blue sky while we finished off the leshella. “Sure you two don’t want to become farmers here?” I teased the men.

“Only if I get to plant my cock like that twice a day,” Oses mumbled lazily.

Our laughter drifted in the lazy breeze. What a great day.