Monday, May 2, 2016

September 7, part 1

If a song was ever written about me, the first verse would be something like: My name is Shalia Monroe/I find lots of trouble wherever I go.

Yes, even in the supposed safety of Empire space, surrounded by Kalquorian military, I managed to get into another tight spot. Today was quite the adventure.

It all started with randy Candy ... that’s what I’m threatening to call her from now on, in front of everyone. I was finishing my first cup of coffee and readying to put on my workout gear when she showed up.

I eyed her short skirt and ruffled blouse. “I’m guessing you don’t intend to go on our morning run?”

“When I have so many other opportunities to work out?” Her smile was an evil leer, an expression not suited for Miss Perky’s face. “Blow off exercise for the day, Shalia. We only had a run scheduled for today anyway since the training area is still off-limits. Come with me back to Rel Station.”

“I can work on blade fighting here in my quarters once I’m done with my run.” I folded my arms over my chest and tried on a disapproving mother expression. I need the practice for when Anrel becomes a teenager and has less adorable moments. “Besides, what am I going to do on Rel besides ogle the guys?”

“Isn’t gazing at all that meat enough?” Candy laughed. “I saw the most amazing Nobek yesterday, Shalia. He’s a head trainer or something, but I’m too nervous to approach him on my own. Come with me long enough for me to introduce myself and then I won’t bug you anymore.”

“What, the youngsters weren’t enough for you? You’ve got to seduce their superiors too?” I teased, but I was already heading for my room to pick out something to wear.

“He’s better than all those boys put together,” Candy gushed, following me and flopping on my sleeping mat. “After having a little fun with a couple of trainees I saw this man yelling at a squad as they jogged around the station. I’ve been thinking about him ever since.” She sat up and gave me a naughty grin. “I even followed him into a restricted part of the station.”

My eyes popped wide at that. “Are you nuts?”

She waved me off. “I didn’t get caught. Besides, what would if I was? I’m a Matara, and my womb is the future of Kalquor. I get a free pass on everything.”

She had a point. I had to laugh over the whole ‘my womb is the future of Kalquor’ statement.

“I’ll have to ask Katrina if she’ll watch Anrel for longer than I’d originally planned. Plus I haven’t had breakfast yet,” I said as I pulled on a blouse.

“We’ll hit up the mess hall on the station,” Candy said. “I don’t know how to find my dreamboat anyway, not without sneaking back in the restricted area where his training room is.”

“They might not put you in a prison camp, but there will still be repercussions if you get caught,” I said. I tugged a pair of pants on.

Candy’s eyes went round. I was amazed to see them fill with tears. Her lower lip trembled and her voice wavered as she said, “Gosh, I’m awfully sorry I went in the wrong room. I didn’t realize it would make you so mad. Please don’t punish me.” A tear streaked down her cheek.

I shook my head. “Damn, Candy. I didn’t know you were such an actress.” I shoved my feet into a pair of slip-ons.

She grinned and blotted the moisture off her face. “It comes in handy every now and then. Com Katrina and let’s go have some fun.”

I sighed. But hey, a gal lives only once. Like Candy said, how much trouble could the desperately needed wombs for Kalquor get into?

Ah, famous last words.


  1. We all have one of those friends. lol an "Eddie Haskell"if you will. Yes, I'm that old, I remember "Leave it to Beaver"

  2. That's it....I'm buying the I HAVE to