Thursday, April 28, 2016

September 6, part 2

When I heard Oses’ growly voice answer my com I said, “Tell me you’re not working past your shift. I’m in need of a big, strong Nobek.”

“I’m on my way,” came the blunt answer.

I closed the door between my sleeping room where Anrel dozed and the sitting room. My clothes went flying as I readied for Oses’ arrival.

I was still in my underwear when he stepped in. “Holy smokes, did you run all the way?” I said with a breathless laugh.

“The situation sounded desperate,” he grinned. “Did you see something you liked on the space station?”

“Just the shortest, tightest pants in the universe,” I tossed my bra off as he moved towards me. “You need a pair like those.”

“You don’t.” He grabbed the waistband of my panties and tore them off my body. Glory hallelujah. “Who has the baby?”

“She’s in the next room.”

“I guess I’ll have to put something in your mouth to keep you quiet then. Down, woman.”

I sank to my knees before him, my insides quivering in anticipation. I bowed my head though I rolled my eyes upward to watch Oses pull his pants open. He revealed two big veined cocks, eager for my mouth. I licked my lips and opened.

Oses grabbed the back of my head forcefully while pushing his front cock up and out of the way. He slid the smaller rear one into my mouth, making me take the full length with a grunt.

I swallowed, refuting the gag reflex that wanted to come. Oses withdrew slowly, his eyes dark as he watched his shaft emerge from my mouth. His fingers tightened against my scalp. I crossed my wrists behind my back, submitting to his desires.

His mouth opened, showing his fangs. My pussy spasmed to see him animalistic with need. I rubbed my tongue over the underside of the departing prick, knowing how sensitive he was there. He growled at me and swung his hips forward again, filling my mouth full of cock once more.

He pumped back and forth, feeding me with his smaller length over and over again. I gloried in the delicious assault, feeling his strength, tasting his sex. How I love being Oses’s to enjoy! I could have knelt there forever, letting him fuck my mouth. I felt like I’d been born for this pleasure alone.

His length gave a jerk and he hissed. He pulled free of my eager devouring and looked about the room. “The table,” he choked out and gave my hair a careful pull.

I followed his prodding to the low table that sat before my lounger. Oses gave me the illusion of brutal control in that he tugged me by the hair to the furniture. However, he kept his pace slow as I walked on my knees beside him, making sure he didn’t hurt me by dragging me where he wanted me.

Even when he’s rough, he’s tender in his way. I adore that about him.

He pushed me facedown onto the table. The hard surface supporting me was cool against my bare breasts and belly. His rough hand moved from my hair to press between my shoulders. The other hand caressed my buttocks, massaging deep into the muscle. I moaned.

I was rewarded with a smart slap to the right ass cheek. I yelped and the left side got a share of punishment too. Then two thick fingers plunged into my pussy, shoving in and out with little finesse and a lot of energy.

“Oh! Oh!” I whimpered, mindful of the sleeping baby in the next room despite the growing thrall.

“Hot, wet pussy,” Oses murmured. “Did you like getting your mouth fucked, pet?”

“Always,” I groaned, my toes kicking at the padded floor as he thrust hard and fast inside me.

“And your ass spanked?” Oses’ fingers left me to deliver a couple more blistering smacks to my butt.

“Yes, Master,” I gasped.

His fingers shoved back in me. “I know you love having this pussy fucked. My tongue, fingers, or cocks; you love them all, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I said to the rhythm of his working hand.

His fingers pulled out again, and I got a few more exciting whacks to my butt. The hand between my shoulder blades moved to grasp me by the back of my neck, holding me in place while Oses knelt between my legs. I sing-songed a wordless welcome as I felt his larger cock burrow against my pussy.

We were both slick with excitement. Oses slid inside me with no effort at all. Hell, I was so eager for him, I think my crotch might have damn near sucked him inside. His smaller cock rubbed my clit and my guts clenched at the burst of sensation.

He drove against me steadily, his groin pounding against my still throbbing ass as he took me. Held down by that hand gripping my neck, I could only lay there as he fucked me. My feet drummed up and down on the floor as bliss climbed higher. I made a loud cry and bit my lips together as I remembered Anrel in the other room.

Oses grunted softly as he pushed deep inside and drew out again. “I’m watching my cock spear your helpless little pussy,” he muttered just loud enough for me to hear. “Take it, pet. Take every bit of it. You have no choice. Take my cock and like it.”

Oh, that evil man knows what trips my switches. Making me powerless and then reminding me of it ... I was lost to his power. I whimpered under the delicious assault, succumbing to his greater strength.

“That’s right, pet. I’m going to fuck you every which way I want, and then I’ll fuck you some more.”

With that, Oses pulled out of me, leaving me empty and needing. Before I could voice my dismay, he picked me up and tossed me like a ragdoll onto the lounger. I landed in pliant softness, my limbs sprawling.

Before I could recover, Oses came storming around the table. In an instant he was crouched over me, shoving my legs wider apart so he could stuff his cocks in my pussy and ass. Then he pounded in me again, that hard, punishing rhythm beating within two sleeves.

While he fucked me like a pile driver, he mauled my breasts. His hands groped and his voracious mouth sucked. The big man curled over like he had the vertebrae of a snake between getting his face on my chest and shoving his dicks in me. I would have been impressed except I was too invested in enjoying getting laid. What talent that man had.

Heated pleasure sizzled from all parts of my body. I loved the rough way Oses took me, the energy and focus and pure physicality of it. I writhed and kicked beneath him, pleasure arcing higher with every stroke of his sex, every squeeze of his hands, every nip of his teeth. Good glory, he rode me like a man possessed.

Arousal billowed thick, making me clamp down on his driving cocks. A rumble came from deep in his throat at the constriction, and he slammed harder than ever into me. Ecstasy stabbed deep into my gut. I arched beneath him with a muffled cry. My legs wrapped around his ass, encouraging him to take me harder than ever. Chills and flashes of heat chased each other through my limbs as ever-increasing excitement grew heavy in my belly.

Oses left off my breasts. His lips planted over mine, and his tongue invaded my mouth. I opened to him, eager for every intrusion he offered. I tasted him; a delicious musky flavor that tasted of man and beast. My head whirled.

Oses stood, taking me with him. Still skewered on his sexes, I was zoomed across the room towards one wall where no furniture stood. At the last possible second, Oses slowed down. He pinned me to the wall with strength, but he didn’t slam me there.

He started that demanding pistoning of his hips again, making me move up and down the wall at my back. His mouth found mine again to demand kisses so intense I couldn’t breathe for seconds at a time. My arms locked around his neck with the same strength that my legs circled his buttocks. He pounded against me, making my ass thud against the wall. Heaven help my neighbor if she was home.

Trapped between hard Kalquorian and immoveable wall, the inner fire consuming me banked higher than ever. Oses’ hunger for sex was as exciting as the act itself. All that brute power and insistent need fed the arousal. It was every bit as intoxicating as the deep kiss that stole the oxygen from my lungs, as the feeling of his body plastered against mine, of my clit rubbing sparks against his groin, as the cocks that plumbed my channels with aching friction. Every hair on my body felt as if it stood at attention. Electricity must have been snapping from my fingertips and toes. My stomach twisted as rapture dug in tight.

Oses moved me again. I found myself perched on the edge of a shelf attached to the wall, mementos of my trip knocked to the floor. The new angle allowed Oses’ larger cock to rub just right inside my pussy, and molten thrills raced up my spine. I inched ever closer to detonation. Exhilaration grew exponentially with each thrust. I felt culmination latching onto me, dragging me into its hungry embrace. My whole body clenched, readying for destruction.

Before it hit me, Oses swung me down to the floor. He got on top of me, his bulk heavy on my body, holding me down as he rutted like an animal. Blanketed by Nobek, I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to move. I closed in on the end, and my entire being flung wide to welcome it.

Oses grunted, the sound halfway between man and animal. His head strained back, letting me see the expression on his face. His features were stark, as feral as I’d ever seen him as his rhythm quickened. It excited me, this wild, almost crazed look. His groin beat a constant tattoo of thuds against me, sending explosive shocks of heated excitement through my entire body. He drove me ever forward towards culmination. The tendons in his neck stood out. His mouth yawned wide in a soundless howl. He fucked me harder and faster than ever, making the piercing rapture a constant scream within my cunt.

I detonated, bliss pouring through me in a violent burst that would not end. My body seized, unable to let go of the elation erupting right to my very soul. I hung there on that torturous outpouring of pleasure for an eternity.

Then the monumental climax washed from me, leaving small seizures of delight in its wake. I found myself laying on Oses, who gasped as his cocks throbbed steady pulses of release within me.

“Did we make it?” I asked when I was able to talk again. “Did we mark every last surface in this room?”

“Missed the table by the door,” he managed between huffing breaths. “We’ll have to try again later.”

That sounds like a worthwhile goal.


  1. Hey Tracy, loving this, even though,I have cheated and bought the book, I love re reading still each and every Monday and Thursday. One thing I would ask and am curious about, if I missed it please let me know, I looked back at the previous books, and do not see a picture of how you picture Shalia, I would really love to see one, if you have not a
    Ready posted one that I just have missed, if so please let me know, in any case loving this as said, but am already eager for the next, that was the one bad thing buying the book early, the wait until the next one. LOL

    1. Hey, i'm glad you like it enough to read it again! That's great. As for Shalia, she looks like you. I have never given her a description, race, age, etc. because I want the readers to be able to picture themselves as Shalia.

    2. Right there with you Marcey. I have shed many tears, since the beginning of Shalias adventures, and very clever Tracy, I do not ever recall reading, another that wrote a book with that perspective in mind. I love it even more now. Can't wait for more!

  2. Oh, wow. I never thought about that. Now, I know why I get all misty eyed here lately. Slowly, my time with Betra and Oses is coming to an end. I'm sad because I'll miss them so much. :'(