Monday, April 25, 2016

September 6, part 1

Hmm. I might have to look on my lottery list to find out if I have any potential clans enlisted in Kalquor’s ground troops. Today was certainly an eye-opener.

The Pussy ‘Porter has stopped at a fleet station for our most desperately needed repairs. It’s a military facility, not a fun stop-off like the station in Adraf space. We’re bouncing off the walls with our end destination so close though. The transport is still a mess. So we’ve been granted shore leave to get a change of scenery. As long as we stay out of secured areas, we can roam around Rel Station all we like while we’re here.

“It’s not going to have dance clubs or stores with clothes and gifts or anything like that,” Betra warned his group before we were turned loose on Rel. “It’s a fleet facility where our destroyers and fighters come for supplies and train ground troops on the protocols they face on board our ships.”

Megan waggled her eyebrows. “Ooh, are we talking young Nobeks?”

“You’ve moved on from Clan Dabil already?” I asked.

“Had to. They were too sweet, especially Tep. I was afraid I’d get attached.”

Betra sighed. “Yes, there are many young Nobeks training here. Very impulsive, very excitable, very physical Nobeks. Just the way you ladies like them.”

He was answered with squeals and women nudging each other with lecherous grins. Betra rubbed his hand over his face with resignation. Hey, what did he expect? It was shore leave and a lot of the women with their now awakened sexuality needed new blood. I was one of the few who kept to her favorites.

So off we went, ready to explore the space station. I took Anrel along because I didn’t have anyone else to sit with her. Having her with me would also keep Betra and Oses from thinking I was on the prowl. I wasn’t, but I knew there would be a lot of entertainment in watching the rest of my Matara shipmates.

I was right. The station was as cold and functional as Betra had warned us it would be. With all the astonished fleet officers and training ground troops staring at us – and being openly ogled in return – no one cared that there were only two drinking lounges, a custom weapons dealer, a dining hall, and a gym to check out. Most of us settled in the lounges. The fleet personnel who were in there wasted no time vying to buy rounds of drinks for us. I politely declined since I was bouncing my baby on my knee.

Anrel got a lot of stares from the men. They were fascinated with her, probably because they’d not seen any babies in a long time. Particularly one that had mostly Kalquorian attributes. I saw men nudge each other, whispering and pointing at my little girl.

We watched groups of young soldiers run past the lounge in formation, mostly Nobeks. They wore the tiniest, tightest shorts. I’d seen Larten in such a pair of shorts, and I thought he looked better than any of the young ones. None of my shipmates had seen my beau, so they didn’t know what they were missing. The young trainees in their shorts set off a lot of yells and whistles of appreciation from my lusty sisters. More than one man nearly tripped over his own feet to see a bunch of females cheering them on. Anrel blinked at the noise and then yelled too, joining in the excitement.

Candy laughed after the first group of men ran by. “Careful Shalia. Your daughter is already on the hunt for a sweetheart!”

“No way. I’m going to ask the Temple of Life to establish a convent where they swear to celibacy. She’ll be the first member,” I joked.

Another group of nearly naked men jogged by, and Candy whooped louder than ever. “Hey, handsome! When are you off duty?”

I snickered. “Which one are you calling to?”

“Any that will answer me!”

I laughed, but those men were yummy to watch. Good night, where did they get those skin-tight shorts? And how did they get them on in the first place? I didn’t ask the obvious question that all the other ladies were no doubt wondering; how hard would they be to peel off those taut, muscled buttocks? Yow.

Despite my disinterest in sleeping with anyone besides Betra and Oses ... at least until I reached Kalquor and could get my mitts on Clans Seot and Aslada ... I couldn’t deny the eye candy had an effect on me. Acres of muscles on display gets a gal’s motor running.

Many of my fellow Earthers started disappearing on the arms of fleet personnel and ground troop guys not training during that shift. When Candy sidled off, I decided it was time for Anrel and me to go back to the transport. My baby girl was yawning in anticipation of her nap. As for her mother, sleep was the last thing I wanted to do. My mind was full of muscled shoulders, wide chests, carved butts, and dual cocks outlined by tight material. Damn, those young Nobeks were incredible. I was seriously hot and flustered.

I put Anrel in her crib and watched her drift off. Then I checked the time and grinned as I made my way to my com.