Monday, March 21, 2016

August 28 (part 3)

The Tragoom grabbed me, knocking the blaster out of my hand. The heavy trunk arm circled my waist, pinning my stabbing arm to my side and imprisoning me. I was caught. Worse still, the Tragoom pressed its blaster to the side of my skull.

A funny thing happened then. Time seemed to slow down. Each second was like ten. It was like I had all the time in the world to act. That had never happened to me before.

However the position I was in had happened in the past. It had happened in training with Oses more times than I could count. We had drilled on this very scenario to the point that my body went into action long before my brain knew what was up.

I did not strain to get away from my assailant, as the Tragoom expected me to do. His whole focus was on keeping me from springing forward and breaking free. After all, that’s the instinct of anyone captured in the position I was in. Anyone who had not trained her ass off in defensive techniques, that is.

I dropped down and lunged back towards my captor. Because he was not expecting it, I slid right through his arm to the floor and simultaneously disturbed his balance. As he grabbed at me, I twisted around, coming to my hands and knees to face him. Then I drove forward with all my power, thrusting my knife into the second vulnerable part in a Tragoom’s anatomy – the crotch.

Oses and I had practiced me powering my head into that delicate area, not a knife. Attacking with the blade had been Idow’s contribution, using Larten’s technique which came after rolling into position when fighting an opponent with a longer reach. Thanks to the two blade experts, I’d gotten my lessons in knife fighting from a low posture just in time for the real thing.

Shoving a blade in a Tragoom’s babymaker wasn’t enough to kill it, just make it vulnerable. That was fine. While it rolled around on its back, clutching its crotch and kicking the air while making breathless chuffing noises, I recovered my blaster and blew its midsection out. I did my best to ignore the new stench of blood and released bowels as I yanked my knife free of the nasty thing and wiped it off on the floor.

I noted how many wounds I’d sustained. I bled heavily. My sight seemed a tad blurred too. God, I was tired. But I’d been tired before, particularly when fighting to get through Resan’s workouts. At least I didn’t have to listen to him yelling in my ear. That was a blessing.

I told the exhaustion to fuck off as I listened for the sound of reinforcements coming for me. No, just alarms. The main party of Tragooms was apparently busy doing whatever it was they’d come on board to do. But if they weren’t heading my way, that meant they were moving in the direction I wanted to go too – Medical.

Cursing under my breath, I got moving. I went slowly, being extra careful that time as I made my way past the armory and to the Rehab section. I felt every second that flew by, but I wasn’t going to do Resan any good if I got caught.

Not only did I not encounter any Tragooms on my way to Rehab, but they weren’t in Rehab either. I eyed the hole in the wall worriedly, noting the Tragoom shuttle was still attached. I saw no sign of life in the umbilical passage between the two vessels, but who knew what waited inside the enemy ship?

I could hear a blaster fight going on nearby, punctuated by Kalquorian howls and Tragoom shrieks. Damn it, the battle must be on to protect Medical. I kept my blaster pointed at the breach as I crept through the main physical therapy exercise room. My head swiveled back and forth, keeping an eye on the Tragoom’s access and searching to see if they’d gotten past the jammed door.

Hell yeah, they had. They’d cut through the door and part of the wall, just like they had to get into the ship in the first place. I stared at the big gaping hole through which all the noise of war poured through.

The smart thing would have been to wait it out until the fight ended and hope like hell the good guys had won the day. After all, I was just Shalia playing at guerilla fighter, not an honest-to-God Nobek warrior by any means. I had no business sticking my stupid face where it was likely to get shot off.

Except Resan might be alive and waiting for rescue yet. He’d jumped on me and saved my life when the ceiling came down. I had to return the favor. I was not going to owe that overbearing jerk anything.

And oh yeah, it was the right thing to do. There was that part as well.

I drew a deep breath and stepped through the gaping chasm in the wall. The cave-in had happened all the way to this part of the corridor, but the Tragooms had dug through towards Medical, leaving me a decent path to travel. There was plenty of lighting panel spears to avoid, but I wasn’t moving fast anyway. I saw shadows moving against the wall as the corridor bent, evidence of hulking bodies jerking about. The din of percussion blasters was deafening now.  I grimaced, baring my teeth in anticipation of what I was about to encounter.

I moved past the area where the corridor had caved in. Three yards from the corner. Jeez, the screams. The damned wouldn’t cry out so loud in Hell. I was sure of it.

I got up as close to the wall as the rubble would let me. I peeked around the corner and moaned to see the carnage.

I looked at the backs of about two dozen Tragooms as they fired on Kalquorian defenders in front of the closed percussion-proof doors of Medical. Another couple dozen lay behind them, dead or dying. The stench was horrific.

More horrific was seeing through the constantly shifting enemy positions how few Kalquorians were defending Medical. Half a dozen Nobek warriors? No more than eight, that was for sure. They pressed against Medical’s recessed doorway, popping out to fire at the Tragooms, which advanced slowly – but they advanced. I moaned again to see the front line of piggy bastards holding their dead comrades as shields against the Kalquorian blasters.

As I watched, a Tragoom was hit in the head by a well-aimed blast. He dropped. But they still outnumbered the Nobeks. They kept surging forward, gaining ground. The Kalquorians guarding Medical would soon have to retreat or they would die.

I sheathed my knife and pulled the second blaster from my belt. A person can’t aim two blasters at the same time. At this close range, I wouldn’t have to. All I had to do was point in a general direction and start shooting.

Which is what I did. The Tragooms at the back of the group threatening my shipmates went down satisfyingly fast, the middle of their spines erupting fluids everywhere. I tore through their flanks, taking half a dozen out of the fight before they realized they had a battle on two sides.

The confusion allowed the Kalquorian squad to mow down even more. By the time I had to duck behind the corner or get blasted in two, at least two-thirds of the enemy was dead. I popped out to get in a few more shots and saw only five left, struggling through the obstacle course of bodies to flee the screaming Kalquorians now advancing on them. It looked like the boys had things well in hand, and I hadn’t come all this way to get killed by friendly fire. So I darted back into my quiet section of the hallway and waited for the shooting to stop.

One Tragoom got through however, barreling a retreat so fast that it nearly trampled me in its rush to escape. I blasted it as I jumped back. Then Kalquorians rounded the corner and they blasted it too in a volley of roaring blasters. It was barely recognizable as any species when all was said and done.

One man turned to me, his face Nobek-rabid with fighting passion. I recognized him as Weapons Subcommander Ebnad, second in ship’s security only to Oses.

“Where are the rest? Who came with you?” he demanded.

“You’re looking at all three of us,” I said. “Me, myself, and I. Excuse me, Subcommander. I have to get to Medical asap.”

He grimaced as he searched my face, but that didn’t erase the look of shock that crossed his handsome finely-boned visage. “Yes, I would agree.”


  1. WOW Loving Shalia becoming the ultimate bad ass! I can't wIt to see all the reactions to the carnage she inflicted! Waits anxiously fo Thursday!!!!

  2. Go Shalia!!! Tracy you have me totally captivated by this story. Reading about Shalia is the first thing I do every Monday and Thursday. Keep

  3. Our Shalia has come a long way thanks to Betra, Oses and all the others.
    I'm with Monique I start the week with Tracy and most of the time I try not to read Thursday's until Friday to finish the week. Tracy keep writing I'll keep reading.

  4. Yea, I love a woman who is not afraid to use her balls, loving it Tracy, thanks

  5. Yea, I love a woman who is not afraid to use her balls, loving it Tracy, thanks

  6. Loved this one, Shalia is a bad ass and it's going to get even better as she insists someone go after Resan, Absolutely can't wait until Thursday. Thank you Tracy