Thursday, February 18, 2016

August 25 (part 3)

Betra and Oses were willing to go along with my demand. To cheer me up, Oses slung me over his shoulder and carried me into the sleeping room like the wonderful barbarian he is. I laughed for real over the caveman antics.

He tossed me on the bed hard enough to make me bounce. “Okay, you beast,” I grinned. “I’m impressed with the ‘me man, you woman,’ bit.

Betra chuckled, having followed us into the room. “You did say enough sentimental shit. Which is good, since it’s not Oses’ strong suit.”

Oses gave him a look of pretended hurt ... a hilarious look on that face. “Are you saying I can’t be emotional? You two wound me.”

“Yeah, right.” I threw a pillow at him. He batted it back at me, his expression returning to its usual ‘I am Oses and nobody fucks with me’ look that he wears for the most part. Ah, I adore him in his typical no-nonsense personality.

“Maybe I’m not the most tender person,” he said, taking on a contemplative attitude.

Betra snorted and rolled his eyes. “You say the most obvious things.”

Oses arched a brow at him. “I do believe I’m being challenged. I bet I can be every bit as gentle with Shalia as you.”

Betra stared at him in surprise. “You? Maybe in your sleep.” He grinned. “But it’s worth seeing you try. I’ll take that challenge.”

Oses looked down at me. “What do you think, Shalia? Are you willing to let me show you how sweet a Nobek warrior can be?”

Oses sweet? That would be an accomplishment. He’s trustworthy, loyal, sexy, and amazing ... but sweet is not a word I could imagine associating with my big, bad friend. Still, I was not one to refuse being the center of these men’s attentions for any reason.

“Show me what you’ve got,” I agreed.

“We’ll start by undressing her,” Oses said.

Betra bent and snagged one of my feet. He carefully undid the strap that held my high-heeled sandal in place, then lifted the shoe away. He rubbed my freed foot, erasing the tension that wearing fashionable footwear tends to bring on.

Oses watched him and repeated the action with the other foot. He was every bit as careful as Betra had been, performing the task with a delicacy I would have thought impossible for those big hands. The biggest difference was the rough callouses that Oses had on his fingers, a harshness that tends to thrill me more than take away from his touch.

“Nice,” I sighed.

“Now for the dress,” Betra said.

Both men slid their arms behind my back, lifting me from my prone position where Oses had dropped me before the challenge started. The back seam purred open from their careful tugs on either side, and they slid the dress from me. Again Oses was just as deft as the Imdiko, his handling downright delicate.

“Impressive,” I complimented him as I was laid back down in nothing but my underwear. “And a nice change of pace for us.”

“Do you prefer it?” Oses asked, his brows drawing down. I thought he looked a bit concerned.

“I like that it’s different from what we usually do,” I answered. “It’s good to try new things. But I do love me some strong, demanding Oses. Don’t get used to treating me with kid gloves.”

I winked at him. His grin said the matter was settled.

“Close your eyes,” Betra told me, lounging to my right. “You can judge how gentle he is better if you reduce your senses.”

He was right. Cutting out sight would enhance feeling. I was more than happy to shut my eyelids and wait for the next steps.

Fingers stroked through my hair, light as a mother’s loving touch. They went on to stroke my right cheek. A moment later, I felt Oses’ weight settle on the mat on my left. I received the same treatment on the other side.

Betra rained light kisses over my face, moth wing brushes over forehead, nose, cheeks, lips, and chin. Oses took his turn. The Nobek has plumper lips than Betra, the most sensual feature on his rough face. His kisses covered more surface and were more like the flutter of a bird’s feather ... but they were still quite tender. I sighed happily.

Betra’s next move was a more profound kiss, one in which his tongue slid over my lips. My mouth parted open instinctively, allowing him to taste deeper. There was the most delicate of demand there, a quiet insistence that I submit to his invasion. His tongue quested with cautious exploration, a slow savoring of the silky interior of my mouth. It stroked its twin with gentle encouragement, fondling it with persuasive care before retreating.

Such a simple thing, a kiss. Yet the crotch of my panties were soaked. Betra has always done amazing things with his mouth. His kisses had aroused me to the brink of climax before, needing only a slight touch to my clit to set me off. It was a good thing the challenge was only to prove Oses could be as tender as Betra. He’d have his work cut out for him if he hoped to match the Imdiko’s gift of orgasmic kissing.

Oses is talented in his own right, however. He might not light up my senses as strongly as Betra does when it comes to oral mouth play, but he does pretty damn good. My toes curled as those plush full lips settled over mine. His tongue investigated me with as much care as Betra had. The pressure was a bit more firm, and Oses tasted wilder than the Imdiko. I knew he held back and sensing the force behind his restraint, knowing the furious lust he could unleash at any moment, fed the excitement that had my toes curling. Betra had won that particular round, but Oses got points for staying in control as much as he did.

The tenderness they used incited a storm of sensation. Every loving caress was as profound as our more tumultuous play. As Betra's hands and mouth trailed down my throat to my breast, my breath came quicker. Every brush of his fingertips and lips pulsed warm, sending trills of pleasure down to my belly. Oses copied him from his side, doubling the sparkly prickly excitement building deep within. My trembling fingers traced over velvet-covered iron shoulders and backs, adding to my lustrous world of feeling.

Palms, one smooth and one raspy, skated over my breasts. Fingers plucked oh-so carefully at my nipples, drawing them into hard points. Tongues lapped at them, making them tighter. Hot mouths suckled, pulling gently at me.

Fingers traced down, investigating the emerging line down the middle of my abdomen, tickling the cup of my navel. They outlined the vee where the legs of my panties lay against my inner thighs. I lost track of whose digits belonged to who when they sketched over the cleft of my sex and drew circles around my clit. Their mouths chased after their hands, kissing and licking their way lower. The sodden fabric of my panties was drawn down, stripped off with slow, meticulous care.

Strong but tender hands parted my legs. Fingers returned to trace my wet folds, mapping me with thorough attention. No morsel of intimate flesh was forgotten; my clit, pussy, and anus received fastidious concentration. They played over the trembling sweetness, making me moan as they tugged, probed, teased, stretched, and kneaded. All the while both men remained scrupulous  with care. Not one harsh touch was offered, nothing rough.

Yet my body was wild with desire. I moaned and writhed. They held me down with the gentlest pressure while they tantalized me with unhurried bliss. Then they started kissing me, mouthing me, and licking me in turns. I was already throbbing with need. The feeling of their lips and tongues on my pussy inflamed my senses.

I’ve had great sex, particularly with those two men. I’ve known mindblowing ecstasy so intense it’s driven me right out of conscious awareness. Yet this exquisite toying that they did, taking turns to painstakingly arouse me with the most delicate of touches, was monumental in its own right. I felt everything with such awareness, it was like reaching a new realm of understanding, something beyond the mortal. It was almost spiritual, this acute awakening of my body.

By the time they left off, I shuddered all over. My insides vibrated with the force of the energy that raced up and down my spine. It was almost too much to bear, yet I kept my eyes closed because I didn’t want to break the spell of all that sensation. I knew Oses when his hands circled my wrists, pinning them over my head. I knew Betra when he took his place between my legs. I knew them perfectly without seeing them because I could feel them so well. It was as if I knew every cell of their bodies by touch alone.

Betra pressed into me, his slick shafts easing into my welcoming core. He pumped slow and sure, his fingers stroking my pulsing clit. Almost immediately I clenched around him, my body igniting. Betra didn’t thrust hard, he didn’t pound ... but after being prepared with vigilant ardor, I was lost to all control. In a matter of seconds I cried out, my womanhood convulsing in long, almost leisurely waves.

“Good girl,” murmured Betra. “That’s it, sweet girl. Come for me.”

With his deliberate lovemaking, it didn’t matter that he continued to work me with an unhurried pace. The first swells of rapture ebbed and grew large again. Once more, orgasm crashed over me. My sheaths seized on the swollen lengths within, drawing hard, making Betra groan. His liquid heat filled me in delicious pulses.

He sighed, sounding happy as he slipped out of me. His body settled next to mine, and he kissed me as Oses took his place.

Again, I was filled again and again with measured strokes. Betra continued to kiss me, stroking my breasts as Oses offered me lingering pleasure. I was acutely aware of the leashed power of the Nobek. His movements were every bit as gentle as Betra’s had been, but there was the sense of restrained strength. I felt he was fully capable of shattering me with his lust if he decided to let it take control. I don’t think I’d ever understood Oses’ power until he brought it totally to heel.

It was that knowledge as much as the loving that brought me three more times. At the end I screamed, my back bowing as climax devoured me. That last orgasm was as violent as any I’d ever experienced going full-throttle-crazed-sex-maniac with the guys. If I’d not understood before that a lot of the best sex happened in the head as well as the body, I understood it now. It wrecked me in all the most wonderful ways.

We were a quietly appreciative trio when Tep and Megan brought a sleeping Anrel home to me. I ignored the knowing grins the Imdiko and young woman exchanged as I thanked them and wished them goodnight.

Good night, indeed.


  1. Ok, it's just getting harder and harder to envision Shalia ending up with any other Nobek and Imdiko than Oses and Betra . Clans Aslada and Seot have been so out of the picture lately.just where are you going with this Miss Tracy!

  2. I agree. It will be difficult to leave Oses and Betra behind. I like Clan Aslada more than I did but I'm still rooting for Clan Seot. I just can't help thinking that there will be some surprises. A new clan maybe?

  3. Is she on BC? I cant remember.. but I def. forsee a little betra or oses running around. LOL

  4. Oses and Betra have to be "three" for a year before they can even think about getting a female. ಠ╭╮ಠ and Betra still has to get comfortable with a man touching him. Even if they find a clan leader Betra isn't ready to...... sigh, he still flinches or freezes if Oses brushes up agents him. How would Betra deal with the touch of another man if he can't handle the touch of someone he cares about (loves)?
    No I think Betrayed and Oses are a book all by them selves. Maybe the long trip back to earth. They could reminisce about their times with Shalia. Maybe fall asleep on the use sleeping mat and wake up with Betrayed sleeping on or snugged up tight to Oses. Maybe a light kiss turns into something more. Who knows but the idea of the guys drifting apart because they don't have Shalia between them just makes my heart hurt. (∩´﹏`∩)

  5. This last blog was delightful but they all are. I dread the idea of seeing Betra and Oses left behind but I can see them finding a dramok (particularly Resan) and i can see Shalia waiting for them to be her clan - especially if she becomes pregnant by Betra or Oses - I think a relationship with Resan in the picture could be explosive and extremely erotic with the hate between Resan and Shalia turning passionate.

    1. I like you'd thinking but the boys would have to be clanned for a year before they could even get into the cue to get a female, Shalia has something like two years to find a clan. I just don't know if she should or could wait that long while the guys travel back and forth between earth and home.