Thursday, February 4, 2016

August 24 (part three)

A cup of water pressed to my lips. “Drink,” Betra ordered.

I did. As I re-hydrated, I came back to myself. By the time I’d swallowed the last drop, I was aware that Oses gently stroked my throbbing butt. The dildo had been removed. I was still insanely aroused. The need to orgasm was a demanding urge.

“I’m okay now, masters,” I mumbled in a thready voice. I’d yelled myself hoarse.

“Then you may serve Betra again,” Oses said, stroking my hair. “Lay back on the bed. Hold your legs open for him. Offer your pussy and ass for his use.”

I moved awkwardly, my body not quite sure of itself yet. I knew Oses and Betra watched carefully, ready to call a halt if I showed any sign of real weakness. Knowing I was safe enveloped me in warmth, like a thick blanket.

I managed to get myself in position. I looked up at Betra looming over me. Oh heavens. Wasn’t he stunning with the top of his formsuit pulled down to his thighs ... long straight hair fanning out over his muscled shoulders ... powerful chest so beautifully sculpted ... strong arms ... and a face that looked at me with adoring desire. I’m used to seeing him, and yet for a moment it felt like I saw him for the first time in weeks. He took my breath away.

I had hooked my knees over my hands, holding them bent up and out. Seeing Betra the way I did at that moment, I pulled my legs wider. I invited that stunning perfection to share himself with me, undeserving as I was. Every fiber of me yearned to be joined with him.

He leaned over me, his fingertips brushing over my face. His purple eyes gazing into mine, his gentle touch traced my jaw, down my throat, over my breasts, down my belly.

He sighed and said the very thing I’d been thinking about him. “Am I really worthy of you?”

I bit my lip, fighting back a sudden urge to weep. How could he believe for a single second he didn’t merit better?

I didn’t get to tell Betra I was the one who came up short on the worthiness measurement. His cocks entered me, and desire had me in its jaws once more. Brute craving shoved sentimentality away to be wallowed in later.

Betra’s glad moan as he felt my intimate clutch spoke his pleasure better than any words ever could. He sank in deep, as deep as he could. I sighed to feel us lock together, man and woman.

His kiss was as penetrating, as if he would take in my very being through touch. His hips rose and fell, stimulating me with slow, careful friction that emphasized our connection. I continued to offer myself to him, surrendering my body unconditionally.

I gloried in every sensation. Betra’s tongue twined about mine, letting me taste every nuance of him. My soft breasts molded against the firm planes of his chest. His strong hands gripped my ass, dimpling the flesh as his fingertips dug in. Our lower abdomens slid against each other as he moved in and out of me. The delicious passage of his cocks as they forged their way inside me again and again, set my insides on fire.

What started as a sweet bonding swelled into fervent passion. Our bodies grew slick with arousal and sweat as ardor drove us into a more primal expression. Sighs and moans devolved into grunts and snarls. Betra began to batter me with violent thrusts and I matched his rhythm, shoving up to greet every plunge. I was combusting, my lust an inferno. I became determined to consume us both in its blistering embrace. Our lovemaking was violent, as if we were as determined to hurt as grant each other blessed release. With Betra pounding into me and me biting and clawing him, we succeeded in both aims.

We ignited, our screams the twisted ecstasies of demented souls reveling in Hell. My pussy contracted so hard I thought I might rip Betra’s jerking flesh from his groin. My channel flexed over and over, squeezing every drop of passion he had until he fell on top of me with a final cry.

My arms and legs flopped boneless to the bed as my pussy pulsed its final ripples. As limp as my body was, my mind felt enervated. I lay there with Betra’s hair covering my face, exquisitely aware of every tiny tremble his softening cocks made. I felt hyper alert to everything; the feeling of the man blanketing my body with his heart pounding through his chest into mine, the musk-spice scent of the sex we’d had, the sound of Betra’s breath gradually steadying, the strands of midnight-black hair that lay over my face.

After a few minutes, the Imdiko began to rouse again. He rose off of me, propping himself on his elbows to gaze down at my face. “Okay down there?”

“Amazing,” I purred. “Thank you.”

Slight movement to one side reminded us we were not alone. We turned our head to find Oses laying on the bed with us a couple of feet away. He reclined on his side, head propped in his palm, a slight smile easing his rough features.

“How was the show?” Betra laughed.

“Exciting,” the Nobek growled. “I enjoyed it very much.”

The man’s cocks were swollen and curling back towards his stomach. Yeah, he’d enjoyed it all right.

“Water? Protein drink before I set him loose on you?” Betra asked me.

“Yes to all of the above,” I grinned. After my conversation with Candy, I’d wanted extra time to enjoy my lovers. I was intent on making every second count while I could.


  1. Your stories are so delicious - Shalia's diary is a life saver while waiting for more Clans of Kalquor tales - While rereading some of them characters pop up like Besral and Sister Cheryl - any thoughts on writing more Clan of Kalquor stories other than the ones you have mentioned already.

    1. There are so many side characters I want to go back and investigate. I have every intention of re-visiting Besral and Sister's simply the matter of finding time to get to them.

  2. Oh my, short and to the point. Oses is next. I can't wait till Monday. Wow, we need to find our guys a lead and clan them up. I know Shalia can't be their female but heaven help the female that claims them. I wish there was a way to memory wipe the bad part from Berta's soul he and Oses are so good together.