Monday, February 8, 2016

August 24 (part four)

After taking a little time for my body to re-energize, I was raring to go once more. I licked my lips in anticipation as I waited to see what Betra would have me do for Oses.

“Lie back on the bed,” my liaison encouraged the Nobek. “I’ll have her do things you’ll enjoy.”

Oses did so, though he gave Betra a suspicious look. “I’ve come to know how devious you are,” he said as he settled in a prone position. “Watch yourself, my Imdiko.”

Betra grinned. “Devious, maybe. But I promise this will make you happy. Shalia, kneel over his face. He’s been very patient and earned a taste of both of us.”

Oses’ eyes widened and real delight appeared on his expression. Since Betra had just come inside me, he would indeed get a taste of his would-be clanmate along with me. I had to hand it to our heterosexual friend; he was getting good at finding work-arounds when it came to sharing himself with Oses.

I crawled up the bed, more than happy to straddle Oses’ face. I made sure I didn’t kneel on his coarse hair, brushing it to his corded neck and shoulders.

“That’s it. Lower yourself so he can get in deep,” Betra ordered.

I squatted until the Nobek’s wet lips brushed my swollen pussy. With a happy sound, Oses dove in.

His rough tongue swept over the soft trembling petals, sending tingles up my spine. I braced myself, hands flat on the sleeping mat as he licked me over and over. Ticklish trills danced over my folds with every brush of his broad, warm tongue. Only when he’d thoroughly lapped all traces of love from the outside did he dip inside.

Oses began with gentle questing flicks. Apparently he found something he liked because he wrapped his arms around my thighs to make me grind down on him. His tongue drove in deep, plundering my softness. That man’s tongue should be designated a lethal weapon. I moaned to feel him devouring me, demanding every drop of my and Betra’s combined bliss.

His tongue withdrew, letting him seal his lips against me. He sucked hard, as if he could draw out more that way. It was an exhilarating sensation. Then he did the same thing to my clit, his talented tongue whipping back and forth across the avid tip. I squalled as a knot of pleasure formed there.

“Oh. Oh. Oh!”

It was so intense I tried to move away. Oses held me in place, making me take the near-painful jolts of building ecstasy. My arms gave way, dumping me face-first onto the bed. I pounded the mat with frantic fists, yelling into the rumpled cover. My guts gathered themselves for a final heave into orgasm.

Before I could realize shattering resolution, Oses pushed me aside, sending me rolling away. I gasped loudly as I lay staring at him, not quite believing he’d denied me. He regarded me with amusement as he licked wetness from his lips.

“You—” I started to say.

“Slave,” Betra barked. “Whose pussy is that to reward or deny?”

My jaw snapped shut, making my teeth click together. I swallowed the sulkiness from my tone before I replied, “This pussy belongs to my masters.”

“That’s right, pet,” Oses grinned. “Thank your Imdiko master for saving you from saying anything that would keep you from getting any more orgasms for a week.”

He wouldn’t dare. Oh hell, yes he would. I adjusted my attitude in a hurry.

“Thank you, Master,” I said, lowering my gaze. “I am grateful that you reminded me of my duty.”

“You are welcome. Now show that gratitude by getting on top of our Nobek. Face his feet so he can watch your ass take his primary cock.”

“Mmm,” rumbled Oses. “And here I was about to refuse having her on top.”

“I told you that you’d enjoy what I’d have her do. Besides, when have you ever regretted letting me have control?”

“You have a point. I bow to your wisdom, my friend.”

While they exchanged pleasantries, I crept to Oses’ eager groin to perform my duty as ordered. And what a wonderful task riding the Nobek would be.

As soon as I was in position, masculine steel nudging at my tightest entrance, Betra said, “Slowly. Carefully. He wants to feel every bit of penetration.”

I thought I heard Oses’ breath catch. I reached beneath me to help guide him in. His flesh was branding-hot in my hand, smooth and slick and throbbing. I descended, letting the tip of his cock tease my still-relaxed ass open. After Betra’s wild ride, I was primed for it.

Just as the larger cock had delved far enough in that it no longer needed my hand to keep it in place, the smaller nudged my clit. I adjusted it, my eyelids fluttering with pleasure as my pussy swallowed its tapered end. I eased down onto Oses, delighting in the feeling of him filling me up. The doubled girth made his advancing lengths rub up against all the right places. I shuddered with enjoyment and groaned a welcome.

“Lick his juices from your hand,” Betra said.

I did so, exulting in the Nobek’s flavor once again. As I cleaned my fingers and palm, I continued to sink down, slowly enveloping my lover. I took my time, prolonging Oses’ anticipation and pleasure. His low groans told me how much he appreciated the gesture. I appreciated pretty well myself as I got to feel every inch forging into me, making us one.

At last we were utterly joined. I sat on Oses, feeling him so incredibly deep inside me. I flexed inner muscles just to feel him jerk in response. I got a swat on my ass for it. I ducked my head down to hide a grin from Betra.

The Imdiko sounded amused. “Fuck him, Shalia. Nice and slow.”

I braced my hands against Oses’ thick, scarred thighs. I did as I was told, raising my hips to feel Oses slide deliciously through my sheaths. The moment he was in danger of slipping out I sank back down, enveloping him once more. Oh, the friction of all that thickness against my G-spot! Even at that deliberate pace it made my guts ripple with excitement. I bit my lip and kept going.

Oses’ roughened fingers settled on either side of my ass crack. He spread my cheeks apart to better watch me take him over and over. His groan vibrated the air. “Fuck,” came his hoarse whisper.

“A little faster now,” Betra urged. “Steady pace.”

Oh yes. I fucked the Nobek, directed by the other man’s whims. The length of his smaller cock rubbed continuously against the sweetest spot at the front of my female sheath. I felt as if my insides were melting from it. Tremors made my arms shake, but I kept pumping my hips over Oses, making him gasp louder with each breath.

“Just a little faster. Fuck him. Fuck him, Shalia.”

I pistoned up and down, my breasts shuddering as I added force to the taking. Curls of bliss rose through my core. Oses moved beneath me, his hips rising to greet my downward plunges. We met with loud smacks, the force sending echoes of exhilaration running up my spine.

“Faster. Fuck him hard, Shalia. Make him come for us.”

I bounced atop Oses, moving as quickly and forcefully as I could. In contrast, I felt climax shatter through my gut in slow motion. The initial impact started way down somewhere below and behind my navel. Then it bloomed outward, an explosive detonation spraying throughout my lower body. Like a chain reaction it rippled further, sending swells of warm delight into my chest, my throat, my skull. Then came the aftershock, a second blast almost as big as the first.

More tremors came. Oses erupted in their midst, his roar of completion eclipsing my thinner cries. Through it all I continued to ride him, eliciting continuing bursts of pleasure from both of us.

At last the heaving cataclysms slowed, receding into gentler undulations. I slowed with them, riding the quieting tide as we sighed our joy.

Oses paid me the big compliment. He lay on my bed, his arms flung out to the sides, glazed eyes staring up at the ceiling. “Let me die now. I want no more from this life,” he announced.

“So happy to have been of service,” I giggled.

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