Monday, February 1, 2016

August 24 (part 2)

I was feeling a little bittersweet as Candy and I left Katrina that evening. She was having dinner with her new clanmates and wanted to take a shower. Candy noted my quietness.

“Weird to be almost to Kalquor, isn’t it?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I hugged Anrel close to me. She had fallen asleep and was warm against my chest. “How are you dealing with it?”

Candy shrugged. “Okay. I’ve noticed Ama and Mihi starting to pull away. They’re getting ready for goodbyes.” She gave me side eye. “What about Oses and Betra?”

I swallowed against the sudden constriction in my throat. “We’re the same as ever. I think we’re doing like Katrina says; living in the now as much as we can. Thank the prophets they’ll have each other when I’m gone.”

“Are you going to be okay with it?”

I drew a deep breath. “I have to be. I will always care about them. But I’ve knew from the beginning this is temporary. I’ll be fine when the time comes.”

“So you say now.”

“I won’t pretend I don’t think about how it might have been if things were different.” I paused and turned to Candy. “You know, I wouldn’t change a thing though. Maybe this is wonderful because it can’t be more. It could be the intensity and danger have made us what we are to each other. Who knows how we’d do in a quieter life, day in and day out.”

Candy laughed. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you do normal, Shalia. One scrape after another. Yeah, an everyday existence might be something the three of you wouldn’t cope with so well.”

I had to join in on her humor. “I’d sure like to try normal and quiet. I’ve had enough adventure to fill two lifetimes.”

We kept walking. By unspoken agreement, we ended up in the dining room. Food was just coming out of the ovens.

I settled my slumbering baby against one shoulder as I ate. “As okay as I am to go on to the next chapter of my life in four weeks, I still wish I could make time slow down. It’s as if every hour flies by in a second now. I’m feeling robbed of the time I want to spend with Oses and Betra.”

Candy nodded. “It can’t help that Oses is preoccupied with those ships stalking us. He’s having to spend most of his waking hours on the bridge, isn’t he?”

I nodded, my mood turning more glum than ever. “He did tell me he was going to try to get a couple hours free tonight. Betra’s supposed to sleep over.”

Candy considered for a few seconds. “I don’t have any plans tonight. Ama and Mihi are just as busy as everyone else with us being on high alert. Why don’t you let me keep Anrel? Get some alone time with the guys while you can?”

I felt a rush of warmth for my friend. “Really? Are you sure?”

“Of course.” Candy snickered. “If Anrel sleeps, it will be a good time to finally work on my list of prospective clans. If she doesn’t , it will be a good excuse to continue putting it off.”

“Thanks, Candy.” I beamed at her. “I owe you.”

“Nah. It’s what friends are for.”

After dinner we went back to my quarters and collected Anrel’s diaper bag. She was awake when Candy left with her. The pair were cooing at each other as they went out the door.

I wondered if Oses would be able to break away. I knew Betra would show up, so I freshened up my makeup and made sure my hair was as good as my lackluster styling abilities would allow. Then I opened my closet.

I didn’t have a ton of clothes, but what I had collected for myself was pretty nice. Still, I didn’t see anything I particularly wanted to wear. I filed through everything five times. Nothing appealed to me.

“Ugh, at this rate I’ll end up answering the door naked,” I said out loud.

Now there was an idea. Which led to another idea. Okay. Problem solved.

When the door announce went off I called, “Enter,” from the bedroom. I’d thought about waiting for Betra in the sitting room, but worried someone else might pass by the open door and see me. Um, no thanks.

I heard the expected single pair of footsteps, but it was four booted feet that showed up at my bedroom door. Oh goodie, Oses had made it. I’d know those big hooves anywhere, especially since I recognized the scratches along the toe of his right boot and the scuff marks on both.

I didn’t see his or Betra’s faces. I knelt on the floor in Oses’ favorite position for me: legs wide open, hands laced behind my neck with elbows flung to the side, breasts lifted, eyes cast down to gaze at the floor.

“Look at what we have here, Imdiko,” rumbled the big Nobek’s approving voice. “A sweet little pet to play with.”

“Very nice.” Betra’s tone was almost as dark as his companion’s. “I’m feeling very playful tonight.”

“As am I. How long before you must fetch the baby, pet?”

I licked my lips. Holy smokes, I was already wet in anticipation. Just contemplating their reaction to finding me this way had aroused me. “Candy says whenever we’re done. My masters may take all the time they wish with this grateful pet.”

That got a couple of growls. My skin erupted into goosebumps to hear the sound.

“I have an idea,” Betra said, his voice thick.

Oses: “I’m listening.”

“We’ll take turns telling her what to do with each other. She serves you under my command and vice versa.”

The Nobek wasted no time in agreeing. “I like that. I call the shots first. I want to watch her suck your cocks.”

“Fine by me.”

“Go to him, pet. Put that lovely mouth to work on our handsome Imdiko.”

I crawled over to the more slender pair of legs in my view. I knelt before Betra as Oses went to my sleeping mat and settled there. From the bed he ordered, “Open his pants. Take his cocks out.”

I reached up, but the Nobek’s warning tone stopped me. “No one said anything about using your hands. Put them behind your back. Mouth only.”

I was glad that Kalquorians preferred resealable seams to buttons. It wasn’t that hard to pull the fabric open with my teeth. I left a lot of lipstick on Betra’s crotch though. Sheesh. When he headed back to his own quarters later, he’d be showing everyone where my mouth had been.

Oh well.

Long, eager lengths burst out of his pants when enough of the seam was opened. The heady scent of sweet cinnamon poured out, filling my nostrils. My mouth watered in anticipation of tasting Betra’s juices.

Oses was kind to me. “Lick the secondary shaft. Take your time. Remember you are there for his enjoyment. Your only care is for his pleasure.”

I could get behind that. Making Betra feel good is always a joy.

I leaned in close, starting at the underside base of the rear cock. My tongue traced a slow line up to the tapered tip, enjoying the feel of him. That spicy cinnamon-like flavor was a delight as always. The veins of his shaft pulsed against my tongue, slight threads beneath the smooth, silky skin. The closer I got to the end of his cock, the more velvety he felt. Yet I could also detect the underlying steel of his excitement.

I lapped his cock, getting every delicious drop of natural lubricant he offered. Oses commanded I repeat the actions with Betra’s primary. Precious drops of pre-cum, slightly saltier than his slippery juices, were added to the mix.

As I laved the delicious lengths, Betra’s cocks jerked with pleasure. I sensed him watching as my tongue ran all over his hot flesh, enjoying the sight as well as the feeling of himself being serviced. Oses watched too, muttering under his breath between giving instructions.

“Would you like her to suck you off or do you prefer to fuck her mouth?” the Nobek asked.

“I definitely want to shove my cock down her throat,” Betra snarled.

“You heard him, pet. You will let your master fuck that pretty face of yours.”

I surge of exhilaration passed through me. Betra has a lot of cock. Swallowing him is not an easy thing, but I’m always delighted to try.

I opened my mouth wide to take him in. Betra nudged his smaller cock out of the way. Nothing like getting stabbed in the throat to pull a girl out of the mood.

His other hand grabbed hold of my hair, holding my head steady for his invasion. The Imdiko’s thick girth filled my mouth. I held my breath as he traveled in deep, past my tongue, entering my throat. I swallowed as he drove in, burying himself.

“Shit,” I heard Oses breathe. “That looks amazing.”

Betra only groaned.

He pulled out, letting me snatch in air. Then he pushed in again, making me take him all the way down. My eyes streamed from the effort.

“That’s right,” Oses groaned. “Take that cock. Swallow it.”

Betra fucked my mouth slowly, deliberately. Being under his and Oses’ control like that had my senses reeling ... as it always did. I pleased them with my service, which in turn made me feel whole. The more they demanded of me, the more I wanted to fulfill them.

Betra pulled free. “I need a break before I lose control,” he gasped. “Your turn, my Nobek.”

Oses woofed out a harsh breath. “I don’t know how much I can take after watching you two.”

“I’ll give you something you’ll enjoy while allowing you to calm down. Shalia, go lay over his legs. He’s going to turn that gorgeous round ass red.”

With a grin, Oses sat straight up. My heart leapt in anticipation as I crawled to him.

As I draped myself over the Nobek’s thighs, I heard Betra rummaging around my shelves. “Before you get started, you might like to use this too.”

Hanging like a rag doll over Oses’ legs, I couldn’t see what Betra was up to. The Nobek’s laugh sent the hairs on my body standing straight up.

“You are a fiend, my Imdiko. Oh, how nice of you to prepare it too, though she’s practically dripping all over the place.”

“Here you go.” I could hear the evil smile in Betra’s voice. “Spread your legs, Shalia.”

Something hard, thick, and slippery pressed against my pussy. I moaned and relaxed against the implacable invasion. I knew what is was without looking. The dildo Katrina had given to me for Christmas slid inside, making me full. My sheath clenched around the thickness, delighting in the infiltration.

Oses pumped it in and out of me, making my back arch. My feet kicked the air behind me as electricity jolted me from the inside. I cried out.

“That’s right. Take your fucking and then take your punishment, naughty girl,” Betra said.

Oses left off playing with the dildo. His hard, calloused hands squeezed my ass, warming the flesh up with rough care. Readying me for discipline. I panted as excitement arced higher.

I thought he would spank me next. With Oses, I should know better than to assume anything by now. Instead of roasting my rear, he went back to plunging the dildo in my eager pussy once again. Each thrust brought a surge of rapture, bringing me to the cusp of realization. I shook all over, my body readying for cataclysm.

Then the dildo stopped moving. The next instant agonizing blasts of fiery pain crashed over my ass. Oses’ hard hand took me to task, making me howl. His other hand held me in place for the torment, pinning me between the shoulder blades.

“That’s it, bad little girl,” Betra said from high above me. “Today you can yell all you like.”

Oses made me yell, all right. One moment it was from amazing passion as he worked the dildo in and out of me. The next instant I wailed as he made my ass throb. It wasn’t long before I lost track of what was pain and what was pleasure. It all felt extreme, a pulsing, buzzing feeling that filled my head and body alike.

I didn’t think it could get more intense. Then Oses smacked my pussy, hard. An agonizing ecstasy swept through me. I thought I might black out from the power of it.

The floor beneath me swam into focus after several seconds. I wasn’t sure if I’d climaxed or not. I didn’t know what had happened. I only knew it had been profound.