Thursday, January 7, 2016

August 21, part 2

“You’re here. You made it,” I whispered to my sleepily blinking baby.

With two rooms not counting the bath facility, it was a short tour. Anrel was too young to take in any of her surroundings anyway. She was more interested in the people who loved her. She smiled and kicked to see Betra and Oses when they entered her field of view. Betra was too delighted to be recognized to vid properly. Every time Anrel smiled at him, he forgot the recorder in his hand. He had to make a fuss over her instead. Oses didn’t gush when Anrel squealed at him in recognition, but his grin stretched a mile over his face. Everyone loves my little girl.

Her activity level continued to drop however, and I put her in the crib one of Candy’s Nobek sweethearts had built for her. Anrel shoved her fist in her mouth and sucked until she fell asleep.

Betra recorded her slumbering for a few seconds and swung the vid up to get my reaction. I smiled. “She’s here. We made it,” I said quietly.

Betra stopped recording and fiddled with the controls. “Hand over your portable com,” he said.

I did so, curious as to what he might be up to. Betra pulled a couple of connecting wires from one of the pouches on his utility belt. He connected the recorder and com together. Then he took them to the shelves next to my sleeping mat and set them up so that the vid was trained on Anrel.

“There,” he said. “Now you can go in your sitting room, turn on the computer, and monitor her from in there.”

I was delighted. “Thanks, Betra. It will probably be a few weeks at least before I can stand to have her out of my sight.”

“I figured.” He seemed pleased that he’d done a good thing. Too bad I couldn’t reward him properly. I thought Katrina might be getting her first call to babysit pretty soon.

“Come on and I’ll show you how to bring it up.” Betra led the way to the other room. Oses and I followed him.

My liaison had set up the whole program at some point without my knowledge. It was simple too. At Betra’s order of, “Monitor sleeping room,” a holographic screen came up over the computer interface. I had a perfect view of Anrel slumbering in her crib.

“That’s it,” Betra said. “Just connect the recorder and com the way I have it set up now and you’re in business.”

“Wow,” I said. “Thanks Betra. With all my heart.”

Oses looked impressed too. “An easy setup that gives Shalia plenty of peace of mind. And allows for us to have our intimate time as well.” His gaze looked me up and down.

I blinked. “Really? With her in the next room?”

“Why not? She’s sleeping. We can close the door and still keep an eye on her.” The Nobek’s look got super naughty. “You’ll have to be quiet.”

I snickered. “Yeah, right. Since when am I quiet during sex?”

Oses dug in his utility belt pouch and brought out a gag. It had a thick bit similar to what one would see on a horse’s bridle, but cushioned with a spongy covering. The straps would adjust to fit my head snugly.

My pussy spasmed as Oses eyed me, swinging the gag from one hand. The crotch of my panties went wet in an instant.

The Nobek inhaled. “That smells like a ‘yes’ to me.”

Oh, I wanted it. My gut ached at the thought of having that bit in my mouth, my teeth digging into it as Oses and Betra did heaven knows what to me. I swallowed and faced reality.

“I could still scream around that thing. It won’t keep me quiet.”

One side of Oses’ lips quirked up. “Your obedience will. I will order you to remain silent and you will do as you are told. Am I correct, pet?”

My whole body perked up at his easy presumption of control. Sweet prophets, how could I resist this man? Ha! I couldn’t.

“Sleeping room door closed,” I said. My voice had a distinctive croak to it.

Oses didn’t bother to look pleased. He knew he had me long before I did. “Take your clothes off.” He turned to the silent Betra. “You too, my Imdiko.”

Betra’s brows lowered. By now he was pretty secure in that the weapons commander wouldn’t touch him in a way that upset his strictly heterosexual nature. His response came because he’s as control-happy as Oses when it comes to playtime. His hesitation was all about not liking being told what to do.

Oses glowered at him. “Get undressed and I promise it will be worth your while. If you don’t, you can leave. Later I’ll take you to the pleasure club and whip you naked in front of an audience after telling them how disobedient you are. I’ll do many other things too to shame you, things the crew will talk of for years to come.”

Betra’s eyes widened. His respiration quickened. As domineering as he can be, he also has a weakness for being humiliated. A lot of the time just the threat of being shamed in front of others is enough to flip his switch.

This was one of those times. His clothes went flying off faster than mine, revealing a sumptuous body covered in muscle. Visualize Michelangelo’s  David sculpture. Put two huge, hard cocks on it, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of Betra’s physique. Yow.

Oses took a long, slow look at his honorary clanmate. Betra shrank a little from that searching glare, but again it was the humiliation angle. That was clear from the way his cocks jerked and began to glisten with the lubricating juices that seeped from his pores.

Oses came back to himself with a visible shiver. He snapped his head. “Go sit on the lounger. I’ll let you know when you’re needed.” He grinned, a dangerous, unpleasant smile that made me simultaneously nervous and needy. “Play with yourself for my enjoyment while you watch, but do not come.”

Betra bit his lower lip. He ducked his head and went to the sofa-like lounger. He sat down and stroked his cocks, his gaze locked on Oses’ as if enthralled. Boy, that Nobek knows how to play him. But when it comes to Oses, I have no room to be smug. He’s got me figured out too.

Oses dragged his gaze from Betra to me. I dropped my eyes in proper submission. I was naked and kneeling at his feet with my hands on the back of my neck and arms wide to display my breasts. My thighs parted as far as they could go too to show off my eager pussy.

I think I heard the Nobek’s breath catch. I’d like to think I did. My post-baby/illness body is still not quite what I’d like it to be, but it’s getting there. Most of the pooch has diminished, and there is muscle instead of stick limbs to look at. I’m not quite as self-conscious about how I look as I was a few weeks ago.

“Very good, pet,” Oses rumbled. “Very, very good.”

A rush of warmth filled me to have his approval. Heat of another kind filled me as he reached down and grasped one hard nipple. He pinched and I moaned at the exquisite sensation.

“Remember, you are not to make a sound,” Oses warned. “You will be silent during our play. Obey or you will receive no orgasm.”

Boy, talk about incentive to stay quiet. I bit my lips together as Oses gave another pinch, along with a slight twist. Pain bit into my flesh. I shuddered as arousal flared white-hot.

I’m pretty sure I dripped on the floor. Surrendering my will to the Nobek was always a heady bit of excitement. Not being able to voice mingled hurt and lust somehow made it more thrilling. Being silenced made submission all the more profound.

Oses tapped my lips with one finger. “Open.”

I did so and he placed the bit in my mouth. The bit was rubbery but hard, jamming my teeth apart and pinning my tongue down. Oses pulled the straps to the back of my head and buckled them together, making sure my hair wasn’t caught painfully. He ran a finger between my cheek and the strap that held the bit in place. “Too tight?”

I shook my head. It was snug but not uncomfortable.

“Good. Go to the table. Bend over it, ass towards Betra.”

I crawled over to the small but sturdy table that sat in front of the Imdiko. Betra worked himself, his chest rising and falling noticeably as he masturbated. He watched me move towards him on all fours, my breasts swaying as I crawled. A sigh escaped his lips.

As I passed Oses, the Nobek reached for his boot, which came to just below his knee. He drew out a long length of ... well, it looked like a riding crop to me. I bit hard on my gag and kept moving towards the table.

It was Betra who the Nobek waved the tip of the crop at. It shook just under the Imdiko’s nose. “You will remain as quiet as Shalia. If ... and I stress ‘if’ ... I allow you to climax, you will do so silently.”

A shadow of anger drifted over Betra’s face, but need eclipsed it quickly. He lowered his gaze from Oses’ and nodded. His lips pressed together hard.

I got to the table, kneeling right in front of Betra. I laid my torso over its mirror-shiny black surface.

“Very good, pet,” Oses said. Despite the approving words, his tone was low and dangerous. “Spread your legs. Give this undeserving Imdiko a good view of your sweet, wet pussy.”

I did as I was told. There are many things I love about submitting to a strong man. Not having to figure out what I was supposed to do was one of them. All I had to do was obey. That could be difficult to do at times, but for the most part it made things simple.

“Lovely,” Oses said. “Look at that gorgeous woman, Betra. Look at her ass and pussy. Think about how good it feels to have your pricks inside those.”

I couldn’t see Betra’s reaction. Since he was commanded to silence, I didn’t hear one either. Oses’ quiet laugh told me something had happened though.

“That’s right. I see that bit of pre-cum leaking from you. Now you will watch me stripe her pretty ass with my pinrok. You will watch her jerk under my discipline, unable to cry out. And you will fuck her tight pussy with your fingers at the same time.”

Oh merciful prophets. My breath caught to hear what was about to happen to me. My fingers found the edge of the table and curled in a tight grip.

Something hard and narrow slid down my lower back and over my rump. I was so keyed up that I nearly forgot myself. A cry swelled in my throat. At the last possible moment I shut the yell down and kept quiet.

“You may begin, Imdiko. Use her hard. And keep masturbating.”

Thick fingers, two of them, shoved inside me. A thunderclap of pleasure resounded through me. Betra knew exactly where to apply pressure, crooking his fingertips to rub hard against the front of my sheath. Again it was all I could do to not call out. One foot rose and fell, kicking the floor.

Betra pumped hard, his palm colliding with my clit with every inward thrust. I shook my head, denying the breathless yells that wanted out. I knew I tended to be vocal when having sex, but I’d never realized how much until I had to stay quiet.

“That’s it,” Oses encouraged. “Fuck that hungry pussy. Give her another finger. Pull on your cock harder.”

The added width of Betra’s third finger damned near made me cross-eyed. I chewed the hell out of the gag, biting back the moans of pleasure that wanted to come. I could hear Betra gasping too, a tormented but voiceless sound of heightening arousal.

There was a noise, then a second in quick succession. It sounded almost like a twig snapping. Snick-snick.  What on earth made that sound?

As two fiery trails blazed across my buttocks, I figured it out. Oses’ crop-thing, what he called a pinrok, had been brought into play. I inhaled sharply and dug my teeth into the bit to quell the need to yell.

Lines of lava seemed to dig into my rear as snick-snick-snick sounded in a steady rhythm. Meanwhile Betra’s fingers shoved in and out of my clenching pussy, driving me crazy with need. I hung onto the table with white-knuckled fists as rapture and agony fought for supremacy. Meanwhile my feet flailed and my body wriggled in helpless ecstasy-anguish. Tears dripped from my eyes to the polished black surface beneath me. Breath hissed in and out of my clenched jaw as I battled to keep from screaming.

In the midst of the maelstrom, eager lust broke through, ready to devour. Oh dear prophets. I teetered on the edge of climax already. That fast, I felt it steamrolling through me. The heat of Oses’ crop sank deep into my flesh, feeding the growing surges of exhilaration. Betra’s fingers thrust over and over, the friction driving desire’s teeth deeper.

My sex seized, clamping down on the Imdiko. Delicious pulses of sheer bliss billowed through my core. Usually I lose myself to the moment, letting pleasure eclipse all control. This time I had to remain at least partly in command of myself. I had to stay silent. The demand that I do so made the seismic rumbles of climax even stronger, as if my body fought to undo my obedience to Oses.

I was so focused on keeping quiet that I didn’t quite realize it when the Nobek stopped whipping me. As the last convulsion ebbed, I found that the crop and Betra’s fingers had left me.

Rough hands seized my bottom, kneading and bringing the pain back to life. I pressed my forehead to the table and fought off a moan. Oses had a sadistic streak in him.

“Well done, pet,” he said. “Turn over on your back. Betra is going to fuck you now.”

My movements were sluggish, and I came close to hissing when my ass met the table. Yep, Nobek Sadist was in control and he was bent on making me prove my submission. The pleasure in his eyes along with the swelling of his crotch told me how much he enjoyed having Betra and I at his questionable mercy.

Betra shuddered all over as he stood over me. His gaze darted between my splayed body and Oses. He knew as well as I that the weapons commander was not going to let him simply have sex with me.

“On your knees. You only like women. Let me see how well you fuck one.” Oses’ grin was scary to see.

Betra swallowed and looked at the pinrok the Nobek still held. He sank to his knees.

“That’s right,” Oses told him. “You are going to feel it too, right here, right now. Or we can take it out into the corridor for everyone else to watch and see how much you like it. And you do like it, Betra. You don’t want to, but you do. It makes you weak. It makes you a plaything. So act like the toy you are and perform for me.”

The look on Betra’s face told me he didn’t know whether he was in heaven or hell. Oses played mind games as well as humiliating him big time. Betra’s warring drives were indeed toys for the Nobek to play with, and he amused himself to no end.

Betra shook with either excitement or repressed fury. Maybe both. Just like my confused reaction to pleasure and pain, he was fiercely aroused by the mixture. I saw the veins pulsing in his cocks. He lined them up with my trembling openings.

He bit his lower lip as he slipped inside me. My breath caught as the thick erections eased in, their widening girth expanding the walls that fit snugly about him. Then came the slightest whisper of a sound, a near whimper. I clenched my jaw tight, refusing to voice the consuming pleasure that lit my body as Betra filled me.

From the strained look on the Imdiko’s face, he battled just as hard to keep quiet. He screwed  his eyes shut tight. His head shook slightly, as if he told himself no. It struck me then how strange it was to have sex quietly. Never had silence rung so loud.

Betra sank in all the way, his body meeting up with mine. Most noticeable was how the pressure of his groin made my cropped butt hurt. I swallowed a moan of mingled hurt and arousal.

He grabbed my legs and put them up on his shoulders. The position allowed him to burrow deeper into me. Now it was me shaking my head, telling myself not to call out. Betra bumped into something inside that sent exquisite torment shivering through my gut. I gushed wetness around the shaft rooted in my pussy. He gasped a voiceless exhalation of breath.

Oses’ pinrok made its twig-snapping sound. Betra jolted, his head jerking around to look at the weapons commander, who smiled grimly at him. “Fuck her, boy,” the Nobek ordered.

The pinrok came down again. Pain flashed across Betra’s face, but he did not protest Oses cropping him. Indeed his eyes took on a smoldering quality, first as he looked the Nobek and then as he gazed down at me.

The thrusts came strong and steady, filling and emptying me with a friction that made my eyes roll. Each inward jab was accompanied by a flash of searing sensation as Betra’s lower body met with my butt. His girth rubbed unceasing against my g-spot. The head of his primary cock kept brushing up against that point of pleasure-hurt deep inside me. My feet kicked in the air, my toes curling. I grabbed hold of his biceps, my fingernails biting into his flesh.

The only sounds were our heavy breathing, the slapping of our bodies as we found each other over and over, and the steady snick-snick-snick of Oses’ pinrok painting lines on Betra’s ass. It was so strange and quiet without us moaning and yelling out as exquisite lust drew us deeper into its thrall.

“More. Give her more,” Oses urged Betra. The crop picked up the pace, and the Imdiko shuddered.

With each in-stroke, Betra ground against me, rubbing his pubis against my clit. Dazzling bolts of electricity zapped through my core, setting every hair on end. I arched, my back leaving the table’s surface. My mouth widened for the scream I would not let come. I held on for dear life as orgasm swallowed me.

As soon as my thrashing slowed, Oses’ voice crawled over us with cold demand. “Make her do it again.”

Betra hammered against me, taking me hard and fast. This time it was the molten friction against my inner hotspot that set me off into heavenly destruction. I bucked so hard I almost threw Betra off. Yet I managed not to scream.

“Now you may come, my Imdiko,” came the uncharacteristic soft voice rarely heard from the weapons commander.

Despite the gentle tone, the sound of the crop came faster than ever, almost a steady hum. In spite of it ... or perhaps partly because of it ... Betra managed only two more thrusts before his cocks jerked within my sleeves. He came hard, his gut noticeably wrenching with the strength of climax. He crouched over me as it happened. One fist slammed down on the table top. Somehow he managed not to voice the shattering ecstasy though his expression told of exquisite torment.

Oses stopped whipping Betra as the Imdiko shivered and panted. Tears dripped from Betra’s eyes to fall down my cheeks. His arms, braced on either side of me, quaked as if ready to give way any second. At last the strong pulses of his cocks ebbed, his passion spent.

When Betra’s elbows did buckle, Oses’ muscled arm was already wrapped around his waist to catch him. The Nobek eased Betra back, carefully pulling him away from me to settle him on the lounger once more. Oses didn’t hurry the process, but he also didn’t touch Betra for any longer than was necessary to get him settled in such a way that the unsteady Imdiko wouldn’t fall and hurt himself.

Once Betra was taken care of, Oses straightened and looked at us both lying lax and strengthless. He drew in a breath and rubbed a hand over his forehead. He looked impressed. “That was amazing to watch.”

He sat on the table next to me where I splayed like a limp noodle. I didn’t pretend to think I wouldn’t be up for more shenanigans. Oses is too damned good when it comes to sex. I might have had no strength at that moment, but he’d get my libido cooking again or my name wasn’t Shalia Elizabeth Monroe.

The Nobek looked me over, a slight smile creasing his handsomely rough face. “You look so well fucked, pet. If there is anything more beautiful than a woman right after she’s been sexually satisfied, I can’t imagine it. When I allow you to speak again, the first thing you will say is ‘Thank you, Betra.’”

I managed a wan smile because that’s all I had energy for at the moment. It was nice of Oses to manage a compliment for both me and Betra in the same statement. It made Betra smile too.

Oses’ calloused hand stroked down my throat. He watched it skim over my chest, each breast, and my stomach. Right on cue, heat curled in my belly. Yep, I wasn’t finished yet. Not as long as that Nobek wanted me to be aroused.

He bent over to suckle soft on a breast. Bliss trickled through the mound at the wet warmth of his attention. I closed my eyes to take in the sweet pleasure. His raspy tongue whirled around my areola, making my nipple swell hard and stiff. That combination of gentle and rough sent a shiver through me.

The sensation of his mouth left me. I cracked an eyelid open to see if my other breast was about to get its fair share.

Oses smirked at me. His hand flashed. The palm smacked against the side of my breast, shocking me with a smarting flare. My mouth opened wide.

He put a finger to his grinning lips. “Shh, pet.”

I choked down the nearly voiced surprise. Heat pulsed from my tit, and my twat took notice. It throbbed with sympathy and interest.

Oses bent to take the other breast in his mouth. Sweet and gentle once more. But only for the moment, I knew. I was right. After his coarse-velvet tongue teased the nipple into a rigid peak, he delivered a sharp spank to it too. I was ready for it in that I didn’t come close to yelling. But I sure twisted a lot as fire sank into the mound.

With that pleased leer that told me how much the Nobek enjoyed himself, he slid from the table to kneel on the floor. Moving as sinuous as a serpent, he positioned himself between my legs. Gazing at my pussy, his naughty grin faded. Hunger sparked in his eyes.

Those coarse fingertips moved to the plump folds, parting them with tender care. Oses leaned forward to deliver a worshipful kiss, his eyes closing as he tasted me. I shivered with delight to feel his lips and tongue slide against wet, trembling lips.

His tongue entered me, tasting the copious juices seeping out. I dimly thought that Oses also tasted Betra’s seed. I glanced at the Imdiko to see if it had occurred to him too. If it had, it didn’t bother Betra in the least. He watched Oses lap and swallow, his sated expression showing only pleasure as he continued to recover from his earlier orgasm. Betra seemed to appreciate the show.

Being watched added spice to what Oses did to me. I had a weakness for being on display as I enjoyed my lover’s attentions. My swollen clit throbbed, occasionally rewarded with a quick lick or kiss. I buried my fingers in Oses’ coarse hair, letting my fingers tangle as his feeding strengthened. Soon I had to fight off moans as he devoured me.

My pussy tingled with delight, arousal once more the main focus. My hips bucked involuntarily, entreating for more. Oses’ answer was to stop. He rose up straight, his eyes glittering.

His hand moved so fast that I felt its slap against my delicate womanhood before I registered what had happened. Pain bloomed with heady magnificence. All the breath left my body in a shocked whoosh.

Tears stung my eyes, and I bit my lips together to keep a cry from erupting. My thighs slammed together.

“No, no, naughty pet,” Oses chastised. “Open your legs and keep them open. This pussy is mine to use as I see fit.”

Though I feared another smack, I obeyed right away. He was right that it belonged to him. I had no choice in the matter. I spread my legs.

Oses bent. His mouth found my secret flesh again, soothing the sting with raindrop kisses.

Throbbing hurt resolved into pulsing need. I twisted on the tabletop as Oses kissed, lapped, licked, nibbled, and plundered me to the brink of orgasm. Then he spanked my pussy twice. Resounding agony crashed against me, quickly replaced by crazed longing as he mouthed me once again.

The next time he smacked my trembling flesh I felt only agonized want. I grabbed at the front of his formsuit, desperate for him to finish me. I spoke not with my voice but with anguished eyes and breathy sobs.

His slow smile was that of supreme satisfaction. He got to his feet and leaned over me. Propping himself with one hand next to my shoulder, he opened the crotch of his uniform with the other. His cocks emerged; swollen, distended, dripping with desire.

I wordlessly spread my thighs farther apart, beseeching him to fuck me. Oses’ hips lowered. His larger primary cock tip found my opening and teased its way in until the smaller cock bumped against my ass. He made a slight adjustment to make it nestle against my rear entrance.

With no warning, Oses shoved hard, burying himself with one brute thrust. By that point, my body no longer cared if it was given pain or pleasure. All that mattered was sensation, and the rawer the better.

Oses rode me with ferocious power, demanding I surrender to orgasm. I did within seconds, clinging to him with all my strength as his weight pinned me to the table and his groin pounded against mine. Again and again, his cocks drove into me to claim all they could. Over and over, I gave in to the crashing climaxes that swept through to tear me apart. Despite the gag in my mouth, I had enough leeway to bite into my lover’s shoulder. I had to in order to muffle the cries I could no longer hold back. I tasted Oses’ blood on my tongue.

His growl was low and forceful as he filled me with his seed. I came one more time and fell strengthless to the table. After a moment, Oses sagged on top of me, blanketing me with his hard body.

As soon as we were able to move, Betra removed my gag. The bit was mangled where my back teeth had dug in. Oses snatched it from Betra and put it in one of his pouches with a satisfied expression. “My trophy,” he whispered. What a nut.

Betra next handed Oses a cup of water and held mine as I gulped. My hands were too shaky to hold the glass myself. My liaison laid me on the lounger and covered me in a soft blanket as I recovered.

The Imdiko had already cleaned the scratches I’d given him. Once I had my fill of water, Betra set to work on the nasty bite I’d bequeathed Oses, wiping the blood away and smearing antibiotic cream over the injury. The weapons commander didn’t flinch despite the jagged oval of deep chewing marks. If anything, he looked absurdly proud. It made Betra snicker.

We had plenty of time to pull ourselves together. On the monitor, Anrel slept on, undisturbed by the activity in the next room. We chuckled as we congratulated ourselves. You’d think we’d gotten away with robbing a bank.

Looking at my marked companions and catching my own disheveled appearance in the mirror, I thought we deserved our self-satisfaction. We’d been quiet, but we had still managed to wreck ourselves pretty good.


  1. lol, hope Anrel never finds her Mom's diary.

    1. Lmao I never thought of that. Well,..... I don't know. She is going to be raised in a family of 3 fathers, one mom, a boat load of uncles, a few aunts and a lot of grandparents. I think she will have a healthy understanding of sex.
      But like every kid that finds out mom still likes sex she will "ewww, mom!" all over it. (*^_^*)

    2. Lmao I never thought of that. Well,..... I don't know. She is going to be raised in a family of 3 fathers, one mom, a boat load of uncles, a few aunts and a lot of grandparents. I think she will have a healthy understanding of sex.
      But like every kid that finds out mom still likes sex she will "ewww, mom!" all over it. (*^_^*)

  2. Oh my, Tracy wow, lol you fogged my contacts with that one. I think I'm in love with Owes (fanning myself) he sure knows how to DOM.