Monday, August 31, 2015

July 12, later

I headed over to Medical with Betra keeping an eye on me. He’d reported my mad dash to Oses’ office to Tep. While comming me a stern reprimand, Tep was optimistic that I hadn’t suffered any ill effects from my admittedly unwise exercise. I got the idea Betra didn’t tell him we’d followed up my little walk with easy sexcapades that pretty much wiped me out. A certain liaison didn’t want to get into trouble, I suppose. That made me laugh.

The upshot was that I was allowed to walk to Medical this time, albeit at a careful, slow pace. Betra ushered my hoverchair along, just in case I needed it. Those we passed on our way cheered my improving condition. I grinned and waved, like I’d won a marathon or something. Hey, I gotta take my successes however I can get them.

Tep beamed at me as I stepped into Medical all by myself. “How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Vertical,” I reported, feeling just a tiny bit trembly in the knees. “Yes, I get to call that a feeling. It’s nice.”

“Don’t overdo it,” he warned, going into doctor mode. “I’m still not that happy about you pushing yourself, even though it seems you were ready for it.”

“I’m going to sit and hold my baby,” I affirmed, walking a little faster now that I was close to seeing Anrel. “I need all my strength for that. My arms are weaker than my legs.”

I went into Isolation to find Candy snuggling my little girl. My friend grinned from ear to ear and made Anrel wave her tiny fist at me. “Here’s Mommy!”

Mommy. Hearing myself referred to that way always brings a mixture of delight and terror. Dear prophets, please let me get this parenting thing right.

Candy let Betra help me settle in my hover chair before rising from her own seat to hand off my sleepily blinking baby. When he offered to see her back to the ship’s Matara section, she waved him off. “I’d like to sit and talk with Shalia for a little while,” she said.

“Com me when you’re ready to leave,” he instructed. “Even if you don’t want the help, I’d like to be on the lookout for you.”

After she assured him she would, Betra left us. Candy is doing pretty well these days. She’s recovering faster than I am, but she didn’t have a baby cut out of her body either. She’s still a little thin with dark circles under her eyes, but our resident perky cheerleader type is making great strides in her recovery.

“You look like you’re doing great,” I informed her as I snuggled Anrel close. My little precious bundle had fallen fast asleep.

“Better every day,” Candy confirmed. “You’re doing okay yourself. I hear you’ve been running up and down the corridors lately.”

“Hardly,” I snorted. “To hear that brute Resan talk, I’m the laziest patient he’s ever done therapy with.” I pulled a face. I hate physical therapy, mostly because of that jerk.

I brushed the black curl over Anrel’s forehead. She was bald the first time I saw her, but she’s sprouted all these beautiful curls since then. Silky soft, it was like the breath of an angel against my fingertips.

I sighed as I looked at my blond friend. “I still look awful. I almost don’t want anyone to answer my coms on Kalquor or back home. When they look at me, they’ll scream.”

Candy laughed, the bright sound as cheerful as it had been before the organism had invaded her body and taken her over. “Don’t be ridiculous. If the clans talking to you are that shallow, you can do better. And you know your dads expect another tale of drama from their daughter.”

“How are things with you and your guys?” I asked.

Candy shrugged, her cheerful demeanor slipping just a touch. “I’m afraid they’re getting a little caught up in our relationship. They know I won’t stay with them and insist they’re okay with that. But Ama and Mihi both got grumpy when I told them I was going to interview a few of my potential clans during this window of time we have.”

“Not a good sign,” I said. I smiled down at Anrel as she waved her fists in her sleep. Fending off the bad guys, my little fighter.

“I may have to cut them loose if they get too possessive.” Candy outright frowned at that. “It’s too bad. I’ve had so much fun with them.”

“I’m glad to hear you’re keeping them in their proper place.” Candy was doing a lot better with that than I seem capable of.

“Nobeks.” Candy sighed and shook her head. “They are so passionate. I wonder if they fall in love easier than Imdikos do?”

That was an interesting thought. It made me muse over who would deal with our eventual separation better: Betra or Oses?

My com buzzed in my pocket. I took it out to quiet it before it could disturb Anrel. A message had been left on my room com.

“What’s making you smile like the mouse that got the cheese?” Candy asked.

“Clan Seot left me a message.” I almost wiggled in my delight to hear from them. “They say they’re excited to talk to me and want to do so tomorrow evening their time, afternoon for me.”

Oh boy. Despite my misgivings over how bad I look, I can hardly wait to talk to them. Any chance to stare at Clan Seot is a chance I get giddy over. I bet I don’t sleep a wink tonight.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

July 12, early

The trouble with anticipating an exciting event is the event arriving and no excitement ensues. I am pouting right now.

We are in range of the miniature wormholes. The ship slowed to take advantage of being able to communicate in real time with Kalquor and in almost-real time with Earth. No sooner had the announcement come than I was on my com, calling my dads.

I got no answer other than the invitation to leave a message. The same with Clan Seot. The exact same thing with Clan Aslada. I got dressed up for this? Thank goodness I didn’t make a fuss with Anrel and disturb her over all this nothing. I had a suspicion I might not reach anyone instantly. But for it to actually happen ... that was a bigger blow to the gut than I anticipated. I’m feeling disappointment to the extreme here.

So I was left with telling the dads, “Hi, it’s your daughter and we can talk back and forth for the next three days because I’m near a wormhole that allows instant communication. I have big news, so com me ASAP. I love you. Com me!” End transmission. I didn’t mention Nang. If I know my dads, they might try to shield me from any potentially bad news. It’s admittedly an underhanded and shitty stunt for me to pull, but I’d rather surprise them with my request for information. Plus seeing Anrel might soften the big lugs up a little.

I am so manipulative. I am probably going to Hell for that.

Similar messages were left with my two prospective clans, except without all the lovey-dovey stuff. “Hi, it’s Shalia. I’m near a wormhole that will allow us to talk instantly for a couple of days. Please let me know when is a good time for us to connect for a conversation. Thanks. I hope to talk to you soon.”

Twice I had to say that. Twice! Now I’m stuck waiting and wondering when I get to talk to anyone. Plus I’ll have to do my hair and makeup again if I don’t hear back from them soon. Damn it.

Oh well. I’ll sync up my portable com with my room’s and go see Anrel. She can see Mommy look almost presentable. I didn’t leave vid messages with anyone; just voice. Even with all the bells and whistles, I still look like walking death. Nayun will have a heart attack if he’d sees me before we had a chance to talk and I can assure him I’m going to be okay. Clans Seot and Aslada would probably delete me from their prospects list. I am twenty types of ‘ugh’ these days, no matter what Betra and Oses say.

Monday, August 24, 2015

July 11, later (Part 2)

Oses slipped off his desk. Instead of taking the single step he needed to get to me, he went around to the back of it and opened a drawer. He took out four shiny metal rings. My heart leapt. Hovercuffs. Oh boy, oh boy, ohboyohboyohboy.

I attract a lot of trouble. But most of the time, I’m very happy to be me because I attract men with restraints.

Oses came around, chuckling at the sight of my beaming face. “Our little lovely is looking forward to this,” he told Betra.

The Imdiko laughed with him. “So I see. It’s nice to know we haven’t gotten boring for her yet.”

“You two? Never,” I assured them. I held out my wrists to Oses. “I’m all yours.”

Still grinning, the Nobek fastened on the cuffs. “I accept this wonderful gift. No, don’t raise your legs. You’re to stay relaxed until the playing keeps you from being able to do so.”

He knelt down and cuffed my ankles. Meanwhile, Betra looked over the small office. “She should lay down. Floor or desk?”

“If you’ll help me clear it, the desk.” Oses gave me a stern glare. “Stay put. Never mind; cuffs, freeze subject in place.”

Because I am me, I had to test to see if I could pull free. Of course I couldn’t. I sat in my chair while Oses and Betra moved quickly to take the computer, office com, and other items off the smooth molded plastic-y surface of the weapons commander’s desk. They had the altar for my ravishment ready within seconds.

“Cuffs, respond to my physical prompts,” Oses ordered. He picked me up off the chair and deposited me onto the desk. The top was long enough to hold my entire body. A big Nobek gets a big desk, I guess.

“I think her arms should be out to the side and bent, with her hands on either side of her head,” Betra suggested.

“Yes.” Oses moved me into position. “And her legs spread apart.”


After I was adjusted to their satisfaction, Betra gave me a careful perusal. “Any strain? Any discomfort anywhere?”

“No, I’m fine,” I said. I was better than fine, in fact. My pussy already seeped warm excitement to be splayed for their amusement. I’d shown up here in a panic, but life seemed pretty A-OK right then.

Oses placed his big paw on my stomach. The heat of his touch warred with a flash of self consciousness. “Ugh, don’t feel too much around that,” I said. “My gut looks like a half-deflated balloon with the baby out and me not able to exercise outside of physical therapy.”

The Nobek’s eyes narrowed at me as he stroked lazy circles in the fabric of my blouse. “There is nothing offensive about your body, pet,” he said in gentle chastisement. “It brought forth a life. Against all odds, it survived an invasive organism and poisoning. You are and always will be nothing less than beautiful.”

Betra laid his hand on top of Oses’. “You see flaws where there are none, Shalia. Your marks of honor only enhance your perfection.”

My eyes filled with tears. How could they see anything pretty in a flabby belly and stretch marks? In arms and legs gone matchstick thin from the strain I’d gone through? In my too-prominent cheekbones and still-hollowed eyes? Yet their expressions left no doubt that they found nothing lacking in my appearance. They saw beyond the superficial wreckage. Somehow, they still saw the Shalia I’d been.

Betra bent down to kiss my tears away while Oses continued to stroke my stomach. They comforted and soothed, making me believe that I wasn’t as awful as I thought. When Betra’s soft lips found mine, I sank into bliss, feeling like the most cared for woman in creation.

I even forgot to feel insecure when Oses tugged my blouse up to reveal my naked stomach to his caresses. The rasp of calloused fingertips were pure delight as he traced over my flesh, making me tremble. Intuiting that my emotional state turned to a more amorous outlook, Betra’s kiss deepened. His talented mouth moved over mine, and his tongue stole out to trace the contours of my lips. I opened to him, inviting him in to taste. He did so, flicking delicately within to feel the smoothness of my teeth, the softness of my inner cheeks, the velvet of my shyly questing tongue. We tasted each other with a slow exploration, as if kissing for the first time.

Oses’ big hands framed my belly, cupping it in his strong, sure palms. Then the warmth of his mouth was on me, kissing the place that had recently housed the most precious life any of us knew. His embrace was passionate, but with a hint of reverence. He kissed my abdomen like one might have once kissed the Holy Leader’s ring or the feet of the prophets. I felt exalted in his embrace, though I knew I didn’t deserve that kind of worship.

Betra pulled his lips from mine and looked down at me with tender devotion. He said nothing as he stroked my forehead and cheeks. He simply looked and wordlessly loved little old unworthy me. Sometimes speaking of what is in a person’s heart takes away from that sentiment. I began to understand the Nobek code of not telling other men when they loved them. Words at that moment would have made the feeling trivial.

Oses’ hands creeping up my ribcage began to change the mood. They inched up, trailing heat in their wake. My breasts felt as if they swelled up in anticipation. I was aware of my nipples drawing tight, becoming more sensitive. It seemed I could feel each individual fiber in my bra cups as they awaited the sweeter sensation of the Nobek’s touch.

Betra’s tender smile shifted into something more knowing, catching onto my surge of lust as if it was contagious. His hand curled around my throat, a gentle but controlling pressure. His face lowered to mine once more.

There was no comfort in his kiss this time. This time it held fire, sparking hunger that surged from the pressure of the Imdiko’s lips and the swirling tease of his tongue straight down to my clit. He kissed me as if to devour. Consuming. Claiming.

Moisture flowed from between my legs. My fresh salty scent joined with the spicier aroma of the men. Tiny whimpers escaped my throat, which were promptly swallowed by Betra.

Oses’ hands cupped my breasts. His palms and fingers curled around the mounds, cradling them in his assured grip. I forgot to breathe as his rough fingertips pushed against the elastic edge of my bra, pushing it up as his questing touch inched further up. The fabric scraped over my sensitized nipples, abrading them until I felt them jut into points. Oh merciful heavens.

My arms strained against the cuffs as the Nobek bared my breasts to his gaze. I’m not sure why I fought being pinned except for the need to grab and hold onto something. Then Oses’ thumbs swept over the turgid tips of my breasts, sending electric nirvana zapping to my wet pussy. I felt galvanized and melting all at once. I groaned, my lips vibrating against Betra’s. I thrust upward, filling Oses’ hands with my needy flesh.

“Sweet pet,” Oses murmured. I felt his stubbled chin graze the outer curve of one mound. He rubbed gently, like an affectionate cat. My entire being fired to lascivious life.

I felt honey pumping from me, my body begging to be taken. It didn’t matter that I was all too aware that intercourse wasn’t going to happen. My sex wanted what it wanted and begged to be satisfied.

Betra’s teeth grabbed hold of my lower lip and tugged. He kissed his way across my jawline to my ear. His tongue teased the whorls there, sending chills snaking down my spine. He breathed warmly into my ear, knowing how sensitive I am about that. My toes curled.

Oses’ fingers and thumbs seized my pebbled nipples. A bolt of purest pleasure shot from his touch to the eager stew in my gut, making it roil. He rubbed the excited buds within his grip, setting off more surges. My ass thumped against his desk.

“Easy, little girl,” he rumbled. One hand left its breast, drifting with the light pressure of a feather down the center of my stomach. It headed down, down, until it reached the waistband of my panties. The crotch of that lacy fabric was glued to my sex, soaked by my juices.

I thought perhaps he would slide his questing fingers beneath the band to find naked flesh. Instead, Oses kept going down until his fingertips brushed my swollen clit. I cried out.

“Poor baby,” the Nobek growled. “She’s very needy, Betra.”

“Then give her what she needs.” Betra’s mouth nibbled down from my ear, tracing the curve of my neck to the collarbone. His hot breath continued to make my skin draw into goosebumps.


Oses’ questing hand moved from my aching bud to the leg opening of my panties. His fingers slid inside the lace to circle my clit. I jerked violently, making his hand slip through the wetness of my wide open pussy. His roughened touch rasped oh so wonderfully against the petals of my desperate flesh.

“Hush,” he murmured, moving the other hand from my breast to my lower abdomen. He pressed and held me down to the desk. His fingers circled my clit again.

Betra’s tongue ran from the hollow of my throat down to the valley between my boobs. His feverishly hot hands took over where Oses’ had left off. He kissed his way up one mound. He got to the areola and licked around its edge, teasing the nipple much as Oses teased my clit. I sobbed with need as excitement arced higher. I swear it felt as if the folds of my sex trembled with desire. My whole body begged for release.

“Now, Imdiko,” Oses said.

He pinched my clit between those calloused fingers and rubbed. At the same time, Betra latched onto my breast, sucking it deep into his maw, his rasping tongue laving my erect nipple.

Exaltation crashed against me. My body seemed to yawn wide, the light of a million suns coalescing within my sex, and exploding outward in a tremendous upheaval of primordial power. The entirety of me clenched around that breathtaking outpouring, as if to keep it bottled up somehow. Then I let go, blossoming open again, releasing divine rapture.

When I re-discovered my sanity, Oses was removing the cuffs and Betra was fixing my clothes. I looked at the two of them, my vision hazy. Their formsuits betrayed their excitement, excitement I couldn’t relieve for them. Nevertheless, they looked damned pleased with themselves.

Betra went to my room and got my hoverchair. Oses prodded me to drink some water as I nodded in and out of a doze until the Imdiko returned to take me back to my room. I barely remember Betra tucking me into bed. I slept the beautiful reviving sleep that comes when I’ve been well-loved.

Kalquorian men are the best.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

July 11, later (Part 1)

Oses’ office door was open when I showed up. The instant I appeared in his doorway, he shoved his work to one side and stood, his feral face going savage. “What’s wrong?” he growled.

Boy, talk about someone who is ready to jump in front of a bullet for a girl. Just one look at me and the weapons commander geared up to kick some ass. I swear the muscles in his scarred arms swelled like balloons. Gotta love those sleeveless uniforms. I was turned on and freaked out all at once.

I also felt kind of bad for verging on hysterics. Oses can’t stand to see me endangered. He nearly had a breakdown over it. I fought to make myself appear calmer.

“Maybe nothing,” I said in the most sensible tone I could muster. “I got a weird message, and I’m probably reading all sorts of stuff into it that don’t belong.”

I had loaded the message into my handheld computer. I brought up the short and not-so-sweet text for Oses to read.

“Nang. The Dramok who fixated on you and may be Anrel’s biological sire?” he mused. The crease between his brows deepened and then he glanced at me shifting nervously on my feet. “Shalia, sit down. You walked here all by yourself?”

I knew I was probably in trouble for that, but in my panic I hadn’t been thinking straight. I perched on the nearby chair. “I know, it was stupid given my condition. I flipped out. I didn’t even realize I’d done it until you said something.”

He raised an eyebrow at me. “Adrenaline is a wonderful thing in an emergency, but this doesn’t qualify. You’ll probably be weak as a baby in a few moments.”

That made me think of Anrel. “Oses, can Nang make trouble for me and Anrel? That was my first thought when I saw the message. What if his duties ended and he left Earth? What if he’s headed for Kalquor?”

Oses came around the desk and knelt at my feet. His hands, as big as my head, cupped my face. “Even if that is the case, he’s months behind us. If he’s headed home, it will be nine months before he gets there.”

“So I got worked up over nothing,” I said, relaxing. “I guess I’m so used to one emergency after another that I’m jumping at shadows now.”

“I didn’t say you shouldn’t be alert,” Oses said. He frowned, his gaze going distant as he considered. “It could be nothing. It could be someone thought you should know that something happened to this Nang due to your past association with him.”

“I thought of that possibility myself,” I said. “If I knew who sent the message, that might help.”

Oses got up and propped himself against the desk edge. He picked up my handheld and scowled at the message. He tapped in a few commands and scowled even harder at the results.

“What?” I prodded.

The big Nobek gave me a smile that was probably supposed to be comforting. With that fierce visage, he doesn’t do comforting well. “It’s probably nothing. Best to be sure though. I’ll make some inquiries to Earth and see what I can find out.”

“Tell me what you’re thinking, Oses,” I said. “Don’t try to protect me by acting like it’s nothing when it’s something. I’ll think the worst if you don’t share what’s banging around in that head of yours.”

That got me a real smile, one of respect. “Always ready to face the dark, aren’t you, my pet? As I said, it’s probably nothing. I’m being an old, suspicious Nobek.”


“But the com frequency this came from has been scrambled to prevent tracing it. I can tell it came from Earth, but not specifically where on Earth or who sent it. Someone doesn’t want you or anyone else to know he sent it, but it was important enough to him to get you a message that he did it anyway. This makes me think it’s a warning of some sort.”

I swallowed hard. “Like Nang has been re-assigned to Kalquor. That maybe someone thinks he’s still got an urge to see me.”

“That could be.” Oses reached over to caress my face. “If that is the case, we’ll find out. I’ll see to it that safeguards will be in place to keep him from you, if necessary. You won’t be left without protection, pet.”

I started to feel better about the situation. “Thanks, Oses. My biggest worry is that Nang might find out that Anrel could be his daughter. That he’ll try to push the issue.”

The weapons commander’s face darkened. “There is no issue. No matter the biological status, he has no claim on either you or Anrel. Both of you will be kept safe.”

I was mostly reassured by Oses’ assertion. However, a little part of me was reminded that I’d been in danger before, danger that a number of destroyers and Kalquorians hadn’t shielded me from. If Nang was heading back to Kalquor and wasn’t ready to give up his hopes that I would be a part of his life, I needed to know I could keep Anrel secure. Somehow, I would have to up the odds in my favor.

I wish I had a clue on how to do that.

Before I could ask Oses’ opinion, Betra walked into the room staring at his handheld. “Hey Oses, on that little escapade we were planning—”

“I have a visitor, Imdiko,” Oses said in a warning voice.

Betra looked up and his mouth dropped wide open to see me. “Shalia! What are you doing here?” He rounded on the weapons commander, his expression turning angry with accusation. “Did you bring her in here?”

“I came on my own,” I said. “I got a freaky message and acted stupid.”

“I should say it was stupid. You know you shouldn’t be exerting yourself that much. Wait, what freaky message? What happened?” His mind was going a mile a minute, trying to catch up to the shock of my being there.

“What is this ‘escapade’ you two are having?” I countered, curiosity overriding my worry over my liaison catching me out and about.

Betra reddened and turned to Oses for help. The Nobek looked amused over the whole affair.

He waved Betra to the seat next to mine. “I’ll catch you up on the latest, Imdiko. Right now, it’s nothing to be worried about.” I noticed he stressed the words ‘right now’.

He showed my liaison the com message I’d received. Betra looked as confused as I felt, as well as a touch alarmed. “Neither of you has any idea who would send this?” he asked.

“Ideas aplenty, but to find out for sure I’d have to talk to people who don’t necessarily want to talk to me,” I answered.

“We’ll discover what is going on with this Dramok Nang soon enough,” Oses said. “We’ll reach the wormholes in two days. I’ll com the Atlanta site where he was last stationed and get a report. If he and his clan have been recalled to Kalquor, we’ll know well ahead of time.”

“I’ll com my dads,” I said. “Whoever sent me that message seemed sure they know what’s happened or is happening.”

“I wonder if he found out you were pregnant,” Betra mused. “If that’s the case, he may have said something in your informant’s presence that worried him.”

I shook my head, thinking of Anrel. Would Nang want to see her? Would he try to insinuate himself in her life, believing he was her father? If so, what could I do about it?

Oses tugged gently on a lock of my hair. “Measures will be adopted to keep you and the baby safe, Shalia. Don’t doubt that for a second.”

“I don’t,” I answered. “But nothing is guaranteed. Can I carry my blaster around on Kalquor?”

Betra muttered an oath. “Are you that afraid of this Nang?”

“He was obsessed,” I said. “When it comes to Anrel, I don’t want anything left to chance.”

“Not just anyone can walk around in public with firearms. Only police, security officers, military, and people trained in weaponry with a compelling reason,” Oses told me. “You would be able to keep your blaster in your quarters with no problem, but locked away in a safe place where Anrel cannot get to it.”

“Well duh,” I said. What kind of moron wouldn’t keep a dangerous weapon out of the reach of their kid?

I was ready for a change of subject. “You were discussing an escapade when you came in? Do I get to be a part of that? Or is it something for just the two of you?”

“What makes you think you’re in any shape for adventure?” Betra frowned. “There is still the matter of you coming here on your own. Don’t think I’ve forgotten that.”

I waved him off. “Okay, my legs feel like limp noodles right now, but I’m fine otherwise.”

“You think you’re fine.”

“So punish me for being a twit. You can schedule my spanking for when I’m better.” The thought of a spanking made me feel happy all over. I sure will be glad when I’m recovered.

Oses grinned at Betra. “Add it to our plans.”

I sat straight up. “So I am a part of it. What is it? What are we going to do?”

Betra laughed, his worried anger disappearing at my enthusiasm. “It’s a surprise. We’ll give you a proper celebration once Tep gives us the go-ahead. Which isn’t for a while yet,” he added, going stern again.

I wiggled in my chair, delighted with whatever the two men are plotting. A little embarrassment colored my glee. “I figured once I had the baby, I’d be done with doctors knowing every time I wanted to play hide-the-sausage. I hate Tep being a voyeur into my sex life.”

“Hide the sausage?” Betra said, his eyes wide. Oses bellowed laughter at my turn of phrase.

“You know it,” I grinned. “I’d give anything to do it right now. Thinking about what you might have in store for me has me all excited.”

The two men exchanged a look. “She’s already given herself a workout by coming here,” Betra said.

“Not being given release is stressful as well,” Oses pointed out. “Plus, a good climax gives her no choice but to rest afterwards. She’ll want a nice long nap, which means she won’t be traipsing around the ship for a while.”

“There is that. The trick is keeping her still so she doesn’t overdo it.”

“I can arrange that.”

“All right then.”

I listened to their back-and-forth with growing anticipation. It sounded like I was in for some fun. I was right.