Thursday, December 10, 2015

August 19 (part 1)

I had no idea what was going on last night an hour after dinner when Oses and Betra showed up at my door. We’d woken up together in my bed that morning, but I hadn’t talked to them after we all went our separate ways for the day. Even training with Oses was cancelled because of his duties; however he did warn Candy, Katrina, and me we’d be fools not to practice without him. He promised much pain if we were not ready for our next lesson.

It had been a full but good day. I had breakfast with the gals in the dining room. Then it was on to spend a couple of hours with Anrel. If her condition remains good, she’ll be out of Medical in two days. I get to bring my baby home! Well, my home aboard the ship. She’s really alert now, looking at people and responding to us. I can see her developing before my eyes. It’s amazing.

After Anrel time, I had training with my least favorite ass in the universe. Resan did all he could to piss me off while we worked and sweated. Now that he realizes he truly does dislike me he seems to take great delight in it. For my part, I work hard with no hope of any consideration for it and yell back when the mood suits me. We’ve achieved a  sort of comfort in our mutual condemnation society. In some perverse way I think we both enjoy having someone we can dump on openly and impolitely. It amuses Candy and Katrina to no end.

Then we had our knife fighting training, which went pretty well. I really enjoy it. Idow relies on Larten’s lesson plan, altering it for each of us as our needs and skill levels dictate. Then there was lunch, and then we practiced defensive techniques so Oses wouldn’t kick our asses later.

After a nice shower I spent more time with Anrel. We had visitors, including Nobek Siko. I suspect Captain Wotref’s clanmate was hoping to run into Katrina.

“She’s napping,” I told the elder Nobek as he cradled Anrel in his scarred arms. “Katrina says training wipes out her old lady body.”

Siko snickered. “That woman is more fit than some of the girls your age,” he said in open admiration. When Anrel chirruped at him, he smiled at her. “Yes, my little becu. Grammy is stubborn. She makes this Nobek hurt as no weapon ever has. She is still the most wondrous being next to you.”

I felt sorry for him, for all of Clan Wotref. “I know she misses you too. It’s killing her to have to choose.”

“She should not have to. Her son is in the wrong.” Siko scowled only slightly, as if afraid to upset Anrel.

“I agree, but he probably thinks he’s doing it out of love. He’s trying to save her soul.”

“He’s an idiot.” Siko stated this flatly. “But don’t tell her I said that.” He smiled at Anrel. “As for you, precious becu, I will put kisses on your cheeks like Grammy does. Then when she kisses you there, you’ll deliver them to her for me.”

I hope things work out for Katrina to be with Clan Wotref. When an old brute like Siko does something so romantic, it’s got to happen.

After Anrel went down for a nap, I returned to my quarters. I’m all set up for her in there. The crib is by the sleeping mat, and her itty bitty clothes (so cute!!!) are in drawers and hanging up. A basin for her bath is next to the shower. Formula, bottles, a ton of necessities litter the shelves. Piles of diapers lined up against the walls since I ran out of drawer and shelf space. Who would have ever thought such a tiny being would need so much room? At this rate, she’ll need her own quarters.

I drifted around, looking at her stuff, envisioning Anrel being there with me. I can’t wait.

Dinner came and went. I checked on my little girl. Still all systems go. Tep decided it was a good idea to run a scan and some quick tests on me to see how I’m doing.

“You look great,” he confirmed. “Those workouts are getting you in good shape.”

“I’ve barely started,” I laughed.

“The difference is still there. I’m calling you fully recovered from the It and the poisoning it took to get that thing out of you. Keep up the good work.”

I was in a good mood when I went back to my quarters. I’d barely stepped in when my door opened and Oses and Betra walked in.

“Hi guys. It looks like you’ve done some shopping.” I grinned at them because they were carrying small boxes, the kinds that Acquisitions uses. “Anything for me?”

“It’s all for you,” Betra said, his smile ear to ear and full of mischief. “It’s part of your reward.”

“What reward?” I gave the boxes a worried look.

“For doing so well with your training,” Oses replied, setting his load on the table. “It’s a day or two early, but we figured you earned it.”

“An advance on continued good behavior,” Betra added. His boxes landed on my lounger.

I hated to refuse goodies, but my conscience is such a bitch. “I’m more than a day or two from earning any such thing,” I pointed out. “I got my butt spanked for being a disrespectful whiner. Plus Resan would never in a million years admit I did anything right. No way I earned anything.”

Betra gave me an amused look. “I’d hate to see you and Resan locked together in a small room. The carnage would be insane.”

Oses shook his head. “He doesn’t like you, not one bit. But as I told you, he’s fair. It was obvious Resan was choking on every last word when he reported to me, but he admitted that since that rocky start you’ve applied yourself. His exact words were, ‘When she shuts that loud mouth of hers, she works hard. Shalia is exceeding my expectations.’”

My eyes were wide enough to fall out of my head. “Resan said that about me? Resan? Tell me you recorded that moment. I would give anything to hear praise for me coming out of his mouth.”

Oses and Betra both laughed. The Nobek told me, “No, I did not record it. I’m not giving you any ammunition when it comes to your feud.”

Betra added, “It’s so weird how you two can’t stand each other. In a lot of ways, your personalities are alike.”

“You take that back,” I snarled at the Imdiko.

Oses interrupted my flare of temper. “You did mess up at the start of training, both with your lazy attitude and talking back to me. Since then you have – what’s the phrase? Pulled your shit together. I am proud of you.”

Wow. Hearing that from Oses was like getting a ticker tape parade. I almost wriggled in my delight to hear him praise my efforts.

Betra smiled to see me beam. “So we thought you deserved a surprise a little early. We want to keep you motivated to continue. It’s good to see you not just recovering, but coming back harder and stronger than ever.”

I think I blushed. Their approval made me feel liked I’d conquered a mountain.

Betra opened the first box. At first I thought he was presenting me with a dead animal. “I hope you know how to put this on,” he said.

After a horrified moment, I realized it was a wig. The hair color was far from mine and had long, loose, spiraling curls. “What, you don’t like my real hair?” I asked, mystified by the gift.

“We’re going somewhere special,” Oses grinned. “You’ll be in disguise.”

“Oh.” I had no clue what was going on, but the adventure sounded exciting. “Is what we’re doing legal?”

“That remains to be seen,” Betra laughed. “See if you can figure out how to wear this thing.”

I did so, noting the texture of the wig was nothing like my own. I already looked like someone else after I’d managed to hide my hair beneath it. “Cool,” I said. “People will have to look twice before they realize it’s me.”

“Play with your makeup some too,” Betra said. “You’ll be wearing a mask, but let’s get you as incognito as we can.”

“A mask?” Boy, this was getting better by the second. “Are we going to a costume ball?”

Oses snickered. “You could say balls are involved.”

“Oh, we’re having a sex escapade then. A sex-capade.” I snickered and got my cosmetics out.

I’ve worn heavy makeup for sex play since Betra and Oses both love it when everything gets smeared. They say it shows I’ve been well used. Otherwise, I tend to wear very little. I went all out this time, giving my eyes a Cleopatra/ancient Egyptian look with my eyes outlined in thick black and mascara clotting my lashes. I played with foundation and other stuff I had to create shadows and hollows and highlights, transforming the contours of my face. A liberal use of ruby red lipstick made my lips look twice as large as they actually are.

“I can’t wait to get some of that red on my cocks,” Oses growled.

I blinked at my reflection in the mirror. I did not look like Shalia Monroe. Even without a mask, I doubted anyone would recognize me. The transformation was startling.

Betra’s eyes went wide with appreciation. “It’s like you’re another woman,” he said.

“Are you getting bored with the same old Shalia?” I teased.


More boxes were opened. I was startled to find some underthings that looked damned close to torture devices. We’re talking a corset and girdle and padded bra.

“This will disguise your real figure until we get you where you’re going,” Oses said. “Don’t worry, you won’t have to wear it very long.”

“Good,” I huffed as I squeezed my post-pregnancy body into the girdle. My skinny legs weren’t a problem, but that belly ... sigh. I’d been so proud of how much it had shrunk, too. “And here I thought I was getting back into shape. Goodbye, self esteem.”

“Stop it,” Betra admonished. “You’re beautiful and getting better every day. I like your body just fine. This is only for concealment.”

“Where are we going that I need to be someone else?” I wheezed as he laced up the corset, squishing stuff and forcing it to go other places where it didn’t belong.

“You’ll see.”

A dress that I rarely wore ... hardly even liked, to be honest ... went on over my excruciating underthings. Another look in the mirror confirmed I would never know myself. My fake bosom swelled. My waist pinched.

“Last thing except for the mask,” Betra said, opening one of two boxes left. “The mask goes on when we get where we’re going.”

He took out the tallest heels I’d ever seen. I shook my head. “Why didn’t you just find some stilts? Am I supposed to walk in those?”

“Just a little while. And we’ll help you stay on your feet.”

“Look at me. I can almost look you in the eye, Betra. Let me check Oses’ dental work while I’m up here. Open wide.” I swayed unsteadily in the pink stilettos. I felt like a giraffe. “If anyone is on the lookout for me based on my height, I will stumble past undetected.”

They chuckled at my silliness. “Ready for adventure?” Betra asked, tucking the last, smallest box under his arm.

“No, I did all this to go to bed,” I retorted. “Of course I’m ready.”

“Are you sure?” Oses pressed. “It may be more adventure than you’re comfortable with.”

They both looked at me, warning in their eyes. I could tell my ‘reward’ was going to be intense. If they were taking me out of my comfort zone, things were about to get interesting.

In the end, I trust those two men with everything. How could I not after all they’d done for me? Plus I was high on my accomplishments in training. I may not be the warrior badass I want to be, not even close, but I am on my way. My fears for myself and Anrel won’t disappear any time soon, but my confidence is gaining. Maybe someday fear will reduce to a sense of responsible caution.

I am getting stronger. I am meeting things head on. Whatever my sweeties were up to, I could handle it.

“The night is wasting. Let’s go,” I told Oses and Betra.

You could have lit a stadium from the brightness of their smiles. They were looking forward to whatever we were about to do.


  1. TRACYYYYY!!!!!!! Not with the cliff hangers again!!!! *pouts* sulking off to wait impatiently for Monday. Luv you Tracy, but you are evil sometimes.

  2. I see a sex club in their future. but I do hope the training isn't going to continue for the rest of segment 7 of Shalia's Diary, no offense, I love you Tracy but the training stuff got old quick.

  3. Kathy we should have known as soon as we saw "PART 1" but I'm with you Tracy can be very Evil and she has a thing for letting us "hang" over a weekend. I think they are heading to the sex club where Shalia can be noticed but not noticed by others. I'm just wondering if she gets to play or if she gets to watch her guys. Maybe asking a certain trainer to joint them, he wouldn't know Shalia in the wig, corset and make up.

    1. OMG that would be an interesting twist indeed, Resan seeing a whole other side of Shalia, with out knowing who she is, and be like " By the ancestors, who was she, I have to know have to find out" LOL

  4. This sounds really exciting. Something out of Shalia's comfort zone? Wow. The sex club is a great idea but how about an auction? I wonder if Resan and Shalia might end up surprising each other.

  5. But Shalia would know him! I know what everyone has been hoping, but if it were you, would you fuck your worst enemy, someone you absolutely loathe? Not me!

    1. Good point. I know the scenario suggests sex but I didn't say they would F***. I said surprise each other. I am looking forward to the possibilities.

  6. Oh, I did not think about the pleasure club! Yes, would be hot. I would love to see Resan join in but I agree with Christine, Shalia might not be ready for that yet.

    1. But then the guys did say she would be wearing a mask....hmm can't wait until Monday!