Monday, December 7, 2015

August 17

Holy smokes, has it really been a week since I last recorded an entry? Apparently so. I’ve been a busy girl.

When I’m not training, I spend most of my time with Anrel. She has transitioned to a regular environment as of yesterday. I’m so excited! She’ll soon be sleeping in my quarters, a normal baby living with her mommy. Tep thinks it will be four or five more days while he runs final tests and makes sure she’s acclimatized to our dirty, germy atmosphere. Candy’s boyfriend Ama used some scraps from the bar he built for our dance club to make Anrel a beautiful little crib to sleep in. Katrina and Candy sewed some sheets that fit from the standard sleeping mat linens the ship uses.

Speaking of our dance club, it is ready to open at long last. Just a few tiny details, and we’ll have our party space. It’s a little late – we’re less than two months from Kalquor now, so we’ll get little use out of it. Oh well. We’re making a big to do of it anyway. Our opening party is in three days.

So much to celebrate. I am delighted to report that there have been no more threats from Oses to kick me out of training. No more spankings for screwing up either. I have been working hard ever since I embarrassed myself last week with my ‘poor me’ bitchfest during which I talked back to Oses in front of Katrina and Candy. I’ve toed the line with Resan too, doing everything he demands. Oh, I still trade rude words with the man – we’ll never be friends. But I am getting stronger due to his training, putting some muscle on, losing the baby belly, and increasing endurance.

Not that I’m about to show any gratitude, not after today. Resan said he couldn’t understand how I’d gotten pregnant with Anrel since no Kalquorian with sense would fuck such a useless scrap of an Earther. I told him I’d be glad to tell the weapons commander that Resan thought he had no sense. Resan said he believed Oses only screwed me out of pity. His lip curled in outright disgust as he looked at me heaving for breath after jogging a quarter of a mile down the ship’s corridors.

“I knew it! You despise me!” I shouted with triumph. “You told everyone you didn’t care one way or another, but you absolutely hate me!”

Resan stared at me for a few moments before realization dawned. “You’re right. I loathe you. I really do. I don’t even know why.”

“The feeling is mutual. I think I detested you from the moment we met.”

Look at us. We found something in common: a deep and abiding abhorrence for each other. It’s the one thing I feel comfortable sharing with that bastard. Hey, there’s love at first sight, right? Why not hate? Some people were destined to be the sand in a gal’s ass crack.

With that knowledge, I realize I will never get whatever incentive it was that Oses and Betra had in mind for me if I did well for two weeks. I’d screwed that up already in the first couple of days anyway when I told off Oses. With Resan’s immense dislike of all things Shalia, there is no way he’ll ever give a good report of my progress. I’m screwed.

It’s still worth my while to do well. I’ve got my head on straight again, re-committed to doing my best for Anrel’s well-being. Plus I discovered how averse I am to disappointing Oses.

I didn’t disappoint today. We had sparring matches in both blade and self-defense training to demonstrate how well we’d absorbed our lessons thus far.  I actually got a “Good job, Shalia,” from Nobek Idow after I managed to deflect all his attacks with the stick.

As far as hand-to-hand, Oses got me in indefensible positions three times. Five was the limit he allowed us before we move on to new techniques. Katrina matched me, and Candy scraped by with five. She passed muster, but she’s pretty mad at herself for a couple of admittedly silly mistakes.

So two out of three classes are going well. I can’t complain, so I won’t.  I’ve done enough of that. It’s time to kick butt. Maybe one of these days I will do so and Resan will show up at the front of the line.

A girl can dream.


  1. Love and hate are opposite sides of the same coin. Watch out Shalia. I've known many lifelong couples who, when they first met, couldn't stand each other and every little thing about the other person they were irritated by and hated...

  2. I've heard the same thing about opposites attracting each other. Still, that comment about how no Kalquorian would F*** her was really rude and harsh. Of course a comment like that is filled with emotion. If he despises her so much why is he helping her??

    1. well it is his job, and they are making him...It isn't voluntary

    2. He was asked to help with her personal training and could have turned it down. He was doing his job with the rehab.

  3. there have been books by this very author where characters who detested each other fell in love lol

    1. I do believe there was more physical heat there in those cases though

  4. Shalia and Resan dislike each other so much I wonder if they are hiding their attraction to each other. ""The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

  5. Resan, Betra and Oses possible Clan??? Watch out Shalia

  6. Good job Shalia keep pishing forward. I'm with Christine there could be a possible clan in the making.

  7. Good job Shalia keep pishing forward. I'm with Christine there could be a possible clan in the making.