Monday, December 14, 2015

August 19 (part 2)

I walked with the men to the lift. Along the way, I saw a couple of women and Kalquorians who knew me and how intimate I am with Betra and Oses. There were no looks of recognition, but plenty of confused stares. I could almost hear their thoughts: Who was this woman and why was she in the company of those two particular men? I wondered how thick the rumors would fly.

“Main promenade,” Oses told the transport once we were all inside.

Familiar surroundings then. It was where the Earther dance club was (two days until opening!), along with various shops boasting custom-made weapons, clothing, and other things Kalquorian men liked. The shops had also started stocking things for us ladies when they found items to our tastes.

I had a sudden suspicion where we were heading, and it wasn’t on a shopping trip. My heart sped up and my mouth went dry. Terror knifed through my gut ... but the visions my imagination supplied me with had the crotch of my gut-inhibiting underwear soaked.

Oses’ nostrils flared and he looked down at me with a grin tugging one side of his mouth. “I think she’s figured it out, Imdiko.”

I couldn’t pretend the idea didn’t arouse me, not with the Nobek’s damned sense of smell catching me out. Betra inhaled and chuckled low in his throat.

“We’ve got an exhibitionist in the making, Oses. I figured as much when she enjoyed performing for the camera.”

“I swear, if anyone in there recognizes me—” I started.

“They won’t. Not with that makeup and wig and not when we put the mask on you.”

My heart was in my throat when the transport delivered us to the ship’s circular main concourse. I wobbled drunkenly on my high heels. It took both Oses and Betra’s support to keep me on my feet as we headed for the door that led to the pleasure club.

It was right next to the dance club with its big ‘Opening Soon!’ sign. The door to the pleasure club ... from which howls of as much pain as delight issued every time it opened ... was easily missed. It was flat black, easy to pass the eyes over as one roamed the stores that lined the curved walls. If not for the intermittent flow of Kalquorian men walking in and out and the noises that came from it, it wouldn’t be noticeable at all.

I noticed it a lot as we moved towards it. From what I’d heard about the extreme play that went on inside one of these places, I thought it must resemble a torture chamber. That dark door looked like the ravenous mouth of a subterranean cave, ready to swallow me into the very pit of Hell.

It was only my trust in Oses and Betra and the anticipatory smiles they wore that didn’t send me scrambling when the door opened for us. Blacker than the door was the interior into which I was ushered. The door closed behind us and I went blind.

The scent was pure sex: sweat, heavy animal musk, and the spicy tang that I’d grown accustomed to with my Kalquorian lovers. And another smell, something almost metallic, lay beneath the aromas of passion. I imagined it might be blood.

Was it any wonder I thought of blood in a place that boasted sensual pleasure? The sounds that filled my ears were equal parts agony and ecstasy. Howls rose in the darkness, screams, moans, wild cries. The din filled my ears. It also filled my mind with imaginings of men tied to torture devices that tore their flesh even as their cocks were pleasured to jetting culmination. Applause and animal cries of approval sounded as I stood and wondered what lay in the darkness.

Something pressed against my face, settling against my forehead, around my eyes, over the bridge of my nose, down my cheeks and around my jaw. I shrieked in startled terror. My voice was lost in the clamor.

“Easy,” Betra laughed in my ear. “It’s just the mask.”

“Damn it,” I gasped. “I can’t see anything. I thought people liked to watch? How can anyone see anything in this?”

“We’re only in the entryway,” Oses rumbled in the ear opposite the one Betra had spoken into. “It’s curtained off from the main floor. It’s dim, but not completely black.”

“Not to the superior Kalquorian eyesight,” I grumbled. “Will I be able to see in the main room?”

“Most definitely.” Betra finished adjusting the mask on my face. “You look good, like some exotic bird. It sparkles. All that black liner makes your eyes stand out too.”

I touched the mask. There were feathers on it, and I was pretty sure I felt sequins. I thought I must be wearing a peacock mask. The part over my nose hooked out in a beak. “As long as no one knows it’s me, especially if I end up naked.”

“You certainly will,” Oses said, the threat evident in his voice.

I heard all those voices on the other side of the curtain, belonging to who knew how many men. They would be looking at me. My palms began to sweat.

“In we go,” said Betra.

There was a rustling sound. The darkness before me pulled back. I registered Betra standing there, holding drapery open for us to walk through. Oses stood at my side, watching my reaction.

Before me teemed many, many tall and masculine bodies. They were lit by huge windows set high in the curved wall. The men in the room faced those windows, watching with eager eyes and gaping mouths. Every gaze in that room filled with lust.

Like the promenade, the club’s main area was circular. Each window, more like glass walls, showed a separate room within which two to five men moved about. I gaped at the various tableaus, scenes that looked like visions of Heaven and Hell mixed. There were no women in any of them, just naked men enjoying – more or less – each other.

In one, a young handsome Kalquorian lay tied helpless on a padded raised surface. Two big, brutish-looking Nobeks were having their way with him, one fucking his mouth and the other his ass, claiming him hard and deep. In another, four men flogged a fifth, painting his trembling, sweating body with red stripes. He was not bound in any way. He stood there, taking the beating with an expression of religious ecstasy. His cocks were hard, the primary one dripping.

Yet another man was stretched over a wooden table, shackled into place. His companion fixed tiny but cruel looking clamps all over his belly and chest, creating a shining pattern that was at once beautiful and brutal.

There were a dozen scenes taking place, some that made me gasp with want, others that made me cringe in empathetic agony. I’d never seen such a display of lust in its varied forms. Men having their way with other men, in every configuration imaginable. Cocks shoved into mouths and asses, cum spewing in faces, man after man after man being ravished and tormented by others. In just two minutes, I got several lifetimes’ worth of an education. I’d thought I was sexually bold, that I’d taken daring risks. Ha! I was still a virgin in so many ways.

“Our room is reserved and waiting,” Betra said, his lips moving against my ear. Even so, I could barely hear him over the cries and shouts. He nodded to one of the window walls, a room that held a padded mat with tethers. There were so many tools hanging on the other walls of that room that I couldn’t focus on any one of them.

I swallowed hard. My body shook with equal parts fear and desire. Part of me wanted to run away, to lock myself in my quarters and take Betra and Oses’ clearances out of the system.

But another perverse part wanted to be displayed before all the men in the club. That part of me which I’d never known existed wanted them to see Oses and Betra command my submission. It wanted them to bear witness to me at my most vulnerable. I wanted to be as the others acting out lewd scenarios for others’ excitement. That part spoke louder than my fears.

I did not resist when the men steered me towards a discreet door. I barely felt my legs as I was propelled forward, past startled men who gaped to see an actual woman in the club. The door opened, spilling bright light over me as I entered a long corridor. Then it shut behind us.

It may sound strange, but after all the noise of the main floor the quiet of the corridor was deafening. A smiling Imdiko greeted us. “Weapons Commander Oses, Liaison Betra, your preparation and play rooms are ready for you.”

“Thank you, Imdiko,” Betra said, giving the other man a slight bow. He tugged on my hand and led me to yet another door.

On the other side of that door was a small room with benches, a cooling unit, a shower, and towels. “Time to get you undressed,” Betra said with a bright smile. “But first, are you all right?”

I blinked at him and Oses. Both watched me carefully. I worked to order my thoughts. “It’s a little overwhelming,” I managed. “But I think I’m okay. Scared, but excited.”

“Good,” Oses said with a pleased look. “You have nothing to worry about, pet. You only have to do as you’re told. We’ll do the rest.”

Betra had me sit on a bench. The first thing he took off me were those insanely tall shoes. Oses pulled the dress off over my head. Getting the constricting underthings off took a bit more effort. It was nice to breathe normally again, especially since my respiration was going so fast.

As soon as I was naked, the men took their clothes off too. A thought occurred to me. “Betra, it doesn’t bother you that other men will see you naked? That they’ll be looking at you, maybe thinking naughty things about you?”

He made a face but said, “It’s not the looking so much. As long as I don’t have to worry about them touching me, I’m fine. Besides, why would they bother with me when there’s a woman to stare at?” His grin was evil.

Again I thought of all those people seeing me naked. I touched the mask, making sure it was firmly in place. Of all the things to have covered, it would just be my face. Oh boy.

Yet I remained excited by the prospect. My stomach fluttered. My nipples were hard and pointed. The insides of my thighs were coated with the slick juices that seeped unabated from my sex. I was hot and goose-pimply all at once. I did have a thing for exhibition. Sheesh, the things you find out about yourself.

“On your feet, pet,” Oses ordered. “It’s time for you to have your reward.”

I followed him to the door opposite the one we’d come in through. I trembled all over, thinking about what might happen, what would happen to me in front of so many witnesses. Was I really going to do this?

The door opened before me. Oses looked me over and nodded. “Go in and step up to the window so everyone can see you. Present yourself for their pleasure.”

There has never been a longer walk yet one that flew by so fast as the one I took from that doorway, past the padded mat, all the way up to the clear glass where a seething mass of Kalquorians waited. I was aware of the cold, carpeted floor my feet sank into. The lighting inside the playroom was almost blinding compared to the darkness beyond the window. I was incredibly cognizant of being nude. Never had I felt more bare than that endless journey that managed to pass within the blink of an eye.

Yet the mask on my face and the wig on my head made me feel invisible somehow. I was seen and yet unseen. Naked and yet covered. Known and yet unrecognized. The disguise liberated me in a way I’d never known was possible.

Maybe that’s why I never hesitated to obey Oses’ order despite the anxiety coursing through me. It was me but not Shalia Monroe on display. I was more excited than ever to perform before all those men. When it was over, the woman they had watched would cease to exist.

The sound of approval filled my ears. The window blocked much of the sound, but I heard enough to know the Kalquorians were shouting admiration. My limited Kalquorian allowed me to understand they called me ‘beautiful’, ‘magnificent’, and other praises. Despite my still too-thin arms and legs and not trim tummy, I was acclaimed as a goddess.

Talk about making a girl feel good. Sure, they would have cheered anything remotely female since they had so few of their own to compare to. It still made me smile.

Oses’ calloused hand moved beneath the wig to grasp the back of my neck. At the firm hold, my pussy gushed wetness. I was his and Betra’s to command for the entertainment of the crowd. If I’d ever been more aroused, I couldn’t remember it. I waited to discover what would be required of me.

I was held there for long seconds, giving the onlookers plenty of time to examine me. The slope of my breasts, rising and falling quickly with my excited breath, the tips straining as if to offer themselves to the mouths of all those strangers. My trembling stomach, filled with butterflies on the wing. My pussy, wet with need.

Most of the men beyond were in darkness. A few in front were visible to me. Their avid purple eyes ravished me with want I thought I could feel, stroking me with demanding touches. Tongues peeked out to lick parted lips. I fancied I could feel the warmth of their breath before the rough glide of their hungry licks.

They were focused on me. Nothing else existed for any of them. Only my body. Only my flesh. I was everything to those men at that moment. It made me feel dizzy. Exhilarated.

“Turn around, pet,” Oses said. “Go to the platform and bend over it.”

He kept his hand on my neck as I obeyed, turning me so that the crowd could see my ass. I heard sighs and groans of pleasure. All the yelling and punishment sounds had ceased. I wondered if those participating in other playrooms had stopped their activities to watch me too.

Oses ushered me to the platform. With my senses whirling, I was grateful for the support. I didn’t trust my legs to carry me straight.

The edge of the padded platform was only a couple steps away. I discovered the top was level with my waist. It was simple enough to bend over. Now my ass was really out there for everyone to look at.

“Spread your legs,” Betra ordered. “Let everyone see that sweet pussy.”

Facing away from the window, I felt more secure in my anonymity than ever. I found it quite easy to open my legs wide. My hips lifted, attempting to give them the best view possible.

More cries about my attractiveness rang out. My cunt garnered a great deal of praise. Voices begged me to let them fill my ‘beautiful moist flower’. Who knew Kalquorians could do poetry? It would have been funny if I hadn’t been so turned on.

At the moment all I could think about was displaying myself to all those men. That Oses’ hand pinned me to the platform. That he and Betra were there, protecting me. That I was getting strong enough to protect myself.

That this was the most alive I could ever remember feeling.

I lay there for several seconds. None of us moved, letting the crowd look all they wanted. I’d felt their eyes caressing me before like a physical force. That sensation was back. I felt stroked all over under those gazes, petted, wanted, idolized, loved. I couldn’t see them, but I could feel them and all the adoration they wished to bestow on me.

Warm hands slid over my buttocks, rubbing my cheeks. A collective sigh came from the other side of the glass, as if they could feel me through Betra and Oses’ hands. My companions rubbed my ass in circles, heating my flesh. I sighed as well and relaxed in their care.

As Betra continued to rub one cheek, Oses’ fingers rubbed up and down my slit, sliding easily through the copious honey. He captured my clit, massaging it to make me come up on my toes with a strangled cry. The jolt would have made me bolt upright had he not kept me pinned to the platform. The sound of my pleasure was echoed from many deep voices. Oses chuckled and traced his fingers through my folds again, spreading moisture all over the crevice.

Betra’s hand left my butt. It returned with a sharp crack on the cheek, sending it to blazing life. Again I cried out, finding pleasure in the pain. I lifted up again, entreating him for more. He obliged, and tendrils of exciting heat sank deep into me. Our audience groaned in shared pleasure.

Then the two men switched: Betra’s fingers played along the petals of my trembling sex, and Oses gave the ass cheek on his side painful, demanding attention. The reports of his palm striking my flesh rang out, sending swirls of fire through me. I was so wet that I thought I must be dripping.

Betra pinched my clit to make me kick in excitement. Pleasure rolled through my gut, making me dance, my ass jiggling as I reacted. I heard less and less of the world beyond our enclosure, the ache of need growing. My attention riveted on what my lovers did to me and the fact that so many watched.

The Imdiko’s fingers traced a path from my swelling bud up to my pussy’s entrance. I shuddered to feel two fingertips settle there. I widened my legs, silently begging him to take me.

He did. His fingers slid inside, filling the aching emptiness with seeking flesh. I yelled joyous welcome as he pumped in and out, hard and fast. His fingers crooked within to rub the most sensitive place within me. A thunderclap of pleasure echoed through me. I fought Oses’ hold, trying to move back and forth, wanting to make Betra ram in and out of me even faster.

From far away, I thought I heard roars of approval from the onlookers. Our maybe it was just the roaring in my ears. All I knew for sure was I was held helpless, finger-fucked hard, and I had an audience. I felt mastered not just by Oses and Betra, but by all of them. My body belonged to everyone but me. The exhilaration I felt at the notion was exquisite.

Oses peppered my ass cheeks with quick, stinging slaps as Betra’s fingers plunged. The slivers of pain added to the rapture of the taking. Cries of delight poured from my throat as they sent me higher and higher into arousal. I drummed my hands against the padded surface of the platform, overcome. Desire built steadily, making my belly feel heavy and pregnant again, but this time with need.

Betra’s fingers left me. I squalled at the denial. My hips jerked up, demanding his return.

I got his slick fingers back, all right. But not in my pussy. Instead, they shoved at my ass, insisting on entrance there. I writhed helpless in Oses’ grip as Betra invaded that tight ring. The audience howled approval.

They weren’t the only ones who agreed with Betra. I relaxed into the taking, welcomed it. I opened to it as much as possible, giving my absolute surrender. Those thick fingers dove deep, fucking my ass as enthusiastically as they had my pussy.

Oses left off the delicious spanking. As my ass pulsed from stinging heat, he drove his fingers into my abandoned sex. As Betra had, he found my hot spot, applying friction where it made my insides melt like lava. Adding to the maelstrom of growing demand, his thumb brushed over my clit, electrifying me.

My hands curled into fists, and I slammed them against the surface that held me. My feet kicked wildly, my hips jerking up and down. It was too much. I thought I might go mad from the excess of sensation rampaging through me. Oses’ implacable grip on my neck could not be budged, and my lovers continued to use their hands to fuck me senseless. Oses’ light brushes with my clit kept me at the threshold of climax, but I could not come. Damn the man; he knew my body too well and how to hold resolution at bay. I had no escape. I had no choice but to take the exquisite torment that delighted our audience.

Only when my pleas were lost in sobs did the two men relent. Instead of offering release, however, they stopped entirely. My ass and pussy clutched as their fingers retreated, drawing free of me. I felt bereft at the loss.

“Please,” I moaned, begging without a shred of pride left to me. “Please, Masters, please.”

A heavy hand clapped against my pussy, sending mingled pain and excitement shooting through me. I yelled, but my legs widened. I would take any touch at that point.

“Who does this body belong to?” Betra demanded. “Whose is it to pleasure or punish?”

“My masters. All of you,” I said, including our audience. It felt right to do so.

“That’s right. You take only what you are given, and you are grateful for it.”

“Yes. Yes,” I gasped. “Anything.”

“You obey. You do not ask, and you certainly don’t demand.”

I wept, afraid I had displeased them. “No, Masters. Whatever you want is what I wish too. I’m sorry.”

Oses’ tone was pure steel as he released me. “Get up on the platform. Turn over and lie on your back.”

I did so, my limbs shaking so hard I could barely manage it. I was weak from the need to climax. My entire body begged for it. I did not dare to speak of it for fear they would see fit to deny me.

The padded platform was surprisingly comfortable, cushioned just right for me as I turned to lie as commanded on its surface. It was then that I saw the mirror on the ceiling. It was angled in such a way that the audience had an unfettered view of my shuddering body.

Lying on my back flattened my stomach and made my breasts point straight up. I could tell how soaked my pussy was from the reflection too. I looked wanton and wonderful, I thought.

I thought to check my mask and wig, to make sure I still wasn’t recognizable. It turned out my bird face was that of an owl, not the peacock I’d imagined.  The sequins were gold and silver, the feathers pure white. My lips, still appearing plump with the ruby red lipstick, were a brilliant counterpoint to the neutral metallics. The lush curls of my wig framed the fantastical mask. I looked like some amazing amalgamation of bird and woman. No, no one would know me. I didn’t know myself.

As I stared in wonder at my reflection, Oses and Betra moved about the table. They used the tethers to fix my ankles and wrists to the corners of the platform, spreading me out and open. The binds were snug enough that I couldn’t move. Me being me, I had to tug on them to discover that. The men made sure my circulation wasn’t impeded however.

The platform tilted, bringing my head up and my feet down. It gave the audience a better view of me. I lay there, spread and vulnerable to their scorching gazes. I felt like a sacrifice to lust. I was a willing offering.

Betra and Oses went to the walls. I looked at what must have been hundreds of implements of pleasure and torture, depending on how they were used. Floggers, straps, paddles, whips, switches. Dildos of every conceivable size. Bindings.  My vision swam at the myriad tools the men had at their disposal, all the things they could delight or torment my flesh with.

Oses returned first. He didn’t let me see what was in his hand. Instead, he bent his head to my breast. His tongue slid over it, sending sweet warmth through the mound, seeping down to my pussy. I moaned a happy cry at the gentle attention.

He sucked my breast in deep, intensifying the sensation. He drew so hard on me that it ached. Then I felt the hardness of his teeth close around my areola. I hissed at the dagger of hurt he produced.

Betra had rejoined us. He spoke in a low, insistent voice. “The pain he gives is a pleasure for you to accept. You require nothing but to serve our desires.”

He was right. I belonged to them, needing nothing but to please them.

Oses bit again. The shard of pain resolved into exquisite pleasure. My mouth opened wide as I voiced bliss. My pussy gushed with renewed excitement. Dark knowing chuckles came from the room beyond the glass.

Oses withdrew and smiled at how my swollen nipple jutted, full and rigid from his attentions. “Lovely,” he grunted.

His hand moved to the peaked flesh. A flash of silver shone between his finger and thumb. I saw the clamp and whimpered. Yet I thrust my chest forward, surrendering to his wants.

The padded clamp pinched the tip of my nipple between its jaws. Oses tightened the tension, watching my face as he did so. A hot sliver of pain shot through my breast. I moaned and writhed. The Nobek tightened the clamp even more, bringing a tide of agony. My head shook from side to side, denying the pain. I would not give in to it. I would accept anything for the men who needed me to surrender to their hungers.

Oses stopped tightening. He smiled at my trapped nipple before looking at Betra and nodding.

The Imdiko cupped my other breast in one hand. His face bent to the flesh, mouth gaping open as if to swallow it whole. He sucked hard on the mound, drawing his mouth off slowly, scraping his teeth against soft skin in hurting trails ... hurt that insisted on transforming into thrilling heat. On up to the peak, where nips were like stabbing daggers. Then back to taking as much of me into his mouth as he could suction in and dragging furrows once more.

He kept at it until he was satisfied with how engorged and distended the nipple of that breast grew. Oses clamped it off as well, making it hurt as deliciously as the first.

Pain and pleasure had gotten confused. I squirmed in my bonds, trying in turns to escape and to offer more of me to torment. I got the torment.

The two men bent over me, the tips of their rough tongues teasing my trapped nipples. Fresh agony and arousal stampeded through me, making me shriek. My insides were a seething stew of want, churning like the inside of a volcano ready to erupt. I jerked at the tethers, seeking freedom to claim the orgasm that cavorted just out of my reach. I was held still, unable to work my will in any way.

Oses and Betra kissed and bit paths in opposite directions. Oses moved up my chest, mouthing his way up my throat. Meanwhile, Betra went south, leaving a wet trail down my stomach.

Oses got to his destination first. He took my mouth in a demanding kiss, sucking the breath right from my lungs. His tongue plundered between my painted lips, claiming the moans that spilled from me. Meanwhile, Betra detoured around the vee of my sex, mouthing my leg to reach my inner thigh. There he lapped up the juices that had spilled from me, coming achingly close to my throbbing pussy but avoiding tasting it.

I could feel his hot breath there. I cried out in Oses’ mouth, begging for just a little contact. Instead, Betra concentrated on licking me clean. When more honey flowed from me, he claimed that too.

“Such an eager pussy,” he gloated. “This pussy wants a cock inside it, fucking it.”

Hell yes, it did. It begged for it with eager convulsions.

Oses broke away, leaving my lips swollen from his insistent attentions. “I think this mouth deserves a cock as well,” he said. His words were greeted with cheers from beyond the glass wall. He grinned at his audience. “In due time.”

“First, a little more excitement,” Betra announced. “This delicious clit needs to be given extra attention.”

I could have wept from joy. I was more than ready to come. My whole body rioted for it.

My happiness was all too brief. Oses gripped my chin and brought his face close so my vision was filled with his commanding gaze. “You do not climax until I tell you to. You will maintain control over yourself. Do you understand?”

I moaned in agony. The only thing I wanted in all of the universe right now was relief from the vicious bite of arousal. It was as if I was full of gasoline, only needing the slightest spark to achieve explosion. How could they expect me to hold off?

Oses’ eyes darkened. His look grew cold as I struggled. The need to please him overrode my eagerness for immediate orgasm ... barely.

“Yes, Master,” I whimpered. “I will not come without your permission.”

He nodded and looked to the Imdiko hovering over my pussy.

Betra held something in his hand, a device I hadn’t seen before. It looked similar to a bobby pin, though the biggest bobby pin I’d ever seen. It was silver metal, like the nipple clamps. I couldn’t begin to guess its function.

He regarded my pussy, his stare homing in on my swollen clit. It stood out from my sex, unabashed in its entreaty for attention. Betra grasped it between finger and thumb.

A shock of sheer nirvana bloomed at his touch. I damned near ignited despite my promise to Oses. I bit my lip in agonized denial, shaking my head frantically as my cunt spasmed in warning.

“Don’t you dare.” Oses’ voice was a rumble of thunder.

I somehow got control over myself. I lay there panting as demand reluctantly receded. Fearing what might happen next, I looked to see what Betra was up to.

His smile was evil. He pried the end of the bobby pin-looking thing apart, opening it. Then he slid it over the shaft of my clitoris.

It glided over the wet flesh, constricting and pinning the lips of my pussy closed just shy of the entrance. Blood suffused the flesh, making me more sensitive than ever there. The pinching was a little intense, but not painful as the nipple clamps had been when they were first placed on me. It made me incredibly aware of my clit and labia. I writhed when Betra’s breath caressed me.

“Sweet captive pussy,” Betra said. His lips closed over my distended clit yet again, the gentlest of kisses.

As tender as he was, the clip had rendered me susceptible to the slightest contact. A firebolt went off at his touch. How I kept from climaxing at that moment, I’ll never know. My entire body went rigid as I fought to keep from disobeying Oses. I strained, fighting against what I wanted so desperately.

The moment passed, leaving me sweating and shaking in its wake. I screamed at my lovers. “I can’t! Please, I can’t!”

“Do not defy me,” Oses said. “Do not come.”

Betra’s devious glance warned me a bare second before he gave my straining clit a slow lick. Oh sweet prophets, I was right there, teetering on the brink. My pussy convulsed, a pre-orgasm spasm. My teeth ground together as I went taut, begging myself not to give in.

Betra groaned as he watched me. “I know we haven’t done this room justice, but I can’t take much more,” he told Oses.

“Neither can I. She is too beautiful. All I want is to bury my flesh in her.”

They stepped back. I cried out, thinking myself abandoned. Oses stroked my cheek and Betra did the same with my thighs.

“You have done well, Matara. Now we will all claim our just rewards.”

The platform moved again, settling back into its original horizontal position before raising so that it was about hip-height to the two Kalquorians. Then it swiveled, putting me so that the window wall was on my right side.

In a flurry of movement, Oses untethered my arms and Betra, my legs. I blinked up at the Nobek as his big hand cradled the back of my head. His cocks waved stiff and glistening from his body. I remembered what he’d said about me painting them ruby with my red-stained lips.

The platform beneath my head fell away at the same time that it disappeared from beneath my legs. Now I was supported from shoulders to ass, my legs hanging down, my head still held by Oses. His grip slid down to the back of my neck. My head tilted back, putting me at the perfect position for a mouthful of cock.

I licked my lips, seeing the dark purplish tip weep a drop of pleasure. Oses gripped his smaller secondary and pointed it up, out of the way. His hips swung forward. I opened to take him.

There was a concert of groans from the audience as the Nobek’s livid flesh entered my mouth. My voice joined in. His wild and spicy flavor exploded on my tongue. I swallowed the lubricant flowing from his pores and stroked him with my tongue, begging for more.

Oses rocked back and forth, driving his cock deeper with each thrust. I relaxed my throat, swallowing to take him as far as possible.

As my mouth was fucked, I felt Betra grasp one of my legs. My ankle was propped on his shoulder. I knew the position opened me so that the audience would be able to watch Betra take me. He wasted no time in bringing his cocks to my pussy and ass. I felt them branding hot at my openings.

He shoved, tunneling in, forcing me to yield to him. Though I was still a bit tight, we were both slick. It took Betra little effort to burrow within, stretching me to accommodate him. I had a lot to concentrate on what with deep-throating Oses at the same time. The mantra relax, relax, relax pounded in my head in time with my wildly beating heart.

Betra’s groin brushed against my clipped engorged clit. He was all the way in. More importantly, my avid flesh was in contact with his. Electricity zapped up my spine, birthing jolts through my limbs.

It was probably the last moment I possessed a coherent thought. Oses and Betra pounded hard and fast, fucking me as if their lives depended on it. While they did so, Oses plucked at my clamped nipples. The desperate pleasure was superseded only by Betra doing the same to my clit.

I was lost in a crazed maelstrom of blistering heat, a raging fiend of ecstasy that burned solely to consume me. I know I gripped Oses thighs as he had me because I saw the claw marks later. Ravening, brutal elation tore through me, demanding manifestation. I struggled to birth that wondrous, awful craving before it tore me to shreds, but it wouldn’t release. It raced to and fro within the cage of my body, searching for a way out, trying to batter an exit when it couldn’t find one.

The men feeding that ravenous beast grunted and thrust, eager to unleash their own monsters. Their cocks jerked within me, swelling until I could feel every bump, every ridge, every vein of their engorged shafts. Harder and faster they worked, driven by lust. The friction of their flesh maddened the creature within me, making it fight harder than ever to escape. I screamed and choked around the cock beating in my mouth and throat.

As if in answer to my strangled cry, Oses’ prick jolted hard. He made a desperate sound as the hard flesh against my tongue shuddered. Then his thick spicy-salty cream poured, filling me.

As that sweet elixir flowed, Betra yelled, “Come, woman! Come now!”

The gates within me flung wide. The fiend within sprang free, trailing violent convulsions in its wake. There was nothing but that enormous tension flying free at last, eclipsing all sight, sound, everything. I was aware of nothing else; not of the last jets of Oses’ passion flooding my mouth, not of Betra’s  release, not of the screams and applause of those watching us. There was only the rapture of release, leaving me spent and drifting in euphoria.

The rest of the night was a blur. Leaving the playroom, recovering in the staging room, getting dressed again, being escorted through the compliments of the men in the club’s main room, going back to my quarters, Oses and Betra showering me and getting the ten pounds of makeup off my face ... it was all fuzzy and unreal.

What was real were the solid bodies against mine as we curled against each other in my bed. The strength of the men who held me between them as we drifted into sleep was solid. It was mine to borrow and use until I finished claiming my own.

I smiled as sleep pulled me into its embrace, experiencing the greatest security I’d known since Armageddon. Maybe since I was born. It was good to know that at last, I was truly on my way.

The next storyline will begin  January 4.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

August 19 (part 1)

I had no idea what was going on last night an hour after dinner when Oses and Betra showed up at my door. We’d woken up together in my bed that morning, but I hadn’t talked to them after we all went our separate ways for the day. Even training with Oses was cancelled because of his duties; however he did warn Candy, Katrina, and me we’d be fools not to practice without him. He promised much pain if we were not ready for our next lesson.

It had been a full but good day. I had breakfast with the gals in the dining room. Then it was on to spend a couple of hours with Anrel. If her condition remains good, she’ll be out of Medical in two days. I get to bring my baby home! Well, my home aboard the ship. She’s really alert now, looking at people and responding to us. I can see her developing before my eyes. It’s amazing.

After Anrel time, I had training with my least favorite ass in the universe. Resan did all he could to piss me off while we worked and sweated. Now that he realizes he truly does dislike me he seems to take great delight in it. For my part, I work hard with no hope of any consideration for it and yell back when the mood suits me. We’ve achieved a  sort of comfort in our mutual condemnation society. In some perverse way I think we both enjoy having someone we can dump on openly and impolitely. It amuses Candy and Katrina to no end.

Then we had our knife fighting training, which went pretty well. I really enjoy it. Idow relies on Larten’s lesson plan, altering it for each of us as our needs and skill levels dictate. Then there was lunch, and then we practiced defensive techniques so Oses wouldn’t kick our asses later.

After a nice shower I spent more time with Anrel. We had visitors, including Nobek Siko. I suspect Captain Wotref’s clanmate was hoping to run into Katrina.

“She’s napping,” I told the elder Nobek as he cradled Anrel in his scarred arms. “Katrina says training wipes out her old lady body.”

Siko snickered. “That woman is more fit than some of the girls your age,” he said in open admiration. When Anrel chirruped at him, he smiled at her. “Yes, my little becu. Grammy is stubborn. She makes this Nobek hurt as no weapon ever has. She is still the most wondrous being next to you.”

I felt sorry for him, for all of Clan Wotref. “I know she misses you too. It’s killing her to have to choose.”

“She should not have to. Her son is in the wrong.” Siko scowled only slightly, as if afraid to upset Anrel.

“I agree, but he probably thinks he’s doing it out of love. He’s trying to save her soul.”

“He’s an idiot.” Siko stated this flatly. “But don’t tell her I said that.” He smiled at Anrel. “As for you, precious becu, I will put kisses on your cheeks like Grammy does. Then when she kisses you there, you’ll deliver them to her for me.”

I hope things work out for Katrina to be with Clan Wotref. When an old brute like Siko does something so romantic, it’s got to happen.

After Anrel went down for a nap, I returned to my quarters. I’m all set up for her in there. The crib is by the sleeping mat, and her itty bitty clothes (so cute!!!) are in drawers and hanging up. A basin for her bath is next to the shower. Formula, bottles, a ton of necessities litter the shelves. Piles of diapers lined up against the walls since I ran out of drawer and shelf space. Who would have ever thought such a tiny being would need so much room? At this rate, she’ll need her own quarters.

I drifted around, looking at her stuff, envisioning Anrel being there with me. I can’t wait.

Dinner came and went. I checked on my little girl. Still all systems go. Tep decided it was a good idea to run a scan and some quick tests on me to see how I’m doing.

“You look great,” he confirmed. “Those workouts are getting you in good shape.”

“I’ve barely started,” I laughed.

“The difference is still there. I’m calling you fully recovered from the It and the poisoning it took to get that thing out of you. Keep up the good work.”

I was in a good mood when I went back to my quarters. I’d barely stepped in when my door opened and Oses and Betra walked in.

“Hi guys. It looks like you’ve done some shopping.” I grinned at them because they were carrying small boxes, the kinds that Acquisitions uses. “Anything for me?”

“It’s all for you,” Betra said, his smile ear to ear and full of mischief. “It’s part of your reward.”

“What reward?” I gave the boxes a worried look.

“For doing so well with your training,” Oses replied, setting his load on the table. “It’s a day or two early, but we figured you earned it.”

“An advance on continued good behavior,” Betra added. His boxes landed on my lounger.

I hated to refuse goodies, but my conscience is such a bitch. “I’m more than a day or two from earning any such thing,” I pointed out. “I got my butt spanked for being a disrespectful whiner. Plus Resan would never in a million years admit I did anything right. No way I earned anything.”

Betra gave me an amused look. “I’d hate to see you and Resan locked together in a small room. The carnage would be insane.”

Oses shook his head. “He doesn’t like you, not one bit. But as I told you, he’s fair. It was obvious Resan was choking on every last word when he reported to me, but he admitted that since that rocky start you’ve applied yourself. His exact words were, ‘When she shuts that loud mouth of hers, she works hard. Shalia is exceeding my expectations.’”

My eyes were wide enough to fall out of my head. “Resan said that about me? Resan? Tell me you recorded that moment. I would give anything to hear praise for me coming out of his mouth.”

Oses and Betra both laughed. The Nobek told me, “No, I did not record it. I’m not giving you any ammunition when it comes to your feud.”

Betra added, “It’s so weird how you two can’t stand each other. In a lot of ways, your personalities are alike.”

“You take that back,” I snarled at the Imdiko.

Oses interrupted my flare of temper. “You did mess up at the start of training, both with your lazy attitude and talking back to me. Since then you have – what’s the phrase? Pulled your shit together. I am proud of you.”

Wow. Hearing that from Oses was like getting a ticker tape parade. I almost wriggled in my delight to hear him praise my efforts.

Betra smiled to see me beam. “So we thought you deserved a surprise a little early. We want to keep you motivated to continue. It’s good to see you not just recovering, but coming back harder and stronger than ever.”

I think I blushed. Their approval made me feel liked I’d conquered a mountain.

Betra opened the first box. At first I thought he was presenting me with a dead animal. “I hope you know how to put this on,” he said.

After a horrified moment, I realized it was a wig. The hair color was far from mine and had long, loose, spiraling curls. “What, you don’t like my real hair?” I asked, mystified by the gift.

“We’re going somewhere special,” Oses grinned. “You’ll be in disguise.”

“Oh.” I had no clue what was going on, but the adventure sounded exciting. “Is what we’re doing legal?”

“That remains to be seen,” Betra laughed. “See if you can figure out how to wear this thing.”

I did so, noting the texture of the wig was nothing like my own. I already looked like someone else after I’d managed to hide my hair beneath it. “Cool,” I said. “People will have to look twice before they realize it’s me.”

“Play with your makeup some too,” Betra said. “You’ll be wearing a mask, but let’s get you as incognito as we can.”

“A mask?” Boy, this was getting better by the second. “Are we going to a costume ball?”

Oses snickered. “You could say balls are involved.”

“Oh, we’re having a sex escapade then. A sex-capade.” I snickered and got my cosmetics out.

I’ve worn heavy makeup for sex play since Betra and Oses both love it when everything gets smeared. They say it shows I’ve been well used. Otherwise, I tend to wear very little. I went all out this time, giving my eyes a Cleopatra/ancient Egyptian look with my eyes outlined in thick black and mascara clotting my lashes. I played with foundation and other stuff I had to create shadows and hollows and highlights, transforming the contours of my face. A liberal use of ruby red lipstick made my lips look twice as large as they actually are.

“I can’t wait to get some of that red on my cocks,” Oses growled.

I blinked at my reflection in the mirror. I did not look like Shalia Monroe. Even without a mask, I doubted anyone would recognize me. The transformation was startling.

Betra’s eyes went wide with appreciation. “It’s like you’re another woman,” he said.

“Are you getting bored with the same old Shalia?” I teased.


More boxes were opened. I was startled to find some underthings that looked damned close to torture devices. We’re talking a corset and girdle and padded bra.

“This will disguise your real figure until we get you where you’re going,” Oses said. “Don’t worry, you won’t have to wear it very long.”

“Good,” I huffed as I squeezed my post-pregnancy body into the girdle. My skinny legs weren’t a problem, but that belly ... sigh. I’d been so proud of how much it had shrunk, too. “And here I thought I was getting back into shape. Goodbye, self esteem.”

“Stop it,” Betra admonished. “You’re beautiful and getting better every day. I like your body just fine. This is only for concealment.”

“Where are we going that I need to be someone else?” I wheezed as he laced up the corset, squishing stuff and forcing it to go other places where it didn’t belong.

“You’ll see.”

A dress that I rarely wore ... hardly even liked, to be honest ... went on over my excruciating underthings. Another look in the mirror confirmed I would never know myself. My fake bosom swelled. My waist pinched.

“Last thing except for the mask,” Betra said, opening one of two boxes left. “The mask goes on when we get where we’re going.”

He took out the tallest heels I’d ever seen. I shook my head. “Why didn’t you just find some stilts? Am I supposed to walk in those?”

“Just a little while. And we’ll help you stay on your feet.”

“Look at me. I can almost look you in the eye, Betra. Let me check Oses’ dental work while I’m up here. Open wide.” I swayed unsteadily in the pink stilettos. I felt like a giraffe. “If anyone is on the lookout for me based on my height, I will stumble past undetected.”

They chuckled at my silliness. “Ready for adventure?” Betra asked, tucking the last, smallest box under his arm.

“No, I did all this to go to bed,” I retorted. “Of course I’m ready.”

“Are you sure?” Oses pressed. “It may be more adventure than you’re comfortable with.”

They both looked at me, warning in their eyes. I could tell my ‘reward’ was going to be intense. If they were taking me out of my comfort zone, things were about to get interesting.

In the end, I trust those two men with everything. How could I not after all they’d done for me? Plus I was high on my accomplishments in training. I may not be the warrior badass I want to be, not even close, but I am on my way. My fears for myself and Anrel won’t disappear any time soon, but my confidence is gaining. Maybe someday fear will reduce to a sense of responsible caution.

I am getting stronger. I am meeting things head on. Whatever my sweeties were up to, I could handle it.

“The night is wasting. Let’s go,” I told Oses and Betra.

You could have lit a stadium from the brightness of their smiles. They were looking forward to whatever we were about to do.