Monday, November 2, 2015

July 28, part 2

Oses diverted me from thoughts of wayward foliage by pulling me close to his body. Betra’s strengthening moans fed our ardor as we touched each other, our limbs twining together in the water. The Imdiko made a soft complaint. “No fair. You get Shalia and I’m stuck with this stupid plant.”

“That was the idea,” Oses smirked. His hands cupped my ass as he swam us over the trapped man, letting Betra see us naked and ready to fuck.

Whatever the Kalquorian natural lubricant is made of, it doesn’t easily wash away. Oses slipped inside me with little effort, both cocks finding their mark. We groaned in unison. Betra groaned too, getting the full view from his position among the ferns and tubers. A moment later, he made a cry that told me that he’d given the atabetin tuber what it wanted.

Oses is a talented man. Somehow he managed to do most the swimming while simultaneously fucking me. How he could kick his legs at the same time he thrust took some seriously good coordination. Every time I tried to do both, I threw off our rhythm. So I concentrated on moving against him and letting him do all the piloting.

I wrapped my legs around his hips, moving up and down his torso. My hard nipples rubbed deliciously up and down his chest. I rode up and down, greeting his thrusts, feeling him filling me full. In the water, I was able to tilt myself easily, trying out different angles to see where the friction felt best.

We floated all over. Sometimes the surface of the water was behind Oses, the sunlight throwing his dark body into silhouette. Sometimes we were upside down, laughing to have the earth overhead and our feet pointed at the sky. Sometimes Oses set us to twirling, our hair streaming in the wake as we slowly whirled.

I became aware at some point that Betra was loose and taping our play with my vid recorder. He swam about us, catching us from every possible angle. I was glad he seemed none the worse for wear from his erotic encounter with the plant life. I guess his homophobia doesn’t extend to vegetable matter.

It seemed I wasn’t done with my own adventures with Alneusian nature. I started to find myself settling on a downy surface, which moved beneath me. Again came the caress of giant flower petals around wrists and ankles. I struggled beneath Oses.

“What are you doing? Let me up,” I insisted.

“Settle down,” the Nobek said, leering at me from overhead. “I’ve already filled the spots it wants. Just relax. Let it hold you while I enjoy what it can’t have.”

“No tricks,” I said after thinking about it for a moment. The flower was quite comfy for laying on.

“No tricks,” Oses agreed. “I won’t let it have its way with you.”

That settled, I nestled in the amazing velvet softness of the flower. It wrapped me up and gently tugged my arms and legs wide. I was spread beneath Oses now, helpless as he enjoyed me and Betra filmed it.

He arranged himself so that he was slightly raised, allowing the flower’s fifth petal to stroke up and down my torso while he fucked me. He kept himself in place by gripping my hips. His groin swung back and forth, thrusting into me, taking me hard and strong.

Betra floated above us, capturing everything: the flower holding me down, stroking me with the softest touch I’d ever known, and Oses fucking my lax body. It sounds strange, but it was amazing. Two of the stamens writhed about, searching fruitlessly for somewhere to go. I had an idea where the third was, but if Oses didn’t mind, who was I to judge?

Besides, he’d found the spot within, the bit in the front of my sex that sent electrical pulses as his cock rubbed hard against it. Oses moved against it, faster and harder with each stroke, his animal grunts exciting me even more. He moved in tighter, his lower abdomen grinding against my clit. Sparks flew, caught, smoldered for a few seconds, and then burst into flame. I cried out, straining against him. The blaze suffused me, setting me alight.

I was fire, burning in water. A cloud of golden dust glittered about us as Oses emitted a drawn-out groan. He pulsed, releasing into the molten heart of me.

The flower’s petals slipped away, setting me free. Oses and I, still joined, slowly floated up and away from the forest.

Betra swam up to us, no longer shooting vid. “Well, we all had fun. Sort of.” He gave Oses a grouchy pout.

The Nobek stroked his arms in a wide, lazy arc. “I’m sure a youngling like you has already recovered. I have an idea.”

“I hope it’s better than your last one.”

Oses snickered before turning his back to me. He took the vid recorder from Betra. “Let’s go for a swim. Shalia, hold onto my shoulders. Betra, I think you can figure out what to do.”

Hoping no more plant involvement was in the offing, I laid hold of those beefy shoulders. Oses swam well above the ocean floor parallel to the shore, letting me see the strange creatures that I supposed passed for fish on Alneusia. Most were long and eel-like, but the colorful inhabitants were beautiful in their own way. Nothing seemed dangerous ... no Shalia-eating monsters, in other words. I said as much.

“The Alneusians keep the larger creatures away with water-permeable barriers,” Oses told me. “We are completely safe in this area.”

That was nice to hear. I settled in to enjoy the tour of the stunning rock formations, rippling sand, odd and fantastical plant life, and amazing sea creatures that scuttled, darted, and swam beneath us.

Betra’s hands closing on my hips took me out of tourist mode. I looked over my shoulder to see him swimming just above me, a smile on his lips. Something hot and hard slide over my ass crack.

“Whatever will your plant girlfriend think?” I teased.

“She meant nothing to me,” Betra winked. “It’s you who I’d rather have.”

“What a line. You’ve been around Earthers too long, Betra.”

He laughed. I shook my head and went back to looking at the passing scenery. I spread my legs in invitation as Oses towed us both.

Betra wasted no time entering, his larger cock filling my back end perfectly. His secondary unerringly found that sweet spot that had lit me up minutes before. I felt all the blood rushing to fill me there, swelling me, making me tight and increasing the pleasure. Good glory, it was amazing. Enthralling. Fantastical. I rode Oses like a porpoise while Betra clung, fucking me as we went. They’d promised me an experience, and the two men were sure as hell delivering.

The ocean’s bottom blurred and became unimportant as Betra moved within me. The friction against my G-spot was insane. My pussy and ass clenched instinctively to heighten my pleasure. Betra groaned in response and moved faster. My eyes damned near crossed to feel him like that.

I somehow held tight onto Oses, who kept swimming as if he towed fucking people all the time. I moaned as the man above me slid in and out, taking me as we coasted through the water.

“Can you hold on with just one hand?” Betra asked, his voice coming between pants. “I want you to play with your clit while I fuck you. I want you to come for me.”

“Wrap your arm around my neck, Shalia,” Oses said.

I did so, keeping my arm as low as possible so I wouldn’t choke him. Betra kept the steady pace of screwing me while I adjusted. My senses centered on the feeling of his thicknesses moving through my tight channels. I reached for my clit.

I groaned aloud at my own touch. My fingers slid on either side of that swollen nubbin. They came in contact with Betra’s cock pistoning in and out my pussy. Feeling him there like that, his shaft pumping in and out of me, made me even more excited. I could feel myself getting close.

“Almost,” I whimpered. “Oh my gosh, Betra. Oh, I’m gonna come.”

“Yeah,” he grunted, holding tight to me and whipsawing his hips as if to win some race. “Come for me. Do it. Do it.”

He chanted ‘do it’ in time to his thrusts, pounding into me like he would shatter my body with his cocks. I closed in on climax fast with his urging. It welled up inside me, a monstrous bubble of need. It burst, and I felt like I might disintegrate from its force.

My channels flexed, milking Betra, demanding he surrender to me in turn. He did, his body jerking and bumping against mine as it poured release. He hugged me close, shoving in as tight as he could, crying out anew with each pulse.

When I came out of my orgasm-fog, Oses was no longer beneath me. I’m not sure when I let him go. With Betra on top of me, I was drifting slowly down to the sea floor, heading for a patch of dark, rippling sand. Tiny startled sea creatures zoomed away from our approach.

I kicked weakly. Betra let me go, his depleted shafts slipping out of me. We slowly swam upright, looking about until we saw Oses a few feet away, recording our return to consciousness with the vid.

“I only caught the end of that,” he said. “I know you’d like a better souvenir to remember this trip by. Let me know when you two are ready to go again.”

Was he kidding? No, of course not. Believe me, we made and recorded memories to last the three of us several lifetimes. If the Alneusians wanted plenty of research material of an Earther and two Kalquorians getting it on underwater, they got it.

Tep couldn’t complain I wasn’t relaxed when I returned to the transport. Feru had to have been satisfied too. I slept the entire way on the shuttle, woke up long enough to check on Anrel who was doing fine, and then went right back to sleep. With a smile on my face.


  1. For god sake.... I want more..., and now.... When does the next one come?

    And Wien does the next book come out? I want to know what's happe to the empire after Cissys story!!! Please... Please please....

    1. Entries are every Monday and Thursday. Next book of the regular series will hopefully come out sometime next spring.

    2. Darn.... I'll just have to manage until then... Hugs!

  2. Homophobe - a person who fears or hates homosexuals and homosexuality. Betra is not a homophobe. Love your books and appreciate the Shalia stories but just need to say that being straight doesn't mean you have a problem with homosexuality.

    1. I was looking at the definition of "encompasses a range of negative attitudes and feelings toward homosexuality". Betra's extreme fear of being involved in a gay encounter (based on past abuse rather than actual dislike of same-sex men) is certainly a negative attitude. He is downright phobic about it. That being said, I can understand your take on it, especially considering our current use of the word. I will keep that in mind in the future.