Thursday, November 19, 2015

August 5, Part 2

Okay, I’m not so freaked out now. Oses reminded me for the hundredth time that Nang is still far away, even though he looked ready to tear someone’s head off after hearing that awful message.

I have to give myself a little pat on the back. Though I called for Oses the moment that recording finished playing, I managed not to be screamy. I didn’t wail and cry and go all wimpy. When he got here, I simply replayed it and waited for his reaction.

Gurluck,” he swore, his lips wrinkling back to display his fangs. “The man is insane.”

“I’ll go along with that,” I answered. “The craziest thing is he thinks that I would want him to come for me and Anrel. He’s delusional.”

“He will not have you, Shalia. You and the baby are safe and will remain that way. I swear it,” Oses said. His eyes spat purple fire. I think if Nang had shown his face right then, Oses would have bitten it off.

He had no one to take his anger out on. He needed some outlet for that energy though. Oses looked me over, fury joined by another primitive expression. Well, passion has more than one face. Fury easily translates to lust with a man like the weapons commander.

I held a hand up. “I just got put through my paces with that sadist Resan. I’m a sweaty mess.”

“Then let’s clean you up,” Oses growled.

He came at me like a freight train. A moment later I was slung over his beefy shoulder, being carried with long strides to my bathroom.

“Hey!”  I shouted. “What are you doing?”

“Giving you a shower,” he said in his gruff tone.

“What about work?”

“Fuck it. What’s the point of having rank if I can’t use it every now and then?”


“Quiet, woman.” His slap on my ass made me obey. The pulsing warmth had me wet in an instant.

“Dominating lug,” I said, as he set me on my feet in the restroom.

“I hope that’s not a complaint. If it is, it’s the first of many to come,” Oses said.

His burning eyes raking me had me trembling and my panties soaked. Panties that weren’t on me for very long. They went in the flurry of the Nobek’s forceful stripping. I was left gasping as he pulled and yanked clothing from my body, his motions that of a man who would not take no for an answer.

As if I would say such an awful word.

When he had me naked Oses grabbed me by the back of my neck, propelling me towards the shower. “Water on, normal temperature,” he commanded the system, which was always left set at my preferred level. About hot enough to roast a chicken, in other words. I know it’s no good for my skin, but I love a really hot shower.

Near scalding water streamed over me, instantly pulling all tension from my muscles. “Stay right there,” Oses growled as he stepped back to pull off his uniform.

Seconds later he stepped into the shower with me, water streaming his black hair so it looked like ink running down his shoulders and chest. Then he was on me, kissing and groping all over, his cocks thick brands against my stomach.

I was lost, overwhelmed by his angry passion, surrendering to the brute’s strength. I had no defense and wanted none against his mauling. I mewled into his biting kiss, my arms encircling his neck as much to hold my trembling body up as to welcome.

That vicious, exciting mouth trailed down, following rivulets of water to my breasts. His rough tongue wound a circle around one nipple, sending an explosion of sensation through my chest. My breath caught in a high-pitched inhalation. My shoulders jerked back, lifting and offering even more flesh for him to devour. He took the invitation. I felt the sharp double sting of his fangs sinking into the soft mound. My arousal soared, sending wetness as hot as the shower’s spray coursing down my inner thighs.

As Oses bit me, sending delicious intoxication through my veins, his thick-knuckled fingers found my soaked pussy. They slid through the folds, searching for entrance. My fists slammed helplessly against his shoulders as he plunged two inside my pussy and another two in my ass, taking me suddenly and with unstoppable demand. Rapture surged at the invasion, buckling my knees. Oses held me up even as he sapped every last bit of strength from my body.

He fucked me hard and fast with his fingers. I was already yelling, every cell alight with brightness, my body overwhelmed with arousal. The venom alone would have rendered me incapable of resistance to climax. Oses’ uncompromising taking made it happen that much faster.

With one brush of his thumb over my straining clit, I detonated. Rapturous chaos, beautiful and complete, claimed my very being. There was no part of me not involved in the heaving bliss that tossed me to and fro, drawing every mote of explosive pleasure from my body.

When it was done, I sagged in Oses’ arms. My fingers and toes tingled. My limbs were loose, as if everything from the neck down had been replaced by a rag doll’s body.

The Nobek let me slide gently to the floor of the shower, my back propped against its wall. I splayed at his feet, helpless as he loomed over me. He looked like a dark god of storms with the spray pelting down on us, his expression thunderous with lust, eyes sparking purple lightning. Despite being so thoroughly depleted seconds before, new desire surged to be stared at like that. I could tell he was far from done with me. I welcomed the coming fury even if it destroyed me.

“Stay there,” he snarled. He turned and went to his uniform.

Envisioning all my storm god could do to me as I sat already battered by his might, I sprawled motionless, eager for what might come. Oses came back and bent over me, taking my limp wrists in turn. He put hovercuffs on them. Then he lifted me by the waist, picking me up and pinning me between his body and the wall.

“Hovercuffs, Y-formation, up against the wall,” he said, his voice more growl than speech.

My arms stretched in the position he’d commanded. I made no protest, the intoxicant making me delight in being the Nobek’s prisoner. Desire was like a spear through my belly. My breathless voice was already chanting, “Yes, yes, yes, yes...”

Oses caught up my legs, draping them over his arms so that I was opened to him. He stepped close, his slick, ready cocks homing in on their intended sheaths. I looked down to see our sexes as they drew close. Oses’ two impossibly thick rams jerked with excitement as if sensing their nearby prey. My pussy was puffy, swollen with the pleasure it had already enjoyed and anticipation of more pleasure to come. Our mingled scents of want filled the air: the spicy, sharp aroma of Kalquorian male and my own salty musk.

Oses pushed up on my legs, tilting me for the taking. His primary cock nudged my pussy, sending shivery pleasure up my spine. I watched him enter me, parting my pussy with that livid, purplish-brown cock.  Claiming trembling, vulnerable flesh with flesh made of steel. Demanding entrance.

Then the second invasion, every bit as insistent as the first. Opening me. And my voice rising as desire blazed higher than ever. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Oses grabbed my hips and thrust, impaling me on his twin shafts. A glorious blast of pain and pleasure traveled straight from my pussy and ass up into my skull. I screamed with exaltation, carried right to the cusp of orgasm. I found the strength to writhe as climax threatened me with sweet annihilation.

Oses shoved hard against me, as if he would bury every last inch of himself within. His snarls were continuous now, a low rumbling counterpoint to my delighted wails. My sleeves convulsed around his cocks, as if to help draw him deeper.

Oses drew slowly out, making me feel every pulsing vein of his flesh as it withdrew, making the friction linger against my sensitized interior, drawing out the excruciating thrill. Then he slammed back into me, carrying me right up to the verge once more. He fucked me hard and fast, his groin pounding against me, tossing me higher and higher until I rocketed into bliss again.

As orgasm wrung me like a dishrag, he kept up the insane pace. I tumbled from climax to climax, peaking with almost every shrieking breath. After each one, Oses shouted, “Again!” And I obliged him every time, a well-trained circus performer following the ringmaster’s dictates.

At last Oses’ frenzy drove him overboard as well. His head fell back to let the shower splatter against his wide-eyed face, his jaw stretching long as he unleashed a shattering howl. His whole body clenched, the veins popping out over livid muscles. Then came the enthralling sensation of his cocks jolting inside me, the larger one jetting hot seed deep within.

The big Nobek was wobbly on his feet as he soaped my limp body, still pinned up by the hovercuffs. He washed me carefully all over, drowsily kissing and licking the parts he cleansed and rinsed. I dozed in and out, relaxed enough to plunge into a deep sleep but enjoying the attention too much to allow it. It wasn’t until after he’d dried me off and tucked me naked into my bed with a last lingering kiss that I let happy exhaustion claim me.