Thursday, October 22, 2015

July 25, part 2

I slept for ten hours straight. If I dreamed, I don’t remember any of it. I had a sense of heavy darkness pressing in on me just before I began to come to the surface of consciousness. Then there were layers of softening grays, each level brighter than the last.

I had the impression of laying on a cloud, my body sunk deep in billowing cushion. I was warm. Safe. Contentment spread over me like a balm. I stretched wide, my arms and legs spreading to luxuriate in the gentle comfort supporting me.

A feather-soft touch glided over the slit of my pussy, ticklish and arousing. Something warm brushed a nipple. I opened my eyes.

I did not rest like an angel on a cloud. I was in my bed on board the Kalquorian transport that had been my home for over seven months. Oses and Betra lay on either side of me, smiling to see me awake.

Maybe I was in heaven after all.

“We thought you were close to waking,” Betra said. He leaned down and kissed me.

His lips felt as tender as the mat beneath my body. My body pleasantly heavy, I didn’t move except to kiss him back. Meanwhile, his fingers traced up and down my tingly female folds, making me wet for him. Oses’ wide palm circled over the breast on his side, bringing my nipple achingly aware.

My arms were flung wide and upward from my awakening stretch. I tried to move them so that I could stroke the strong bodies next to mine. I discovered the men had my wrists pinned to the pillows, holding me down. Their legs slung over mine, pinning those limbs as well.

I didn’t complain or struggle. I sank into my imprisonment, glad to be in the position I was.

Betra’s tongue tasted my lips, sliding over them before questing between. I opened to him, surrendering to his kiss. His tongue twined with mine, drawing on it, caressing it. I lost myself in the sensations, my body coming alive under the two men’s care.

As Betra kissed my mouth, Oses did the same with my breast. His rough tongue stroked my nipple, sending a cascade of tremors through the flesh. I felt the point sharpen into hardness even as it grew more tender under his attention. Every suck and lick was profound pleasure to me, making my breath grow short.

Meanwhile, Betra’s fingers delved into my womanhood, exploring the crevices though he knew them all by heart by now. He spread wetness over the trembling petals, around and over the throbbing nubbin that grew swollen under his tender coaxing. Another set of fingers, Oses’, joined in. Fingers filled me, making me utter a glad cry into Betra’s mouth at the abrupt invasion.

After the initial demanding thrust, Oses pumped slower, more sensuously. Tiny waves of bliss lapped through my loins, the slow build-up too sweet to be hurried. I let them men take me as they wished, demanding nothing as they pleased themselves with play.

I had just begun moaning with growing desire when Oses pulled free. His thick fingertips drew a slick trail down, finding my other entrance. I had not been allowed pleasure there for some time, but I ached for it. He obliged me by pushing one demanding finger inside, pressing the reluctant muscles apart to fill the long-bereft void. I could have wept from relief.

Betra kissed his way down to the breast that had thus far been denied attention. It rose to his mouth, begging for his touch. He obliged, his tongue swirling over the areola to make it throb like its twin.

As he lavished consideration on the mound of flesh, his fingers stroked my clit. I burned down there, the surges of rapture increasing with each passing moment. I could tell from the starbright flashes that it had emerged from its hood. Betra teased it until I shuddered violently, the excitement almost too much to handle.

Oses urged me open with a second finger. Knowing he prepared me for a greater taking, I did my best to relax tight muscles. I wanted to yield, to be as pliable as soft butter. I wanted everything they could give me.

When I could at last accept a third finger, when I was writhing beneath them, when my whimpers of need were steady and my pussy clenched in helpless spasms as it tried to realize completion; only then did Betra move aside to allow Oses to take position over me. The huge Nobek’s body eclipsed mine, making me feel small, soft, and vulnerable as never before. I stared up at him, the heady twist of danger and excitement making arousal that much more poignant.

His hand moved to position himself for that first glorious thrust, that moment of full possession. I spread myself wide, welcoming him as the tip of his dark, glistening penis found me.

The first inch slid inside, claiming the core of me. Then the secondary cock found its target. It joined its brother in burrowing within the welcoming warmth of me.

I cried out in joy, feeling every pounding vein of Oses’ dual manhood as it entered me, every sweet, slick inch that claimed its ground. There was some hurt as my body fought to remember its long-absent companions. It was a glorious thrill of ache that only fed my urgency to be loved by the Nobek. I did all in my power to make my body surrender even as Oses demanded I do so.

My fingers dug into his shoulders, hanging on for dear life as he pressed within. His face worked with effort, letting me know he fought animal urge to pound flesh into flesh, to give into the fierce need to grant himself release. Through it all, his eyes riveted on my face, the light within that of a man who loves without holding back, who gives his heart as readily as his body. I think I will treasure the memory of that gaze for the rest of my life.

Then we were joined, one being gasping with two voices, shuddering with two bodies. I felt him inside me, his pulse pounding within as if his heart would beat for us both.

Oses’ initial movements did not betray the want riding him so hard. He went slow at first, savoring me like a man long denied. Every stroke was drawn with deliberation, every thrust strong but unhurried. His arms surrounded me, cradling me like a cherished child even as he loved me like a woman. He moved me beneath him, his strength far beyond mine. I basked in the heat of his easy passion, delighting in the moment and not worrying about the next for a change.

Had arousal allowed it, we might still be locked in that embrace, clinging together in the sheer joy of each other. Yet passion insisted on having its say, and we were driven by its impatient spurs in the end.

Oses thrust strongly, his groin thudding against mine in sharp report. I wailed and clawed, ecstasy ripping through me. Tiny detonations in my gut birthed larger ones, and then larger ones still. And then the explosive finale, lighting me up as bright as a nuclear blast, sending me into elated dissolution.

We lay gasping, limp in the wake of orgasm. I could feel Oses’ cock twitching within me yet, little micro-bursts of the aftereffects sending answering shivers through his frame. He blanketed me, his bulk comforting with its weight.

“Ah, Matara,” he breathed at last and left me to sit on the floor.

Oses watched Betra slide next to me, kissing all over my body to arouse me yet again. I might have thought myself fully sated, but that Imdiko knew my triggers far too well to let me stay that way. Fingers and mouth performed a well-rehearsed dance, igniting new sparks and rekindling the ones that still smoldered. Within minutes I was aflame again.

He rolled me over onto my stomach. I felt his cocks in the cleft of my buttocks, as wet as my sex was. Betra lay on top of me while keeping most of his weight on elbows and knees. I sighed in anticipatory joy, feeling again the agreeable warmth of Kalquorian male upon me.

His cocks nudged at me and prodded still pliant openings. Only this time it was my rear entrance that was entreated by the larger, thicker primary shaft to yield. My breath caught at the slight strain of taking Betra that way, but in excitement rather than fear. In fact I moved back against him, meeting his initial thrust with my own.

Instead of moving towards climax with gradual quickening and power as Oses and I had, the rhythm with Betra moved in random cycles. One moment saw us working frantically, as if we would snatch orgasm right away. Then we slowed, the pace easy and relaxed. Sometimes we lay still, simply feeling the beauty of our bonding, content with being joined and not chasing any completion. Then there was slow but strong and steady thrusts, awakening to our individual power, taking each other in turns.

With every passing second, Betra and I re-forged our temporary union. We let ourselves love while acknowledging that in the end separation would come and it would be painful for us both. It made our joining all the sweeter for the underlying bitterness, I think.

Again, lust insisted on having its say. At the end, I was on my knees, my face pillowed on my folded arms. One of Betra’s hands gripped my hips as he knelt behind me, shoving me back on his cocks even as he pumped hard into me. The other hand reached beneath, stroking my avid clit until I screamed with burning release, my hands clawing the linens. As my sex convulsed, I felt Betra release liquid fire inside me, adding to the inferno rather than dousing it. We heaved and squalled like rabid beasts and made a glorious mess of my bed in the process.

It’s good to be back.


  1. Double teamed my favorite. I'm so glad Betra is back. It will be hard when the trip is over but Betra will have Oses, Oses will have Betra and Shalia will have her baby, mother and two prosect clans. It will hurt but it will be the loving memories that helps each survive the missing of the other

  2. Please keep writing your stories as long as possible. Every clan you bring in to the stories just make us want to know more about them. You have a limitless universe of personalities and situations in the Kalquor tales, and we can't get enough. You are one of my favorite authors, and not for the sex scenes...although those are great too. I love your characters and the interplay of their lives as they meet and grow together.

    1. I totally agree with you, Patricia! I have come to crave the storyline advancing more than the exotic scenes, although they certainly spice things up.

  3. Tracy, I love the amazing world you've created and share with us. I'm going back and rereading the series again (for like the 12th time), and was wondering if the child adoption effect of earther children by a complete Kalquorian clan could cause a Kalquorian woman thought to be barren or past her prime to become pregnant, like it often does on earth women? How would the clan dynamics change, would they still want the earth children, how would a full Kalquorian child be as a younger brother/sister to earth children, & how would society react? Just curious.
    Thanks again for giving us an escape from our everyday burdens and a glimpse of life out among the stars. Gratefully Yours, Lillyshaa

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  4. Sorry, had to delete previous comment due to auto-correct messing it up. Re-posting.


    Regarding your latter question whether Kalqourians would prefer children born later to the clan over those adopted, that issue has been addressed previously several times. For example, it was brought up in "Alien Refuge" when Iris, who has an autistic son Thomas, brings up her concern that any clan might treat later-born biological children preferentially over those adopted. The clan says no, that they should not, and gives several reasons why. I'm inclined to believe that the Kalquorians not only believe, but have shown through their actions, that:
    ■ Kalquorians both consider and treat children born to the clan equally the children of all fathers, even when it's obvious who biologically sired which child.
    》Look at Clajak from “Alien Rule”- even though Nobek Yuder was clearly his biological father, he had the closest tie to his Dramok father Zarl and even his Imdiko father Tidro loved him so much he constantly fussed over him. Even his Matara Jessica loves Zarl as much as her father.
    》Look too at Lindsey's Vox from "Alien Salvation"; his mother was considering two prospective clans and married one clan not knowing she was pregnant by the other. Normally they wouldn't know, but he developed a genetic illness. Both clans became fathers even if not legally, and all treated/loved him the same- even the fathers who knew they weren't genetically his, including his clan fathers, still loved him. Knowing he wasn't biologically theirs didn't matter, as children born/adopted to the clan become theirs.
    ■ As told to Iris, once a child is adopted by a clan, they are then the clan's child in all ways. Many, including Shalia, have been told that a child's "real" father is not determined by biology but by who raises and loves the child. Kalquorians actions clearly uphold their philosophy as we've repeatedly seen over and over again.
    》Look at Shalia; adopted by an older clan after she became an adult, who obviously loves not just her dearly, but their new grand baby too. Her pregnancy made her a MORE attractive mate candidate, not just because she was proven fertile, but because she provides a child to father NOW- as evidenced by how her prospective clans didn't just "oh and ah" but sincerely cared for the child.
    》Look at Iris' co-steader Sara's Dramok, who willingly gave up his life to save children that weren't biologically his and who had just become his less than six months earlier. Her Nobek not only thought he was going to die too and was happy to do so if he saved his "baby Sunshine"- the child he loved so much that others said "he loves Sara, but he lives for that little girl", with the implication that he loved the child far more than the mate.

    … comment continuing in next post due to post limits

  5. ... comment continuing from previous post

    I think both fatherhood and children are just so rare and precious to most Kalquorians, (especially when they had essentially given up right before meeting Earthers), that they appreciate having children whether biologically theirs or not- to them, both are invaluable miracles to be thankful for, not one considered better over than the other. Their cultural beliefs and setup, plus legalities, just reinforce that, especially when you consider how few Mataras there are. To them, having a child, whether biologically theirs or not, is like winning TWO lotteries or having BOTH their greatest wishes granted - a Matera and fatherhood, with a guaranteed child now (since you don't know the future). That awe, gratefulness, and true love for the child doesn't just go away or diminish if another child comes along; just like a couple who has several children cherishes the last as much as the first. Kalquorians given an unexpected miracle will truly appreciate it every time because of their experiences, rather than diminish and degrade it by comparison. Saying you would love the biological over the adopted is like saying you would love one of two biological children more; possible but not realistic, as the heart doesn't really work that way- it's not limited in its capacity to love, just expands. As both a child and parent from a blended family, I can attest to that.

    This expectation, or obsession of "real" fathers being associated to biological paternity, is culturally based. It doesn't apply to Kalquorians in any way, be it beliefs, legally, socially, culturally, or even biologically; most importantly, it couldn't if their species is to survive, as they literally can't afford to treat children differently or look down on any. Even here on Earth, many cultures truly consider adopted children the same as biological; many Native American tribes did, some even taking in a murderer as a family member, fulfilling the role taken (father/child/brother) and as a method of atonement. Even today, we can see our old views on parents falling from the old biological basis to the Kalquorian one that a "real" parent is the one who loves/raises a child and in not treating/loving an adopted child differently than a biological one. Love isn't determined by biology- it's not automatically guaranteed, denied, or comparative (lower/greater depending on multiple recipients). You see it in various scenarios- blended/alternative children/families (including adopted, foster, step, half, biological, non-biological, surrogate), biological children and parents that abuse or kill, the increasing numbers of adults who become “unofficial” parents to neglected or lonely children, court rulings giving foster or adoptive families rights over biological, etc.

    No, Kalquorians are absolutely right in beliefs and legality, and even our culture shows to be true - 1) biology doesn't determine a real parent, it's who loves and raises a child, 2) love isn't determined by biology, and 3) both biological and non-biological children can be raised together, treated the same, and loved equally.

    1. Raminah, excellent response to that question! You hit it right on the head. Thanks for stepping in while a very busy weekend kept me from answering. I couldn't have put it better myself.