Monday, October 19, 2015

July 25, part 1

Things are on the upswing on the good ship Pussy ‘Porter. First and foremost, Anrel continues to get stronger. The heart valve thing is still a problem, but her weight is going up again and her daily cocktails of medication are helping.

Best of all, I found out that Imdiko Meyso had taken it upon himself to contact a Soln medical hive. Those little buggy suckers function in groups for everything. This particular hive had worked for the Earthers on one of our bases in a medical unit during the war. Not only had the Solns gotten the opportunity to treat soldiers who’d been hurt in battle, but two nurses had been pregnant and delivered babies during the hive’s tenure – and one child had been several weeks premature. The Solns had learned a lot about the problems facing a preemie. The Earther doctor in charge of the medical unit, husband to the nurse who’d had the premature baby, had nothing but praise for their work.

Meyso told this hive about Anrel, asking them to get in contact with Tep to discuss what they’d learned in case something had gone wrong. Maybe Meyso was psychic. How could he have anticipated trouble ahead? Prophets bless that man for his foresight.

The Solns did contact Tep and offer their help if needed in any way. The delay between the hive’s location and our ship is only about 22 hours. Once Tep heard from them, he was quick to send them the particulars about Anrel’s heart valve issue. He hopes to get word from them soon.

With all that happening, Tep told me to go to my quarters and get some real rest for a change. “You’re not doing Anrel any good by wearing yourself out fretting over her,” Tep said as he handed me a sedative. “I want you to sleep. You’re in danger of undoing all the recovery you’ve managed.”

“I don’t want to be away from her,” I protested. “Why can’t I take the sedative and sleep next to her like I’ve been doing?”

“Because you need to be in a proper bed without being disturbed by us coming in and out every few minutes,” Tep said. “Besides, you’ll want to be ready for shore leave on Alneusia in a few days.” He gave me a knowing wink.

That’s the other thing that has everyone in better spirits. We’re nearing the planet Alneusia, which is a mostly aquatic planet. The people all live underwater there, but they make accommodations for air breathers. Boy, do they make accommodations. Many Alneusians are crazy for biological research, and terrestrial types like Earthers and Kalquorians fascinate them. Specifically, our sexual expression fascinates them. They like to study us getting it on. They don’t get turned on by it or anything like that ... they just love collecting scientific data, apparently. I suppose with brains three times the size of ours, that shouldn’t be a surprise. But what a weird thing to fixate on. To me, it would be like watching lizards humping. That’s how different we are from Alneusians.

I scowled at Tep. “Maybe sex in the water for science would have been fun, but I’m not leaving this ship as long as Anrel is having problems. Besides, you seem to forget I’m not allowed to do the horizontal bop.”

Tep snickered at the euphemism. His clan has been romancing one of my fellow Earther shipmates, so he’s pretty good with our turns of phrases. “Anrel is going to be fine. Besides, it will do you good to get off this ship for a few hours. And you are cleared for sexual relations.”

I blinked at him. “I am?”

“You are, and I already informed your liaison of that fact. However,” Tep gave me a mock glare, “You will get some sleep before you engage in intercourse. Go to your room and rest before I call Betra and Oses in here to escort you. I will tell the weapons commander you are also cleared for discipline if you don’t behave.”

I felt my face go hot. “If I’m ready for all that, then there is no reason for you to be aware of my private activities from now on,” I shot back. “I am beyond happy this day has arrived, Doc. You know way too much about me.”

Ugh. Talk about overexposure. Since I know Tep as a doctor as well as he knows about me as a patient, I decided a retreat was in order. His threat to have Oses punish me for not obeying his orders was not an empty one.

Even so, it was hard walking out of Anrel’s room and leaving my sweet baby girl. I kissed her soft-as-down cheek and told her I loved her. I fussed with her bedding until Tep made an impatient noise that said he was about to com a certain Nobek to come and get me.

“I’m going, I’m going,” I groused. I dragged my feet all the way to Isolation’s door. It opened and I reluctantly went out.

A couple of minutes later, I was in my quarters. My rooms looked almost alien to me after spending so much time in Medical with Anrel.

Knowing Tep would send Betra in to check on me, I decided to behave myself. I stripped my clothes off. It suddenly seemed like too much effort to put a nightie on, so I took the sedative and got into bed naked. Long-lost sleep crashed over me within minutes.

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  1. Giggle, I wonder how long the guys wait before waking our sleeping Shalia from her slumber and how.