Monday, October 5, 2015

July 16

Today was the last day we were in range of the wormholes that make instant communication to Kalquor and near-instant communication to Earth possible. I made it count as well as I could.

First thing this morning, I spoke with Clan Aslada. It was the middle of the afternoon for them, but they took time off their work to talk to me. That counts for a lot. They are important men with duties that affect people well beyond themselves. Yet they arranged their schedules to accommodate one more conversation with little old me.

They were starting to loosen up a bit with me. No, we didn’t talk sex like I had with Clan Seot yesterday ... thank goodness. They’re yummy enough to leave me in the same state that Oses found me in. I did not need to be left frustrated since I knew Oses was on duty. Instead, Clan Aslada and I had a good, friendly, and non-sexual conversation. I’m not saying there wasn’t some flirting this time. There was, particularly from Aslada. But it was the kind you get on a first date; a little innuendo but nothing truly overt. It was fun and sweet.

So things are moving a little slower with Aslada, Meyso, and Jaon than my previous relationships. There is nothing wrong with that. I like their steadiness and reliability. I have no doubt Meyso would be perfect to help my mother when the time comes to treat her for the bipolar illness and dementia. Aslada has charm to spare, and I like the idea of being able to help further his career. My excitement for video production – even the kind that has nothing to do with Oses porn, ha-ha – has returned. Jaon couldn’t be more perfect to keep Anrel safe and secure, particularly with Nang roaming around with who knows what kind of plan cooking in his obsessed head.

I am looking forward to getting to know them better. Much, much better.

Later this afternoon, I talked again with Clan Seot. Once again, we lost track of time. I swear that if I hadn’t arranged to talk to the Dads at a certain hour, I might have been talking to that clan until going out of communications range cut us off.

While things with Clan Aslada are moving along at a slow simmer, I am close to boiling with Clan Seot. I don’t know; maybe things are going too fast with Seot, Cifa, and Larten. But they are so easy to talk to and joke with! Is it possible to feel the connection I do so soon? I don’t know. I’ll need to put the brakes on things a little once I get to Kalquor ... I can’t jump headlong into a full-blown relationship with my first option. I do have to weigh more of my choices. Common sense says to not limit myself even to the two clans I like so much. I should check out at least five clans, right? Five seems like a good logical number.

I was laughing my head off at Seot, Cifa, and Larten as they presented their backsides ... fully clothed, unfortunately ... to settle the argument who had the best butt. Heavens, they like to flirt and are unabashed about it. Larten was hilarious, flexing his ass muscles for all he was worth. That was when the alarm I’d set went off, warning me that I needed to get to Medical and ready for one last real-time talk with the Dads. They had to see Anrel one more time before we were forced to resort to delayed messages that take days to reach each other.

In a way, it was a good thing I had to sign off when I did. How was I supposed to choose between butts so firm and chiseled, round and ripe, succulent and grab-able anyway? Still, I wished we had more time.

“We’ll be out of range of the wormholes soon. I have to say goodbye to my dads,” I said. “Sorry.”

The three men wheeled around and gave me regretful but understanding smiles. “Don’t apologize,” Seot told me. “Parent clans are always a priority.”

“Especially one that was a choice,” Cifa added. “How wonderful is it that they wanted you to be their daughter and you wanted them for fathers? I cannot imagine a more precious gift.”

It was impossible for me to rush saying goodbye, but Seot – the ever-leading Dramok – made our parting caring but quick. “One final word before we’re back to speaking every few days,” he instructed his clanmates.

So our parting words were to the point. Larten reminded me to keep eating for strength. Cifa begged me to give Anrel lots of kisses on his behalf. Seot commanded me to take good care of myself and get healthy. I thanked them for everything ... the gifts, the conversation, the laughs.

When they disappeared from my com vid, I almost cried. I am going to miss talking to them.

Tears had to wait. I hurried to Medical. In fact, I hurried so much that I flat-out forgot to bring my hoverchair in case I got tired. Oh well, I’ve been getting more of my strength back, so it wasn’t any big deal.

Anrel was awake and to judge from the chirpy noises she made, in a good mood. I wasted no time in comming the Dads. They were in front of me in an instant.

“Sorry, I know I’m late,” I rushed to say.

“Only by a couple of minutes, my daughter,” Bitev said, his smile warming his face. “Is everything all right?”

“Terrific. I just got a little sidetracked with Clan Seot. Time flew by before I knew it.”

“Oh really?” Nayun had been gazing with adoration at Anrel from the moment our feed came online, but now he gave me a knowing smirk. “So they are definite contenders?”

“Both them and Clan Aslada. I talked to my second prospective clan earlier today,” I said, feeling my face warm. I hoped Nayun didn’t decide to quiz me on the specifics of my latest conversation. Larten’s stories tend to be bawdy, Cifa’s innuendo couldn’t be more outrageous, and Seot is not above boasting about certain skills he possesses. Plus the Ass Pageant we ended with is not something I want to give my dads a report on. Aslada, Meyso, and Jaon are on somewhat safer ground ... for the moment.

Fortunately, details were not asked for. Rak gave me a pleased look. “Both clans are worthy of your consideration, from what my research into their histories tells me. I think either choice will guarantee you and Anrel a good home.”

At his mention of the baby’s name, every eye went to Anrel. The four of us exhaled a collective sigh. She kicked her miniscule feet, as if in recognition of being the rightful center of attention.

“Tep’s reports are all good,” Nayun said after a few seconds of happy contemplation. “Anrel’s sleeping a little more than usual these past couple of days and her eating is a tad off, but we see nothing in her tests to be worried about.”

“Good, because I worry plenty with her doing well,” I said.

“That’s a normal part of parenting. You’re looking better, by the way. In just these past couple of days I see a difference in you. Whatever you’re doing, keep it up.”

The rest of our conversation was nothing of note. It was nice to just sit there and small talk with my dads. Anrel’s every move and sound was cause for comment. The Dads caught me up on their Matara’s news ... there wasn’t much. Joelle is having a much calmer trip to Kalquor than I am. I made a mental note to com her soon.

As we got closer to the time when the ship would move out of the wormhole’s range, our mood grew a little bleak. I didn’t want to see my dads, particularly Nayun, sad. Forcing brightness into my tone I reminded them, “Hey, you get to do this all over again with Joelle. She’s what, a month and a half, two months behind me?”

I was glad to see their mood brighten at the prospect of talking to their love. When the feed began to fade in and out, they were all smiling.

I got the final rounds of well-wishes and remonstrations to take care of myself. Loads of love was spoken to Anrel. Even Rak blew her noisy kisses, ignoring any ideas of looking less of a warrior-bent Nobek. Nayun and I called out ‘I love you’ over and over until the transmission failed for the last time.

I sat with Anrel for another hour, rocking her to sleep so I would remember that I am not alone. Of course I’m not; I have Oses and Candy and Katrina ... and when he pulls his act together, Betra. I have Clans Seot and Aslada to look forward to in my future. No, I’m not alone ... just lonely. For the moment. Hopefully, that will soon pass.


  1. These conversations make me excited for Shalia to get to Kalquor and actually meet Clans Aslada, Seot and others!

  2. Bittersweet ending to her 3 days' communications with her best guys! I wonder if a smaller ship could use wormholes like these to travel faster to Kalquor. Any chance, Tracy, that Nang could get there in less than the 9 months it is taking the 'Pussy Porter?

    1. Mini wormholes can be as small as a few centimeters, which is what we're dealing with here. Just big enough to transmit a signal, not big enough for a ship to pass through.

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    4. Good to know. I can't believe how invested in this story I've become. Love it!

  3. My biggest fear is Nang doing harm to Shalia's two suiter clans. The old "if I can't have her neither can you". I'm a little worried that she will care for these 6 guys and lose them too

  4. Oh, and yes, Shalia SHOULD check out at least 3 more clans! She has well over a thousand on her list, if I remember correctly. Not that she's had much down time to pay much attention, what with the Little Creep and the It....

  5. He he he... she mentions exactly what I said when we first learned about Clan Aslada, i.e. being perfect for her, and even listed the same reasons! However, Shalia seems to be more attracted to Clan Seot. Hope she picks compatibility over attraction, since she finds both yummy, as that'll be more important over time.

    I'm worried about Anrel sleeping more and eating less. How do we know she wasn't permanently affected by the It? Might be Shalia's next crisis...