Thursday, October 1, 2015

July 15, part 3

“Come on in,” I invited Oses.

He did so, looking as big and bad and tongue-hanging hot as ever. My aroused state no doubt aided me in seeing him as something to climb all over, but I’m always glad to see this particular morsel of Nobek.

“Have you had dinner?” he asked, unaware of my mood.

“I was thinking more about dessert,” I sighed, doing my best to slink sexily towards him. “As long as you are on the menu.”

I don’t know if I fit well in the femme fatale department, but Oses’ eyes lit up just the same. “Hello to you too,” he grinned. “Someone is feeling frisky this evening. What have you been watching or reading to put you in such a mood?”

I cringed a little at the question. “Will it upset you if I said I’d been talking to Clan Seot? And that it kind of got my motor running?”

“Oh, so it’s not me so much after all,” Oses said, trying to pout. Nobeks do not pout, and he looked ridiculous attempting it. At least he didn’t look angry or hurt.

“I’m always attracted to you and you know it,” I said. I went to him and rested my cheek against his chest. His arms went around me at the same time mine circled his waist.

He chuckled into my hair. “So they excite you, do they? They are a handsome bunch of men. The Nobek looks a little weak though.”

I snickered at his teasing, knowing he’d checked the clan out thoroughly at my request weeks ago. “There is only one Nobek Oses. You break the mold for Kalquorians and Nobeks.”

“I’m glad to hear it.” He put a finger under my chin, lifting my face to study it. “You look so bright and happy. That doesn’t happen nearly enough anymore. Clan Seot seems to be good for you.”

“I spoke to Clan Aslada today too,” I told him. “Double the delights. My cup runneth over when it comes to future fun.”

“I’m sure the auditions will be astonishing. You should line up competitive events.”

I laughed at that. “With me as the trophy, I suppose. I like what I have right now though.”

Oses’ grin went evil. “I am fortunate to reap the rewards of your delayed intimate examination of potential clans. Once Tep gives you the go ahead for sex, I plan to take every advantage of that.”

“Ugh, Tep.” I rolled my eyes. “He’d better clear me soon. Can a woman go insane from not having sex?”

“I hope not. In the meantime, I’m sure I can figure something out to tide you over.”

“Please do,” I said, rubbing my body against his. “I’m miserable from being teased most of the day.”

Oses snickered. “Should I send your beaus a thank you message for that?”

I laughed at his outrageous turn of humor. I tried to imagine Clan Seot and Aslada’s reaction to such a message. Oh dear heavens. “How about a vid? Clan Seot gave me a really nice vid recorder.”

“Really?” Oses’ eyes went dark, and I could see the gears in his head start to turn.

My mouth dropped open. “No you wouldn’t.”

He snorted. “No, not to share with anyone, except maybe a certain jealous Imdiko we both know. If you say I can show it to Betra. Otherwise, something just for me to enjoy.”

Vid me being sexed up by Oses? I couldn’t possibly do that. Yet the wheels started turning in my head too. All at once, it sounded pretty hot. Well, it would have except...

“Oses, I still look like hell. I’m not sure I want a vid recording of myself lurking around when I’m still beat up.” I hunched a little at the idea.

The Nobek’s face filled my vision. His gaze was full of heat, leaving me no doubt that he somehow still found me enticing.

“Shalia, you do not look half as bad as you think. Underweight, yes. Tired, yes. But to me, you also look like a proud warrior just come off the field of battle, having destroyed your opponents. Close your mouth because I don’t want to hear otherwise. You fought well and bravely these last few weeks, against both Finiuld and the It. You fought for me, for your child, for every person aboard this ship knowing it could cost you your life. So don’t insult yourself. You are beautiful. You cannot be otherwise.”

I stared up at him. Oses’ expression was intense with resolve. He believed all he said. He saw me as beautiful. Despite everything, he still thinks I am beautiful and brave. If I could see myself through his eyes for only a second, I might never doubt myself again.

I’m sure my smile was beyond sappy as I looked into that rough, fierce face. “Okay. If you say so, I’ll agree with you.”

He relaxed a little. Then a lascivious expression came over him. “So, do we get to try out that vid recorder?”

I laughed and rolled my eyes, self-conscious again. “Okay, okay. But if I absolutely hate it, we erase the damned thing.”

“Maybe. Where is it?”

I went to the vid recorder and showed it to him. “What shall we do for our cinematic debut?”

Oses considered. “Let’s go to your sleeping room. Set it up so neither of us has to run the thing. Put the feed on a monitor we can see.”

I set the recorder on the bedside table and aimed it at my sleeping mat. “It has voice command controls,” I told Oses. “We can tell it to zoom in or out. Watch. Holo vid monitor on,” I told the device.

A second sleeping mat suddenly appeared, hovering to one side of the real one and several feet in the air. I got on the bed and made myself comfortable. “Identify this voice print as Subject One.”

The recorder beeped, telling me it had accepted the command. “Your turn,” I told Oses.

He slid onto the bed next to me. “Identify this voice print as Subject Two.”

Another beep. So far, so good. “Now if you want to get a certain shot, you just tell the recorder,” I explained to the Nobek. “Close up of Subject Two’s face.”

The monitor moved in, making Oses’ face larger than life. I grinned my delight. “See? So easy. Middle shot, Subject Two’s torso.” I was rewarded by the swells of Oses’ armored formsuit top. Nice.

“Hey, I’m starting to like this idea,” I said. “I’d like it even better if there was no uniform in that shot.”

He snorted. “Full shot of Subject One. That’s what I want to see.”

The picture zoomed out to show me lying there. I made a face and turned away. “That’s not what I want.”

“This was for me, remember? All right, let’s get you camera-ready.”

He kissed me while tugging at my blouse. I forgot about the recorder in an instant. Feeling those lips on mine, Oses’ tongue invading my mouth to taste me thoroughly ... I was no longer camera-shy. I concentrated on the body against mine, on pulling the formsuit from it, on the hands making me naked.

Oses was careful and yet still passionate as he kissed and undressed me. I was a lot less tender as I fought to get that uniform off his amazing body. While it took only seconds for our tops to disappear and hot skin to press against hot skin, it felt like a lifetime. I was wound up after seeing the fabulous eye candy that made up Clans Aslada and Seot and then the flirtatious conversation with Clan Seot. Plus Oses in the flesh? That was a mountain of icing on the cake. My hands wandered all over Oses, taking in hard muscle.

He kissed his way down to my breasts, wasting no time in tearing my bra off. Yep, he literally ripped it from my body, freeing my tits so that they jiggled an invitation. Oses accepted that invite right away, his mouth homing in to suck in deep first one and then the other tit. I groaned and thrust my chest up, delighting in the feeling of his teeth scraping over the skin.

Meanwhile, he yanked my skirt down. I kicked it the rest of the way off, freeing my legs so that I could wrap them around his hips. He moved up again to press his eager crotch to mine. His mouth crushed mine in another desperate kiss as he slid his groin back and forth over my mound. I tilted my hips up to allow my clit to ride the hard ridges of his erections straining against his uniform’s bottoms.

We shoved and ground against each other, finesse neither wanted nor even thought of. Within seconds, the first sweet jolt filled my sex.

“Yes!” I yelled into Oses’ mouth. My legs tightened their grip and I mashed myself harder against him.

He let go of the kiss to stare into my face. “That’s it. Come for me.” He rubbed fast, sending more of those delicious stabs into my pussy.

“Harder. Harder!” The friction was close to pain, but I wanted it brutal. I wanted it fast. I was crazy to come. “Almost. More. Oh, just a little more. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Oh. Oh!”

Gut-clenching pleasure rolled through my abdomen, clenching things tight. Then pulse after pulse came in and receded like waves on a beach. I clung to Oses, gasping with every wondrous throb, feeling it with all my being. Finally, release.

And relief. I’d been so damned wound up. I felt like I could think straight again. I looked forward to enjoying Oses properly, rather than just needing a good orgasm.

“I feel so much better,” I exulted, smiling at the Nobek. “Thank you. Now what can this grateful pet do for her master?”

“Lay there and let me make my movie memory,” he grinned.

Oh yeah, the vid. I glanced at it to see my sated body lying beneath Oses, a contented cat-with-cream look on my face. Hey, post-climax I’m not half bad looking, not with that glow and pleased smile on my face. I’m no masterpiece, but I like it.

Oses rose up, leaving the picture. “Wide shot,” I told the vid in a lazy voice.

It was fun having two views of the weapons commander undressing. His boots thudded to the floor and then the rest of his uniform slid down his legs. All that muscled flesh ... wowzers.

“You should have been twins,” I told Oses. “I like seeing two of you. Damn, big man, you are amazing.”

“As good as those younger ones you’ve been courting?” he teased. He looked pleased with my ogling.

“Experience trumps youth,” I insisted. “You put men a quarter of your age to shame.”

I was delighted when Oses traced over his own body with his hands, drawing my attention to all the fascinating hills and valleys of his physique. The scars he proudly wore from countless wars, battles, and fights only made him that much more exciting to look at. I said as much.

“You are an amazing beast,” I sighed, my eyes full of masculinity. “I can’t believe I’m so lucky to be with you.”

“I feel fortunate as well, my lovely Shalia.” Oses’ devilish grin told me he wasn’t much for sentimentality at the moment. “And now I’m going to enjoy that good fortune until you come for me again.”

I giggled as he moved me around, arranging me so that the recorder had a blatant view of my pussy. I looked at the monitor with almost clinical interest. Seeing my own sex in such a way was a rare thing. I admit to being fascinated with the soft glistening folds of my womanhood, with the swollen, eager nub that topped it.

Oses knelt between my legs, propping the knee closest to the recorder on his shoulder so that I was open and visible. He looked from my pussy to the monitor, trying to decide if he had the best angle.

“Move me a little more to the right,” I coached. “Good. Now if you tilt me – yes, exactly. Right there.”

“And from here?” Oses dipped his head down and gave my slit a long, slow lick.

I felt as if I melted under his tongue. “Yeah. That’s good.”

“For the shot or for the feeling?”

My eyes were glued to the monitor. “Both. Definitely both.”

I wasn’t kidding. Watching the Nobek lick me like that ... whoa. It heightened the sensation of that rough tongue slipping over my folds. I don’t think I’d ever seen anything so sensual.

With my rapt gaze watching the show, Oses got down to business. I watched him lap my flesh, the tip of his tongue teasing my labia open. He collected and swallowed the wetness trickling from me. I shuddered as his tongue flicked in and out, up and down. I groaned as his lips closed on my nether lips, an intimate kiss that sent a beam of heat from my core up to my scalp. I trembled as he slowly licked and kissed his way to my clit, zeroing in on that distended bud. I white-knuckle gripped my pillow as he drew closer and closer.

He was just a bare millimeter from it. He paused, licking his lips. His tongue peeked out, extended towards my clit. Then – contact. Shivers of pleasure ran up and down my spine and I expected to see sparks fly from that bit of my sex.

Oses’ tongue curled around engorged flesh, twining all about the most sensitive bit of me. I marveled at his dexterity even as my body arched from the galvanizing sensation.

Seeing myself open to my lover, my vulnerable flesh under his command, him playing with me as he wished ... I can’t begin to describe how it heightened every little touch. Seeing Oses’ mouth trap my clit and watching his fingers sink into my pussy was every bit as entrancing as feeling his tongue rub against me and his fingers hook so that the tips dragged against my interior hotspot.

I lay there, seeing that demanding mouth feed on soft, trembling flesh. I panted as I viewed thick, long fingers move in and out of the accepting sheath. Passion rose and crescendoed, accompanied by my breathless cries. The pussy on the monitor flexed around the driving fingers and kept convulsing for a long time, fed by sight and feeling.

When Oses finished with me that way, I finally looked away from the vid feed. His cocks loomed over my face. The dripping tip of the larger prompted me to open my mouth to catch the spicy sweetness. I licked it as Oses rubbed himself, his excited face and thick shaft filling my vision. But I was also imagining what the recorder captured: my eager face watching the Nobek readying to climax and fill my waiting mouth with his pleasure. The thought was as exciting as anything else we’d done.

Oses glanced over his shoulder, towards the monitor readout. What he saw there made his breath catch. He stiffened and groaned. Hot semen jetted. I caught most in my waiting mouth, but my face received a few errant sprays. Oses yelled and poured more ecstasy.

Later when I felt like talking again, I told him, “Make sure you thank Clan Seot for the vid recorder along with putting me in the mood.”

Oses chuckled. “It certainly has its place in the sleeping room. I’m buying one for myself.”


  1. *chuckles softly* i would love to see that conversation with Oses thanking Clan Seot for getting that vid recorder!

  2. Oh my, that got good. Oses needs to talk to the other two Nobeks........ To discuss her safety, of course. Giggle giggle. He could give each a copy of the vid so they could "study" Shalia.