Monday, September 14, 2015

July 14, part 3

I sighed and turned away from the door. I started to sit down and changed my mind.  Maybe I should have been taking it easy, but I was too keyed up to do so. I had so little time left with Betra. How long would it take for him to sort through this sudden onslaught of jealousy? A week? A month? The rest of the trip?

All at once, the tears I hadn’t possessed before threatened.  “Damn him,” I whispered.

“The thing about Imdikos is they are ruled by emotion,” Oses rumbled. ”They feel too much.”

“Nobeks feel too,” I said. “You just don’t make a big deal out of it.”

I felt him move behind me. All at once, my senses came to life.  My skin prickled as if I was being stalked. Oses’ gaze has a weight. I could sense it on my shoulders, drifting down my spine, caressing my backside, running up and down my legs. I shivered. The sorrow didn’t disappear, but it took a step back to let me focus on other surging emotions.

“What do you think I’m feeling now?” Oses’ low voice came from directly behind me.

“Tell me,” I whispered.

“I feel your warmth. Even without touching you, I feel you pulsing towards me. I smell your sweetness too. That delicate aroma that tells me you are aroused and eager for my touch.”

I swallowed. I wanted Oses to caress me, to feel his big, calloused hands on my skin. It would be reassuring after having Betra walk away. It would take away the hurt for a little while.

It felt as if every cell of my being stretched towards him, begging for contact. He walked around me, coming into my field of view. In my excited state, I was reminded of how big the Nobek was. It felt as if it took forever for my gaze to climb up his massive chest, past his corded neck, and up to that craggy feral face.

A suggestion of a knowing smile pulled at one corner of Oses’ mouth. “Your eyes are dilated. You’re breathing fast. You want me.”

I shivered under his knowing stare. “Of course I do. I always want you.”

“But you can’t have me. Tep hasn’t cleared you yet.”

He was right. I’d like to think I’m not a nymphomaniac, but in that moment I could have cried from want. “We can do other things,” I suggested. I tried not to hear the pleading note in my voice.

“I suppose so.” Oses lifted his hand. The barest touch of his knuckles skimmed over one of my breasts, sending the nipple alight. My breath caught and I tried to lean into the touch. Instead of continuing to pleasure me, the Nobek caught my chin. His thumb ran over my lower lip.

“You’re being mean,” I complained.

“Am I? Define ‘mean’.”

“Teasing me.” I pouted. “You know I’m limited in what I can do.”

“What do you want to do?”


Oses chuckled. “Ah, that’s good to hear, pet. The question is, how much do you want to do me?”

I could tell there was something beneath the surface question. Something dark and dangerous. The hair rose on the back of my neck, and a delicious anxiety shivered up my spine. “What are you asking of me?”

Now both corners of his mouth curled up. “Only that you stay still. Only that you accept what you are given – no requests. No demands. Be my sweet, obedient pet. Do as Master tells you.”

His voice was slow, quiet, almost hypnotic. It made me think of a snake charmer with a cobra. But which of us was which? There was no doubt Oses was the more deadly of us two.

“What do you say, pet?”

As helpless as I felt with him looming over me, I didn’t hesitate for an instant. “Yes, Master.”

“Good girl.”

He balled up his fists. Again he ran big, knotty knuckles over my nipples. I stood stock-still, as stiff as a board. Tremors broke out over my body as Oses rubbed his knuckles up and down, up and down. The friction heated, sending warmth through my chest, cascading into my belly and parts below. Warmth seeped from my pussy, as if the burn of his touch liquefied my insides.

Oses inhaled deeply. “Are you wet for me, pet? You are, aren’t you?’

“Yes, Master,” I whispered. My panties were damp in an instant, and they went from that to soaked even faster.

And still Oses rubbed until I quaked like I was having a seizure.

“You need to get off your feet,” he murmured.

“Don’t stop,” I begged, afraid he’d decide I was still too weak to keep going. Maybe I was, but my pussy felt like one giant throb. I thought I might die if he didn’t give me release.

He eyed me. Then he pointed to the lounger. “Lay down. The rules still apply. You stay quiet and you stay still. You let me do what I want.”

I shuffled to the long, large couch. I sprawled on my back, my legs apart in hopeful invitation.

Oses knelt down. Even on his knees, he loomed, a giant alien male. He covered my breasts with his hands and squeezed gently.  Having his hands on me, his slit-pupiled eyes staring into mine as kneaded my flesh, molding my breasts in his grip like clay ... it was profound. I felt like the center of that man’s universe.

“So soft and sweet,” he murmured as he rubbed and rubbed and rubbed. “Everything about you. These lovely breasts in my hands. The surrender in your eyes. The look on your face. I have fought in wars and  tested myself in combat. And yet I never feel more like a man than when you give yourself to me with such trust.”

It made something in me glow to hear I did that for him, even if I didn’t feel like I did anything at all. To know I gave Oses even the slightest bit of pleasure fulfilled something within me. I wondered if I would find that wonderful quality with any other man.

He left off my breasts for a moment to open the front of my dress. The front seam parted all the way down, baring me but for my bra and underwear. Silly me; when I’d dressed for Clan Seot, I’d done it all the way though I hadn’t planned to show them anything. My underclothes were baby blue and frilly, something Candy might have worn to seduce her Nobeks. It’s ridiculous, but wearing pretty lingerie had helped me feel not quite so bad about my appearance.

A hint of a smile drifted over Oses’ lips when he saw the precious ensemble. Maybe my going all out with the clothes hadn’t been such a bad idea after all.

“What a lovely little girl my Shalia is,” he breathed. As gentle as his voice sounded (well, gentle for him), his eyes sparked fiery lust. All at once, his arousal aroma filled the air around me.

He filled his mouth with a blue-lace breast. The heat was that of an oven, warming my entire chest. I moaned as he sucked, making that cup wet. Once he had my nipple tight and sensitized, he went to work on its twin.

Only when the fabric was soaked and clinging to my skin did he stop to take off the bra. Then it was bare flesh his rough tongue scraped over, abrading my mounds with that coarsely velvet appendage. It swirled around my areolas, making my nipples hard points, standing at stinging attention. I moaned and writhed beneath his attentions. My excitement incited Oses to use longer strokes of his tongue, more demanding nips from his hard teeth.

He rose, his broad chest moving like a bellows as he drew deep, quick breaths. He looked at me laying beneath him, my body  spread for his pleasure like a buffet.

“I am damned near desperate to shove my cocks in you until I explode,” he told me. A bear could not have growled more fiercely than Oses. “The moment Tep gives his approval, I will fuck you until neither of us can move again.”

It sounded like a hell of a good plan to me.

Almost as if he would fulfill his threat right that moment, Oses turned from my breasts to gaze with brute desire at my ruffled panties. With a snarl he fell over my body, his face going right between my legs.

Much as he’d mouthed my bra-covered breasts, he did the same with my panty-clad pussy. The difference was that the crotch of my underpants were already soaked through. Oses sucked on the fabric and then practically gnawed on it. I squalled to feel that hot mouth beyond the fabric barrier, along with the scrape of his teeth. I had the crazed notion he might chew his way through to me. I wouldn’t have fought him, animal that he was.

After a little while, he jerked the panties aside. Then it was Nobek tongue, teeth, and lips devouring bare flesh, his fingertips holding me open for his rapacious mouth. I poured honey for him, and he lapped up every drop. I kicked helplessly under the delicious assault, his bulk holding me down as he fed.

With a low roar, Oses heaved up. As he pulled his crotch seam open with his left hand, two fingers from his right plunged into my pussy. His avid cocks spilled out, looming over my bucking torso. Oses grabbed his larger cock and masturbated frantically while fingerfucking me hard.

Every tendon stood out in sharp relief over his body. He was close. He aimed his cock at my breasts. Some instinct made me arch them upward, eager to be covered in his excitement. Meanwhile my voice rose in a trailing cry as he rammed into my cunt, bringing me ever closer to the end.

Oses’ body stiffened and seemed to swell, making the behemoth look twice as large for a moment. His mouth opened wide in a soundless scream, fangs extended. He looked bestial.

Long, liquid ropes of fluid sprang from him, splashing heat on my chest and belly. Then I came too, exquisite release heaving through me, smaller waves rippling from head to toe. My mouth yawned wide open like Oses’, straining as if I could emit some of the pleasure from that orifice as well. Some of my lover’s juices rained onto my tongue, a heavenly ambrosia that sent stronger swells of pleasure through my body.

When it was over, it was like falling off a cliff. Getting ready for my live com with Clan Seot, two hours of talking and holding Anrel, arguing with Betra, dealing with the pain of my liaison walking away, and then sex with Oses ... my body had done all it could. When I woke later, it was to find the Nobek had cleaned me up and put me in bed. He’d left a message that I was to com him and let him know I was okay when I woke. If he didn’t hear from me within two hours, he was hauling me to Tep. I had five minutes to spare when I let him know I was fine.

Fine? I’m still glowing. There is nothing like being well loved by a strong man.

He’s no Imdiko, but Oses takes good care of me. Until Betra gets over his hurt, I’m in pretty good hands.


  1. Of all her men, Oses is my choice. Clan Seot is going to have to bring it!

  2. Oses is my favorite too. Nobeks are always my favorites. In every one of Tracy's stories I always fall for the Nobek.

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