Monday, August 31, 2015

July 12, later

I headed over to Medical with Betra keeping an eye on me. He’d reported my mad dash to Oses’ office to Tep. While comming me a stern reprimand, Tep was optimistic that I hadn’t suffered any ill effects from my admittedly unwise exercise. I got the idea Betra didn’t tell him we’d followed up my little walk with easy sexcapades that pretty much wiped me out. A certain liaison didn’t want to get into trouble, I suppose. That made me laugh.

The upshot was that I was allowed to walk to Medical this time, albeit at a careful, slow pace. Betra ushered my hoverchair along, just in case I needed it. Those we passed on our way cheered my improving condition. I grinned and waved, like I’d won a marathon or something. Hey, I gotta take my successes however I can get them.

Tep beamed at me as I stepped into Medical all by myself. “How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Vertical,” I reported, feeling just a tiny bit trembly in the knees. “Yes, I get to call that a feeling. It’s nice.”

“Don’t overdo it,” he warned, going into doctor mode. “I’m still not that happy about you pushing yourself, even though it seems you were ready for it.”

“I’m going to sit and hold my baby,” I affirmed, walking a little faster now that I was close to seeing Anrel. “I need all my strength for that. My arms are weaker than my legs.”

I went into Isolation to find Candy snuggling my little girl. My friend grinned from ear to ear and made Anrel wave her tiny fist at me. “Here’s Mommy!”

Mommy. Hearing myself referred to that way always brings a mixture of delight and terror. Dear prophets, please let me get this parenting thing right.

Candy let Betra help me settle in my hover chair before rising from her own seat to hand off my sleepily blinking baby. When he offered to see her back to the ship’s Matara section, she waved him off. “I’d like to sit and talk with Shalia for a little while,” she said.

“Com me when you’re ready to leave,” he instructed. “Even if you don’t want the help, I’d like to be on the lookout for you.”

After she assured him she would, Betra left us. Candy is doing pretty well these days. She’s recovering faster than I am, but she didn’t have a baby cut out of her body either. She’s still a little thin with dark circles under her eyes, but our resident perky cheerleader type is making great strides in her recovery.

“You look like you’re doing great,” I informed her as I snuggled Anrel close. My little precious bundle had fallen fast asleep.

“Better every day,” Candy confirmed. “You’re doing okay yourself. I hear you’ve been running up and down the corridors lately.”

“Hardly,” I snorted. “To hear that brute Resan talk, I’m the laziest patient he’s ever done therapy with.” I pulled a face. I hate physical therapy, mostly because of that jerk.

I brushed the black curl over Anrel’s forehead. She was bald the first time I saw her, but she’s sprouted all these beautiful curls since then. Silky soft, it was like the breath of an angel against my fingertips.

I sighed as I looked at my blond friend. “I still look awful. I almost don’t want anyone to answer my coms on Kalquor or back home. When they look at me, they’ll scream.”

Candy laughed, the bright sound as cheerful as it had been before the organism had invaded her body and taken her over. “Don’t be ridiculous. If the clans talking to you are that shallow, you can do better. And you know your dads expect another tale of drama from their daughter.”

“How are things with you and your guys?” I asked.

Candy shrugged, her cheerful demeanor slipping just a touch. “I’m afraid they’re getting a little caught up in our relationship. They know I won’t stay with them and insist they’re okay with that. But Ama and Mihi both got grumpy when I told them I was going to interview a few of my potential clans during this window of time we have.”

“Not a good sign,” I said. I smiled down at Anrel as she waved her fists in her sleep. Fending off the bad guys, my little fighter.

“I may have to cut them loose if they get too possessive.” Candy outright frowned at that. “It’s too bad. I’ve had so much fun with them.”

“I’m glad to hear you’re keeping them in their proper place.” Candy was doing a lot better with that than I seem capable of.

“Nobeks.” Candy sighed and shook her head. “They are so passionate. I wonder if they fall in love easier than Imdikos do?”

That was an interesting thought. It made me muse over who would deal with our eventual separation better: Betra or Oses?

My com buzzed in my pocket. I took it out to quiet it before it could disturb Anrel. A message had been left on my room com.

“What’s making you smile like the mouse that got the cheese?” Candy asked.

“Clan Seot left me a message.” I almost wiggled in my delight to hear from them. “They say they’re excited to talk to me and want to do so tomorrow evening their time, afternoon for me.”

Oh boy. Despite my misgivings over how bad I look, I can hardly wait to talk to them. Any chance to stare at Clan Seot is a chance I get giddy over. I bet I don’t sleep a wink tonight.


  1. I think Betra will take the separation better than Oses will.

  2. I think that too Marcy. With the problem that Oses had after the kidnapping I don't thing he wants to leave Shalia at all.

    1. I think he wants to keep her forever πŸ˜πŸ˜€

    2. Concur. She was "his" Matara while prisoners, plus the natural bonding that would occur in that situation. As evidenced by his behavior later, those feelings don't just turn off. Question is, is it truly love, or the natural protectiveness of a Kalquorian and Nobek taken to an unusual level as required by that situation (which we saw later he admittedly couldn't drop) with affection and lust added in?