Monday, August 24, 2015

July 11, later (Part 2)

Oses slipped off his desk. Instead of taking the single step he needed to get to me, he went around to the back of it and opened a drawer. He took out four shiny metal rings. My heart leapt. Hovercuffs. Oh boy, oh boy, ohboyohboyohboy.

I attract a lot of trouble. But most of the time, I’m very happy to be me because I attract men with restraints.

Oses came around, chuckling at the sight of my beaming face. “Our little lovely is looking forward to this,” he told Betra.

The Imdiko laughed with him. “So I see. It’s nice to know we haven’t gotten boring for her yet.”

“You two? Never,” I assured them. I held out my wrists to Oses. “I’m all yours.”

Still grinning, the Nobek fastened on the cuffs. “I accept this wonderful gift. No, don’t raise your legs. You’re to stay relaxed until the playing keeps you from being able to do so.”

He knelt down and cuffed my ankles. Meanwhile, Betra looked over the small office. “She should lay down. Floor or desk?”

“If you’ll help me clear it, the desk.” Oses gave me a stern glare. “Stay put. Never mind; cuffs, freeze subject in place.”

Because I am me, I had to test to see if I could pull free. Of course I couldn’t. I sat in my chair while Oses and Betra moved quickly to take the computer, office com, and other items off the smooth molded plastic-y surface of the weapons commander’s desk. They had the altar for my ravishment ready within seconds.

“Cuffs, respond to my physical prompts,” Oses ordered. He picked me up off the chair and deposited me onto the desk. The top was long enough to hold my entire body. A big Nobek gets a big desk, I guess.

“I think her arms should be out to the side and bent, with her hands on either side of her head,” Betra suggested.

“Yes.” Oses moved me into position. “And her legs spread apart.”


After I was adjusted to their satisfaction, Betra gave me a careful perusal. “Any strain? Any discomfort anywhere?”

“No, I’m fine,” I said. I was better than fine, in fact. My pussy already seeped warm excitement to be splayed for their amusement. I’d shown up here in a panic, but life seemed pretty A-OK right then.

Oses placed his big paw on my stomach. The heat of his touch warred with a flash of self consciousness. “Ugh, don’t feel too much around that,” I said. “My gut looks like a half-deflated balloon with the baby out and me not able to exercise outside of physical therapy.”

The Nobek’s eyes narrowed at me as he stroked lazy circles in the fabric of my blouse. “There is nothing offensive about your body, pet,” he said in gentle chastisement. “It brought forth a life. Against all odds, it survived an invasive organism and poisoning. You are and always will be nothing less than beautiful.”

Betra laid his hand on top of Oses’. “You see flaws where there are none, Shalia. Your marks of honor only enhance your perfection.”

My eyes filled with tears. How could they see anything pretty in a flabby belly and stretch marks? In arms and legs gone matchstick thin from the strain I’d gone through? In my too-prominent cheekbones and still-hollowed eyes? Yet their expressions left no doubt that they found nothing lacking in my appearance. They saw beyond the superficial wreckage. Somehow, they still saw the Shalia I’d been.

Betra bent down to kiss my tears away while Oses continued to stroke my stomach. They comforted and soothed, making me believe that I wasn’t as awful as I thought. When Betra’s soft lips found mine, I sank into bliss, feeling like the most cared for woman in creation.

I even forgot to feel insecure when Oses tugged my blouse up to reveal my naked stomach to his caresses. The rasp of calloused fingertips were pure delight as he traced over my flesh, making me tremble. Intuiting that my emotional state turned to a more amorous outlook, Betra’s kiss deepened. His talented mouth moved over mine, and his tongue stole out to trace the contours of my lips. I opened to him, inviting him in to taste. He did so, flicking delicately within to feel the smoothness of my teeth, the softness of my inner cheeks, the velvet of my shyly questing tongue. We tasted each other with a slow exploration, as if kissing for the first time.

Oses’ big hands framed my belly, cupping it in his strong, sure palms. Then the warmth of his mouth was on me, kissing the place that had recently housed the most precious life any of us knew. His embrace was passionate, but with a hint of reverence. He kissed my abdomen like one might have once kissed the Holy Leader’s ring or the feet of the prophets. I felt exalted in his embrace, though I knew I didn’t deserve that kind of worship.

Betra pulled his lips from mine and looked down at me with tender devotion. He said nothing as he stroked my forehead and cheeks. He simply looked and wordlessly loved little old unworthy me. Sometimes speaking of what is in a person’s heart takes away from that sentiment. I began to understand the Nobek code of not telling other men when they loved them. Words at that moment would have made the feeling trivial.

Oses’ hands creeping up my ribcage began to change the mood. They inched up, trailing heat in their wake. My breasts felt as if they swelled up in anticipation. I was aware of my nipples drawing tight, becoming more sensitive. It seemed I could feel each individual fiber in my bra cups as they awaited the sweeter sensation of the Nobek’s touch.

Betra’s tender smile shifted into something more knowing, catching onto my surge of lust as if it was contagious. His hand curled around my throat, a gentle but controlling pressure. His face lowered to mine once more.

There was no comfort in his kiss this time. This time it held fire, sparking hunger that surged from the pressure of the Imdiko’s lips and the swirling tease of his tongue straight down to my clit. He kissed me as if to devour. Consuming. Claiming.

Moisture flowed from between my legs. My fresh salty scent joined with the spicier aroma of the men. Tiny whimpers escaped my throat, which were promptly swallowed by Betra.

Oses’ hands cupped my breasts. His palms and fingers curled around the mounds, cradling them in his assured grip. I forgot to breathe as his rough fingertips pushed against the elastic edge of my bra, pushing it up as his questing touch inched further up. The fabric scraped over my sensitized nipples, abrading them until I felt them jut into points. Oh merciful heavens.

My arms strained against the cuffs as the Nobek bared my breasts to his gaze. I’m not sure why I fought being pinned except for the need to grab and hold onto something. Then Oses’ thumbs swept over the turgid tips of my breasts, sending electric nirvana zapping to my wet pussy. I felt galvanized and melting all at once. I groaned, my lips vibrating against Betra’s. I thrust upward, filling Oses’ hands with my needy flesh.

“Sweet pet,” Oses murmured. I felt his stubbled chin graze the outer curve of one mound. He rubbed gently, like an affectionate cat. My entire being fired to lascivious life.

I felt honey pumping from me, my body begging to be taken. It didn’t matter that I was all too aware that intercourse wasn’t going to happen. My sex wanted what it wanted and begged to be satisfied.

Betra’s teeth grabbed hold of my lower lip and tugged. He kissed his way across my jawline to my ear. His tongue teased the whorls there, sending chills snaking down my spine. He breathed warmly into my ear, knowing how sensitive I am about that. My toes curled.

Oses’ fingers and thumbs seized my pebbled nipples. A bolt of purest pleasure shot from his touch to the eager stew in my gut, making it roil. He rubbed the excited buds within his grip, setting off more surges. My ass thumped against his desk.

“Easy, little girl,” he rumbled. One hand left its breast, drifting with the light pressure of a feather down the center of my stomach. It headed down, down, until it reached the waistband of my panties. The crotch of that lacy fabric was glued to my sex, soaked by my juices.

I thought perhaps he would slide his questing fingers beneath the band to find naked flesh. Instead, Oses kept going down until his fingertips brushed my swollen clit. I cried out.

“Poor baby,” the Nobek growled. “She’s very needy, Betra.”

“Then give her what she needs.” Betra’s mouth nibbled down from my ear, tracing the curve of my neck to the collarbone. His hot breath continued to make my skin draw into goosebumps.


Oses’ questing hand moved from my aching bud to the leg opening of my panties. His fingers slid inside the lace to circle my clit. I jerked violently, making his hand slip through the wetness of my wide open pussy. His roughened touch rasped oh so wonderfully against the petals of my desperate flesh.

“Hush,” he murmured, moving the other hand from my breast to my lower abdomen. He pressed and held me down to the desk. His fingers circled my clit again.

Betra’s tongue ran from the hollow of my throat down to the valley between my boobs. His feverishly hot hands took over where Oses’ had left off. He kissed his way up one mound. He got to the areola and licked around its edge, teasing the nipple much as Oses teased my clit. I sobbed with need as excitement arced higher. I swear it felt as if the folds of my sex trembled with desire. My whole body begged for release.

“Now, Imdiko,” Oses said.

He pinched my clit between those calloused fingers and rubbed. At the same time, Betra latched onto my breast, sucking it deep into his maw, his rasping tongue laving my erect nipple.

Exaltation crashed against me. My body seemed to yawn wide, the light of a million suns coalescing within my sex, and exploding outward in a tremendous upheaval of primordial power. The entirety of me clenched around that breathtaking outpouring, as if to keep it bottled up somehow. Then I let go, blossoming open again, releasing divine rapture.

When I re-discovered my sanity, Oses was removing the cuffs and Betra was fixing my clothes. I looked at the two of them, my vision hazy. Their formsuits betrayed their excitement, excitement I couldn’t relieve for them. Nevertheless, they looked damned pleased with themselves.

Betra went to my room and got my hoverchair. Oses prodded me to drink some water as I nodded in and out of a doze until the Imdiko returned to take me back to my room. I barely remember Betra tucking me into bed. I slept the beautiful reviving sleep that comes when I’ve been well-loved.

Kalquorian men are the best.


  1. oh my. That was fun. I wish Oses would show up at my house with the cuffs and Betra.

  2. Oses and Betra love Shalia so much, as demonstrated here, and Oses in particular has sacrificed so much. Despite how much I like Clan Dusa, I think these two a much better fit for her as she needs those older who can wprotect her while guiding her without stifling her spirit. They just need a Dramok and, as mentioned in previous days comments, I suspect that her Dramok physical therapist Resan might be perfect.

    1. Meant Oses has sacrificed so much "for her" due to his love for her.