Monday, August 17, 2015

July 11, early

I just received the strangest message from Earth. I’m on the verge of a full freak out.

There was no return frequency, no identification of the sender. It was sent several days ago, which is par for the course due to the distance the transport is from Earth. The message was one sentence long. It said: ‘Com your fathers about Commander Nang.’

That’s it. That’s all I know. So why am I panicking? Because nothing to do with me is ever small. I seem to be the universe’s fuck-over magnet. I get in one scrape just to fall flat on my face in another. It’s like tripping in a cow pasture. No matter where it happens, I know I will faceplant in poo.

I can’t take any more craziness. I’m still weak. I have Anrel to worry over now. I’ll be on Kalquor in about two months, without Oses and Betra to watch over me.

Okay, deep breaths. Nang is back on Earth. He can’t do anything to me. Maybe something bad happened to him and he wants me to know about it. After all, before he got weird we did have a few good times. He may even be Anrel’s natural father. If anything awful has happened to him, I should know about it.

But who sent me the message if not my dads? One of Nang’s clanmates? Or do I dare hope that someone from Clan Dusa is reaching out to me?

Boy, doesn’t that send a pang of sadness through me. It’s been a long time since Dusa, Esak, and Weln cut off all communications. Anrel’s other potential fathers made it a point to walk away. We couldn’t clan ... and I wasn’t sure I even wanted to clan ... and that killed the relationship off.

It had to have come from someone in Clan Nang or Clan Dusa. Why the cryptic message though? Why just that one statement?

I could wait until I have that instant feedback to Earth to find out, but I’m too wigged out right now. I know one man who might have some answers for me. Let’s see if he has time for good old frantic Shalia.


  1. gee, that was short...sometimes you are such a tease lol

  2. Oh, what is that Nang up to now! I really think it was Clan Dusa sending her that warning. Now I have like a hundred different scenarios playing in my head. Nang on his way back to Kalquor... Nang hiring men on Kalquor to kidnap Shalia and the baby...Nang somehow meeting up with Shalia on one of the ship's planned stops to Kalquor. Oh Tracy, you devious girl, this is such a tease of an entry. I can't wait until she speaks to her fathers!

  3. I think I'm the only one that loved and misses poor, crazy Nang.

  4. I want Clan Dusa back. Make Nang go away!

  5. LOL OMG Tracy you are one evil writer. I'm with Suzanne now every bad thing I can think of is coming to light. Okay woman you baited the hook now no more little snipets give us something to chew on.

  6. TRACYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! You evil evil woman, with the cliff hanger entries already!?! I love you but OMG am going to be chomping at the bit until Thursday. And I too loved clan Dusa honestly, by the time she reaches Kalquor they will have been clanned long enough to claim her, I still hold out the hope, that Nang is cause for the cut off in communication. And Erin I am sorry, I liked Nang to, but got over that, really fast, when his nasty lying manipulative side came out. NO NO NO he needs to leave her alone, she needs stability. Though that word just does not seem to ever mesh well with pore Shalia. Uuhhgs waits very impatiently for Thursday..

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  8. I think Nang is dead or committed to a mental facility by the military or his clan, and whoever sent that message wanted to let Shalia know to relieve any worries she may have. Or, maybe he's been found to be infertile due to age, so he cannot be Anrel's father. ....

  9. I think that Nang found out he may be the father of her baby and is following her to Kalquor. Their transport has been delayed and Nang may not be far behind. I liked Nang...up to a point but Clan Dusa has to be Anrel's biological fathers!! Another exciting story line.

    Tracy, I love these books!!